Monday, 2011-03-21

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ratulSRabbelier: hi!04:49
ratulSRabbelier: when visiting http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc2009 and being prompted to create profile, the page http://localhost:8080/user/create_profile is giving 404.04:52
romulomachadoHey @SRabbelier, I am interested in "Code Quality Assurance" Idea04:55
romulomachado@SRabbelier What do I have to do?04:56
ratulSRabbelier: and http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc2009# is giving attributeError saying ''''NoneType' object has no attribute 'link_id'''' details in
tpbTitle: [Python] Environment: Request Method: POST Request URL: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/pr - (at
ratulSRabbelier: hope u get the message.05:03
NayanShahi have problems logging in with multiple login activated.05:10
NayanShahit gives an error
NayanShahany help ?05:10
ratulNayanShah: can u paste the procedure?05:27
NayanShahwent to
tpbTitle: Google Summer of Code 2011 Home Page (at
NayanShahclicked sign in05:28
NayanShahi am already signed into multiple google accounts.05:29
NayanShahso it asks me 'Select an account to use with this product:'05:29
NayanShahi select my account and then continue05:30
NayanShahit redirects me to the page,
ratulNayanShah: and then gave what error?05:31
NayanShahpage says : Error: Server Error05:31
NayanShahThe server encountered an error and could not complete your request.05:31
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NayanShahthe url has "conflogin" in it.05:32
ratulNayanShah: ok. did u try with one login?05:32
NayanShahyes, its working in an incognito window.05:33
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ratulNayanShah: ok, so it works with one login, right?05:34
NayanShahratul, yes.05:35
ratulNayanShah: ok, someone will see into that. you may drop an email to the dev mailing list05:35
NayanShahalright. thank you.05:35
NayanShahcould i get the address for the list ?05:37
ratulNayanShah: melange-soc-dev <[email protected]>05:39
NayanShahratul, thanks.05:39
ratulNayanShah: chill.05:39
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slingshot316SRabbelier: hello !06:20
slingshot316SRabbelier: i just pulled and updated and then the homepage says "This page is only accessible to developers."06:21
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romulomachadoHey all!12:13
ratulromulomachado: hi!12:16
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ratulSRabbelier: r u there?13:02
ratulSRabbelier: hi!13:02
SRabbelierratul: yeah13:02
ratulSRabbelier: after fresh clicking on register in homepage, I am redirected to login page13:02
ratulSRabbelier: then after login, http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/google/gsoc2009 is given13:03
ratulSRabbelier: there after giving all the data, submit does not show anything13:03
ratulSRabbelier: is it error, or will be done later?13:03
SRabbelierratul: sounds like a bug13:03
SRabbelierratul: please write a test that demonstrates the problem13:03
ratulSRabbelier: what should it do?13:04
ratulSRabbelier: I mean which page it should redirect?13:04
SRabbelierratul: the same page13:04
ratulSRabbelier: yeah it is in the same page. http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/google/gsoc2009/# but what after that?13:05
SRabbelierratul: mh?13:05
ratulSRabbelier: how to register as a "student"/"mentor"?13:06
SRabbelierratul: you hit the register button?13:06
ratulSRabbelier: yeah.  sorry for being vague. will writing properly soon.13:06
SRabbelierratul: ok13:07
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tpbTitle: First question: step 1: localhost:8080 step 2: register (with a google - (at
SRabbelierratul: it should be the email id13:34
SRabbelierratul: in fact, didn't I say that in reply to your email?13:34
SRabbelierratul: "For example, on http://localhost:7070/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc2009 we can populate it with ( wouldneed to be added)."13:35
ratulSRabbelier: ya, but I did it with, will it be a problem?13:37
SRabbelierratul: yes13:37
SRabbelierratul: since will be None if you haven't created your profile yet13:37
ratulSRabbelier: ok. got it.13:39
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ratulSRabbelier: sorry to disturb again, but should the gae_user be added in the views/base ?14:06
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SRabbelierratul: no, in views.helper.request_data14:06
ratulSRabbelier: cool14:06
praveen97umaSRabbelier : Hi ! I sent you the code again. Please check it14:07
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: sure14:07
praveen97umaSRabebelier: Did you see my code? I am waiting. None in the community responded14:29
ratulSRabbelier: I think Daniel's idea was good. we should remove the line 'you are logged in as' when self.user is not defined at all. am I right?14:33
SRabbelierratul: no14:33
SRabbelierratul: because you are logged in14:33
SRabbelierratul: with your Google account14:33
ratulSRabbelier: ok. in helper/request_data, self.gae_user should render which key from the kwargs that django sent?14:34
ratulSRabbelier: it can't be simple self.user.14:35
SRabbelierratul: huh?14:35
ratulSRabbelier: in helper/request_data, I need to add self.gae_user, right?14:35
SRabbelierratul: yes14:35
ratulSRabbelier: there how the user should be added? from kwargs django sent?14:36
SRabbelierratul: no14:36
SRabbelierratul: users.get_current_user14:36
ratulSRabbelier: wow. whose method is users?14:37
SRabbelierratul: from google.appengine.api import users14:37
ratulSRabbelier: oh, nice.14:37
gedexSRabbelier:  Your change in AccessChecker broke the GSoC profile module, since isRoleActive replaced by isProfileActive14:39
SRabbeliergedex: hmm, why didn't teh tests catch that14:40
SRabbeliergedex: ah14:41
SRabbeliergedex: there are no tests for the edit page yet14:41
* gedex nods14:41
SRabbeliergedex: sec, adding14:41
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gicmohey, anybody around that could help me with a linkid issue?14:47
SRabbeliergicmo: sure14:48
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gicmoSRabbelier, I am pretty sure I was using "gicmo" as linkid (mentor) before (soc 2009 and before *imho*) .. but it seems it is not associated with my google accounts anymore ... when I try to use it now melange tells me it is already taken ...14:49
SRabbeliergicmo: you add an email address to your account?14:50
gicmoto the google account?14:50
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SRabbeliergicmo: yes14:52
ratulSRabbelier: I think the page is fixed now, will you please have a look and tell me if anything is wrong ( or should I directly send to mailing list?14:53
tpbTitle: [Python] diff -r ed631b1d3eb4 app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/helper/ --- a/ap - (at
gicmoI have lots of emails associted with the google account ... though now that I think of it - it might be that I used one before ([email protected]) that is now an google apps one14:54
SRabbeliergicmo: please create a new melange profile then, and tell me the new link_id14:55
SRabbelierratul: please use diff syntax highlighting next time :P14:55
SRabbelierratul: it should be added in app/soc/views/helper/ though, not in the gsoc specific one14:56
gicmoSRabbelier, better to use the "normal" google account or the google apps one or doesn't matter at all?14:57
SRabbeliergicmo: use the one you want to be able to log in with14:57
ratulSRabbelier: sorry, will add to soc views. is everything fine? should I send to mailing list?14:57
SRabbelierratul: also, "Before you can apply to Google Summer of Code, you must register as a {{ role }}." doesn't make sense for anything but a student, and it doesn't make sense for the edit view either14:57
ratulSRabbelier: but when role is not selected, it will give student/mentor. that is what it should, right?14:58
SRabbelierratul: no14:58
gicmoSRabbelier, done. New link id: "ckellner"14:59
SRabbelierratul: well...14:59
SRabbelierratul: perhaps if we rephrase it to14:59
ratulSRabbelier: sorry? I have rephrased it to 'you must register as a student/mentor' when role is not selected. is it fine?15:00
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SRabbeliersorry about that15:01
SRabbelieranyway, maybe if we rephrase it15:01
SRabbelierratul: "Before you can apply to Google Summer of Code as a {{ role }}, you must first register."15:02
SRabbelierratul: that makes sense, even for mentors15:02
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SRabbelierratul: then, in the case that role is not set, don't display the message at all15:02
SRabbelierratul: (if role is not set, it's the edit view)15:03
ratulSRabbelier: ok doing that. then the option will be set in html. will do that and send the patch within few min. and one more point.15:04
ratulSRabbelier: when in the homepage15:04
SRabbelierratul: it's ok if the html does {% if role %} <p>"Before you can apply to Google Summer of Code as a {{ role }}, you must first register." {% endif %}15:04
ratulSRabbelier: and I am logged in, it does not show the register button, but shows ' with google account'. should we change that?15:05
ratulSRabbelier: ok fine, will do that15:05
SRabbelierratul: cool15:05
ratulSRabbelier: well, do that in a few mins. off for dinner. :(15:05
SRabbelierratul: enjoy15:06
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praveen97umaSRabbelier: Sir, did u check my code? I have been waiting.15:09
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: I don't see an email from you since I replied 1 hour ago15:10
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: also, please dont' call me sir :)15:10
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: I'm your equal, if anything15:10
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praveen97uma@SRabbelier: I purposely called you sir because you did not review my code. I already pinged you two times.15:12
praveen97umaSRabbelier: It seems the mail was sent to ljvderijk. I am forwarding it to the mailing list :)15:13
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: that explains :)15:14
praveen97umaSRabbelier:  ok I have sent the mail15:15
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: replied15:16
SRabbeliergicmo: looking into it15:17
gicmoSRabbelier, thanks a bunch15:17
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SRabbeliergicmo: send me an email from your [email protected] account please, requesting the change15:18
gicmoSRabbelier, your email is? ;-)15:19
SRabbeliergicmo: I have a gmail account with the obvious address :P15:19
praveen97umaSRabbelier : regarding the domain, when i try to visit that domain,it gets redirected and a page displays saying that this domain can not be registered.15:25
SRabbeliergicmo: not seeing anything :P15:25
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: right, so it does exist15:25
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: it's just a redirect15:25
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praveen97umaSo, am I right in thinking that the error will be reported by feedparser rather than urlfetch15:26
SRabbeliergicmo: ah, there it is15:26
gicmopheew! ;-)15:26
SRabbeliergicmo: try now15:27
gicmoSRabbelier, "The kellner account cannot be used with this site, for one or more of the following reasons:"15:28
SRabbeliergicmo: d'oh15:28
SRabbeliergicmo: one sec15:28
*** Zor has joined #melange15:29
gicmoSRabbelier, wait, it perfectly works with [email protected]15:29
gicmogood enough for me ;-)15:29
SRabbeliergicmo: try now15:30
SRabbeliergicmo: should also work from ckellner now15:30
SRabbeliergicmo: or any email address associated with that account15:30
gicmoah nice15:30
SRabbeliergicmo: np :)15:31
gicmonow back to Matlab .. have a nice day everybody ...15:32
praveen97umaSRabbelier: thanks from the very depth of my heart too. I appreciate your patience.15:35
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: haha, no trouble :)15:35
SRabbeliergicmo: GLWT man15:35
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SRabbelierpraveen97uma: please keep the list cc-ed15:42
praveen97umaSrabbelier: I just reply back to the mail. I dont touch any other text.15:43
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: in your second-to-last email you sent it just to me15:43
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: instead of also cc-ing the list and Matthew15:44
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: use "reply to all"15:44
praveen97umaSRabbelier: ok sorry my mistake15:45
praveen97umawill take care the next time15:45
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: there's a gmail lab that will allow you to make "reply to all" the default15:47
tpb<> (at
praveen97umai will take care next time seriously15:48
ratulSRabbelier: sent the patch. :) hope it will be fine. Please have a look if anything is wrong there. and should I change the homepage?15:48
ratulSRabbelier: u there? (or my IRC client prob again? :-o)15:50
SRabbelierratul: chagne the homepage how?15:50
SRabbelierratul: chagne the homepage how?15:50
ratulSRabbelier: when someone is logged in, it does not show register button15:50
ratulSRabbelier: but shows with google account ..15:50
SRabbelierratul: oh, right, it should not show the "with google account" if both "login_url" and "register_url" are not set15:51
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ratulSRabbelier: ok will do that.15:51
praveen97umaSRabbelier : I have signed the CLA. I will also have to add the license agreement and the authors to my code15:52
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: *nod*15:52
ratulSRabbelier: sorry, but what is the <p></p> problem?15:53
ratulSRabbelier: I dont see anything when I dont set the role.15:53
SRabbelierratul: look at the source15:54
ratulSRabbelier: sorry sorry, forgot to remove <p> :P15:55
praveen97umaSRabbelier: Shall I add Matthew, ljvderijk and you as the authors because you all contributed to it too15:56
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: nah, no need15:56
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*** dr__house has joined #melange15:58
praveen97umaSRabbelier: I signed the CLA, added the license agreement and  authors as well. What to do next?15:59
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: mail the final patch, and we'll apply it15:59
praveen97umaSRabbelier: I have to send the file ?16:00
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: sure, or a patch that adds it, either owrks16:01
praveen97umaSRabbelier: I dont know how to create a patch that adds a new file. I will learn it. For now I am sending the file itself16:04
tpbTitle: HgInit: Ground Up Mercurial (at
madrazrpraveen97uma: that helps16:06
gedexpraveen97uma: If you're using Mercurial just make changes in your wc, ci then  : hg export tip > patch.diff16:06
madrazrpraveen97uma: and even and
tpb<> (at
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ratulSRabbelier: can u please have a look16:19
tpbTitle: [Diff] diff -r ed631b1d3eb4 app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/ --- a/app/soc/module - (at
ratulSRabbelier: ?16:19
SRabbelierratul: I think there's an and in django16:19
SRabbelierratul: {% if foo and bar %} should work?16:19
ratulSRabbelier: ok, will do that :)16:20
ratulSRabbelier: anything else?16:20
SRabbelierratul: the changes to gsoc/profile/base.html look fine16:20
SRabbelierratul: nothing immediately obvious16:20
ratulSRabbelier: so will send that .16:21
madrazrratul: SRabbelier pointed at this in the mail as well. Be careful about whitespace mangling. See line 8 and 9 in your diff16:21
madrazrratul: seems like there is some whitespace mangling there. Be careful about them16:21
ratulmadrazr: ya I corrected one, but overlooked this one. sorry. :(16:22
madrazrratul: an empty line should have no whitespaces at all16:22
ratulmadrazr: ya will do that.16:22
madrazrratul: if you use git, SRabbelier has an awesome alias to fix such things :)16:22
SRabbelierratul: you should look at the diff itself before you send it16:23
ratulSRabbelier: ya. I am extremely sorry for that. will be very careful next time.16:24
SRabbelierratul: cool16:24
*** arun_ has joined #melange16:24
*** SukhE has left #melange16:24
ratulSRabbelier: sent!16:31
SRabbelierratul: thanks16:31
ratulSRabbelier: Thank You! learning a LOT from you all! please tell me if you want me to do some other job. probably some test code :)16:32
SRabbelierratul: on the home page16:33
SRabbelierratul: we need a "submit your proposal" button neither of login_link and register_link are set16:33
ratulSRabbelier: which is not now there? where do u want it to be?16:34
praveen97uma@SRabbelier : I have created the patch. Sending it now. Those were  great tutrials. :)16:34
SRabbelierratul: same place where the register/login links would are16:34
SRabbelierpraveen97uma: sure16:34
ratulSRabbelier: and it should redirect to?16:35
SRabbelierratul: the submit proposal view16:35
ratulSRabbelier: ok. will do that. may be after a few mins. got some college assignment to submit within 2 hrs. :P16:36
SRabbelierratul: sure, no rush16:36
ratulSRabbelier: :)16:37
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: Excuse me, I have no idea what can I do for melange. May I ask for any suggest?16:37
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: sure16:37
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: thank you:)16:37
*** arun_ has quit IRC16:41
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: what kind of work are you looking for?16:42
*** dr__house has quit IRC16:43
*** m4k3r has quit IRC16:44
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: building some functions, fixing bugs16:45
praveen97umaSRabbelier: I have sent the patch :) . I am happy today. now I will try to write a test for a more difficult module.16:45
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: the review proposal page currently does not submit scores16:45
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: Python, Javascript, web related16:45
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: there's some commented-out code16:46
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: see
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: if you want, send an email to the Daniel (cc the list) saying that you're willing to fix that for him16:47
LittleQNCCUcc the list meant cc the mail to the mailing list?16:48
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: yes, to keep the rest of the team in the loop16:49
*** romulomachado has joined #melange16:50
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: okay, thanks16:50
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: how can I find out more similar bugs?16:51
*** arun_ has joined #melange16:51
*** arun_ has joined #melange16:51
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: what do you mean?16:51
romulomachadoHey @SRabbelier, you answered my question in GSoC2011Ideas Page and you told me to get in touch with you here16:51
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: nothing, i got it. thanks:)16:52
LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: I'll do my best16:52
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: ok, cool, let us know ASAP if you can't figure it out16:54
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: we need this functionality in a day or two16:54
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LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: okay16:55
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: the sooner the better :)16:55
SRabbelierromulomachado: sure16:56
SRabbelierromulomachado: leave out the @16:56
SRabbelierromulomachado: otherwise it doesn't highlight16:56
romulomachadoSRabbelier Ok, thanks!16:58
SRabbelierromulomachado: please do ask your question :)16:59
romulomachadoI'd like to know how to start contributing with the project16:59
romulomachadoSRabbelier What do I have to do?17:00
SRabbelierromulomachado: what are you interested in?17:00
romulomachado"Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance" Idea17:01
romulomachadoSRabbelier: I'm interested in Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance Idea17:04
SRabbelierromulomachado: the "review proposal" view doesn't have any tests yet17:04
*** praveen97uma has joined #melange17:05
SRabbelierromulomachado: have a look at the existing tests in "tests/new_views" and create "tests/new_views/" that tests the code from "app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/"17:06
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*** slingshot316 has joined #melange17:21
slingshot316madrazr: hey !17:21
madrazrslingshot316: Hi17:21
slingshot316madrazr: can you guide me as to what parameters should the new gci task public view take? can it take params?17:22
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC17:23
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange17:24
slingshot316madrazr: can you guide me as to what parameters should the new gci task public view take? can it take params?17:24
madrazrslingshot316: nope17:24
madrazrslingshot316: we are getting rid of params completely17:25
madrazrslingshot316: what parameters do you want for your view?17:25
*** praveen97uma has quit IRC17:25
SRabbelierslingshot316: you should start out by looking at how the _new_ views are constructed17:27
SRabbelierslingshot316: e.g. soc.modules.gsoc.views.document.py17:27
SRabbelier(err, without the .py :P)17:27
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC17:29
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange17:30
slingshot316madrazr:  sorry got disconnected17:30
slingshot316madrazr: access type, page name, a dictionary with parameters for the view17:30
*** jainbasil has joined #melange17:30
slingshot316SRabbelier: sure will do that, thank you17:31
madrazrslingshot316: NP17:31
madrazrslingshot316: as SRabbelier suggested, we are doing all those things in a different way now17:32
madrazrslingshot316: new views will give you an idea17:32
madrazrslingshot316: as I said previously, you should only think and get the functionality of GCI from the existing views17:32
madrazrslingshot316: not the code17:32
romulomachadoSRabbelier I'm following the steps of Getting Started Page17:34
romulomachadoSRabbelier Downloading the source17:34
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC17:35
SRabbelierromulomachado: excellent17:38
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange17:38
*** sin8h has joined #melange17:38
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC17:42
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange17:42
slingshot316madrazr: sorry m having issues with the internet17:42
slingshot316madrazr: so the whole views.models will be removed?17:43
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC17:43
*** dhaun has joined #melange17:53
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange17:56
slingshot316madrazr: soc.views.model.base shouldn't be used anymore right?17:57
romulomachadoSRabbelier When I try to run melange locally, the following error is showed: ImportError: No module named cgi18:01
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC18:02
SRabbelierslingshot316: soc.views.models will indeed be removed18:02
SRabbelierromulomachado: that's a first18:02
SRabbelierromulomachado: can you put the full stacktrace on pastebin?18:02
romulomachadoSRabbelier Yes18:03
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange18:03
romulomachadoSRabbelier Just a moment18:03
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange18:04
slingshot316madrazr: the soc.views.models.basy shouldnt be used any more right?18:05
tpbTitle: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/romulo/Projects/Django/melange - (at
SRabbelierromulomachado: you on a mac?18:06
ratulSRabbelier: does not cgi module comes with python?18:06
SRabbelierratul: afaik it does18:07
romulomachadoSRabbelier Nope!18:07
romulomachadoSRabbelier Ubuntu 10.1018:07
SRabbelierromulomachado: and you can buildout and whatnot?18:07
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC18:09
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange18:10
SRabbelierslingshot316: as I was saying18:10
romulomachadoSRabbelier Yes18:10
SRabbelierslingshot316: soc.views.models will indeed be removed18:10
slingshot316SRabbelier: okay18:11
SRabbelierromulomachado: what pythong version18:11
romulomachadoSRabbelier I created a virtual environment Python to run!18:11
SRabbelierslingshot316: so, indeed, soc.views.models.base is no longer used18:11
SRabbelier"pythong"? heh, if that isn't a freudian slip I don't know what is18:11
slingshot316SRabbelier: so to port the task public view i should first write the public view in soc.view.base right?18:11
SRabbelierrobbyoconnor: looks relevant18:11
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierslingshot316: nono!18:12
SRabbelierslingshot316: no more inheretance!!18:12
SRabbelierslingshot316: look at the new views please18:12
romulomachadoSRabbelier I'm not using a Mac18:12
SRabbelierromulomachado: but you are using virtualenv18:12
romulomachadoSRabbelier I'm sorry, I didn't see it!18:12
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierrobbyoconnor: sorry about that18:13
tpb<> (at
romulomachadoSRabbelier I will try here and give you the feedback!18:13
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC18:13
*** slingshot316 has joined #melange18:13
slingshot316SRabbelier: so to port the task public view i should first write the public view in soc.view.base right?18:13
SRabbelierromulomachado: see third post by Tobias18:13
SRabbelierslingshot316: nono!18:14
SRabbelierslingshot316: no more inheretance!!18:14
SRabbelierslingshot316: look at the new views please18:14
madrazrslingshot316: you need not write that view18:14
*** jainbasil has quit IRC18:14
madrazrslingshot316: you just need to write the public view necessary for task page18:14
slingshot316SRabbelier: oh okay, i'm sorry dint know that18:14
madrazrslingshot316: to reduce the confusion a bit, you need not call it public view anymore18:14
SRabbelierslingshot316: just look at the new vierws :)18:15
madrazrslingshot316: you can call it with some other name :)18:15
slingshot316madrazr: okay got it18:15
*** slingshot316 has quit IRC18:15
*** nrbafna has joined #melange18:18
*** sin8h has quit IRC18:19
*** ikkebr has joined #melange18:27
*** ikkebr has left #melange18:27
*** stas has joined #melange18:28
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange18:31
romulomachadoSRabbelier I won't use virtualenv18:32
* SRabbelier nods18:32
romulomachadoSRabbelier It will be more easy!18:33
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC18:35
*** westi is now known as westi|gone18:48
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durin42you're allowed to use easy_install exactly once system-wide: to install virtualenv19:14
*** nmudgal has quit IRC19:16
*** bripkens has quit IRC19:29
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*** lresende has joined #melange20:02
*** selenamarie has joined #melange20:03
selenamarieany word on when the new UI will be launched? :)20:03
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC20:20
madrazrselenamarie: very soon20:22
madrazrselenamarie: if all goes well, by this weekend we should have a shiny new UI :)20:23
selenamariemadrazr: cool! so i should just wait until next monday to add new mentors?20:26
madrazrselenamarie: not sure about that. SRabbelier is the best person  to answer that20:27
madrazrselenamarie: please ask him about new mentors20:27
*** SRabbelier has joined #melange20:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o SRabbelier20:34
SRabbelierselenamarie: sorry about that, seems my client hates me20:35
SRabbelierselenamarie: current schedule is Friday20:36
SRabbelierselenamarie: assuming all goes well during the trial-run Wednesday20:36
*** romulomachado has quit IRC20:38
*** Zor has quit IRC21:01
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*** BlankVerse has joined #melange21:08
*** madrazr has quit IRC21:15
selenamarieSRabbelier: cool thanks!21:18
SRabbelierselenamarie: np21:18
*** romulomachado has joined #melange21:24
romulomachadoSRabbelier When I access the url localhost:8080 I see this message: "This page is only accessible to developers."21:25
romulomachadoSRabbelier Could you help me?21:25
SRabbelierrobbyoconnor: you didn't run seed_db?21:26
romulomachadoCould someone help me?21:28
robbyoconnorromulomachado: see what he just said21:29
*** madrazr has joined #melange21:30
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr21:30
romulomachadoI'm sorry, I didn't see the answer21:31
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC21:33
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange21:33
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC21:37
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange21:37
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC21:38
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange21:40
SRabbelierromulomachado: you need to run seed_db21:48
*** romulomachado has quit IRC21:53
*** romulomachado has joined #melange21:54
romulomachadoSRabbelier Now, everything is running ok!21:54
SRabbelierromulomachado: cool21:54
romulomachadoSRabbelier I will check the tests, and see how it works21:55
SRabbelierromulomachado: awesome21:55
romulomachadoSRabbelier I hope I can help with something21:56
*** ArthurLiu has quit IRC21:58
romulomachadoSRabbelier Let me see if I understand correctly! The goal of this tests ideas is to do all the test coverage of project?21:59
SRabbelierromulomachado: not sure I understand your question21:59
*** BlankVerse has quit IRC22:00
*** BlankVerse has joined #melange22:00
romulomachadoSRabbelier My task in GSoC is write all the test-coverage of the project?22:01
SRabbelierromulomachado: no, but to aid in the increase of the test coverage22:01
romulomachadoSRabbelier So, I think I will can help!22:06
SRabbelierromulomachado: cool22:06
*** jojow has quit IRC22:14
romulomachadoSRabbelier How can I run all tests?22:15
SRabbelierromulomachado: the GettingStarted guide does mention that I'm quite sure22:16
romulomachadoSRabbelier Yes, I found!22:16
*** dhaun has quit IRC22:22
*** madrazr has quit IRC22:33
*** romulomachado has quit IRC22:38
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*** jay has joined #melange23:37
*** jay is now known as Guest7753823:37
Guest77538I am interested in the projects listed for the Gsoc and I have experience in web-designing(css,jquery etc) and also in python.can anybody tell how to proceed?23:41
Guest77538+nick jay23:42
*** m4k3r has quit IRC23:45
*** m4k3r has joined #melange23:46
Guest77538I am interested in Better Google Code-in module described under Gsoc project of melange.could you tell me how to proceed for this?23:47
*** Guest77538 has quit IRC23:51
*** jaydeep has joined #melange23:51
SRabbelierjaydeep: before I go, you probably won't find anyone around in #melange for about 7 more hours at least23:55

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