Sunday, 2011-03-20

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SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: sorry, I'm going to bed now, please email the list any remaining questions you ahve00:05
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: you should run the test suite liek so: bin/run-tests tests/views00:05
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: the 404s in the tests/app/soc tree is expected00:05
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: the UI redesign has been done by EchoDitto, there's not much needed anymore design-wise00:06
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praveen97umais there anyone active here05:47
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praveen97umaHello ! I am Praveen Kumar from India. I want to work on the gsoc project on Testing, Code Guru and Code Quality Assurance project.05:58
praveen97umaI have some questions to ask from SRabbelier06:00
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hardy89hi m1k3y07:01
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evildhoI keep hitting "State should be 2 letter field since country is 'United States'" but it won't accept my input of "MD"15:17
evildhooh wait, there are two places for it15:17
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wolfbhey SRabbelier15:46
SRabbelierwolfb: sup? :)15:47
wolfbI'm wondering about the change. I have 4 pending mentors and 2 pending admins, will they have to apply again when the new ui rolls out?15:47
SRabbelierwolfb: unless they accept before then, yes15:48
wolfbso once I have accepted them, they still need to accept and create a mentor profile or else they have to start over?15:48
wolfbI see that this is the case from the ml :)15:49
* wolfb rummages for his mentor whip15:49
SRabbelierwolfb: correct15:50
wolfbhaa I only have 2+1 :D so not that much whipping is necessary. Is the new UI documented anywhere yet?15:51
SRabbelierwolfb: documented?15:51
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wolfbXD ok well a description or something15:57
SRabbelierwolfb: no... :P15:59
SRabbelierwolfb: but we definitely need to update the user guides and stuff :P15:59
wolfbok thanks :)16:03
gedexSRabbelier: hi16:08
SRabbeliergedex: hi16:09
gedexSRabbelier: I just updated my working copy, and looked the new template. I just got two links on my sidebar when login, does any previous view still accessible?16:11
SRabbeliergedex: I'm not sure I understand your question16:11
gedexSRabbelier: I can only access /gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2009 and other links (that stored in my url history) are broken16:13
SRabbeliergedex: which ones are that?16:16
gedexmost of them are list16:17
gedexlist page16:17
SRabbeliergedex: can you give me a specific url?16:19
SRabbeliergedex: yeah, those are the old code16:20
SRabbeliergedex: we've disabled those for a while now16:20
SRabbeliergedex: in fact, it's probably time to delete that code altogether sometime soon16:21
gedexSRabbelier: There are some css issue for new template in my browser too, I am using firefox. The edit program setting is too narrow, so the legend is not well-positioned.16:24
SRabbeliergedex: can you send a screenshot?16:25
gedexSRabbelier:  ok16:25
* gedex uploading16:31
gedex SRabbelier:
tpbTitle: Edit program settings_1300638585003 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (at
gedex SRabbelier: The problem was #form-register-req that floated and not cleared properly16:35
SRabbeliergedex: wow, weird16:36
SRabbeliergedex: do you have a fix?16:36
gedex SRabbelier: I am using firefox 3.6.12 on ubuntu 10.0416:36
gedex SRabbelier: I just inspect it through firebug and fixed the float16:37
SRabbeliergedex: what needs to be changed to fix the float?16:37
gedex SRabbelier: you can remove the float on #form-register-req, but then #form-register-req looked weird :D16:38
SRabbeliergedex: indeed16:38
gedexSRabbelier: Or you can put clear: left rule on #form.form-register fieldse16:39
SRabbeliergedex: hm16:41
SRabbeliergedex: any idea why the same problem doesn't happen on http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/google/gsoc2009 ?16:41
gedexSRabbelier: hm16:42
gedexSRabbelier: let me check16:42
SRabbeliergedex: please do16:50
gedex SRabbelier: If I added #loggedin-message, the Edit program settings will be fine as edit your profile page17:00
SRabbeliergedex: ah, that'll do as a workaround I suppose :)17:00
SRabbeliergedex: although that's weird, since it's _above_17:00
gedexSRabbelier: yeah17:02
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SRabbeliergedex: do you want to submit a patch to fix it?17:20
gedexSRabbelier: Is there any ticket regarding to this issue?17:22
SRabbeliergedex: nope, you were the first to find it; just email the list17:22
gedexSRabbelier: okay, will do17:22
SRabbeliergedex: thanks!17:23
gedexSRabbelier: I come accross the "Nice upload of profile photo with crop functionality via JS library" idea and try to implement such feature. Since the GAE restriction on writing to file system, does the upload targeted to other services?17:38
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SRabbeliergedex: it should use the blob API, and we don't need to crop through JS anymore ,there's a image serving API now17:38
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SRabbeliergedex: awr, no patch?17:53
VikashI was interested in few projects in gsoc in melange so how should i get going\17:54
gedexSRabbelier: hm, the diff as attachment?17:54
SRabbeliergedex: something I can 'git apply' or 'hg pull' would be great :)17:55
SRabbelierVikash: you should start with following the GettingStarted guide :)17:55
VikashSRabbelier: Ok I have selected a few and have few ideas17:55
SRabbelierVikash: cool17:56
gedexSRabbelier: okay; will do17:56
SRabbeliergedex: awesome, thanks17:56
VikashSRabbelier: so... what should I do??? now17:56
SRabbelierVikash: you already followed the GettingStarted guide?17:57
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SRabbelierVikash: you should start with following the GettingStarted guide :)17:58
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gedexSRabbelier: Since the message for profile inside the #loggedin-message is "Before you can apply to Google Summer of Code, you must register as a student", what about the message for program template?18:14
gedexSRabbelier: hm, leave it empty?18:17
SRabbeliergedex: yeah18:17
SRabbeliergedex: it's an admin page anyway18:17
gedexSRabbelier: should I put You are logged in as {{ }} ?18:22
SRabbeliergedex: nah, it's not needed for this page18:22
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nhydockhello SRabbelier, I'm interested in helping out with Melange for GSoC this year but I am not sure about what it is that I'd be getting myself into18:48
SRabbeliernhydock: what do you mean?18:49
nhydockI'm familiar with python and some django but I don't see that getting me too far with this project18:49
nhydockhow heavily do you rely on jquery and appengine?18:49
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nhydockSRabbelier: I also know CSS and java but I haven't tried javascript yet18:50
SRabbeliernhydock: you don't have to work much on the JS side for most projects18:50
nhydockSRabbelier: okay, that'd be nice18:51
SRabbeliernhydock: we use the AppEngine API's, they're well documented18:51
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nhydockSRabbelier: I could probably help out with the Google Code-In module then18:51
SRabbeliernhydock: cool18:52
nhydockSRabblier: I also see they you're using some SVN/Mercurial system18:53
nhydockSRabblier: I just got rather used to using Git, so ethics wise how do you as a group handle commits18:54
nhydockSRabblier: Do you mind showing progress, change, rollbacks and other messes or do you only like seeing stable?18:55
* nhydock facepalms for spelling the name wrong 3 times in a row18:58
SRabbeliernhydock: I use git myself19:08
SRabbeliernhydock: if you want you can do your work in git, and I'll get it commited  to mercurial once it's in shape19:08
nhydockSRabbelier: Alright :)19:09
gedexSRabbelier: I am trying to investigate other templates, I've a question on how sitemap is populated in Core?19:09
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gedexSRabbelier: is there any list that I can check what url belongs to Administrator site?19:12
SRabbeliergedex: each module has a, which registers it's sitemap entries19:13
SRabbeliergedex: see for example soc/modules/gsoc/callback.py19:13
SRabbeliergedex: I don't think we quite have a list atm19:13
gedex SRabbelier: is document view being fixed? The template also missing the #loggedin-message19:18
SRabbeliergedex: what do you mean with being fixed?19:19
gedexSRabbelier: error happened when access the edit document19:20
SRabbeliergedex: hm, what error? can you put the trace on pastebin?19:21
gedexSRabbelier: is it the correct pattern to access document : /gsoc/document/edit/google/gsoc2009 ?19:22
SRabbeliergedex: no, you need a link_id19:22
gedexSRabbelier: Does the seed_db provides test document ?19:23
SRabbeliergedex: yeah, /gsoc/document/show/site/site/home19:24
gedex SRabbelier: Yup, the edit also the same as edit program19:26
* SRabbelier nods19:26
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gedex SRabbelier: Is there any edit page beside program and document that belongs to Site administrator role?19:27
SRabbeliergedex: timeline, but it's not yet ported19:28
SRabbeliergedex: slot allocations, ditto19:28
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gedexSRabbelier: I coudn't find slot allocations in URL pattern19:31
SRabbeliergedex: correct, it's disabled, set v2 to False in the gsoc module and they'll show up19:32
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gedexSRabbelier: I fixed the template in v2, so the patch only for v219:34
SRabbeliergedex: I'm not sure I understand you19:35
gedexSRabbelier: I just modify the base.html (document and program) in v2 template directory? Is it correct?19:38
gedexSRabbelier: and it fixed the fieldset19:38
SRabbeliergedex: oh, yeah that's fine19:38
SRabbeliergedex: the tiemline and slot allocation views are from the old system19:38
SRabbeliergedex: they won't need the #loggedin-message fix19:39
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gedexSRabbelier: patch sent19:48
SRabbeliergedex: awesome, thanks19:49
SRabbeliergedex: nice :)19:49
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ratulhey, what is the birth date field type in http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc200920:08
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SRabbelierratul: oh, yeah, we should fix that :P20:11
ratulSRabbelier: oh! :) ok.meantime, I was trying to write the test code for timeline20:12
SRabbelierratul: can you be more explicit?20:12
ratulSRabbelier: ya20:13
ratulSRabbelier: my connection is bad today20:13
ratulSRabbelier: anyway20:13
ratulSRabbelier: what exactly to be tested? the view or the model?20:13
SRabbelierratul: there's no view for it yet I don't think :P20:14
SRabbelierratul: and it doesn't really make sense to test the model20:14
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ratulSRabbelier: but timeline got a file in views/models. then what does it do?20:14
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ratulSRabbelier: am I clear(or at did the message go?)20:15
SRabbelierratul: anything in views/models is not used anymore20:16
SRabbelierratul: those are the old views, and we'll delete those20:16
ratulSRabbelier: oops. so in the page http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc2009 someone will give inputs20:17
SRabbelierratul: yeah, we'll remove that page though20:17
SRabbelierratul: and replace it with a new one20:17
SRabbelierratul: we just left the old one in for now :)20:18
ratulSRabbelier: i am confused totally. :( can u explain again (after the mail, sorry for that) what is to be done to test timeline?20:18
SRabbelierratul: don't test it yet, the view at http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/edit/google/gsoc2009 is scheduled to be removed20:19
SRabbelierratul: and replaced by one using our new infrastructure20:19
ratulSRabbelier: actually I asked for a startup test writing a few weeks ago, and was suggested to write one for timeline20:20
ratulSRabbelier: meanwhile things changed :P20:20
SRabbelierratul: perhaps they meant the logic?20:20
SRabbelierratul: we have timeline_helper20:20
SRabbelierratul: might already have tests though?20:21
ratulSRabbelier: timeline, at least in my 2-days old clone does not have test. it got timeline_utils only20:21
ratulSRabbelier: and sorry, but you replied saying," the new profile edit page should do the right thing when20:22
ratulyou already have an existing user entity. It should only show the20:22
ratul"student info" form if you have a student role. We need tests for that20:22
ratulkind of stuff." can you explain it now, please? I am confused20:22
SRabbelierratul: that's not about the timelien though20:23
ratulSRabbelier: sorry, I got it all wrong, I think. can you please make things clear for me?20:23
SRabbelierratul: the user profile page tests are at tests/views/test_profile.py20:24
SRabbelierratul: they only do tests for the GET part (e.g., looking at the form)20:24
SRabbelierratul: and then they only do some simple checks20:24
SRabbelierratul: there should be tests to make sure that if you're a mentor, the student info form isn't displayed20:25
ratulSRabbelier: what does '''self.assertTrue('profile_link' in apply_context)''' do?20:28
SRabbelierratul: it makes you should pull20:28
ratulSRabbelier: in testHomepageDuringSignup?20:28
SRabbelierwithout hte "it makes" bit, sorry20:28
SRabbelierratul: those have been moved to test_homepage20:28
ratulSRabbelier: am I using old clone?20:29
ratuleverything seems to be changed :-o :(20:29
SRabbelierratul: it was moved yesterday or so :P20:29
SRabbelierratul: yeah, expect a lot of changes this week20:29
SRabbelierratul: we're getting ready to launch the new UI :)20:30
ratulSRabbelier: wow20:30
ratulSRabbelier: I am far behind even understanding what is happening :(20:30
ratulSRabbelier: anyway, I am updating clone, and it did not change anything20:31
ratulSRabbelier: how to get the recent changes?20:32
SRabbelierratul: hg pull, then hg up ?20:33
ratulaah it worked20:34
ratulSRabbelier: aah it worked20:34
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ratulSRabbelier: anyway, so is my assignment still valid in the new clone?20:36
SRabbelierratul: yeah, we still need proper tests for the profile edit view20:37
ratulSRabbelier: should the second testRedirectWithStudentProfile be testRedirectWithMentorProfile ?20:40
SRabbelierratul: no, it should be testForbiddenWithStudentProfile20:41
ratulSRabbelier: what does it check?20:42
SRabbelierratul: that you can't apply to be a mentor if you're already a student20:43
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madrazrratul: you should really update very frequently, at least in the next few weeks. I am running hg pull && hg update at least 3-4 times a day these days20:43
madrazrratul: also since you are interested in Melange's development, it may be helpful to subscribe to [email protected]20:43
madrazrratul: you will get a mail, everytime some one pushes their commits20:44
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ratulSRabbelier: what is the mentor version of http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc2009?20:54
SRabbelierratul: eh.. it's in the test?20:54
ratulSRabbelier: but http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/mentor/google/gsoc2009 is not working20:55
ratulSRabbelier: 404 error20:55
SRabbelierratul: I'm getting a 500, :P20:56
ratulSRabbelier: oops. is it natural?20:57
SRabbelierratul: I'm fixing it20:57
ratulSRabbelier: ok, nice20:57
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SRabbelierratul: fix pushed21:01
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ratulSRabbelier: fixed for me too. Thanks!21:08
ratulmadrazr: in the latest clone there is no 'register' in http://localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc200921:18
madrazrratul: there is no register, if you have already registered and logged in21:20
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ratulmadrazr: but I am not logged in. I started a fresh server.21:31
madrazrratul: check once again, I am able to see Register button21:32
madrazrratul: I am on the latest tip too21:32
ratulmadrazr: ya i got it. it saved my much earlier log in21:33
madrazrratul: Ok21:34
ratulmadrazr: just a few things I have noticed, in case they are errors.21:40
ratulhttp://localhost:8080/gsoc/list_projects/google/gsoc2009 is giving 40421:40
ratulhttp://localhost:8080/gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2009 is not printing whose dashboard. just showing 's dashboard. neither is it showing the name in 'you are logged in as  .'21:40
madrazrratul: I am working on list_projects/... page as we are talking now21:40
madrazrratul: I will take a look at the latter. Thanks for pointing out21:41
ratulmadrazr: oh. fine!21:41
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ratulmadrazr: how to remove the data stored (like all logins?)21:42
ratulmadrazr: seed_db alone is not working.21:42
madrazrratul: sorry, I did not get your question21:42
madrazrratul: not working as in?21:43
madrazrratul: and for dashboard problem you pointed out, I think you have logged in a user for whom the name is not set21:43
ratulmadrazr: I log in as suppose [email protected], and want to remove the data that I logged in as test.21:44
madrazrratul: since in the code I see that there is user.name21:44
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madrazrratul: clear your cache?21:44
ratulmadrazr: ok. ya sorted dashboard part.21:45
ratulmadrazr: sorry, but http://localhost:8080/gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2009 looks fine. but http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/google/gsoc2009 does not give the name in 'you are logged in as'21:48
madrazrratul: it is a very simple fix21:50
madrazrratul: do you want to give it a shot?21:50
ratulmadrazr: and even if I am logged in as mentor (and naturally it does not allow me to go to http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/student/google/gsoc2009 but to http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/mentor/google/gsoc2009) it is saying 'Before you can apply to Google Summer of Code, you must register as a student.' why student in mentor's page?21:50
ratulmadrazr: ya21:50
ratulmadrazr: with pleasure21:50
madrazrratul: not sure what you meant21:51
ratulmadrazr: it is in the template I have to change?21:51
madrazrratul: see the template at app/soc/templates/v2/modules/gsoc/profile/base.html21:51
madrazrand the Python code at soc.modules.gsoc.views.profile21:51
madrazresp the context method of Profilepage class21:52
ratulmadrazr: when I am logged in as mentor, and want to edit my profile and go to http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/mentor/google/gsoc2009 and be redirected to http://localhost:8080/gsoc/profile/google/gsoc2009, the heading is '''You are logged in as . (Not you?)21:52
ratulBefore you can apply to Google Summer of Code, you must register as a student.21:52
ratul''' why student??21:52
ratulmadrazr: ya trying to fix that21:52
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*** dr__house has joined #melange21:59
ratulmadrazr: my first patch is done!! (very trivial though!) :P22:09
ratulmadrazr: can I push it?22:09
madrazrratul: cool!22:13
madrazrratul: where will you push it22:13
ratulmadrazr: at least I want to add the changes. should I just mail?22:14
madrazrratul: yes, you can mail the patch to our dev list22:14
madrazrratul: one of us will review and commit it22:14
ratulmadrazr: cool!22:14
ratulmadrazr: but should I send the diff file as well?22:14
madrazrratul: as well?22:15
madrazrratul: you should send the diff only22:15
madrazrratul: diff == patch22:15
ratulmadrazr: well, sorry only the diff. :P fine22:15
madrazrratul: also, please inline the diff in your mail along with attaching the file22:17
madrazrratul: inlining will make it easier for review and the file to commit22:17
ratulmadrazr: inlining means adding it to mail?22:17
ratulmadrazr: I mean text body?22:18
*** dhaun has quit IRC22:21
madrazrratul: yeah22:22
ratulmadrazr: sorry for the stupid question, but diff with what if I am using one clone only?22:22
ratulmadrazr: i make a change to and want to send the diff. how to do that?22:23
tpbTitle: Tutorial - Mercurial (at
tpb<> (at
ratulmadrazr: thanks! sorry for the dumb question. a bit excited about the first patch! :)22:24
madrazrratul: also
tpb<> (at
madrazrratul: NP22:25
madrazrratul: there are all the reasons to get excited22:25
madrazrI am off for the day22:32
madrazrsee you22:32
*** madrazr has quit IRC22:34
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