Saturday, 2011-03-19

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antrikheh, reminds me of the estimation how many other planets with life there are in the universe... something between 0 and 50 millions ;-)00:40
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Nightroseheya folks :)08:31
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Nightroseat kde we're running season of kde for all the students that applied at our org but couldn't get accepted08:31
Nightroseand i was wondering if there is a chance to add a message about this to the rejection emails08:32
Nightrosei imagine other orgs could make use of something like that as well08:32
Nightrosesomething like "we'd still like to work with you - check out this link for details"08:32
SRabbelierNightrose: a per-org rejection message?08:36
NightroseSRabbelier: yeah kind of - or something we can add to the standard message08:37
Nightrose"the org would like to let you know the following: ..."08:37
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SRabbelierNightrose: sounds sensible enough, can you create a for that?08:37
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
Nightrosewill do yes08:37
LittleQNCCUHello, I'm interesting in participating Melange in GSoC :D08:37
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: hi, I saw your mail on the list :)08:41
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: let me know if you run into any problems with the GettingStarted guide08:41
LittleQNCCUyeah, i see: )08:41
LittleQNCCUokay, thank you~!08:42
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LittleQNCCUwhat's the different from general google_appengine or in thirdparty one?08:59
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SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: hi, sorry about that09:24
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: we have made one patch to AppEngine in our third_party directory, since it doesn't look like it'll make it to upstream in time for our needs we'll have to do some copy/paste deployment09:25
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: otherwise they're the same09:25
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LittleQNCCUgot it, it's okay09:31
stefanhaHi Melange Team :)!  I have received mentor and backup org admin invites.  It asks me to update my profile for each invite.  It seems to populate the form with existing data from last year.09:31
stefanhaI need to change my address but it is populating the form with last year's data for each invite.09:31
stefanhaI have 3 invites so I need to update my address info 3 times.  I wonder why reloading the "accept invite" page doesn't populate the form with the freshest data.09:32
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stefanhaIs this a known issue or does it make sense to anyone? :)09:32
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SRabbelierstefanha: does make sense, known issue, the new UI should aleviate that problem09:52
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stefanhaSRabbelier: Thanks for the reply.  Sounds like there is no need to file a bug?10:15
SRabbelierstefanha: in the new UI you only have one profile per program, it's up to you whether you think further changes are needed :)10:16
stefanhaSRabbelier: Is there a way to get to the new UI?10:17
SRabbelierstefanha: not yet, we'll be deploying it this week10:17
stefanhaSRabbelier: Awesome :)10:17
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LittleQNCCUSRabbelier: BTW, my google id is littleq090310:34
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: sure :)10:34
LittleQNCCUOkay, I suddenly saw the post on google code, "Hey littleq0, ...."10:35
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SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: That's as much of your nickname as the website shows by default10:41
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SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: I didn't want to enter your full name since it didn't displayl it10:42
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LittleQNCCUOkay, thanks11:01
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jainbasilhi madrazr16:12
madrazrjainbasil: Hi16:12
jainbasilmadrazr: How's life? Happy to see the melange is accepted for GSoC 201116:12
madrazrjainbasil: we are happy too :)16:13
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jainbasilmadrazr, hi again. Lost my internet connection.16:17
jainbasilI missed your earlier message.16:17
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slingshot316madrazr: hey !17:12
madrazrslingshot316: Hi17:12
madrazrjainbasil: I just said "we are happy too :)"17:12
slingshot316madrazr: by task public page, you meant the task view?17:13
madrazrslingshot316: yes17:13
madrazrthere are several views related to task17:13
madrazrslingshot316: the one I pointed to specifically is the one called public17:14
slingshot316madrazr: like task subscription ?17:14
madrazrslingshot316: nope17:14
slingshot316madrazr: one second17:14
madrazrthe GCI workflow itself17:14
slingshot316madrazr: yea got it17:14
slingshot316madrazr: in soc.modules.gci.views.task??17:15
slingshot316madrazr: so the public view needs to be ported first?17:19
madrazrslingshot316: you can feel free to port other views as well17:20
madrazrslingshot316: but that will be a good start to get an idea of how big the work is17:20
slingshot316madrazr: sure, Its better for me to take the suggestion and do that17:21
slingshot316madrazr:I even need to port views that are used it taks public view right? like soc.views.helper.responses.useJavaScript?17:27
slingshot316madrazr: which shouldn't be taking entity,params no more17:28
madrazrslingshot316: ??17:28
madrazrslingshot316: I did not get your question17:29
madrazrslingshot316: why do you need to port useJavaScript?17:29
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slingshot316madrazr: becauase we are passing context,params as parameters17:30
slingshot316madrazr: but in the new views data is the only paramater right?17:30
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slingshot316madrazr: i'm not very sure, sorry if thats the wrong way of thinking ti17:31
madrazrslingshot316: NP17:31
slingshot316madrazr: oh sorry, i have overlooked it17:31
madrazrslingshot316: yeah in the new views there are no parameters except args and kwargs17:31
madrazrso why port useJavaScript?17:31
madrazrslingshot316: anyways17:32
madrazrslingshot316: take a look at GSoC views more closely17:32
slingshot316madrazr: yea i will17:32
slingshot316madrazr: helper.responses.useJavaScript(context, params['js_uses_all'])17:32
madrazrslingshot316: ?17:33
slingshot316madrazr: its calling useJavaScript with params which is never passed to public in the new views right?17:33
slingshot316madrazr: in gci.views.models.task.View.public line 112817:34
madrazrslingshot316: you cannot even think in the way we have written the old views17:35
madrazrslingshot316: new views are new views. They are not to be thought in the way we are writing new views.17:35
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slingshot316madrazr: then i need to be starting them from scratch right?17:36
madrazrslingshot316: views yes17:36
madrazrslingshot316: not the functionality though :P17:36
slingshot316madrazr: but i can take them as a basis to the new ones right17:36
slingshot316madrazr: yea like you said functionality17:37
madrazrslingshot316: only the functionality17:37
slingshot316madrazr: which sounds more technical :)17:37
slingshot316madrazr: and hows your health now?17:38
madrazrslingshot316: improving17:38
slingshot316madrazr: get well soon and i think you need more sleep :)17:38
anth_xis the namespace for org link_ids per-year? that is, can i re-use my org's link_id from last year?17:39
slingshot316madrazr: i'm very tired, will hit the sack now, bye good night and thanks for the suggestions :)17:39
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madrazranth_x: yes you can18:08
anth_xthanks, i did. :-)18:08
anth_xi figured the URL structure likely reflected the hierarchy18:09
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evildhoIs there a reason that the last name field doesn't accept apostrophes anymore?18:30
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evildhoIt's also not allowing an initial for my middle name. This is totally new behavior as of this year :\18:31
evildhoAgh, and street address. Periods not being allowed in street address is just silly.18:32
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klickverbotI guess there isn't a way to transfer a Melange user profile (link id) to another Google account, right?18:51
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iamaregeewanted to get some info about GsOc projects19:08
fbritoiamaregee: I think you should try the #gsoc channel :)19:11
anth_xare you interested in working on melange over the summer?19:11
iamaregeeinterested in working on melange...19:12
anth_xthen you're likely in the right place.19:12
fbritoah, sorry :)19:12
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iamaregeefbrito: its al right...19:12
iamaregeewell  I am in the first year of college and by the time the GsoC starts i will be done with my first year...and skilled with python and  C lang...19:13
iamaregeeso i am probably  luking for C or python based projects to work over the summer19:14
iamaregeeout of suggested projects on the Ideas page I think Export to google Docs is something I would like to try ...19:15
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madrazrevildho: character restrictions on fields are requirements from Google21:21
madrazrevildho: well it may be silly, but if Google can't use that address to ship, it doesn't make much sense right?21:21
evildhoThey were able to use it last year.21:22
evildhoAnd the year before that. And in 2007.21:22
madrazrevildho: yes, they asked for change last year21:22
madrazrevildho: after GSoC started21:22
madrazrevildho: we used these restrictions for GCI 201021:23
evildhoI know I'm being overly whiny, I just hate it when I have to change my name to convenience people. I already don't get service on a lot of sites that have SQL injection problems :)21:23
* evildho sucks it up and lives with it.21:23
evildhoThanks for the info.21:23
madrazrevildho: I know how it hurts when our names are not written in the way it should be written :( but there are requirements21:24
madrazriamaregee: what do you want to know about the projects?21:25
iamaregeemadrazr: I am learning Python and C here in college so I wan't to do some summer project based on python possibly ...21:27
iamaregeeand  I would like to get more details about exporting to google docs..21:28
madrazriamaregee: sure21:29
madrazriamaregee: we can help, if you ask specific questions21:29
iamaregeehmm ...can you provide me some link to roadmap of this project...21:30
iamaregeeand what are the specific skills required for this project...21:33
iamaregeetill date I 've no experience of web it required...?? I am willing to learn..21:34
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SRabbelierklickverbot: hi21:54
SRabbelierklickverbot: you still there?21:54
klickverbotSRabbelier: Yes21:55
SRabbelierklickverbot: you wanted your link_id ported?21:57
SRabbelieriamaregee: not required, but it would be good if you got familiar with it before GSoC starts :)21:59
SRabbelieriamaregee: **before the coding period starts21:59
klickverbotSRabbelier: Yes – it's not a really big deal because I could always keep a second browser tab open for my old Google account, but if it's possible…22:00
iamaregeeanything else .. i should focus on  ???22:00
SRabbelierklickverbot: it is, send an email from your old account with your link_id and what it should be changed to22:00
SRabbelieriamaregee: if you want to work on a Melange project you should start by checking out our code and giving it a whirl22:01
klickverbotSRabbelier: Okay, thanks a lot. Whom should I write to?22:01
SRabbelierklickverbot: me :)22:01
iamaregeeokay ..22:01
iamaregeecan u provide eme the link ??22:01
SRabbelieriamaregee: you should try and find it, if you can't, then ask :)22:02
SRabbelieriamaregee: part of working on an open source project is being adventurous22:02
iamaregeehmm..well keep that in mind 4m now on  ... :)22:02
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SRabbelieriamaregee: that said, if you run into any problems, don't hesitate to ask22:06
iamaregeewill revert 2 ya if i hit some major roadblock..22:07
SRabbelieriamaregee: great :)22:07
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SRabbelierklickverbot: try now22:11
klickverbotSRabbelier: Great, thanks a lot again.22:12
SRabbelierklickverbot: no problem22:12
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LittleQNCCUGood morning:)23:17
LittleQNCCUI have a problem now, when I entered the link "Edit Program Profile", I got a new style page, is it a page with new UI design?23:21
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SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: yup!23:29
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: if you pull the latest chagnes23:29
SRabbelierLittleQNCCU: the homepage should be the new design too23:29
LittleQNCCUThe most of links in my test site are failure now23:30
LittleQNCCUdid all of the pages get their own new style page now?23:34
LittleQNCCUI saw only one23:34
LittleQNCCUand very many 404 pages23:35
LittleQNCCUCan I get involved in the UI designing, I'm interesting in UI designing?23:40
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