Friday, 2011-03-18

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KaushikIs this the right place for a student willing to contribute to melange as a GSOC participant?19:18
SRabbelierKaushik: definitely19:20
Kaushik@SRabbelier: alright, so I've been using the melange page for only about 2 weeks now. But I'm definitely willing to contribute.19:23
KaushikWhere do you think i can start?19:24
SRabbelierKaushik: what do you mean with the melange page?19:26
SRabbelierKaushik: you could start by following the GettingStarted guide19:26
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nickbarnesAs backup org admin for Climate Code Foundation, I received notification email that we made the list. Hurrah!19:28
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nickbarnesThe email had a number of links which don't work.  For instance,
tpb<> (at
nickbarnesAt least two things wrong with that link.19:28
nickbarnesI can work around, of course.19:28
nickbarnesAlso the org profile form has a lot of slots which could have been pre-populated from the org app form but aren't.  For instance, application template.19:29
SRabbeliernickbarnes: thanks19:31
SRabbeliernickbarnes: but works for me ??19:31
SRabbeliernickbarnes: yeah, I'm surprised that' (the pre-populating) is not working19:31
nickbarnesOn that link, I get "Error: Server Error19:32
nickbarnesThe server encountered an error and could not complete your request.19:32
nickbarnesIf the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it."19:32
Kaushik@SRabbelier: I meant the SOC website.19:32
SRabbeliernickbarnes: try refreshing19:32
SRabbeliernickbarnes: probably random timeout19:32
SRabbelierKaushik: ah, how have you used it?19:32
nickbarnesNope.   Whereas I can see just fine.19:32
tpb<> (at
nickbarnesnote: 2010 vs 2011, and melange vs socghop19:33
SRabbeliernickbarnes: hmm, it should definitely be 2011, that's correct19:34
SRabbeliernickbarnes: but socghop.appspot should work as well19:34
nickbarnesIn fact, every link in that email seems to fail in the same way.19:34
SRabbeliernickbarnes: google-melange is just a redirect anyway19:34
nickbarnesapart from the google groups one.19:34
nickbarneswell, beats me then.19:34
SRabbeliernickbarnes: works for me :P19:34
nickbarnesmaybe some sort of authentication thing?19:35
nickbarnesanyway, doesn't matter to me as I said.  Now on with the org profile.19:35
SRabbeliernickbarnes: weird, gl with that though19:35
SRabbeliernickbarnes: I don't see anything in the logs that would explain it either19:35
Kaushik@SRabbelier: I've been looking through previous years' organization lists, reading FAQs, trying to figure out how to use the user panel. I know that the site is truly active only after the students and the organizations are chosen, but I've just been crawling through..19:36
SRabbelierKaushik: on the live instance or locally?19:37
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Kaushikon the live instance..19:38
SRabbelierKaushik: ok, the next step would be to clone our code and get it to run19:40
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Kaushikalright. I'm just going through the getting started guide too! I'll ping you if i have to ask anything19:43
SRabbelierKaushik: please do! :D19:44
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Kaushik@SRabbelier: I'm going to be honest in saying that I'm willing to learn python! Never used it before.20:02
KaushikCan you guide me as to how i can install it locally?20:02
SRabbelierKaushik: python?20:04
SRabbelierKaushik: what OS are you running?20:06
diofeher_hello, i was looking melange ideas page.. got really interested in "Testing, Code Guru, Code Quality Assurance" idea20:06
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gedexSRabbelier:  I've checked from maint branch and running it locally without any trouble. Is it okay play locally from default branch? I heard it still actively developed20:08
SRabbeliergedex: maint is what's currently live on socghop20:09
SRabbeliergedex: the default branch is what we'll be deploying within a week20:09
SRabbeliergedex: you should defintely be using that20:09
SRabbelierKaushik: I'm afraid I have no experience with running Melange on Windows, it should be possible though, but will probably be a challenge20:09
gedexSRabbelier:  If I am planning to write a patch, what branch should I use?20:10
SRabbeliergedex: default, definitely20:11
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Kaushik@SRabbelier: So, Im pretty confused now. I'm completely lost about using the app engine or setting up a clone locally. Can you break down the getting started guide? How do i run the commands? The web app engine framework is sufficient or do you want me to install app engine on my desktop?20:44
SRabbelierKaushik: eh, that guide is aimed at people that are running Linux or Mac OS X I'm afraid20:44
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TaladIf possible I will need help from an admin to sort out my organization application20:45
SRabbelierTalad: hi20:45
Taladit has been approved, but when I click on the link it says: "This entity does not belong to you. "20:45
Taladbefore doing that it asked me to create a profile20:45
Taladprobably because it was not there20:45
SRabbelierTalad: go to "requests" in the left hand nav20:45
Taladand it asked for a linkid20:45
TaladI used the same link is20:45
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Taladok, I see no items in "requests"20:45
Taladcompany is Atomic Blue20:46
SRabbelierTalad: what about notifications20:46
SRabbelierTalad: there should be al ink to create your org profiel there20:46
Taladmaybe it's the fact I've created the linkid just now...20:46
SRabbelierTalad: I'm confused20:47
SRabbelierTalad: what link_id are you talking about exactly?20:47
SRabbelierTalad: your own, or that of your organization?20:47
Taladok, let me recap :)20:47
TaladI own that organization20:47
TaladI received the email from gsoc saying we are accepted20:47
Taladorganization name is "Atomic Blue"20:47
SRabbelierTalad: ah20:47
SRabbelierTalad: did you recently add a new email address to your Google account?20:48
SRabbelierTalad: what's your old link_id?20:48
Taladwhen I clicked on the link I landed on a page20:48
TaladI think he asked me to link it yes20:48
Taladand I created the ID20:48
Taladyes I've added recently an email to use gtalk20:48
SRabbelierTalad: what's your old id?20:48
Taladshould be PlaneShift20:48
Taladis there a way to know?20:48
SRabbelierTalad: with gmail account planeshiftrpg ?20:49
Taladit's not an email I really use though20:50
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TaladI use [email protected] which is my main google account20:50
TaladI just created that one for gtalk today20:50
Taladbecause it was required20:50
Taladmaybe was not a good timing :)20:50
SRabbelierTalad: so PlaneShift is your _new_  link id, yes?20:52
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SRabbelierTalad: and talad your old one?20:52
SRabbelierTalad: please try now20:52
TaladI have 1 notification now!20:53
Taladbut no requests20:54
Taladand when I click on the link of the notification is says: "This entity does not belong to you. "20:54
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Taladmy link ID seems to be "planeshift"20:54
Taladah wait20:55
Taladnow it's "talad"20:55
SRabbelierTalad: right20:55
TaladI clicked on "edit profile" now, and it shows as "talad"20:55
SRabbelierTalad: can you try going to the link from the notification now?20:55
Talad"This entity does not belong to you. "20:55
TaladI can give you the link20:56
SRabbelierTalad: please do20:56
Taladsent in PM, I'm not sure if it's private info20:56
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SRabbelierTalad: it's not, but thanks, investigating20:58
SRabbelierTalad: you should be able to it out..20:58
SRabbelierTalad: oh, hmm, no hvm20:59
SRabbelieractually, yes :P20:59
SRabbelieryou should20:59
SRabbelierTalad: can you try.. logging out and in again?21:00
tpbTitle: YouTube - Have you tried turning it off and on again (at
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TaladSRabbelier: seems to work now!21:02
SRabbelierTalad: well, excellent!21:02
SRabbelierIT crowd to the rescue21:02
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diofeher_i got strange error when ran server of melange
tpbTitle: dpaste: #515150: TypeError at /, by Django (at
diofeher_i didn't touch any code, just readed :P checked out today21:05
SRabbelierdiofeher_: you broke our Melange :(21:06
SRabbelierdiofeher_: you big ol' meany21:06
SRabbelierdiofeher_: I see the  brekage too btw, not your fault apparently21:06
SRabbelierdiofeher_: looks like Daniel broke it21:07
SRabbeliermissing comma it seems21:07
SRabbelierdiofeher_: pull and try again now ^^21:08
diofeher_tell to this daniel to run tests :P21:09
SRabbelierdiofeher_: hey, be glad we even have them :P21:09
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diofeher_SRabbelier, i want to try this "Testing..." in ideas page... maybe a good start is to send patches with these broken tests fixed?21:15
SRabbelierdiofeher_: if with broken you mean "complaning about 404 != 200", then don't21:16
SRabbelierdiofeher_: those are there because we disabled all the old views21:16
SRabbelierdiofeher_: we'll probably delete those tests soonish21:16
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diofeher_SRabbelier, hmm, yes... so what is the best way to start here?21:21
SRabbelierdiofeher_: browse around in the new UI I suppose, help write some tests maybe :D21:22
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diofeher_SRabbelier, i'm gonna try later... thanks :)21:48
SRabbelierdiofeher_: good luck!21:48
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BlankVersehey guys , i have been writing an app on django and i also have relevant experience of hosting on app engine , what bugs or features should i look at to start working on gsoc?23:03
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: hey23:11
BlankVerseSRabbelier: hii23:11
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we're in the middle of a redesign, so the issue tracker is not _that_ useful currently23:11
BlankVerseSRabbelier: is the melange app written in web2py or django?23:12
BlankVerseSRabbelier: if django , is it using django-nonrel patch?23:12
SRabbelierBlankVerse: It's Django running on AppEngine23:12
SRabbelierBlankVerse: nope23:12
SRabbelierBlankVerse: we only use Django for forms and templates23:12
SRabbelierBlankVerse: the data model is all Appengine23:12
BlankVerseSRabbelier: last time i checked , django's models were not compatible with app engine23:13
BlankVerseSRabbelier: oops , ok23:13
SRabbelierBlankVerse: correct23:13
BlankVerseSRabbelier: would you like to see my work on a django project?23:13
SRabbelierBlankVerse: not right now :), you should include it on your Student application though!23:14
BlankVerseSRabbelier: Are you mentoring any project on melange?23:14
SRabbelierBlankVerse: mini quiz, which project am I mentoring?23:14
BlankVerseSRabbelier: you are mentoring for testing module23:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: :)23:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you pass! :D23:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i have never done any unit tests till now23:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: on django23:15
BlankVerseSRabbelier: is anybody else already trying for it or can i look at what can be done in this area23:15
SRabbelierBlankVerse: yeah, there are a few other students interesting in that particular idea, but you can have a look at our current tests23:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: in particular the ones in tests/views23:16
SRabbelierBlankVerse: those are for the new design23:16
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BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok , i ll have a look at those , do you want me to fix/code any particular area?23:17
BlankVerseSRabbelier: before applying?23:17
SRabbelierBlankVerse: sure, you can help me out and write a test that makes sure a POST request to edit a program works23:17
BlankVerseSRabbelier: i would love to hack around23:18
SRabbelierBlankVerse: look at the tests in tests/app/soc/ to see how to make a POST request23:18
SRabbelierBlankVerse: you need to use the getXsrfToken function, or you'll get a 302 error from our XSRF middleware :)23:18
SRabbelierBlankVerse: there's plenty other projects though23:18
BlankVerseSRabbelier: ok23:18
SRabbelierBlankVerse: if testing is not quite your thing23:18
SRabbelierBlankVerse: btw, our tests aren't really _unit_ tests, they're mostly doing functional tests23:19
BlankVerseSRabbelier: let me hack around and see if testing interests me , i ll update you in a day or two23:19
SRabbelierBlankVerse: please do so by email, cc-ing our dev list23:19
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SRabbelierBlankVerse: good luck! :)23:19
fbritoI am really curious... how many GSoC wanna-be students have came to this channel so far? :)23:21
fbritohave come*23:21
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SRabbelierfbrito: more than 1, less than a dozen?23:31
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