Wednesday, 2010-11-24

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dukeletoSRabbelier: are XSS attacks encouraged?00:00
SRabbelierdukeleto: you can try, our cleaner is pretty good :)00:00
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ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: do you clean style attr?00:18
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: yeah00:18
* ThomasWaldmann noticed that cleaning that is maybe a hopeless case and not as trivial as one first thinks.00:20
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: we're using the ... plone.. cleaner I think00:20
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: it cleans it actually, you can set the font size and whatnot00:20
ThomasWaldmannlet me see if i find the article about it...00:21
ThomasWaldmann you know that? read the last paragraph.00:25
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: yeah, I read the entire post00:28
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: if you find anything wrong with the cleaner, please create a new issue, I'll make a test case from it, and poke Matthew :)00:29
SRabbelierI'm sure plone would be interested to hear00:29
ThomasWaldmannafter reading that, i disabled style attr support for moin's span macro, except if unsecure_styles_enabled = True in the config.00:29
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: can you give me a url of the file that has the code?00:30
tpb<> (at
* ThomasWaldmann usually stays away from zopeland :)00:31
SRabbelierI'm off to bed00:31
ThomasWaldmanngn SRabbelier :)00:31
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: if you find a breakage, please let me know :D00:31
ThomasWaldmannNASTY_TAGS = {'style': 1  <- haha00:33
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: afaics, that code KILLS style attr, so it is ok00:37
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: ah, mhh, strange, I'm pretty sure it works00:38
ThomasWaldmannkilling it might be the safest way to deal with it00:39
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aviraldgis anyone from Tux4Kids here?11:05
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aviraldgis any mentor from Tux4Kids here?11:48
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ThomasWaldmannaviraldg: do they maybe have an own irc chan?12:09
aviraldgno they don't and that's the problem12:09
aviraldgI do know one of the members and he frequents #melange12:10
aviraldgbut he's not online right now12:10
ThomasWaldmannmaybe try #soc12:10
ThomasWaldmannor create one :D12:10
* ThomasWaldmann likes tuxmath, shooting down formulas :D12:11
ThomasWaldmanni showed it to some kids/parent and they suddenly were more interested in math (and linux) and had fun :)12:12
aviraldgI'm working (without requesting for the task) on TuxHistory UI and I've completed the TuxMath number generator (for the asteroids)12:13
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_kikowhat is the meaning if a task is unpublished?  or its like unapproved task?14:24
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madrazr1_kiko: students cannot see it yet14:33
madrazr1_kiko: it is like the Organization's reserve14:34
_kikomadrazr1: i see, because I suggested a task, then from unapproved status it changed to unpublished status.14:36
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madrazr1_kiko: that means your admin accepted that it is not a spam14:36
madrazr1and approved it14:37
madrazr1but he did not make it public for students yet14:37
_kikomadrazr1: great. i thought my admin wants some correction to the task or I thought the "unapproved" status was changed to "unpulished" status.14:38
madrazr1_kiko: it is better to ask him, what he has done14:40
madrazr1_kiko: just in case, if he has misunderstood the workflow that is14:40
_kikomadrazr1: thanks for the clarification.14:43
madrazr1_kiko: NP14:43
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maker__Where do I have to go to "sign as a student"?16:47
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maker__I think that clicking on "resign as a student" I've broken my registration. :\16:53
maker__durin42:  I have some problems with melange. Can you help me?17:01
durin42I'm the humble buildbot maintainer, don't actually know much.17:02
durin42Merio, SRabbelier: ping on behalf of maker__17:02
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maker__Merio, durin42 : are you there?20:02
maker__* madrazr.20:02
Meriomaker__: Hi :)20:02
maker__Merio:  hello. I have some problems with melange.20:02
maker__I have signed as a student, and completed one task.20:02
maker__Then, I've clicked on "Resign as a student".20:03
maker__But now, although re-registered as a student, I cannot close the new task I've solved.20:03
maker__It stands on "Awaiting Registration".20:03
maker__So I cannot claim another task.20:03
MerioWell, main problem here is this ==>
tpb<> (at
maker__I don't know if it's my fault or a melange bug, hope you could help me.20:04
maker__Merio:  :S it was an error.20:05
Merio(just kidding ;))20:05
MerioHowever, to support you I need to have access to the main datastore, which I don't have20:05
maker__So, I have just to wait?20:05
maker__Or to ask to another person?20:06
MerioI can't see others online to solve it right now20:06
MerioI suggest you send a mail to melange-dev group from your account that you use with Melange20:06
Meriotelling the steps of what you did to trace what the problem is20:06
Meriodon't forget to write down your link_id20:06
maker__can you link me the melange-dev mailing list?20:07
MerioI mean in your mail20:07
tpb<> (at
Meriooh sorry20:07
MerioI should point the other (public) group I guess20:08
madrazrmaker__: I am sorry to say this, but still it would be really nice if you understood what "Resign" meant20:09
maker__madrazr:  I've understand. But there are no way to re-join?20:09
Meriomaker__: you should use this one =>
tpbTitle: melange-soc | Google Groups (at
Meriomadrazr: you don't have access to the datastore, do you?20:10
madrazrmaker__: I don't really know20:10
madrazrMerio: No. I don't :(20:10
madrazrMerio: I asked for that, but haven't heard back :)20:11
Meriomaker__: so, well, use melange-soc group (last link I've given to you) writing what I told you before :)20:13
Meriomaker__: you should get response as soon as someone with datastore access is available20:13
dreimarkbtw. it would be good that the "resign" features where grouped on a different place20:17
dreimarkif I look at my list, i can easily hit "Resign as Admin"  instead of "List Documents"20:17
maker__Merio:  sent, thanks. And sorry for this misundestanding.20:18
Meriodreimark: IIRC that opens a page which asks for confirmation20:18
Meriomaker__: np ^_^20:18
dreimarkMerio: ok20:18
madrazrdreimark: Any suggestions on where could we group it logically?20:19
madrazrAny feedback is welcome?20:19
dreimarkif it is below User it needs maybe an other layer.20:23
dreimarksomehow it belongs to Roles20:23
dreimarkcurrently Roles lists everything, it can have also resign inside there20:23
dreimarkor a submenu20:24
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madrazrdreimark: I did not get the idea20:38
madrazrcan you please explain it a bit20:38
madrazrMerio: listening?20:38
dreimarkmadrazr: we don't want students leaving to early. I would not expect a resign link on the main menu20:39
madrazrdreimark: where else do you suggest is a good place?20:39
dreimarkbelow User20:39
dreimarkand inside Roles20:40
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madrazrdreimark: Ok20:42
madrazrdreimark: suggestion taken20:42
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dreimarkmadrazr: thx20:51
maker__dreimark:  everything I need from MoinMoin library is MoinMoin.items.__init__ and that template you linked?20:53
maker__(ok, tests excluded)20:53
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dereinewhat can be done if a claimed cannot be accepted anymore21:32
tpb<> (at
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dreimarkdereine: hmm22:04
dereinedreimark: this have to be something specific to this task22:05
dreimarkfor me it has a delay but i can read it now22:06
dreimarkthe last entry is "I'll mentor this one, then."22:06
dereinedreimark: so the last entry has to be a request?22:09
dereinewhat happens if two studens claims, which one get's the task if you apply22:10
dreimarkit was a comment22:10
dreimarkit can only one student claim at the same time22:10
dreimarka task can be multiple times available22:10
dreimarkonly if a student resigns from a claim another one can claim it22:11
tpb<> (at
dereinetwo students requested22:11
dereinedreimark: thanks anyway22:11
dreimarkno the last one is Action-Claim Accepted; Status-Claimed22:12
dreimarkthis was from a mento22:12
dereineok. but both dan silver and bobo requested22:13
dreimarkthe first is only a comment22:13
dreimarka mentor also can send a comment without action22:13
dereinemh okay22:13
dereinedreimark: thanks! i got it22:13
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