Thursday, 2010-11-25

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m4k3rSRabbelier:  are you there?06:21
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maker900SRabbelier: ping.10:49
madrazrmaker900: anything urgent wrt Melange? Or specific to SRabbelier?10:55
madrazrif you have Melange questions, you can ask me10:55
maker900madrazr: I need someone with write access to melange datastore. I suppose SRabbelier has it; anyway, the problem is that I erroneously have resigned CGI, and although re-registered as student, I cannot close any task.10:57
madrazrmaker900: ah Ok, then have to wait for SRabbelier10:58
maker900:)  thanks anyway.10:58
madrazrmaker900: you are welcome10:59
maker900madrazr: when can I find him? UTC time.10:59
madrazrmaker900: I can't give you the exact time, but he should be around in a couple of hours or so. If he is not, don't blame me :)11:00
ThomasWaldmannmaker900: oops X)11:06
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SRabbeliermaker900: hi11:15
JayDeznot sure if you guys are in charge of just melange or also the google-melange website.. but I noticed that on the front page of that website there is a feed from the Google Open-Source blog, which only focuses on GSOC stuff not GCI, was wondering why it didn't include more recent posts on the blog which were tagged as GCI like this one:
tpb<> (at
JayDezJust thought I'd let someone know..11:20
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maker900SRabbelier: hi, have you read my chat/email?11:21
SRabbeliermaker900: yeah, your link_id is maker right?11:22
SRabbeliermaker900: you resigned, but then you registered as a student a second time?11:23
SRabbeliermaker900: but now your old task is still stuck as 'AwaitingRegistraition'?11:25
maker900I've completed 2 tasks. The first one is closed (solved when I was registered as student for the first time), but the second one is still on AwaitingRegistration.11:26
maker900SRabbelier: ^11:26
SRabbeliermaker900: what message do you get when you try to claim another task?11:27
maker900I cannot claim another one, since another is still open.11:28
SRabbeliermaker900: exact message please11:30
maker900Ok, give me a second.11:30
maker900"the task is open but you cannot claim it since you have not completed "11:33
maker900"the student signup after finishing your first task"11:33
SRabbeliermaker900: ah, yup, I see it11:35
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SRabbeliermaker900: ok, I think I know how to fix you :)11:44
maker900Oh God, thanks.11:45
SRabbeliermaker900: how about now?11:46
maker900I love you.11:47
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ThomasWaldmannmelange still shocking students with the "time to complete" only showing a few minutes left while the deadline shows the correct value (some days left) :D15:20
* ThomasWaldmann filed a bug15:20
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SHArtemI have a problem22:29
SHArtem I registered as student22:29
SHArtem but accidentally pressed the 'resign' button22:29
SHArtemand my task data disappeared22:29
SHArtem is there any way of getting it back ?22:29
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