Friday, 2010-11-19

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SRabbelierDrJoel's org should be fixed; couldn't do it sooner due to an AppEngine outage that had broken the remote api01:45
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* DrJoel waves at SRabbelier 14:04
DrJoelpage is still inactive14:04
tpb<> (at
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SRabbelierDrJoel: curious14:12
SRabbelierDrJoel: doh14:12
SRabbelierI know14:12
DrJoelSRabbelier: Does it work for you?14:13
SRabbelierDrJoel: try now14:13
DrJoelyeah!! we have 20 open/published tasks and 99 non-public ones..14:14
SRabbelierDrJoel: great14:14
DrJoelnow the issue is that I must have imported 6 twice.. :(14:15
DrJoelthere were only 93 in the original list and I was importing them a piece at a time14:15
SRabbelierDrJoel: deduplication fun?14:18
DrJoelLOL.. not so much.. does "unapprove" delete them?14:18
SRabbelierDrJoel: no, it just unapproves14:18
DrJoeldo I have to go into each one and delete it individually?  I don't see a delete option14:19
SRabbelierDrJoel: Yes, we didn't think bulk delete was a good idea14:19
DrJoelok.. It is only 6 and by sorting on title, they aren't hard to find. :)14:20
DrJoelbut if a bulk upload went crazy, deleting in bulk may make sense... but not a big deal14:20
SRabbelierDrJoel: if that did happen we could do it for you I suppose14:22
DrJoelany stats on how many tasks each org has?  Just curious if we were above/below the mark14:22
SRabbelierDrJoel: hmm, yes, I can get that14:23
DrJoelWhen I asked Carol about students ... I guess it wasn't clear.  I have had a couple of my kids' friends get Melange accounts.  I was mostly asking if there was an uptick in Melange accounts the past couple of weeks as students did the first step.14:26
SRabbelierDrJoel: so far we have  an average of 58 tasks14:33
SRabbelierDrJoel: (not includings lacker orgs)14:33
DrJoelSRabbelier: is that total or just "open".  We have 21 open and 93 pending14:33
SRabbelierDrJoel: total14:34
SRabbelierDrJoel: you guys have the most tasks so far :)14:34
SRabbelierDrJoel: although haiku is a close second14:35
DrJoel:D  well we probably have ~20 distinct tasks... the bulk is mostly because we have a Wiki page for each the ~100 boards we support.  And we didn't figure out how to do Wiki Infoboxes until after the pages were created.  So a lot of the tasks pending are "add infobox and fill it in for BSP X".14:36
SRabbelierDrJoel: ah :)14:36
DrJoelI am about to add another bunch of coding ones.  We have a new set of performance tests in mind and I have a spreadsheet on what each test should be named, template to base it on, and what it tests.. that will be at least 50 more14:37
SRabbelierDrJoel: nice!14:47
ThomasWaldmannlooks like orgs will need more time between being (definitely) chosen and tasks being published / contest starting15:21
ThomasWaldmann(next time :)15:21
* ThomasWaldmann tries to clone himself 10 times...15:23
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DrJoelwhat does it mean to approve a task?16:55
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* DrJoel frowns.. can someone check if I broke something again :(18:43
DrJoelError retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again18:43
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