Thursday, 2010-11-18

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DrJoelHi... I have bulk imported 93 tasks for GCI by splitting them into smaller pieces21:40
DrJoelwhen I attempt to load the Organization Task List page, I get "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again"21:41
DrJoelThe load of  20 open tasks completes OK but the non-public tasks list just flashes "Loading..." until it gives up and produces the error21:46
DrJoelIs 93 tripping some limit?  The size of the records imported was ~108K21:47
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DrJoelHmmm.. not I get "This page is inactive at this time. "22:09
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madrazrDrJoel: I don't think 93 was the problem. It was Appengine which stopped midway while creating the tasks22:24
madrazrDrJoel: SRabbelier can fix it for you22:24
SRabbelierDrJoel: org id?22:25
DrJoelis the "rtems" or a number?22:25
SRabbelierDrJoel: rtems, yes22:25
SRabbelierand what madrazr said22:25
DrJoelwas it something i did to stop it?22:26
SRabbelierDrJoel: nah, liek madrazr said, it just stopped halfway through a task, and now there's a broken task :)22:26
DrJoelso some tasks probably didn't get created?22:26
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SRabbelierDrJoel: that's also possible22:29
DrJoelok.. they were in a definite order so easy to figure out if some were missing.22:29
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* DrJoel is heading home.. page is still inactive. I am sure you all will resolve this. I have faith22:47
* DrJoel waves bye22:47
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