Saturday, 2010-11-20

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ThomasWaldmannis there an official common channel for gci?13:15
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Nightrosehey :)17:09
Nightroseit seem that melange doesn't properly sort the numbers when sorting by time for the task in the task list17:09
Nightroseknown issue?17:09
Nightroseit thinks 100 < 2 for example17:10
ThomasWaldmannheh, str sort instead of int sort? :)17:23
ThomasWaldmannwith time, you mean the "time to deliver" (in hours) value?17:32
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: ^^17:39
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: hi?17:40
ThomasWaldmannjust read stuff from Nightrose17:40
SRabbelierNightrose: link to page?17:40
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierNightrose: I see what you mean, can you create a for it? It's an easy fix I think, but it needs to not be forgotten :)17:43
tpbTitle: Google Project Hosting (at
NightroseSRabbelier: ok17:43
SRabbelierNightrose: thanks17:45
tpb<> (at
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dreimarkThomasWaldmann: the channel for gci is the gsoc channel too20:01
ThomasWaldmannyeah, found that meanwhile20:04
ThomasWaldmannthese comma-delimited lists (e.g. task labels), is it a problem if it is x, y and not x,y?20:17
ThomasWaldmannsame q. for task type20:17
dreimarkSRabbelier: ^20:17
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: I don't think so, I'm not sure though20:23
ThomasWaldmannshall we preprocess it?20:23
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: try one?20:25
ThomasWaldmannhm, still no file upload20:27
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: is it intended we copy&paste a ton of stuff into that textarea?20:31
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: hm, so far only 10 lines at a time please, lennard is almost done :P20:31
ThomasWaldmannSRabbelier: looks like it doesn't mind additional blanks for the task type "Code,  Documentation" worked and selected the right list box values when looking at the task in the web editor20:44
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: good :)20:44
ThomasWaldmannis lennard working on file upload?20:46
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: no, you'll still need to copy paste, but the system'll be able to deal with as much tasks at a time as you throw at it20:46
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: so you can upload one file with 100 tasks in it, and it'll let you know when it's done, etc.20:47
ThomasWaldmannis paste reliable with big amounts of data (in general I mean)?20:47
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: should be, as long as it's less than one MB20:49
ThomasWaldmannlooks like ~ 2KB per task for us20:51
SRabbelierThomasWaldmann: should be fine?20:51
* SRabbelier will bbl20:51
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