Monday, 2009-08-17

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HanzZhi, is here somebody who has access to SoC database? I have one problem. It seems Melange doesn't remember me there as Summer of Code student at all. I can sign in, but there is nothing related to my SoC student role. There should be for example link to Edit my Student Profile etc. but it's not there03:26
HanzZI've already written email to Lesli 2 days ago, but it was weekend, so I don't have any response.03:27
madrazrHanzZ: I don't have access to the database, but are you signing in from the same ID you registered as a SoC student?03:31
HanzZI can provide more informations if you want, w803:32
madrazrHanzZ: please do03:32
tpbTitle: #585604 - Pastie (at
HanzZthat's a piece of email sent to Leslie03:33
HanzZI didn't check SoC website for a month, but 3 days ago I wanted to check my t-shirt size, so I've noticed it just doesn't work03:35
madrazrHanzZ: seeing03:36
madrazrHanzZ: can you check if your project is listed on your Org Home page at
HanzZok, w803:38
HanzZit's listed here
tpb<> (at
madrazryes I see03:39
madrazrHanzZ: the problem is strange, can I PM you?03:39
HanzZyes :)03:39
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Meriodhans: heya :)10:14
dhansMerio: hey :)10:14
Meriodhans: how's things?10:15
dhansMerio: I am finishing creating new patches10:15
Meriodhans: how do we create the patches? Because we were talking yesterday with madrazr about them, but we were thinking to try to propose a merge again :)10:16
madrazrdhans: we need to persuade this time :)10:16
Meriodhans: also madrazr had a proposal about transforming some commits into patches10:16
madrazrMerio: btw is there a conf call today by any chance? :P10:17
dhansMerio: regular diff, because most of patches are just whole files :-)10:17
Meriodhans: I need to spend 1 or 2 hours on documentation, then we should think about how to present patches10:17
Meriomadrazr: I know that Sverre and Lennie are out of order today so Pawel stepped in but I don't know any news from the front :)10:18
Meriomadrazr: I can see him online, going to ask10:18
Meriodhans: have you pushed the live instance yesterday?10:18
Meriodhans: so I can tell Pawel to try the visualization exporting stuff10:19
dhansMerio: give me 2 minutes10:19
Meriodhans: yep ^_^10:19
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MerioInteresting quit message :P10:23
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Meriodhans: madrazr: conference call seems postponed for tomorrow10:32
madrazrMerio: Oh Ok10:32
madrazrcan we expect a mail about it on the list?10:32
madrazrHanzZ: Hey!10:32
dhansMerio: I had to fix some bugs. but it is deployed now10:33
HanzZmadrazr: hi ;)10:33
madrazrHanzZ: any good news?10:33
Meriomadrazr: yes, Pawel told me that he's going to email the dev list later10:34
HanzZmadrazr: not yet10:34
HanzZLeslie is probably sleeping now10:34
madrazrMerio: cool! thanks10:34
HanzZand Lennie hasn't answered yet10:34
Meriodhans: great! Going for documentation now :)10:34
madrazrHanzZ: some one from Melange team should help you about this, LH will tell the same too10:35
HanzZwell, is here somebody who can do it?10:35
HanzZexcept lennie10:36
madrazrHanzZ: SRabbelier, Lennie and Pawel are the only 3 developers who can do it10:36
madrazrHanzZ: though SRabbelier is on the channel I don't think he is around10:37
HanzZhe's away according to "status"10:37
Meriomadrazr: Pawel was leaving the computer for a while too10:37
madrazrMerio: Oh!10:37
madrazrMerio: I will ask HanzZ to send a mail to Pawel too10:37
HanzZjust PM me the mail10:37
Meriomadrazr: two-account issue?10:38
madrazrHanzZ: sorry for doing this again, if you really want it urgently you can consider sending a mail10:38
madrazrMerio: nope10:38
madrazrhe doesn't have student role at all it seems10:38
madrazrMerio: and he has passed the mid term :)10:38
Meriomadrazr: ??? is it been deleted?10:38
tpbTitle: #585604 - Pastie (at
madrazrMerio: ^10:38
madrazrHanzZ: I will PM Pawel's ID10:39
HanzZmadrazr: ok :)10:39
MerioHanzZ: you're in the Google Hell now :P What's the feeling? :P10:39
HanzZI'm not sure what's the deadline for t-shirt :)10:39
madrazrMerio: he he he :D10:39
HanzZMerio: :-P10:40
madrazrMerio: it is quite interesting to note that, this kind of issue never happened to some one Melange team itself :P10:40
MerioHanzZ: according to Ellen Ko in student's list it's until 19:00 UTC10:40
HanzZstill have two hours :)10:41
MerioHanzZ: hmm I guess still 4:2010:41
HanzZoh sorry, I forgot I'm in different tz now10:42
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liuHi all11:19
liuI met an emergency problem just now.11:20
liu can't see any stuff related with my this year's GSoC, like the role, my project ,and so on. All is just like the beginning of the GSoC11:21
liuI *11:21
Merioliu: seems you have the same problem as HanzZ11:21
MerioHanzZ: you there?11:22
liufactly,  I visited the following url:11:22
tpb<> (at
liufrom the 'resign xxx' menu11:22
Merioliu: I guess you should send a mail to melange mailing list ([email protected]) explaining your problem.11:23
liuI reported in
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - Project Hosting on Google Code (at
liuBTW, what does the 'resign xxx' menu used to?11:24
HanzZMerio: yes11:25
liuI didn't remenber the full menu name11:25
HanzZliu: cool :) I'm not the only one11:25
Merioliu: so it should be fine as well. If you can remain idling here it's better so I can ping you as soon as a developer is available :)11:26
MerioHanzZ: did you click the resign link too?11:26
liuHanzZ: Heh11:26
HanzZwell, I realy don't know11:27
HanzZmaybe yes11:27
liuMerio: Ok, I will be here for about 1.5 hours11:27
liuMerio: one more thing, after the clicking, it said11:28
liu      You don't have any Roles in Google Open Source Programs.11:28
* liu haven't chosen my right T-shirt size yet; so, it's an emergency;)11:30
Merioliu: I'm talking with a developer, just a minute. You'll probably have to send an email to him as well11:30
liuMerio: thanks11:31
MerioHanzZ, please check if it works now11:36
HanzZyes,it works11:36
HanzZthanks, and sorry11:36
MerioHanzZ: great!11:36
Merioliu: your account should be fixed too now11:36
liuAh, I will check it11:37
HanzZIt was my mistake... :)11:37
MerioHanzZ: ^__^ np :)11:38
liuYeah, It works:)11:38
Merioliu: great!11:38
liuthen I remembered the menu name is ' Resign as a student';)11:39
liuMerio: thank you very much:)11:39
Merioliu: say thanks to Pawel (even if he's not here now :D)11:40
HanzZthanks Pawel :-P11:40
Merioeheheh :P11:40
liuYeah, thanks Pawel:)11:40
Merioawesome :)11:41
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