Tuesday, 2009-08-18

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ei-gradHi all! I have a problem with my account on socghop.appspot.com, i had clicked "resign" link and now there is "You don't have any Roles in Google Open Source Programs." response on http://socghop.appspot.com/user/roles11:23
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at socghop.appspot.com)11:23
MatthewWilkesei-grad: What's the problem?11:26
ei-gradI can't access final evaluations form11:27
* dr__house is away: afk11:29
MatthewWilkesei-grad: That'd be because you resigned from the programme.  Looks like there are no people with admin access around at the moment, you could try emailing the melange list11:41
ei-grad[email protected] ?11:51
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Merioei-grad: [email protected]12:09
Merioei-grad: but just a moment, I can try to contact an admin developer12:09
ei-gradok... thanks12:10
* dr__house is back.12:10
ei-grad(my email is [email protected])12:12
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Lennieei-grad hi12:16
ei-gradLennie: hello12:16
LennieWhat compelled you to click resign?12:17
ei-gradi didn't saw link to evaluations form, and I thought that i need to "resign"...12:18
Lennieno red link for you?12:19
LennieI'll look into this when I return :)12:19
Lennieplease pm me your link id12:19
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kblincrud, missed lennie again13:35
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johndbrittondoes malange do the stuff for GHOP?13:54
johndbrittonI'm looking for something to deliver a list of tasks similar to GHOP13:55
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madrazrjohndbritton: ping15:06
madrazrjohndbritton: what do you want to deliver exactly? I did not quite get what you said15:07
madrazrbut yes Melange is preparing for GHOP15:07
madrazrjohndbritton: can you please tell us what you want to do in a bit detail15:08
johndbrittonmadrazr: I want to have a list of simple tasks for an open source project15:18
johndbrittonthat anyone can jump in and contribute just a little bit15:18
johndbrittonsimilar to GHOP / Drupal DROP15:18
madrazrjohndbritton: Oh Ok15:19
madrazrjohndbritton: I have demo instance of GHOP in Melange running at http://melange-madhusudancs.appspot.com15:19
madrazrjohndbritton: if you are interested I can take you through a tour of what Melange does related to GHOP15:20
madrazrjohndbritton: will ping you in some time15:41
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kblinso, dudes and dudettes, what's up with the program evaluation form?16:59
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ThomasWaldmannis someone reading on #gsoc or shall I copy & paste from there?17:00
kblinI am, but I doubt that's helping :)17:00
ThomasWaldmannsomeone of the devs, to be more precise :)17:00
kblinThomasWaldmann: http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=67617:05
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3xOn> (at code.google.com)17:05
kblinjust filed an issue17:05
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ThomasWaldmannquestion 6 in mentor's final eval is also strange: "How :" huh?17:13
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kblinThomasWaldmann: if you check the #gsoc logs, I already mentioned the full question there18:07
kblin"""How "complete" would you say your student's code is?"""18:08
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