Sunday, 2009-08-16

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Meriodhans: ping11:05
dhansMerio: pong!11:05
Meriodhans: happy news here... I think we have "live exporting" in place :)11:06
dhansMerio: great! :-)11:06
Meriodhans: I'm going to commit it... but I've something for you :P11:06
dhansMerio: ?11:07
Meriodhans: actually I need some help from you about rights11:07
Meriodhans: may it active or just "tell me where to put my hands on" :)11:07
dhansMerio: what kind of rights do you have in mind?11:08
Meriodhans: I mean obviously we have "image chart" export in place11:08
Meriodhans: but it's like copying and pasting something which is "fixed", so not live11:08
dhansMerio: right11:09
Meriodhans: I've made some tweaks to export the visualization as you suggested some time ago, using toJSCode from gviz11:09
Meriodhans: and now it works smoothly11:09
Meriodhans: and that's as easy as =>11:09
Merio<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>11:09
Merio<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:8080/test/statistic_dashboard/export?id=1250422036385&amp;path=test%2Fstatistic_dashboard&amp;div=myvisualization"></script>11:09
Merio(and obviously a <div id="myvisualization"></div>)11:10
Meriodhans: So, I have two problems now11:10
dhansMerio: ok and we need to check if a user may actually see that statistic?11:10
Meriodhans: 1 => I really would like to avoid using "path" two times11:11
Merio(but this is not a priority right now I guess)11:11
Meriodhans: yes something like that11:11
Meriodhans: I mean, if I create a statistic chart in my box, I think I need to decide if it's "public" or not11:12
Meriodhans: even if probably this is not a problem for single users11:12
Meriodhans: hmm I don't know how to behave here about rights11:13
Meriodhans: I guess I can commit it and if you have time to have a look we can just discuss it11:13
dhansMerio: currently we do not have any fields which specify if a widget/chart is public or not11:13
dhansMerio: ok11:14
Meriodhans: I know... but I don't know really how we should behave... are all charts public? The user decides? The sponsor decides?11:14
Meriodhans: however, if you have time now I'm going to push it. But I need some more time to integrate it in the real dashboard11:14
Meriodhans: having chart id and scope path it's enough however to play with it11:15
dhansMerio: if we added something like public/non-public property to the chart, I think a chart owner should decide11:16
Meriodhans: I see that if I'm not logged I can still access the statistic... which is a good thing, but we need a way to avoid it too ^__^11:17
Meriodhans: however, going to do the proper commits, ttys11:17
dhansMerio: yep, I was afraid of that11:17
dhansMerio: and I do not see an option how to avoid it, because almost all rights checking functions base on your account11:18
Meriodhans: hmmmm11:19
Meriodhans: committed11:25
dhansMerio: ok, I will take a look shortly11:26
Meriodhans: ok... sending you a sample HTML file by mail that you have to edit to try the feature11:26
dhansMerio: but maybe we should just skip any rights checking. I mean, if someone who is permitted exports a chart, shouldn't it be visible for anyone?11:28
MerioNo because you're not really exporting, you're using an URL (that everyone can use, even if you never click on "export")11:28
Meriodhans: ^^^11:28
dhansMerio: right, but it is difficult to guess link_id of a chart :P11:30
Meriodhans: I'm agree, but "stroke of luck" is not a good security barrier to me :P11:31
dhansMerio: I was just kidding :P11:32
Meriodhans: me too :)11:32
dhansMerio: but as I said, I have no idea how to check rights with no account information11:32
Meriodhans: I've sent you an email with an HTML to test the visualization... you've to manually fill the fields for the moment, I'm working on an enhanced export button for the dashboard11:33
Meriodhans: hmm well, so... just test it and see what you think of it and if we're prone to serious data leaking with that code11:33
Meriodhans: I'm excited for this feature ^__^11:34
dhansMerio: did you attach anything?11:35
Meriodhans: yes, the HTML file11:35
Meriodhans: export_vis.html11:36
Meriodhans: if it's not working I'll try to send it again as a zip file, if you're using web GMail I know that sometimes html files are not properly seen as attachments11:36
dhansMerio: there is no attachment in my mail :D11:36
Meriodhans: trying again :)11:37
Meriodhans: have a look11:38
dhansMerio: now I have it :)11:38
Meriodhans: great :)11:38
dhansMerio: great. it works :)11:45
Meriodhans: it's amazing how it changes after reloading if you change your visualization in the dashboard in the meantime :)11:45
dhansMerio: yes. I've tried that :-)11:46
Meriodhans: ^_^11:46
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Meriodhans: so, problem is that all works also if you're not logged... which is a cool thing, but there should be a way to avoid that. I mean, serious problems could happen if someone tries to access to a chart which has a non public statistic... but then I guess it should raise an error in python code11:49
dhansMerio: ok, but exporting should not be certainly limited to 'logged in melange users'...11:55
Meriodhans: yep, this is the reason why I'm happy that it works like this without doing nothing.. now we've only to do something to avoid improper data leaking if any :P11:56
dhansMerio: I was thinking, maybe we should add some code to the chart which is generated when a chart is exported.11:56
Meriodhans: so to have a sort of new entity like "exported_charts" that refer to existing charts?11:57
dhansMerio: so if nobody exports a chart, it cannot be pasted, because there is None in that field11:57
Meriodhans: in the meantime I've committed an improved Export button for the dashboard11:58
dhansMerio: a simple BooleanProperty is not enough?11:58
Meriodhans: I don't know, because that chart, with that id and with that path could refer to different things if updated in the dashboard11:58
Meriodhans: so doing that an user could guess to have exported the "previous" chart, while in reality that field is connected to the "widget", not regarding the virtual statistic for example11:59
Meriodhans: or the type of visualization12:00
Meriodhans: which is a feature but also a bug :)12:00
dhansMerio: do you mean that if I export a chart and then change it on the dashboard, it changes also on a page which uses it?12:01
dhansMerio: because I am not sure if get it :)12:01
Meriodhans: yes if you export that particular visualization and then change it, the changes are reflected too12:02
Meriodhans: If you change the virtual statistic then is changed also in the public side, and so if you change the visualization type12:03
dhansMerio: I thought it is what we want with "live" exporting :D12:03
Meriodhans: otherwise we should do another entity with exported charts, and freeze a chart state inside of it12:03
Meriodhans: now that the handling code to do the proper inclusion is in place it will be straightforward to do12:04
dhansMerio: yes, we can just copy all up-to-date properties and save them in a new entity12:05
Meriodhans: I don't know however what is the better option... intuitively we should freeze the chart state12:05
Meriodhans: but then we will have many many charts if the user clicks export too many times12:05
Meriodhans: which however is good for the future if we want to have a sort of repository12:06
Meriodhans: but for the moment we don't have time to do something to manage it12:06
Meriodhans: I mean at least for tomorrow :P12:06
dhansMerio: again true, but we can think about it in the future12:06
dhansMerio: oh, I see that you agree with me :)12:07
Meriodhans: obviously :D12:07
Meriodhans: however the "repository" with the freezed state can be done in a few minutes/hours12:07
Meriodhans: we could have two options, one for "freezed" and one for "live"12:08
dhansMerio: yes. or maybe just one property like is_freezed. and if it is false you cannot load that chart by JS on your site12:09
Meriodhans: I don't know, because you can "freeze" a widget many times12:10
Meriodhans: say, for example, I use students per degree statistic12:10
Meriodhans: and I want to export that chart in many kind of visualizations, "table", "piechart" and so on12:11
Meriodhans: or maybe more than one virtual statistic12:11
Meriodhans: that chart "is_freezed" but many times, and could be difficult to manage that single boolean state, which isn't going to commuicate something very useful at the end12:12
dhansMerio: no, I mean something like this: when you freeze a widget you have one entity which you already had (is_freezed = False) and a new one which has the same data as the original  one, but is_freezed = True and you actually load the second one by JS code on your site12:12
Meriodhans: I don't know about "melange policy", but I don't know if it's good to reuse the statistic chart entity, because they're similar, but the "freezed" chart contains less data12:15
Meriodhans: for example it has not all the widget related styles (head, content color and so on)12:16
Meriodhans: so perhaps we should inherit something12:16
Meriodhans: I don't know if there are "abstract" models/classes in GAE12:17
dhansMerio: I meant to copy only what we need12:23
Meriodhans: yes, but in the datastore there will be always the widget title (even if with a "no title" inside), for example12:23
dhansMerio: of course it'd be better to have two classes which inherits from abstract Chart class, but I am not sure if we have time to go for it12:23
dhansMerio: afaik there is no option for explicit abstract classes in python 2.512:26
Meriodhans: but is it possible to have an "abstract" class in GAE?12:26
Meriodhans: ah ok12:26
Meriodhans: but we can just create that and hope no one will save on it :P12:27
Meriodhans: don't know if it's a "problem" already encountered12:27
dhansMerio: we can assure that a class won't be instantiated by predefining __new__ method for a class, but I do not think it is really needed12:27
dhansMerio: we shouldn't worry about that12:27
dhansMerio: for example base model should also be abstract12:28
Meriodhans: yes12:28
Meriodhans: so... I'll try that way then12:29
madrazrMerio: have some time?12:43
Meriomadrazr: so and so ^__^ just tell me :)12:43
madrazrrunning into some JS problem12:43
madrazrwanted some help12:43
madrazrMerio: Oh bad12:44
madrazrMerio: give me 2 mins, this demo instance is not getting update12:44
madrazrI wanted to show you on the demo instance12:44
madrazrI mean show the problem12:44
Meriomadrazr: no problems, where should I go?12:45
madrazrMerio: melange-madhusudancs.appspot.com12:45
madrazrMerio: but wait I need to update12:45
Meriomadrazr: ok just let me know12:45
madrazrMerio: sure12:45
madrazrMerio: Just In Time :P Murphy's law12:46
Meriofrom soc.models.statistic_chart_abstract import StatisticChartAbstract12:48
Merioclass StatisticChart(soc.models.statistic_chart_abstract.StatisticChartAbstract):12:48
Merioit outputs.. name "soc" undefined... interesting12:48
dhansMerio: import soc should help12:51
Meriodhans: yep, thx.. done using import soc.models.statistic_chart_abstract12:52
tpb<> (at
madrazrMerio: let me know when you open it12:55
madrazrMerio: also close the JS alert btw :)12:55
Meriomadrazr: no JS alert here12:55
madrazrMerio: cool!12:56
madrazryou logged in?12:56
madrazrMerio: just fill up few fields and leave few12:56
madrazrselect school type12:56
Meriomadrazr: I'm logged in but it doesn't show anything, I need to create profile first I guess12:56
madrazrand leave the fields that open up blank12:57
madrazryeah :)12:57
Meriomadrazr: I need site developer rights12:57
madrazrMerio: I have already given you :)12:57
Meriomadrazr: ok, have a "null" in the alert box here, going to fill fields13:01
madrazrMerio: yeah not all though13:01
madrazrI want you to see some errors13:01
madrazrbut select school type and leave the fields that open up later blank13:01
madrazrand then submit the form13:02
Meriomadrazr: cool fields animation ^__^13:02
madrazrMerio: thats itself is hot now :D13:02
Meriomadrazr: ok done13:02
madrazrwhen you get back the form13:03
madrazryou must have some errors to the subsequent fields of school type13:03
madrazrthat opened by animation13:03
madrazrMerio: ^13:03
Merioyes, they seems appropriate13:03
MerioI've chosen University and I get back13:04
Merio              Major cannot be left blank13:04
MerioDegree must be selected from the given options.13:04
madrazrnow change the school type13:04
madrazryou see my problem :D13:04
Merioeheh I see ^_^13:04
Merioyou want to delete the error messages as well?13:04
madrazrI am not able to hide this form error13:04
madrazrMerio: or if you have a better solution for this conditional showing fields than this hiding and showing13:05
madrazrplease tell me13:05
madrazrMerio: either way you will be very helpful to me :)13:05
Meriomadrazr: best option could be to delete those stuff from the DOM, but it's the same as hiding them technically speaking, you have to find them :)13:07
madrazrMerio: ah thats the whole problem13:07
madrazrthese error lines have only <span class=""> Error </span>13:07
madrazrand all the error lines have the same class13:07
madrazrhow to differentiate them?13:08
Meriomadrazr: you can use content filters13:08
madrazrMerio: Ok13:09
madrazrMerio: that is cool! I will read the jQuery docs13:09
MeriojQuery('td[class=formfielderrorlabel]:contains('Degree must'))13:09
MerioI guess something like this13:10
tpbTitle: Selectors/contains - jQuery JavaScript Library (at
madrazrMerio: Oh sooper, thank you so much for the link13:10
Meriomadrazr: yw ^_^13:10
madrazrMerio: thank you so much the solution worked13:51
Meriomadrazr: awesome!13:51
madrazrnow only one problem remains, which I will solve, I need to hide the <tr></tr> itself than <span></span>13:51
madrazrso it is just a matter of getting the parent right?13:51
Merioyes there's also a parent: selector IIRC13:52
madrazrMerio: yeah13:55
Meriodhans: done the freezed stuff ^__^, going to commit it in a few minutes14:17
dhansMerio: great :-)14:17
Meriodhans: only thing is that I'm doing this because it's asked for the final terms14:29
Meriodhans: but the server could be easily overwhelmed in this way14:30
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Meriomadrazr: have you had time to think about mine and Daniel's problem to send the patches to dev list? :)16:26
madrazrMerio: I am doing the same right now16:26
madrazrMerio: I am Googling, IRC ing :P16:26
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madrazrMerio: asked in #mercurial, no one has responded yet16:28
Meriomadrazr: eheh yes, I was thinking about that because I've seen your emails in the dev list :)16:28
madrazrMerio: Oh Ok :)16:28
madrazrMerio: I searched for it a bit the day you asked, but was out of luck, but could not do it later, doing it now16:28
madrazrwe need to find out some sane way of doing it :)16:29
Merioyes, even if I'm afraid we will have to do it manually :)16:29
madrazrMerio: lets keep that as the last resort16:29
madrazrif all else fail :P16:29
Meriomadrazr: Agree ^_^16:29
Meriomadrazr: thank you in the meantime :)16:30
madrazrMerio: LoL! you have no idea I must have to give you in return :P16:30
madrazr*how much I must have to give you16:30
madrazrMerio: seems like there is a way to do it, if you can figure out the commits which should sit in per patch16:31
Meriomadrazr: nah why so? :) It's opensource, let's enjoy :)16:31
madrazrany idea if you can figure that out?16:31
madrazrMerio: true :)16:31
Meriomadrazr: you mean that I should give a sort of list of the commits?16:32
madrazrMerio: is that sane?16:32
madrazrrather doable?16:32
Meriomadrazr: hmm well, sounds sane, but don't know to be fair how this behaves with merges between main repository and our repository16:33
Meriomadrazr: and with for example commits of mine that depend on daniel's commits16:34
madrazrMerio: should not be a problem16:34
madrazryou really don't have code in the same file as the main code right?16:34
madrazralmost all through your project you have worked on different files than main repo files?16:35
Meriomadrazr: sometimes yes, for example in (at the moment) or in soc_core/callback16:35
madrazrMerio: they are very very very small16:35
madrazrthey can be easily separated16:35
Meriomadrazr: yes indeed16:35
madrazrnot a big deal16:35
madrazrMerio: but other than that?16:35
Meriomadrazr: but then without for example those changes they don't behave as an "atomic commit" (at least to preserve functionality at any time) I guess16:36
madrazrMerio: you cannot really keep the atomic commit idea at this stage I feel16:36
madrazrwe have already come too far16:36
madrazrtrade off :(16:36
Meriomadrazr: you're right :)16:37
madrazrMerio: the whole idea is this16:37
Meriomadrazr: great tell me16:37
madrazrwe will create groups of commits that should go per patch16:37
madrazrgroups of commits == commit number in your repo16:38
madrazrthen run16:38
madrazrhg qimport -r p1:pn16:38
madrazrwhere p1 to pn are the commit numbers for this patch16:38
madrazrand then run16:38
madrazrhg qfold p1 p2 .. pn16:38
Merio(p1 to pn means that they should be consecutive?)16:38
madrazrthis creates 1 patch16:38
madrazrMerio: nope16:39
madrazrMerio: any order16:39
madrazrMerio: trust me, if you have under 300 commits we can do it16:39
madrazrbut if it is more, it might turn hectic16:39
Meriohmm how can I list all the commits of mine? Can't recall16:40
madrazrsee the commit log?16:40
Merioso I can find how many commits we're dealing with16:40
madrazrMerio: Ok16:40
MerioI would like to know the number of commits :)16:40
Merio(really need to study HG better :))16:40
madrazrMerio: I am curious about my co-students as well :P16:40
Meriomadrazr: going to do manually :P16:43
Meriomadrazr: I mean, outputting the log and seeing how many occurrences ^__^16:43
madrazrMerio: Ok16:43
madrazrMerio: but one thing I am very unhappy about this way of merging our code :)16:44
madrazrwe lose the entire history of development :(16:44
madrazrwhich you guys at least maintained it16:44
madrazrMerio: as in all the code did not come in 1 day16:44
madrazrit was a process of learning, writing code, finding bugs and fixing them in  a span of 2 and half months16:45
Meriomadrazr: yes, I also dislike this. It's not that concern commit count, it's just an "history" that we lose16:45
madrazrMerio: exactly16:46
Meriomadrazr: (176 commits here)16:46
madrazrI think we can echo this on the list16:46
Meriomadrazr: (including main repository commits I guess, but they're not so much)16:46
madrazrMerio: Oh Ok16:46
madrazrwon't be much pain I feel16:46
Meriomadrazr: hope so, even if I think I need to check every commit what did :D16:46
madrazr88 commits per person on an average16:46
Merio176 are only mine :)16:47
MerioI'm too "commit verbose" :P16:47
madrazrMerio: wow!16:47
madrazrwhats dhans? :P16:48
Merionumber of Daniel's?16:49
madrazrMerio: Daniel's commits16:49
Meriomadrazr: 6816:50
madrazrMerio: Oh Ok16:51
Meriomadrazr: he does "big commits" normally16:51
madrazrMerio: then it might turn out that, 1 or 2 commit per patch in Daniel's case16:51
Meriomadrazr: so we've 244 commits16:51
madrazrin your case it might be 3-416:51
Merio(at most)16:51
madrazrMerio: Ok16:52
madrazrMerio: but I think before that, we need to convince developers to merge the branches than doing commits as patches :)16:52
madrazrMerio: I cannot anyways do that :D16:52
Meriomadrazr: you're right ^__^16:52
madrazrsince I don't even have the history as commits, all I have is my MQ :P16:52
Meriomadrazr: and you can't use queue as commits in some way?16:53
Meriomadrazr: or timestamps are not saved?16:53
madrazrMerio: nope16:53
madrazrthere is no history, this is how I have worked, create a patch for a functionality16:54
madrazrand later on if there is a bug16:54
madrazrpop out all the patches in the Stack, get to that functionality's patch16:54
madrazrfix it in that patch and refresh the stack16:54
madrazrso everything is lost16:54
Meriomadrazr: it's a pity16:55
madrazrMerio: yeah16:55
Meriomadrazr: (even if it's a more sane way to work :P)16:58
madrazrMerio: he he16:58
madrazrMerio: catch you tomo17:09
madrazrlogging out17:09
madrazrsee you17:09
Meriomadrazr: ok, see you tomorrow ^_^17:11
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dhansMerio: ok I know. but on the other hand there is even no limit for a number of widgets per user18:32
dhansMerio: so Leslie will be able to crash melange :P18:32
Meriodhans: wb ^__^ yep but it's unlikely that someone puts thousands of widgets in the dashboard, while it's likely that someone pushes thousands of time on the export button18:33
dhansMerio: in the future we may add some simple restriction that you can export a visualization once in let us say 5 minutes18:34
Meriodhans: Yes, actually in the meantime we can do that as a separate button or something, so it's pressed only if really wanted (even if I think that the freezed stat it's the most interesting and common use)18:36
Meriodhans: I don't know if you have something else to do before deadline. I'm going tomorrow to refine documentation18:37
dhansMerio: what do you mean by "pressed only if really wanted"?18:37
Meriodhans: in the meantime we can push a new live instance18:37
Meriodhans: in this moment if you click in the "export" button, it triggers automatically the creation of a freezed stat, which is necessary to output the code18:37
dhansMerio: I am re-factoring the code according to sverre's suggestions (the long mail :P)18:38
Meriodhans: eheh ^_^18:38
Meriodhans: so we can just agree to meet tomorrow and then push the live instance when we'll finish18:38
dhansMerio: ok. as far as I remember I pushed a new instance today, so it is quite up to date (except the exporting thing)18:39
Meriodhans: np, we can put it tomorrow before deadline. Even if probably I'll have a meeting with Pawel, so if you can push an uptodate version it would ease things18:40
Meriodhans: I can push myself, but if you're working on it just do when you finish today's work :)18:41
dhansMerio: ok, I drunk some beer today, so I am doing some simpler stuff right now :-) but ok, it is like 5 minutes job18:43
Meriodhans: eheh beer and coffee are programmer's best friend :D18:43
Meriofriend => friends18:43
dhansMerio: yes, but I don't drink coffee :D18:44
Meriodhans: why not? :)18:44
Meriodhans: it's the only thing to eat/drink I needed to carry with me from Italy :P18:45
dhansMerio: you are Italian, so as I know, you have some traditions with coffee, etc. and you will probably want to kill me now, but I really hate how it smells ;-/18:46
dhansMerio: to be honest, I have almost never drink coffee in my life18:46
Meriodhans: no, I don't want to kill you :P My father dislike it as well :) But you should try true Italian coffee before or then :P18:48
dhansMerio: yeah, when I am in Italy, I'll probably try it :)18:48
Meriodhans: sure, but I need to be present to see your face, especially if you dislike it :D18:49
dhansMerio: Recently I'd really like to visit Naples :P18:49
dhansMerio: probably you'd see me throw up :P18:50
Meriodhans: I hope not ^_^ well, Naples it's a 2 hour trip from Rome18:50
dhansMerio: it is after I read Kamorra :P18:51
dhansMerio: actually Gomorra :P18:52
Meriodhans: You mean Roberto Saviano's book?18:52
dhansMerio: yep :)18:52
Meriodhans: I really need to read it18:53
Meriodhans: My fault :)18:53
dhansMerio: in Polish edition, there was a note from the translator that in Italy over a million copies have been sold18:53
dhansMerio: anyway, maybe the guy exaggerates, but my conclusion is that this is the most dangerous city in Europe :)18:55
Meriodhans: yes, it's a very famous book in Italy, a movie has been made from the book too18:55
Meriodhans: you're not too far away from the truth I'm afraid.18:56
dhansMerio: there is also a 24/7 liquid store in my neighborhood and there is a clerk who is from Italy. I talked with her about about that city, so she just confirmed by believes :)18:57
Meriodhans: it depends also from where she comes from :) Actually there are many "rivalries" between big cities (Rome against Milan, Milan against Naples) and neighbor cities (but I think it's something common also in other countries as well)18:59
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dhansMerio: hmm I am not sure, actually I often see her, but always forget to ask. She said she was in Naples twice and remembers for example that when she was in a car, she had her hand outside the window. She had some kind of golden bracelets and when the driver (from Naples) saw what she was doing, he started yelling that some scooter guys might want to catch her hand (while driving) to steal the bracelets :-/ and some other similar stories ;P19:05
Meriodhans: oh well years ago (like 20 years) my mother was in Naples and some guys with a scooter they actually stole her purse (in which she had the train tickets to return to Rome)19:07
Meriodhans: just in front of the train station19:07
Meriodhans: she had also the money to pay the taxi driver who had just brought her to the train station19:08
Meriodhans: but then the taxi driver said he didn't want to be paid and he gave money to my mother to buy new train tickets19:08
Meriodhans: so to say... the two faces of Naples...19:09
dhansMerio: yes19:09
dhansMerio: thank god she had some luck19:10
Meriodhans: yes, also because you know... 20 years ago... no cell phones and so on...19:10
dhansMerio: right19:11
Meriodhans: but however it's not only luck.. it's that really you can find also the best people in Naples19:11
dhansMerio: that's for sure19:11
Meriodhans: one of my best friends is from Naples as well... but he went away, now he lives in another place19:11
dhansMerio: that was also one of Roberto Saviano's conclusion that you have to leave to start some more normal live, but probably he went too far19:13
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Meriodhans: well... to be fair Saviano /had/ to do it... you know, after the book it wasn't a good idea to remain there...19:15
dhansMerio: yes, I even heard that Camorra wanted him to be killed :-/ but I mean it was his suggestion for young people from there to leave Naples and move for example to Rome19:17
Meriodhans: yes I guess it's a sort of pragmatic conclusion, someone could argue "remain there to make Naples a better place with all your joined strengths"... but the situation is so compromised that I don't know when and if it will change in the future19:21
dhansMerio: I do not think it changes soon. To me, It must be really terrible: I read a book, some articles, etc, but ok they all may have some made up stories for example for better selling. On the other hand, I know like two people from that country, and you both have some stories, even though you don't live in that city :P19:25
Meriodhans: unfortunately I can't say it's different than as it seems. Only thing I can say it's that there aren't only bad things and bad people in those places but also wonderful ones. Which is kind of rethoric, but it's the truth as well.19:27
dhansMerio: you're certainly right :-)19:28
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Meriodhans: have you run jslint against your JS files?20:07
dhansMerio: nope. To be honest, I haven't checked it yet, and have no idea what it is :P20:08
Meriodhans: :D it's like pylint, but for Javascript :)20:08
dhansMerio: oh cool :-) but still, I have not :)20:09
Meriodhans: ok, if you're not working on them I can fix them20:09
dhansMerio: that'd be great :-)20:10
Meriodhans: ok ^_^ I hope the developers would check and commits my latest patches to get all our soc/content/js code jslint compliant... it took some time and if something changes it will be difficult to merge the patches20:11
dhansMerio: lately, I have seen that we have to wait longer for all responses :)20:13
Meriodhans: Me2 ^__^20:13
dhansMerio btw. do they have to decide tomorrow whether we pass or not?20:13
Meriodhans: tomorrow is the "pencils down" date, so every evaluation from the mentors must be related to code submitted before tomorrow, 19:00 UTC (21:00 your time), but they will have time until August 24, 19:00 UTC to submit the final evaluation.20:15
dhansMerio: thanks :)20:16
MerioOn August 25 19:00 UTC (providing all is ok with Melange ^__^) final results will be published20:16
Meriodhans: but nothing prevents our mentors to tell us something before, but it's not a requirement20:16
dhansMerio: yes, I remember having forgotten to talk with sverre about the midterm evaluation, so officially I did not know for a long time :D20:17
Meriodhans: Last year I waited the publishing of final results on the site, but I was in good standing with my mentor, so I guessed the results even if he didn't tell me anything :)20:20
dhansMerio:  :P I guess sverre would at least ping with "hey, you didn't pass" :P20:22
Meriodhans: naaaah ^__^20:22
Meriodhans: for jslint => I'm going to commit list.js in a few minutes, and then I'll go for show.js... but please check if everything still works as desidred20:25
dhansMerio: ok20:26
Meriodhans: ok, list.js committed20:28
dhansMerio: going to pull20:28
Meriodhans: ahem... pull again, I forgot a line length issue :)20:32
dhansMerio: ok :)20:32
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC20:35
dhansMerio: it seem to work :-)20:35
dhansMerio: *seems20:35
Meriodhans: great.. there could be problems risen with show.js, as it's longer20:35
*** mithro has joined #melange20:36
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v mithro20:36
Meriodhans: if I knew I would have helped to avoid code duplication here :) Sorry for not having noticed before, my fault20:36
dhansMerio: there is not so much duplication20:36
dhansMerio: I mean it is usually simpler, because there is only one 'visualization'20:37
Meriodhans: well, but this kind of thing could have been achieved using melange.graph package in some way20:37
dhansMerio: so for example we don't need 'div_switch_options_'+chart_id or something20:38
Meriodhans: yes, but it's interesting stuff for the future to abstract things well ^__^20:38
dhansMerio: so actually it was easier to make virtual stats there first and then adopt them to the actual dashboard :)20:38
Meriodhans: eheh I see :)20:39
Meriodhans: new show.js committed20:58
Meriodhans: seems to work in my box, hope it's ok also in yours :)20:59
dhansMerio: can't wait to see :)21:02
Meriodhans: (I think you have some spare loggings on statistic logic, are they still necessary?)21:03
dhansMerio: nope. I always forget to remove them :-/21:03
Meriodhans: eheh ^__^ doing it then :)21:04
Meriodhans: I mean.. I'm going to remove them then21:04
dhansMerio: understood. thanks ;-)21:04
dhansMerio: but there is still some stuff that I need to change. probably something is going to stop working, so I will add some another logs :P21:06
Meriodhans: ehehe ok I will remove them as soon as I catch them tomorrow :D21:06
dhansMerio: :P21:06
Meriodhans: just kidding... I'll leave them if they're useful to you21:07
Meriodhans: I can't understand if the list of authors need to be indented or not :P21:07
dhansMerio: they actually should be removed before committing :P21:07
Meriodhans: I mean sometimes I see 2 space indentation sometimes 4 in the code21:08
Meriodhans: ^__^21:08
dhansMerio: hmm right, I also don't know21:09
dhansMerio: show works for me too :) thanks21:10
Meriodhans: that's great!21:11
Meriodhans: so.. I've fixed the authors list at least to unify all of them on one style in our py code21:12
dhansMerio: how come new Object() is not jslint friendly?21:12
Meriodhans: in general I also prefer that notation, I can't recall the reasons, IIRC that's something to deal with what is returned from typeof or valueOf21:15
dhansMerio: strange :P21:16
Meriodhans: also {} and [] are more concise21:17
dhansMerio: that is true :)21:18
dhansMerio: going to sleep. good night :)21:21
Meriodhans: me too ^__^ Good night, see you tomorrow21:22
*** dhans has left #melange21:22
*** Merio has quit IRC21:23

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