Saturday, 2009-08-15

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mordantehi I've a problem with updating my mentor profile, I can't save it anymore since my phone number contains a + as international access number15:15
mordantewhat should I use instead of the +?15:16
mordanteand is this considered a bug or a feature?15:16
Meriomordante: hi, tecnically speaking, phone number in the role is a phonenumber property of google app engine (see You can avoid the "+" number as in the example in that web page.15:34
tpb<> (at
Meriomordante: I use 00 instead of the +, however15:38
mordantethanks Merio, unfortunately it also doesn't work with the braces as in the example15:38
Meriomordante: sorry I was meaning the example given in the web page you're editing... :)15:38
mordante00 is also the international access number in the USA?15:38
Meriomordante: for example international access number for USA is +1, you can change it to 00115:39
Meriomordante: I'm in Italy, that means +39 => so 003915:39
mordanteok then I'll use the 0031 for the Netherlands15:39
MerioHowever it should clean itself15:39
MerioI mean if you put +31 and all your numbers without spaces nor parenthesis it should transform it to 00 automatically15:40
mordanteah ok, I added spaces for readability15:41
Meriomordante: so that was the problem :)15:41
mordanteyep readded the + and removed the spaces and worked, somehow it worked before15:42
mordanteguess melange got stricter in the time being15:43
mordantethanks for your help15:43
Meriomordante: yw :)15:45
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