Tuesday, 2009-08-11

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Meriodhans: ping09:16
dhansMerio: pong :)09:16
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Meriodhans: I've fixed the virtual statistic visualization ilve updating09:16
Merioilve => live09:17
dhansMerio: yes, I have seen the commit message... Great :-)09:17
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Meriodhans: I'm going to work now on your/Lennie's review about Python code and supporting available statistics... we should then see about mq with Madhusudan :)09:19
Meriodhans: or you already worked on it?09:19
dhansMerio: I am working on a script which will allow us to add statistic entities to the live instance easily (as seed_db does not work)09:20
dhansMerio: no, I did not.09:20
dhansMerio: what do you mean by 'we should then see about mq with Madhusudan' ?09:20
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Meriohere it is madrazr ^__^09:21
madrazrMerio: yes?09:21
madrazrdid I miss something?09:21
Meriomadrazr: I was talking about you and mq :)09:22
Meriodhans: I'm speaking about mail from Sverre to you in the dev list => "Yes! Use Mercurial patch queue's! You should ask Madhu on how exactly to do this (as I use git myself, so I'm not to familiar with hg's mq)."09:22
madrazrMerio: ah Ok, I could not read Sverre's mail completely yesterday, it was so huge, Lennie never wrote me such huge mails :D09:22
* madrazr runs from Sverre, if he sees the logs :D09:23
Meriomadrazr: I didn't read everything either about the code, just some of the first replies09:23
madrazrMerio: you guys want to maintain MQ?09:23
dhansmadrazr: heh I haven't read the entire mail by myself too. MQ must have been at the beginning of his mail, because I skipped the beginning :P09:24
madrazrdhans: heh thats funny :)09:24
Meriomadrazr: actually we did regular commit/push on our repository, and sometimes merges with the main Melange branch... and now we want to do sensible patches09:24
madrazrdhans: relevance ftw ;-)09:24
madrazrMerio: Ok09:24
Meriodhans: yes... I've read only the beginning... as we're doing half of the project each is somewhat sensible :D :D09:24
madrazrMerio: ROFL :D09:25
madrazrROFLMAO :)09:25
madrazrMerio: anyways you want to convert your commits to patches?09:25
Meriomadrazr: something like... I'm afraid it will be difficult because our code is tangled (sometimes we worked on the same files)... I mean I can't figure out a sensible way to manage it, but I don't know Mercurial so perhaps with mq it's easy09:27
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Meriomadrazr: wb :)09:27
madrazrHey sorry some slacker brought down ssh tunnel :D09:27
madrazrshouting at him :)09:28
Meriomadrazr: did you read my last message?09:28
madrazrMerio: nope09:29
madrazrMerio: anyways you want to convert your commits to patches?09:29
madrazrthis was the last thing I see here09:29
Meriomadrazr: something like... I'm afraid it will be difficult because our code is tangled (sometimes we worked on the same files)... I mean I can't figure out a sensible way to manage it, but I don't know Mercurial so perhaps with mq it's easy09:29
Meriomadrazr: here it is :)09:29
madrazrMerio: Ok09:29
madrazrI am thinking of a way to fold commits into patches in MQs09:29
madrazrI don't think such a thing exists09:30
madrazrbut will let you know about how to go about it soon09:30
madrazrit will be helpful for you guys to commit to the mainline repo later09:30
madrazrif you maintain as MQ09:30
Meriomadrazr: what do you mean?09:30
madrazrMerio: if you have the MQ, it is just about exporting those patches and getting it reviewed and committing09:31
madrazrMerio: if you have it as a set of commits in your repo, it might not be that easy right?09:31
madrazrsince developers want it as patches09:31
Meriomadrazr: yes09:31
madrazrMerio: thats what I meant09:31
madrazram I still not clear?09:32
Meriomadrazr: I'm "afraid" that the only simple way is to divide the final files and commit them some by me and some by Daniel09:32
madrazrMerio: yes thats the simplest possible way09:32
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madrazrWTH, these people are really playing with my ssh tunnel :(09:33
madrazranyways, hope I did not miss anything09:33
Meriomadrazr: you're a moving target :D09:33
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Meriomadrazr: however... if you can think about a solution then it's very welcome :D09:34
madrazrMerio: yes I am thinking about it09:34
madrazrMerio: will find something feasible09:34
Meriomadrazr: thx a million :)09:34
madrazrMerio: :) NP at all09:34
Meriomadrazr: also because it will be useful to send the final code to Google09:35
madrazrMerio: true09:35
Meriomadrazr: there we can't do such a thing like dividing files09:35
Meriomadrazr: mostly for legal stuff I guess09:35
madrazrMerio: yeah that doesn't work out09:35
Meriomadrazr: so... thank you and let us know :)09:36
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madrazrMerio: NP at all09:37
madrazranyways this is becoming messy, I will fight with these sys admins and come back :)09:37
Meriomadrazr: great ^__^ back to work now09:37
madrazrlogging out for a while09:37
Meriomadrazr: cluebat ftw :D09:37
* madrazr is back to fight :P09:37
madrazrhe he09:37
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Meriodhans: I think we should remember to get rid of "collect statistics" under "user (self)" in the sidebar, what do you think?09:45
dhansMerio: yes, sure. added it to my TODO list :-)09:45
Meriodhans: great ^_^09:46
Meriodhans: I'm working on you review about statistic_chart.. you told in the mail that you wanted to talk with me about statistic_dashboard... did you remember what did you want to tell me? (I know, lot of time passed :P)09:54
dhansMerio: yes, I remember, but you clarified it to PaweĊ‚, because I was wandering if it is really needed, since there is only one single reference to User model09:55
Meriodhans: do you know if there is any bug pending that I forgot about statistic dashboard?09:55
dhansMerio: hmm not really right now :-)09:56
Meriodhans: hmm yes, but there are also references made by statistic_chart indirectly09:56
Meriodhans: and also I would like to make it "future proof" so we're able to give settings to the dashboard09:57
Meriodhans: ok, so I can work on some enhancement :D09:57
Meriodhans: (you can change title dynamically now ;))09:57
dhansMerio: but the references in statistic_charts could be to User. But on the other hand, as you say, statistic_dashboard gives some ground for further enhancements09:58
dhansMerio: I saw it :-)09:59
Meriodhans: well.. we'll see then about statistic dashboard, final call will be from our mentors when code will be merged :)09:59
dhansMerio: right09:59
dhansMerio: about the 'title changing': it'd be great if it were possible to hmm "close" the input form when user clicks somewhere outside the input10:00
dhansMerio: it is intuitive (at least for me because I always want to close it by clicking somewhere else in the widget :P)10:01
Meriodhans: you're right... funny thing is that that's the default behavior... but then it won't be possible to use "enter" and "esc" keys, and I had to make a sort of ugly hack to let them work.10:02
Meriodhans: I mean that you can put inside the input an "ok" and "cancel" button10:02
Meriodhans: so I only hide them and hook enter key and esc key to their events10:02
dhansMerio: I didn't even know about esc :P10:03
Meriodhans: but then it happens that, even without my "hack", just showing the buttons, if you click outside to "cancel edits" it doesn't work anymore10:03
Meriodhans: it shows a javascript error10:03
dhansMerio: that's sad :-/10:04
Meriodhans: so it's some problem from editable plugin... I need to give a look at its code10:04
Meriodhans: and see if there's something I can do about it10:04
dhansMerio: ok, it is not so important10:04
Meriodhans: good thing however, I'll work on it after giving support to new get_available_statistics10:05
dhansMerio: great10:05
Meriodhans: (sorry, I'm your worst nightmare today)... :) Can you tell me about the statistic_seeder?10:34
dhansMerio: a script to add statistic entities using remote_api10:35
Meriodhans: so seed_db support is going to be dropped or it's just another way?10:36
dhansMerio: basically the same as seed_db10:36
dhansMerio: hmm I think I'll ask sverre10:36
Meriodhans: I mean, to seed the statistic entities what should I do then in my local box?10:37
Meriodhans: till now I'm just running seed_db10:37
dhansMerio: currently seed_db does it as well10:37
Meriodhans: I know, I was talking about afterwards :)10:38
dhansMerio: :p10:38
dhansMerio: ok, so I am going to ask sverre what he thinks10:38
Meriodhans: ok :)10:38
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dhansMerio: does it look good for you? $("a[@class=set_task]").click(function()11:14
Meriodhans: IIRC jquery 1.3 dropped support for @ (for attributes)11:14
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Meriodhans: so just use a[class=set_task]11:14
dhansMerio: it explains why I get Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@class=set_task]11:14
dhansMerio: thanks :-)11:14
Meriodhans: maybe :P11:15
Meriodhans: yw :)11:15
dhansMerio: works now :)11:15
Meriodhans: party :D11:16
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dhansMerio: another thing: you changed something with moving the widgets, didn't you? something similar to removing we talked about yesterday... anyway, moving does not work for me now as well :P11:22
Meriodhans: wtf? Is it ok for me11:23
Meriodhans: :(11:23
dhansMerio: function widgetMoved() is not executed at all11:23
Meriodhans: does it work only on Firefox as deletion?11:23
dhansMerio: actually it does not work on FF, but let me check again11:23
Meriodhans: I changed all that stuff because it's a proper function of the dashboard, not of the widgets11:23
Meriodhans: you're right, is not working for me neither11:24
Meriodhans: it worked yesterday iirc11:24
dhansMerio: :P11:25
Meriodhans: hmm.. I guess that's something that deals with jquery 1.3 event object. We didn't update jQuery UI yet11:26
Meriodhans: so jQuery UI is using probably an old pattern, and that's it11:26
Meriodhans: because it's the "stop" function (line 209 of dashboard) that is not triggered at all11:26
dhansMerio: so could you update it? I am worried I could screw something :P11:26
dhansMerio: exactly11:27
Meriodhans: yes we must do that, also for the main repository11:27
Meriodhans: thanks for noticing11:27
dhansMerio: np11:27
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Meriodhans: I've upgraded to jQuery UI 1.7, please check if widget move/deletion is working now :)12:20
dhansMerio: ok12:21
dhansMerio: I was about to tell you that it does not work, but actually I forgot to pull the changes :D Actually moving works on FF & Safari :-)12:25
dhansMerio: but deletion still only on FF12:26
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LennieGood Morning ^^12:34
dhansLennie: Good afternoon :D12:37
Lenniehi Daniel!12:37
Lenniehow are you?12:37
dhansLennie: thank you, great :-)12:38
Lenniegood to hear12:38
MerioHi Lennie :)12:41
LennieHello Merio12:41
Meriodhans: all ok, upgrading jQuery UI 1.7 and fixing bugs :)12:41
MerioLennie: ^^^12:41
Meriodhans: ok, this was foreseeable, trying to change the logic with jQuery 1.312:41
MerioLennie: about jqueryUI, I've tried with surveys and they work with jqueryUI 1.7, but I can't upgrade datepicker, as we patched it in some ways12:42
Lenniedo you remember what we changed :D?12:42
MerioLennie: should I commit in the main repo?12:43
MerioLennie: no, I didn't work on it, IIRC Pawel worked on it12:43
Lennieif the datepicker is still fine12:43
MerioSeems working12:43
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Lenniedoes the Jquery UI upgrade have anythign to do with the date picker ;D?12:44
MerioLennie: datepicker is one of the widgets of jQuery UI12:45
Merioso I don't know, because without 1.7 some of the dashboard doesn't work12:47
Lennieif the datepicker looks fine go ahead12:48
MerioLennie: I guess we can do as for jquery 1.3... commit it and then do something if someone complains :P12:48
Lenniethe datepicker is a minor thing anyway :)12:48
LennieI did some checks with 1.3 :P12:48
MerioI did too, and did also now with UI 1.7... but who... well.. Murphy knows :D12:49
Lennieleave it to murphy12:50
LennieIt looks fine to me12:50
Meriook great, will do later today then :)12:50
Meriodhans: deletion fixed, please double check :)12:58
dhansMerio: works!!! :)13:00
Meriodhans: greeeeeaaat! :D13:01
Lenniehow happy are you two working together?13:05
MerioLennie: is it a question or following our fireworks for deletion back to work? :)13:08
Lennieboth :)13:08
MerioLennie: (upgraded jQuery UI)13:08
Lennienow I have to rebase :P13:08
MerioLennie: I think it's very good, better "opensource way" than working alone to me (at least comparing to last year's experience)13:10
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kblinhey Lennie :)14:00
Lenniehi kblin  wassup?14:00
kblinyou seem to be growing a fan club on gsoc-students :)14:01
LennieI don't have access to that mailing list :P14:01
LennieI should ask LH soon ^^14:01
Lenniewhat's going on?14:01
kblinyou seem to have helped a couple of students along14:04
kblinI don't really read the list, just skim the digest14:04
LennieI guess that was not me then?14:04
kblinHi.. Problem solved! I just put an issue at the soc issue tracker... a really14:04
kblinnice person came to help me..(Lennard de Rijk) and I could login (again) to14:04
kblinthe account in about 1 hour (after submitting the issue) and I'm happy...14:04
Lennieoh :D14:04
Lenniethat one14:04
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dhansLennie: I also saw that :D14:43
dhansLennie: you're becoming famous :P14:44
dhansMerio: ping15:15
dhansMerio: one thing (I need to leave now). I hope you read this later :) Some visualizations have their 'default_options'. For example Table has page: 'enable'. Do you know why a table has paging disabled when a widget is created/loaded?15:20
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