Monday, 2009-08-10

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dhansMerio: ping?11:06
Meriodhans: pong11:07
dhansMerio: hey11:07
dhansMerio: do you know why widget removing does not work?11:07
dhansMerio: I mean it removes the widget, but only from dashboard, not from the data model11:08
Meriodhans: Hmmm no :) Just let me see11:08
Meriodhans: in my box it's removed from statisticChart entities11:11
Meriodhans: did you pull my latest changes?11:12
Meriodhans: (even if I did nothing with deletion in the latest commits)11:12
dhansMerio: strange, because it is not removed in my (FIrefox & Safari)11:13
dhansMerio: yes, you did something with deletion11:13
Meriohmm let me see, I didn't pull yours11:13
dhansMerio: actually I thought it could be some fault with JQuery and I merged with the main repo some moments ago, but it does not work either11:14
Meriodhans: I pulled your changes and now nothing works :D Basically I think because you changed (as planned) the API with get_json_response11:15
Meriodhans: so perhaps I need to change everything for the new statistic chart fetch11:15
dhansMerio: get_json_response?11:16
Meriodhans: hmm no it seems something dealing with rights11:16
dhansMerio: maybe try to reseed the database, because I changed something in the data model11:16
Merio  <h1>BadValueError at /statistic/get_json_response/google/gsoc2009</h1>   <pre class="exception_value">Property read_access is &#39;public&#39;; must be one of [&#39;host&#39;, &#39;org_admin&#39;]</pre>   <table class="meta">11:16
Meriodhans: ok11:16
dhansMerio: exactly, I am sorry, I changed the possible values11:17
Meriodhans: just a minute, clear_db is not working, doing it manually11:17
Meriodhans: deletion works here :D11:20
dhansMerio: hmm very strange11:23
Meriodhans: do you receive any Javascript error?11:24
Meriodhans: did you pushed the merge with main repository?11:27
Meriodhans: because I have 1.2.6 here11:27
dhansMerio: no, one sec11:28
Meriodhans: ok11:28
dhansMerio: ok, now I see this. the widgets are removed but only in Firefox11:29
Meriodhans: nothing in IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome?11:30
dhansMerio: there must be something wrong on Safari, because updateOnDelete isn't even called11:30
Meriodhans: ok so just push the merge with main branch and I'll change that stuff. Problem is poor event support with jQuery<1.311:31
Meriodhans: probably11:31
Meriodhans: that was one reason for upgrade :)11:31
dhansMerio: pushed11:32
Meriodhans: going to have a look, now in the afternoon11:34
dhansMerio: great11:35
dhansMerio: do you know if there is a conference call tonight?11:35
Meriodhans: From the latest changes in the wiki I guess so11:35
dhansMerio: thanks, I haven't looked at them :-P11:36
Meriodhans: ^__^11:36
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