Wednesday, 2009-08-12

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dhansMerio: ping?10:54
Meriodhans: pong!10:54
dhansMerio: hi :) I've got a question10:55
Meriodhans: yep tell me10:55
dhansMerio: how come some visualizations (like column charts or bar charts) are so 'short'?10:55
dhansMerio: they have only 32px?10:56
Meriodhans: I need to fix the width/height.. problem is to do it in a sensible way programmatically10:56
Meriodhans: for example in pie chart is sensible to have width==height10:56
Meriodhans: but for bar charts (especially horizontal ones) it's difficult to determine the optimal height, perhaps it needs to be dependent on how many columns there are10:57
Meriodhans: (ftr I've fixed the pagination on tables)10:57
dhansMerio: great :-)10:57
dhansMerio: but shouldn't Visualization API determine some optimal height by itself?10:58
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Meriodhans: AFAIK no, let me know if you find something10:59
dhansMerio: I do not know :P10:59
Meriodhans: good :D11:00
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dhansMerio: would it be possible to make dimensions one of the parameters of the function which constructs visualizations?11:14
Meriodhans: I wouldn't do that into the constructor11:17
dhansMerio: because?11:17
Meriodhans: because you can set it in the widget options, to be passed to the google visualization constructor. But this is something for the option panel... I didn't know whether coding this now or after GSoC... I could do something basic now11:18
Meriodhans: do you feel there are more urgent tasks? Apart from looking for browser side templates I feel not, so I could do something.. what do you think?11:19
dhansMerio: so this is possible to set width/height by passing them to chart options in the constructor?11:19
dhansMerio: I do not feel that the option panel is so important right now11:20
Meriodhans: yes, but this is something different between normal visualizations and imagechart visualizations11:20
Meriodhans: have a look at the following lines11:20
Meriodhans: because I already do set the widths11:21
dhansMerio: which lines?11:21
Meriodhans: melange.graph.chart.js => line 417, 426, 42911:21
Meriodhans: something I need to fix, and going to fix if I find something sensible to do11:22
Meriodhans: if you see, on line 426 and 429 height and width are set in the visualization_options, which is passed to the constructor on line 43511:23
Meriodhans: for ImageChart that's something slightly different, because width and height are to be passed the Image Chart API way, in the chs option widthxheight format11:23
dhansMerio: right11:23
Meriodhans: you could see that on line 41711:23
Meriodhans: we really need to simplify all that JS/HTML tangled code in some way.. i hate it11:25
dhansMerio: I don't care, but it could look better :)11:26
Meriodhans: I'm going to explore BST systems further, wanna find a solution11:26
Meriodhans: well, because you know more or less what the code does11:26
Meriodhans: but if you don't know what it does it's very difficult to figure out what happens11:27
dhansMerio: indeed :)11:27
Meriodhans: and if we're going to produce more JS code in the future... then it would be painful and a sort of a mess, as coding Melange in Python without using Django11:28
Meriodhans: I really would like Dojo instead of jQuery, but it's a personal opinion :P11:28
dhansMerio: I've never worked with Dojo, so cannot compare11:29
Meriodhans: actually Dojo is more comprehensive, and while the beauty of jQuery is the extendibility and the vast choice of plugins, Dojo is extendible as well, but is more "organized". For example it has Java-like packaging system built in to resolve dependencies between scripts11:30
Meriodhans: in this very moment we had to hard code dependencies in Python, which is not manageable in the same way11:31
Meriodhans: furthermore, there is built in inheritance system, that works really well11:31
dhansMerio: yes it is worse11:32
Meriodhans: well, I could write tons of words comparing the two.. there are advantages and drawbacks, but to me Dojo helps to design Ajax applications better11:32
Meriodhans: Stopping ramblings now :D11:32
dhansMerio: does the dojo have such libraries like dragable  or sortable?11:33
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Meriodhans: yep, drag and drop is built-in in the core package11:34
Meriodhans: well to be fair is in an optional package, but referring to the core11:35
dhansMerio: I do have to check it out :)11:35
tpbTitle: The Dojo Core | The Dojo Toolkit (at
Meriodhans: it also has i18n... and so on... plus the "dijit" and "dojox" stuff, which is a bunch of goodies like widgets and GUI controls11:36
Meriodhans: not to mention the DTL package, which is a sort of Javascript porting of Django11:37
dhansMerio: heh it *is* really comprehensive as you said ;-)11:37
Meriodhans: I've found it unvaluable in my last year GSoC, although I didn't know how to use it at full power at that time :D11:38
dhansMerio: before this GSoC I had barely know what jQuery is :P11:40
Meriodhans: and now you're using it pretty well, that's the magic of GSoC (and of your dedication) :)11:41
dhansMerio: yeah, thank you for all the help :)11:44
Meriodhans: yw, thank you for Python tips as well :)11:48
dhansMerio: yw :)11:49
Meriodhans: During the conference call, IIRC Sverre has asked to put the code in our demo instance12:03
dhansMerio: yes, I am working on that12:05
Meriodhans: ok12:05
dhansMerio: I've already deployed a new version, but to be honest, we do not have much data stored to show very interesting statistics :-P12:06
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Meriodhans: what can we do about it? I've just added some other image visualizations, please remember to put also these in the seed_db12:13
Meriodhans: I mean IIRC there is no google image chart inside seed_db for statistics12:13
dhansMerio: of course I will remember :-)12:13
Meriodhans: great ^__^12:14
dhansMerio: yes, I am going to add it now12:14
Meriodhans: (line 38-108 of melange.graph.chart.js)12:14
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dhansMerio: ImageChartBar refers to ?12:51
tpb<> (at
MerioLennie: hello :)12:51
Lenniehi Merio12:51
Meriodhans: it refers to vertical bar chart =>
tpb<> (at
dhansMerio: hmm it makes more sense :P12:53
Meriodhans: there's a problem because sometimes there are proper visualizations made from image charts, sometimes you have to pass the proper image in the options to the generic ImageChart constructor12:53
Meriodhans: this is a sort of a mess, I've noticed only now, and I prefer not to deal with it in this very moment, we should do a sort of proper classing of the visualizations types, which is not something to do 5 days before GSoC ending :P :P12:54
Meriodhans: it's quite confusing, but perhaps I didn't catch the logic12:55
dhansMerio: we distinguish between the types by cht?12:55
Meriodhans: yes, for ImageCharts, as documented in that page12:56
dhansMerio: ok thanks12:56
Meriodhans: yw :)12:56
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dhansMerio: For each visualization type I am always getting Line Chart :P13:08
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Meriodhans: sorry didn't see the message13:45
dhansMerio: np :)13:45
Meriodhans: going to check :)13:45
dhansMerio: it may be difficult to add support for Map Chart, so I will do it later13:51
Meriodhans: why are you putting "default_options": {}? Is it a problem if void?13:52
dhansMerio: yes13:53
dhansMerio: line 45513:53
dhansMerio: there was a problem if visualization_options were undefined13:54
Meriodhans: ok13:54
dhansMerio: similar situation is with intensity map: they accept only ISO 3166 Country codes while we are sending country names in JSON responses13:54
Meriodhans: similar situation comparing with what?13:55
dhansMerio: Map Chart13:55
Lenniedemo me that :P13:56
Lenniesounds good ^^13:56
dhansLennie: I am finishing working on setting up visualization options for each statistic, so expect it soon :)13:57
Meriodhans: ah ok.. so we should put ISO 3166 country codes in the seed_db along with domain identifiers13:57
dhansMerio: rather in countries.py13:58
Meriodhans: here visualizations change13:58
Meriodhans: ops pardon, I meant :D13:58
dhansMerio: but the problem is that for some visualizations we need names and codes for the others13:58
Meriodhans: sounds interesting :P13:59
dhansMerio: so it'd be the best to have something like half-cooked jsons13:59
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dhansMerio: "here visualizations change" -> where?14:00
Meriodhans: sure, but I'm afraid we can't miss the maps14:00
Meriodhans: in my box, if I change the visualizations I get different visualizations, not always line chart14:00
dhansMerio: so for Students Per Degree (all) ImageChartBar you get the vertical chart bar?14:01
dhansMerio: because for all "Image" visualizations I get always line chart14:01
Meriodhans: can't we do a momentary half-ugly hack to have different statistics, one for table/piechart and one for maps?14:01
dhansMerio: probably something like this will work14:02
Meriodhans: with Bar Chart (I) I get vertical bar charts, with Pie Chart (I) I get pie chart14:02
Meriodhans: 3D pie chart works as well14:02
Meriodhans: even if I don't have a clue why the labels are out of the visualization14:03
Meriodhans: it's not a problem of width, even copying and pasting the URL gives the same stuff... need to check it14:03
dhansMerio: ok, you are right :P14:03
Meriodhans: about what... labels or visualization switch working? :)14:03
dhansMerio: I was checking on /statistic/visualize page and there I am always getting Line Chart. Strange :P14:04
dhansMerio: about visualizations switch14:04
Meriodhans: do you want me to check it?14:05
dhansMerio: I think I know what is wrong now. If I have some problems, I'll ping you. But thank you :-)14:08
Meriodhans: that's ok14:08
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