Tuesday, 2009-07-14

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SRabbelierdhans: sup13:58
dhansSRabbelier: hi13:58
durin42SRabbelier: are those sidebar tests that break buildbot at all meaningful?14:38
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SRabbelierdurin42: not really, build.py has been removed in the module refactoring, fix the tests is on my planning for this week16:07
durin42SRabbelier: yay, looking forward to a green buidlbot16:08
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anothy_xi'm an org admin. is it possible to see the surveys mentors submitted (particularly for our one failed student)?17:06
Lennienope not at the moment, you will get the ability to though. Hopefully before final evaluations17:07
anothy_xokay, thanks. it's not urgent (i've been talking with the failed student's mentor regularly), but would be nice to see the specific answers.17:07
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Lenniehi ACSpike[Home]18:01
Lennieare you still planning to work on showing org admins survey results?18:01
ACSpike[Home]I was going to try to add a page showing a list of grading surveys and which have been completed18:02
ACSpike[Home]is that desired?18:03
ACSpike[Home]I know some people want to read all the submitted answers18:03
ACSpike[Home]I wasn't gunning for that18:03
LennieJames Levy is also working on it now, you can find the issue being assigned to him http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=65918:03
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3XfH> (at code.google.com)18:03
ACSpike[Home]yes, that sounds excellent18:04
Lenniesorry if that might overlap your work but I cant really assign issues to you :D18:05
ACSpike[Home]I'm very happy that it will get done. a little bummed that I didn't get to it sooner because I'll miss out on the learning18:05
LennieI'm hoping James will get it done properly soon18:05
Lenniebut it was a really big task to begin with anyway18:06
ACSpike[Home]do issues only get assigned to google employees? I'm not sure how the relationship works.18:06
Lennieno google employees here :)18:06
ACSpike[Home]was it really that big?18:06
Lennieyeah it involves a serious bit of coding18:07
Lenniethey get assigned to project members18:07
Lenniesince that's what google code does :)18:07
ACSpike[Home]I wasn't sure if the members were part of google18:07
Lenniemost of the members aren't18:07
Lenniethe adminsitrators either are or usually know people from google18:08
ACSpike[Home]wow, that kinda surprises me that google would run gsoc on top of a project they don't really control. that's really cool!18:08
Lennieit's in the community hands :P18:08
Lenniethat's probably the reason why stuff breaks sometimes :D18:08
ACSpike[Home]I think people should know this!18:09
ACSpike[Home]I didn't18:09
Lennielh: ping?18:09
ACSpike[Home]lh: that is really cool.18:09
* ACSpike[Home] gives google major bonus points18:09
LennieACSpike[Home]: anyhow, you might be able to work with James on a solution18:09
Lennieyou can post in the issue tracker18:09
Lennieor you can take on any other issue18:10
Lenniethere is enough to be found :D18:10
Lennieatleast if you pick one yourself18:10
ACSpike[Home]I should18:10
Lennieyou know that noone else will work on it18:10
Lenniegives you more certainty :D18:10
ACSpike[Home]well I don't want to take on something and prevent someone else from getting to it sooner either18:10
Lenniethat will probably not be the case18:11
ACSpike[Home]it already is :-)18:11
Lennieyeah :D18:11
Lenniebut you didn't really claim the issue18:11
Lennieand it was hard for me to gauge your capabilities :D18:12
ACSpike[Home]very true18:12
Lennieand still18:12
Lennieyou can work with james18:12
ACSpike[Home]you gauged them properly :-)18:12
Lennieif you can find him :D18:12
ACSpike[Home]is he starting ... now?18:12
Lennie(and it was really a big task if you are new to Melange)18:12
ACSpike[Home]I can see how displaying all survey results (questions and answers) would be labor intensive18:13
Lenniethe part where you only show them to the right people is even more intensive ;D18:13
ACSpike[Home]but it really seemed like popping up a list of surveys and showing completion status would be a pretty easy thing18:13
ACSpike[Home]oh, one thing I wondered.18:14
ACSpike[Home]is there any anonymized set of test data?18:14
Lennieif you are running locally18:14
Lennieor run a version that starts with dev18:14
ACSpike[Home]so that a person could set up a sample gsoc with out having to enter a bunch of things18:14
Lennieyou can run18:14
Lenniereseed_db (which is clear followed by seed)18:15
Lenniewhich populates some basic stuff :)18:15
Lenniehowever that is something that is on the table for improvement18:15
ACSpike[Home]you should add that to the getting started page in the wiki if it isn't already there18:15
Lennieyou can edit this wiki yourself even :D18:15
Lenniewe had the google code people open it up to the public :D18:16
LennieI'm willing to add it too18:16
Lenniebut I'll probably forget :D18:16
ACSpike[Home]I have to say, you guys are going a great job given the odds against you18:17
Lenniethe odds are against us18:17
Lennieinteresting :D18:17
ACSpike[Home]heh, well I mean the pressure18:17
Lennieyes :)18:17
LennieI'm going to have a relaxing day tomorrow18:18
ACSpike[Home]and the whiney unhelpful people like me18:18
Lennieyou are not that bad :D18:18
ACSpike[Home]you haven't seen the extent of my unhelpfulness yet18:18
Lennieremind me about the wiki page tomorrow if you don't want to do it yourself :D18:18
Lennieit's 0:18 here now18:19
ACSpike[Home]ok, I have to go watch these kids18:19
Lennieand I've got a date with my bed :)18:19
ACSpike[Home]ok, good night18:19
lhLennie: pong18:19
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Lenniehhe just too late :P18:19
LennieACSpike[Home] thanked you :)18:19
Lennieor pinged you atleast18:20
Lenniejust read the logs, I'm off :P18:20
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jamtodaySRabbelier: ping?20:06
SRabbelierjamtoday: pong20:20
jamtodaySRabbelier: hey....just posting to the ML.20:20
SRabbelierjamtoday: ack, I saw20:25
SRabbelierjamtoday: and yes there is such an example20:25
SRabbelierjamtoday: Lennard added one20:26
SRabbelierjamtoday: it uses the info attribute of the Lists class20:26
SRabbelierjamtoday: grep the source for that and you should be able to find it20:26
jamtodaySRabbelier: thank you! better than poking around till i figured it out myself!20:26
SRabbelierjamtoday: poke lennard if you can't find it, he should know what I'm referring to20:28
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jamtodaySRabbelier: ok thx20:36
SRabbelierjamtoday: np20:40
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