Monday, 2009-07-13

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kblinhey folks13:49
kblinis it possible to get another last minute update on the survey status?13:50
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sadamis there a developer that could please tell me if one of the GNOME mentors has filled out his evaluation?14:15
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tjkopenahi all, I am an admin on one of the gsoc programs.  Is there a way for me to tell which of my mentors or students have submitted their surveys?  Other than the nag emails that went out over the weekend, I have not been able to find a list in my melange account.  thx15:07
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kurt_87I wanted to know how can we find out about the results (if we passed the midterm) ?16:03
solydzajskurt_87: you can ask your mentor or wait till we update socghop web page with results hopefully tomorrow16:06
kblinyou can always ask your mentor16:12
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arcanezif my survey says "You may edit and re-submit this survey by Monday, 13. July 2009 11:00PM." does that mean it's 100% completed?16:43
solydzajswe are working on adding "Survey saved" message in notice bar, but it's not available yet16:44
solydzajsso yes arcanez you are good to go :-)16:44
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mdiggoryas project admin, if I take over the mentors position on a project can I then change the state of the students review?18:39
arcanezFAIL EM!18:40
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mdiggorythank you for the personal opinion.  My question concerned the capability of the user interface18:41
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MatthewWilkesmdiggory: I believe so18:43
mdiggorywill it mess up any of the previous mentors work on the midterm evaluation?18:44
MatthewWilkesOnly if you set yourself as the primary mentor though, not for secondary mentor status18:44
mdiggoryI get a 500 server error if I try to become secondary mentor18:44
mdiggoryok, wait I had to remove the exisitng secondary mentor I guess18:45
MatthewWilkesThat I don't know, it's quite late in Europe atm so there aren't many active melange devs around.18:45
MatthewWilkesSetting as secondary mentor definitely doesn't give you access to the survey, I tried that too18:46
mdiggoryRight I see this now as well18:46
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mdiggoryI guess the worst thing is that it might not work18:47
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Lenniewon't mess up their survey :)18:51
Lennieand yes you change stuff18:51
Lenniemdiggory: go ahead and change the outcome18:51
Lenniemdiggory: It should be possible to have multiple secondary mentors18:52
Lennieinteresting :)18:52
Lenniecool bug ^^18:53
Lennielogged it18:53
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Lennieand fixed it ^^18:55
Erant'cool bug'?18:55
Erantbugs arn't cool18:55
LennieErant:  hush :P18:55
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MatthewWilkesErant: Bugs found are much better than latent bugs18:57
ErantStill not cool ;)18:57
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mdiggorysome strange folks roaming through here18:58
mdiggoryMatthewWilkes: thanks I took over and was able to adjust the status without loss of information in the evaluation18:59
LennieErant ftw though :D18:59
Lenniemdiggory: will be easier during finals hopefully18:59
mdiggorythanks, the biggest challenge has been managing my mentors evaluations, not being able to review them has made it very difficult to resolve issues19:03
Lenniemdiggory: yeah understandable19:13
Lenniedoing our best to make it easier :)19:13
mdiggoryRock on! thanks19:16
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nikronhey i forgot about the evaluatoin, anyway to do it late?20:23
solydzajsnikron: student or mentor ?20:29
solydzajsnikron: email melange-soc about the issue, I will talk with Leslie what to do with you :-)20:30
nikronokay, thanks20:30
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solydzajsnikron: Kevin Tew ??20:31
nikronnikhil bysani20:32
nikron[email protected] right?20:33
solydzajs"Porting NetworkManager to FreeBSD" ?20:33
solydzajsyes email melange-soc we will take care of it tomorrow20:33
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