Sunday, 2009-07-12

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dongshengHi, I am a mentor of Moodle, I got a problem to do mid-term evaluation, when I went, I got "There is no such active entity", maybe I used a wrong google account, is it possible to find the correct google account to log in?00:10
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Lennieajaksu: ping :)?07:01
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ACSpike[Home]Is melange built with any framework, such as django?08:52
LennieIt's built on Google Appengine08:52
Lenniewhich can use django :)08:52
Lenniemight be understatement08:53
Lennieanyhow we use GAE and Django08:53
ACSpike[Home]does GAE have its own set of conventions and file organization?08:53
Lennieconventions about?08:54
ACSpike[Home]I'm trying to figure out what prerequisite knowledge I would have to have before I could create a survey status page :-)08:54
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LennieDjango won't help you too much with that08:55
Lenniesince you would probably use the django templates we already have for the lists08:55
LennieI think some general knowledge about how GAE works and a look at our approach might  be best08:55
ACSpike[Home]I've never played with django. tg and pylons, yes. django no so I don't know how it contributes08:56
Lenniewe mainly use it for HTML templates and forms08:56
Lennieall the real work is done by appengine code08:56
Lenniesince that talks to the datastore08:57
ACSpike[Home]is there an architecture doc?08:57
ACSpike[Home]hey, there is an architecture doc for the surveys! cool.09:02
LennieI think the docs are very outdated09:02
Lenniethe person who drew some of them up didn't really match reality :)09:02
tpb<> (at
LennieI think that is the closest you can get to reality :P09:04
Lennie(adds note to his list stating to clean up the wiki)09:05
LennieACSpike[Home]: Sorry if it is lacking proper description not really what it should be09:08
ACSpike[Home]hey, documentation is the hardest part.09:08
ACSpike[Home]I'm sure this is all way out of my league and way different than any of my experience09:09
ACSpike[Home]but I'll keep staring at it for a while and see if something makes sense09:10
Lennieok :)09:10
ACSpike[Home]please let me know when my questions pass the threshold of being a bother :-)09:10
LennieIf you have any questions melange-soc-dev Google Groups is the best place :)09:11
LennieI'll try to answer them here too, but I can't answer all :D09:11
Lennieand I'm not always here ^^09:11
LennieACSpike[Home]: my experience is that it is just better to play with the code rather then dive right into what you want to make09:13
Lennieget a feeling for it :)09:14
ACSpike[Home]sure, that's reasonable.09:14
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ACSpike[Home]Lennie: ok I browsed some of the docs for GAE. it looks great, not too different from anything else. I'm thinking I could pretty much just copy listProposals() from app/soc/views/models/ and rework it for surveys. bbl.11:18
LennieI wonder where to put it11:19
Lenniehowever if you get something working that's already a big plus11:20
LennieI can tell you where to put it later :D11:20
Lennieonce some thought has been given to it11:20
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ACSpike[Home]I probably shouldn't ask this until I've actually installed melange and tested it out, but is there a standard set of sample data to use, or do I have to recreate my own private gsoc program to test?13:19
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mmu_man She has already completed the project.  He is ahead of schedule.  She is on schedule.  He is behind schedule.  She is far behind schedule.15:40
mmu_manshe/he ? is that to respect parity ? ;)15:40
LennieWe have not written that survey :D15:40
Lennieask LH ^_^15:40
mmu_manugh ok :p15:41
LennieBut I think that's the general idea probably :P15:42
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* Erant prods Lennie16:46
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ErantYou prodded me like thursday :P16:47
Lenniepm :)16:47
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