Saturday, 2009-07-11

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SRabbeliersolydzajs: sup13:32
solydzajsSRabbelier: IRC or Skype ?13:33
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I prefer IRC13:33
SRabbeliersolydzajs: you?13:33
solydzajsSRabbelier: fine with me, PM13:33
solydzajsor channel ?13:33
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I think our students can benefit from out discussion, I'm ok with having it here or in #melange-dev13:34
SRabbelierok :)13:34
solydzajsok so we need to decide what are the final goals for the Statistics project13:34
* SRabbelier nods13:35
solydzajswhat needs to be done and working at the end of GSoC13:35
solydzajswhat kind of features etc13:35
SRabbelieraye, perhaps we can complete the list that's already in the wiki?13:35
solydzajsbecause it seems that our students are a little lost with how to continue work on the project13:35
solydzajswiki link please13:36
tpb<> (at
solydzajsfirst of all we should decide whether we want to use our Jobs system at all for Stats13:38
solydzajsor just Task Queue API13:38
SRabbeliersolydzajs: Task Queue API is replacement for Jobs13:38
solydzajsSRabbelier: I know13:38
solydzajsSRabbelier: that's why I'm asking13:38
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I reckon they should just use Task Queue :)13:39
solydzajsok I agree13:39
solydzajsso all the stats should be gathered using Task Queue API13:39
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yup, either that, or as they are created (if appropriate)13:40
SRabbeliersolydzajs: that is, if someone updates a document and we want to keep count of how often a document is updated, like that13:40
solydzajsNow we need to talk about UI and views that should be available13:41
* SRabbelier nods13:41
solydzajsStatistics Dashboards was one of them13:41
SRabbeliersolydzajs: i think the statistics dashboard is pretty important13:41
SRabbeliersolydzajs: aye13:41
solydzajsStatistics Collecting View that shows status of the gathering13:42
solydzajsstats data gathering13:42
SRabbeliersolydzajs: for devs or hosts too?13:43
solydzajsinitially we were thinking about Dashboards for Program Admin and Org Admin/Mentor13:43
solydzajsThat depends on the stats, I think there should be a way to recalculate the stats from the web interface13:44
* SRabbelier agrees13:44
solydzajsFor Hosts that would be for all Program Stats13:44
solydzajsfor Org admin/Mentor for all Org stats13:44
solydzajsright now there is only one Dashboard13:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: sounds good13:45
solydzajsthere is no dashboard for Org Admin/Mentor yet13:45
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok, so we want a dashboard for org admin too13:46
solydzajsI agree13:46
solydzajsThe floating menu needs to be changed13:46
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SRabbeliersolydzajs: changed how?13:46
solydzajsreplaced with something else13:46
solydzajsI already talk about it with Mario13:46
SRabbeliersolydzajs: oh, the fancy dropdown thingy?13:47
SRabbeliersolydzajs: aye13:47
solydzajsand the stats dashboard needs to be 2 column13:47
solydzajsnot 313:47
solydzajsbecaue 3 makes widgets too small13:47
SRabbeliersolydzajs: that's easy to do though, yes?13:47
LennieSRabbelier: could you ping me on GTalk once this meeting is over :)?13:48
solydzajsI think that right now the most important part is stable code for backend and frontend13:48
SRabbelierLennie: sure13:48
solydzajsusage of Task Queue API13:48
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes, and making the statistic collecting more generic13:48
solydzajsthe Dashboards is important but we should limit the work on it to new floating menu, 2 column setup, and proper saving/loading of dashboards widgets (so when you reload the pages everything is in the same place etc.)13:50
solydzajsand push the code to the main repository for review asap13:50
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ack, I think Daniel can finish that13:50
solydzajsit will take some time to review and it will take some of our students time to fix the code based on our review13:51
solydzajsso pushing code to main repo should be part of final goals13:51
solydzajsyou agree ?13:51
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes, they should get started on that asap13:51
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yup13:51
solydzajsanything else that we didn't cover ?13:52
SRabbeliersolydzajs: yes, list of statistics they need to have done13:52
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solydzajsSRabbelier: ok13:54
SRabbeliersolydzajs: is the list on the wiki sufficient?13:54
solydzajsSRabbelier: reading now one sec13:55
solydzajslet me prepare the list I think is sufficient, give me 3 minutes13:55
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok13:56
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I will review :)13:56
solydzajsSRabbelier: oh and what about stats export ?13:59
SRabbeliersolydzajs: mhhh, csv format?13:59
solydzajsyep csv is good but it will require some Tasks too14:00
SRabbeliersolydzajs: to do regular export?14:00
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solydzajsoh it's not needed14:05
solydzajsthey can quickly access the stats14:05
solydzajsno problem14:05
SRabbeliersolydzajs: mh?14:05
solydzajsI mean Tasks for csv export won't be needed14:05
solydzajsbut I think that CSV export should be part of final goals14:05
solydzajsSRabbelier: I'm pasting the list of stats I think are important14:06
solydzajs* Students (with/without project/all) per country/continent14:06
solydzajs* Students (with/without project/all) per school/continent14:06
solydzajs* Mentors (with/without project/all) per country/continent14:06
solydzajs* Students (with/without project/all) by degree14:06
solydzajs* Students (with/without project/all) by major14:06
solydzajs* Students (with/without project/all) by expected graduation year14:06
solydzajs* Number of Org Admins that are also Mentors14:06
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok14:06
solydzajs* Average number of Students per Mentor14:06
solydzajs* Average number of Student Proposals per Student14:06
solydzajs* Student Proposals number per country14:06
solydzajs* Student Projects per country14:06
solydzajs* Amount of mentors/students/org admins/mentors with projects/students with projects/students with proposals14:06
solydzajs* Organizations per program14:06
solydzajs* Student Projects/Student Proposals per organization / program14:06
solydzajs* Students, mentors and organization admins ages14:06
* SRabbelier nods14:07
solydzajswhat do you think14:07
SRabbeliersolydzajs: aye, and it should all be done so that we can easily access these statistics14:08
SRabbeliersolydzajs: for example, something like14:08
SRabbeliersolydzajs: that should result in an image14:09
SRabbeliersolydzajs: (for inclusion in blog posts etc)14:09
solydzajsyes I agree14:11
solydzajswe might need to have a separate meeting to help out students with the design/architecture of some parts of this module14:12
solydzajsanything else should be included in final goals ?14:12
SRabbeliersolydzajs: hmmm, no, I don't think we missed any14:15
solydzajsSRabbelier: I need to leave to the store in like 5 minutes, because they are closing supermarket at 9PM :-)14:15
SRabbeliersolydzajs: hehehe, ok :)14:15
SRabbeliersolydzajs: we can talk later then14:15
solydzajsSRabbelier: can you make a summary of our conversation, I think we covered everything14:16
SRabbeliersolydzajs: sure14:16
solydzajsWe can post this summary on mailing list and open discussion with our students14:16
solydzajswhat do you think ?14:16
SRabbeliersolydzajs: sounds good :)14:16
solydzajsI should be back in 30-40 minutes14:16
solydzajsI will ping you when I get back14:17
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SRabbeliersolydzajs: ack :)14:17
AndyTim_Tiny and humble suggestion: "Edit and re-submit this survey..." at the top of the mid-term program survey page might be better of as "You may edit and re-submit this survey..."14:18
AndyTim_After my submission, I landed on the very same page with all of the survey data intact.  I worried that I had failed to fill in all required fields or that something was broken.14:19
AndyTim_The first line of the page helped me to suspect this.14:19
AndyTim_It turns out that the submission was a success; the determination of such being the link's colour-change to blue from red.14:20
AndyTim_Thank you for Melange, and a good day to all.14:21
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solydzajsSRabbelier: back15:23
solydzajsSRabbelier: how is it going with the summary ?15:23
SRabbeliersolydzajs: wb15:23
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solydzajsSRabbelier: thanks for the summary15:37
SRabbeliersolydzajs: np15:38
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