Wednesday, 2009-07-15

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kschanHi, my mid-term evaluation result failed but my mentor said he gave me a good evaluation... who should I pm for the case??00:34
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jamtodaykschan: what's your e-mail address you use for your account?00:56
harlanI'm filling out a midterm eval - I am noticing I would like to make comments along the way - what's an easy way to do that?00:56
harlancomments about the form, not about the student.00:56
jamtodayharlan: it would be best for developers if you filed a ticket at
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - Google Code (at
jamtodayeven if it's not necessarily a bug00:57
harlanI hear that, and it requires me switching between 2 reasonably large windows on my machine - that's cumbersome.  But if that's the best way...00:58
kschan@jamtoday [email protected]00:59
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jamtodaykschan: thanks, I've posted about your case on the mailing list02:13
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Lennieok so who is asking why he got failed here?05:21
Lennieinstead of in #gsoc :)05:21
Lenniejamtoday: ping05:22
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jamtodayLennie: pong05:23
LennieI read your mail05:26
Lennieis the person still here ?05:26
jamtodaythe handle was kschan05:31
jamtodayI wasn't sure of where I should post about it, but I figured it would be best to not just ignore it05:31
jamtodaynot much I can do without dev access, but then again it wouldn't make sense to give me permission to edit my own project status :)05:32
Lenniehell no05:32
Lennieyou would need to sign other stuff as well :)05:32
Lenniepersonal data in there05:32
Lenniestudent mailing list would have been a good place also to put it05:32
Lennieor just #gsoc05:32
Lennieanyhow the personis offline05:33
jamtodayalright, I'll re-post on student ML if it happens again05:33
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jamtodayalso, I believe the protocol is that since the midterm is required even a passing grade won't pass a student who fails to take the midterm?05:35
Lennieif his mentor does not lie05:36
Lenniethen he didn't fill in the student eval :D05:36
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Lenniealso he got atleast 3 reminder emails about filling it in05:43
Lennieanyhow, it's not my obligation to take care of him :)05:44
LennieI'm just writing the software :P05:44
jamtodayLennie: is the first priority to have the survey info on the per-project manage page, or on the manageOverview page?05:52
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jamtodayLennie: and if we're talking a view for lh to view all survey results for a program, there already is such a view05:57
jamtodayI've been working on a view to list records for a given organization05:57
jamtodayor for a project05:57
Lennieand the view for LH is not really working afaik05:58
Lenniewe should work on a seperate per record view05:59
Lenniesince people want to print answers :)05:59
jamtodayalright. so is the first priority a long list of survey records, or the view for a given project?05:59
jamtodayThey should be able to use the same method with a changed filter var, but I've been having trouble with that06:00
Lennie ./view_record/{key_fields}?id=...06:02
Lenniedoesn't matter06:02
Lenniewhatever you want :)06:02
Lennieand access check should be isSurveyReadable06:02
Lenniewith special logic for project and grading06:02
Lennieand for your own survey06:02
Lenniethe overiew page counts per project right?06:03
jamtodaythe overview page?06:03
jamtodaythis is different than the design I'm working with. I was planning on adding this list to the existing iew06:04
Lenniewhat list?06:04
jamtodayin the case of per-project, a list of survey records associated with the project. same for the organization on the manageOverview page06:05
jamtodayThe overview page has a list of active projects, failed projects, completed project06:05
jamtodayand I would supplement that with a list of survey records, and a list of untaken surveys06:05
Lenniedoesn't that make it all too crowdy?06:06
jamtodayI don't think so, but I do agree that the Melange way to do things would be to make a new view06:06
jamtodayI can still do that06:06
Lennienew view for?06:06
Lennieyou can count the number of surveys available06:06
Lennieand number of surveys done06:07
Lennieon the overview page06:07
jamtodayby a new view, i mean a new URL pattern, etc.06:07
Lennieper project06:07
Lennieon the manage page you can give a more detailed view06:07
Lenniefor each survey a link to viewing a record06:07
Lenniewhich should later on become a new view06:07
Lennieinstead of a pop-in06:07
Lennieso that it is easier for people to link/print stuff :)06:07
jamtodaywhat attribute would I use to get a list of programs for an organization?06:07
jamtodayA project survey does not reference organizations, only a program06:08
Lennieit does refer to an org06:09
Lenniesurvey doesn't06:09
Lennierecord does06:09
Lenniemy mistake ^^06:09
Lenniebut there is no list of programs for an org :)06:09
jamtodaySo it may be easy to get a list of completed surveys, but the uncompleted ones are harder06:09
Lennieactually that's not too hard06:09
jamtodayBecause I need to find where there is an absence of a record06:09
jamtodayI need to get all the surveys for the org, but I need its program to do that06:10
Lennieyou have an org right?06:10
jamtodayyes, the entity in the view06:10
Lennieprogram = org.scope06:10
jamtodayoh. yes. the "parent"06:10
jamtodayalright...i think i've got it now06:10
Lennieyou can get all project surveys and grading surveys06:11
Lenniein the overview06:11
Lennieyou can count the number of records you do have for each project06:12
Lennieso you can show that difference :)06:12
Lennielike 1/406:12
Lennieif you get 4 surveys but only 1 record06:12
Lennieon the manage view itself you can show a detailed list of the records06:12
Lenniefor each survey06:12
Lenniewith a  link if availalbe :)06:12
jamtodaysurveys  = Survey.all().filter("scope = ", entity.scope)06:12
Lennieplease use the logic06:13
Lennieand use scope_path in this case06:13
Lenniesince the surveys don't have scope set atm06:13
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kschanlennie, jamtoday: i go to a wrong irc ^^? sorry for that :p anyway.. I got no email reminder for asking me to fill the survey (that i believe i submitted) @[email protected] it should be from socghop.noreply (if i get a reminder)... right?07:44
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Lenniekschan: ping08:06
Lenniehmm #gsoc :)08:06
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r0bbywhy did I just get a *SECOND* email about my eval being processed?22:10
anothy_xit looks widespread, perhaps universal.22:14

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