Sunday, 2009-07-05

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kblinmorning folks04:04
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kblinah, durn04:06
Lenniekblin: ? :)04:06
Lennieajaksu: ping, I hope you are away04:09
kblinLennie: my firefox crashed the second time the last five minutes04:11
Lenniethat sucks :(04:12
Lennieon Melange or :P?04:12
kblinno, other site04:15
kblinI just don't see why04:15
Lennieok ^^04:15
LennieI'll have a demo up and running soon04:15
Lenniejust gonna add the menu patch from james so people know where to click :)04:16
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jamtodaykblin: use chrome. only tabs crash, not the browser05:48
Lenniejamtoday: In the early days you could crash chrome when crashing a tab :D05:50
jamtodayLennie: <blink>FINE.</blink>05:53
jamtodayLennie: doing some browser testing, things looking better than before05:54
Lenniehow was the 4th of July?05:55
Lenniesverre complained about the lack of firework :P05:56
jamtodayI played world of goo and drank lots of beer05:56
LennieErant: ping05:56
Lennieworld of goo is awesome05:56
jamtodaybtw, Anathem ftw. i saw a mention somewhere05:56
LennieIt's over so quickly :(05:56
Lennieoh hehe05:56
LennieI did say bullshyt in this channel :P05:56
jamtodayI saw Neal Stephenson in downtown SF once eating lunch05:56
Lennielol sweet :P05:56
LennieErant has the anathem book now05:57
jamtodaythat book is a great way to get nothing done for a week05:57
Lenniehe got it from me :P05:57
LennieI got it from LH :P05:57
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LennieErant will probably give it to Sverre after he's finished don't know who Sverre will give it to though :(05:57
Lennieanyhow yes05:58
Lennieonce you get through the first 300 pages05:58
Lenniethings begin to really speed up :)05:58
jamtodayI suppose we would be a close approximation to Itas05:59
jamtodayI like wine, so maybe I'd be a good monk too05:59
Lennieah yes06:00
Lenniewith their jeejahs and speelycaptors06:00
Lennieand what not :P06:00
Lenniecartablah :)06:00
jamtodayI'm going to get some sleep, good luck with the thunderstorms06:01
Lenniethunderstorms happened in Poland06:01
Lenniebut we're on track now06:01
jamtodayI'll pull whatever's new in the morning, and then I have some odd tasks I could do, or else just let me know how I can best help06:04
LennieMerio: ping06:25
MerioLennie: pong06:26
Lenniedid you have time to take a look at some issues in safari?06:26
MerioLennie: yesterday not, I was thinking to do something for the statistics dashboard this morning, but if you prefer I can go on Windows now and try to debug it before this afternoon.06:27
Lenniehmm :)06:28
MerioLennie: eheheh if it's ok I just go on debugging it :)06:29
Lennieyour choice06:30
LennieI sent you a screenie :)06:30
MerioGoing to look at it, so we're sure it's the same bug we're seeing06:30
MerioLennie: yes, ok it's the same..06:31
Lenniemight be template or css issue06:31
MerioLennie: I already know why it happens (well, actually I don't know why Safari behaves differently from others), I need only to understand why fixing this lead to showing of the hidden dialog window06:32
MerioLennie: so well, going there to fix it, bbs :)06:32
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Lenniekblin: hi06:49
Lennie if you want to take a spin06:50
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
kblingetting a server error trying to create my profile06:53
Lennielemme take a quick look lol ^_^06:53
Lenniebig fail :S06:55
* Lennie hits himself on the head and switches to eclipse06:55
Lennienew build incoming asap :)_06:57
Lenniekblin: go again :P07:03
kblinThe kai.blin account cannot be used with this site, for one or more of the following reasons...07:19
Lenniethats better :)07:20
Lenniethat's because it errored while you were registereing07:20
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
Lenniedoes it still say that when going to the home page?07:20
kblinno, seems ok07:21
Lennieyou must have gotten it because you visited the create a profile page07:22
Lenniewhile you already had one07:22
kblinso, I have to admit that I'm more interested in the mentor survey right now, so can someone make me a mentor of something? :)07:22
LennieI'm not sure07:22
Lennieis there a request to be a mentor link in the program menu :)?07:22
Lennie(I don't get it because I'm a dev :P)07:22
Lenniekblin:  an elevator into space :)07:23
Lennieatleast that is working :D07:23
Lennieif there isn't a link let me know I'll just send you an invite to become a mentor07:25
kblinthere's only a Register as a Student link07:27
LennieI just checked, too many orgs out there to make sense for you07:27
LennieI'm sending you an invite now07:27
Lenniethere you go07:28
Lenniejust say when ready so I can make you mentor ^_^07:28
kblinI also need a student to grade :)07:41
Lenniethat is what I'm doing now07:44
Lennieassigning you as mentor for a few projects :)07:44
Lennieyou now have 3 projects under your control07:45
LennieI gotta go07:45
Lenniewhen you hit the link to the survey titled: "Mentor Grading Survey"  you'll find that you can select one of those three for grading :)07:45
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MerioLennie|Gone: fixed :)07:49
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LennieMerio: cool :P08:02
Lenniekblin: Do you find it satisfactory, still a few usuability CSS issues08:02
Lenniebut it works :)08:02
Lennieatleast I think it does :D08:02
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LennieHi Merio08:07
Lenniecool ^^08:07
LenniePush your fix when you feel ready for it08:08
MerioLennie great ok. Small fix, but took ages for appengine to serve everytime the page I was debugging... :P Is it normal?08:09
LennieDoes it also fix the same kind of issue on the  take page?08:09
LennieMerio: Goes quick here, must be your windows :(08:09
MerioLennie: eheheh dunno :P08:09
MerioLennie: actually it happens also in Linux, think my computer needs an upgrade :P08:09
Lenniemight be it08:09
Lennieit is fast enough on live server08:10
Lenniemainly because Django doesn't add 8 seconds to load time :P08:10
Lenniefor a cold-app08:10
Lennieso it al feels faster then before08:10
MerioLennie: It took me roughly half an hour to be served with the first survey page (boot to Win included) :(08:12
Lenniethat is seriously slow08:12
MerioLennie: yep :P08:12
MerioLennie: Turion 64 X2 TL50 with 4 Gb RAM. 3 years of wonderful service :P08:12
Lenniethat doesn't sound slo08:13
LennieI wonder what is making your windows so slow then :S08:13
LennieEven the pages on my old AMD 3200+ load fast enough08:13
MerioLennie: don't know, I don't use it much, so perhaps disk space (half Gb) and fragmentation might be an issue08:14
Lennieis it XP or dreadfully slow vista :P?08:14
MerioLennie: but it seems something in memory/CPU rather then disk access08:15
MerioLennie: no no XP ^__^08:15
Lenniehmm strange then08:15
Lenniesome crazy background proces is eating your cycles :P08:15
Merioyou mean this nude-pix.exe got with a strange toolbar installed with C00l-CrackZ.exe program downloaded with emule did?08:17
MerioWindows ftw :D08:17
Lennieno man08:17
Lenniethe XXX-Dialarz.exe ofcourse08:18
Lenniewhich you can't kill in your task manager08:18
MerioOh well, that got installed visiting via Internet Explorer :D08:19
Lenniecan you push your fix :D?08:19
MerioThe take template does the same thing? Because probably to speed up things I might try the same fix, mail to you.. and you try in your box to speed up things :D08:24
Lennietake and public08:24
Lenniedo the same thing08:24
Lenniealthough with public you won't see it since it doesn't have a button on it :)08:24
MerioJust let me see the code :)08:26
LennieMerio: hmm no hurry, just sent it into the list08:27
LennieI got a train to catch08:27
LennieI'll be online later tonight08:27
Lenniehave some other business to take care of08:27
MerioLennie: ok so see you later :)08:27
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Lennieyosh, ttyl08:27
MerioLennie: me too probably tomorrow, I need to depart :)08:27
MerioLennie: ttyl08:28
Lenniesolydzajs: however might also be apply to apply the fix :P08:28
Lenniesolydzajs: Merio has a fix for the layout in Safari08:28
LennieI gotta catch a train and find out stuff for Uni08:28
MerioLennie: I can push the former in the repository first08:29
Lennielet solydzajs decide what he wants to do now08:29
LennieI gotta head out :)08:29
MerioLennie: Otherwise I just ask solydzajs to apply the fixes and see if them works for him :)08:29
MerioLennie: Ok bye :)08:30
Lenniesounds fine :)08:30
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kblinthere's no real feedback about what what surveys I already replied to10:06
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MatthewWilkesgoogle code's melange support really isn't bad!14:34
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k0pHello. This demo have the midterm to test?15:29
Meriok0p: what do you mean? Sorry, can't understand :) If you're looking for the instance where you can test midterm is here =>
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
Meriok0p: yw15:34
ajaksuhi k0p, I'm working on it, but I can upload a midterm to now if you'd like to see it15:34
tpbTitle: Surveys demo instance (at
k0pajaksu, last few days I receive an email from Leslie (not sure from her) requesting for people testing on it15:35
Merioajaksu: should they test on melange-dev instance or in yours? :P Because yours is up to date, but melange-dev is the "official" AFAIK :)15:36
k0pplease let me know :)15:36
k0pI wanna help you guys testing.15:36
ajaksuk0p: we got quite behind schedule because we had to re-implement lots of base models, but tomorrow the official test instance should be up-to-date and ready for tests :)15:37
ajaksuMerio: melange-dev is the right one, but I can give a sneak peek in my instance right now :)15:37
Merioajaksu: Yes, also I think to file issue in the issue tracker you can tell which instance you were testing on15:38
Merioajaksu: so it's up to k0p I suppose :P15:38
k0pconfusing right now :) ajaksu or dev branch?15:39
Meriok0p: you're right to be confused, sorry about that :) ajaksu: last word is up to you as you're more involved into that :)15:39
ajaksuk0p: right now? ajaksu is better :) tomorrow? dev is better :)15:39
k0pget it now :D15:40
k0pbut tomorrow it should be online isn't it?15:40
ajaksuk0p: yes :)15:42
ajaksuk0p: thank you for helping and sorry for being late and confusing :)15:42
k0pwelcome dude15:44
Meriok0p: yes thank you very much15:45
k0pno problem I'm just creating the profile15:45
Merioajaksu: python question :P I have scope path and link_id... how can I retrieve the correct entity?15:45
Merioajaksu: I've done a filter and used getForFields, but it doesn't return anything15:45
Merioajaksu: (using Unique=True).... perhaps it's not the right way15:45
ajaksuMerio: lemme get you an example, can you paste your filter? :)15:47
Merio    statistic_filter = {'scope_path': statistic_scope_path,'link_id': statistic_link_id}15:47
Merio    statistic_entity = statistic_logic.logic.getForFields(filter = statistic_filter,unique = True)15:47
k0p500 server error :(15:47
Merioajaksu: also can I print something in the appengine console? In that way I can test if "statistic_scope_path" and "statistic_link_id" actually contain the right content15:48
ajaksuk0p: sorry, just updated the code and there's a couple invalid entities in the datastore, removing them15:49
k0pajaksu, ok15:49
Merioajaksu: your CSS doesn't work here => gives 40415:49
k0pajaksu, and sorry my stupid things.. but I don't have idea how to test midterms cause no organization there15:50
k0pI just have register my profile15:50
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bastiao_sorry guys15:53
bastiao_I'm k0p15:53
ajaksuMerio: what happens with getFromKeyFields? we don't fetch on scope_path and link_id anywhere, it seems...15:53
bastiao_connection is gone15:53
bastiao_did I miss something?15:53
ajaksubastiao_: você é de onde? :)15:54
bastiao_Já vi que és Brasileiro :)15:54
bastiao_mas por acaso, no GSoC estou numa organização fundandada por Brasileiros: Umit Project ;)15:55
ajaksubastiao_: bestial ainda é usado como 'muito bom'? caso seja, o Umit é bestial :)15:55
Merioajaksu: thx gonna try. Perhaps I'm doing wrong15:56
ajaksuMerio: in 5 minutes I'll get you a working example from the live console :)15:56
Merioajaksu: thx ^__^15:56
bastiao_sim é sim15:57
bastiao_ajaksu, conheces o Umit? ;)15:57
bastiao_well we should talk in English15:57
ajaksubastiao_: yes, I used to follow the blog during last GSoC and I know Guilherme Polo from python-dev :)15:59
ajaksubastiao_: can you see if you're allowed to take the midterm demo? at :)16:01
tpb<> (at
bastiao_ajaksu, :)16:02
bastiao_Guilherme Polo is a nice guy :)16:02
ajaksubastiao_: yes he is :)16:02
bastiao_ajaksu, "This page is inactive at this time. "16:03
bastiao_something wrong there16:03
ajaksubastiao_: right, new access checks... let me try to fix that :)16:03
Merioajaksu: getFromKeyFields doesn't work here => InvalidArgumentError: Not all the required key fields are present16:03
bastiao_ok ;)16:03
bastiao_ping when it's raedy16:03
Merioajaksu: Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Purpose is to link a widget with the proper statistic, I have the link_id inside JS, it goes back to Python and I need to associate a widget with that statistic. Assuming that giving the key() to JS is not safe, I should couple it with link_id I suppose16:05
Merioajaksu: I mean, without details. the widget has a referenceproperty to a statistic in the model. So it's not something directly related to statistics but something more general :) More generally, how to send the reference of an entity to JS and get it back safely in Python?16:06
ajaksuMerio: makes sense, going to the interactive console until new access check is tested :)16:07
ajaksuMerio: I did it with link_id before, lemme check how16:07
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ajaksu(when I fetched a user's set of results to display to an admin)16:08
Merioajaksu: trying with KeyName16:15
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Merioajaksu: seems it worked :P16:22
ajaksuMerio: I was using User.gql("WHERE link_id = :1", user).get(), but there should be a better way :)16:22
Merioajaksu: understood... well... I'll ask core devs ^__^16:25
Merioajaksu: most important thing I would ask you... is there a way to print variables from Python to the google appengine INFO logs?16:26
Merioajaksu: because I can see them in my Linux console after I run it, and I can see errors in that... so perhaps I can print something in there so I'm sure of what variables contain :)16:26
ajaksuMerio: I think it should work if you fetch the scope from scope path, we have this in student project:16:27
ajaksufields = {'link_id': mentor_id,'scope':,'status': 'active'}16:27
ajaksu      mentor_entity = mentor_logic.logic.getForFields(fields, unique=True)16:27
Merioajaksu: so I don't know why that didn't work16:28
Merioajaksu: ah, understood now16:29
ajaksuMerio: 'import logging' in top imports, the logging.warn(str(x)), logging.warn('%s----------%s' % ('\n' *3, '\n'.join(dir(variable)))), etc :)16:30
ajaksu* then16:30
Merioajaksu: great, thanks ^__^ You rock dude :)16:30
ajaksuMerio: if you're in a hurry, you can add 1/0 to the line below the one you want to inspect, then click on local variables in the last trackeback line on the error page  :D16:31
Merioajaksu: ahahaah great breakpoint infrastructure :D :D16:31
bastiao_ajaksu, works now16:32
bastiao_can I test?16:32
ajaksubastiao_: was about to ping you :)16:32
bastiao_you do not ping me :)16:33
*** bastiao_ is now known as k0p16:33
k0pnice tips :P16:33
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ajaksubastiao_: sure, I should change the choice question types (many single choice show as multi), but you can take it and even edit it if changing 'take' to 'edit' in the URL works for you :)16:34
ajaksuk0p: tooltips? I'm supposedly adding per-question help to show in them now :)16:34
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k0pyes it will be cool16:35
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr16:35
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k0pajaksu, but can I fill the midterm?16:35
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ajaksuk0p: yes, it's not even a real midterm (in the sense a real one is linked to a project and forms a mentor-student pairing)16:36
k0pyes I know16:37
ajaksuk0p: so, you should be able to fill it and see your saved results16:38
k0pbut the tooltip in most pertinent question can help the guys answering16:38
*** dr__house has quit IRC16:40
ajaksuk0p: right, I'm adding a 'help' field to the edit page so we can give tooltips per-question (and default to current ones or better if none is given)16:40
*** dr__house has joined #melange16:40
ajaksuk0p: my to-do for the next hours:16:45
ajaksuworking on adding the per-question tooltips, and the not-so-related making the question link-id-like identifier appear in UI (so you can number or give number+letters identifiers to questions)16:46
k0pgood luck :)16:46
ajaksudo a cross-browser (Windows + Linux, Opera, FF, Safari, IE, Chrome, etc.) and validation (HTML and CSS) run as soon as the tooltips and ids are done.16:46
k0pajaksu, well after submit nothing happens16:46
ajaksumy 'convert survey from Google Docs text into JSON' into the import view, so I can put the real surveys online in my test instance before 23:00 UTC16:46
k0pproblaby is because its not related to a project16:47
k0pwow :)16:47
ajaksuk0p: do you see 'Please complete this survey. ' on top or 'edit and re-submit'? :)16:47
ajaksuk0p: telling you about my to-do just so you can add items you think are necessary and/or expand on the ones I already have :)16:48
k0pedit and re-submi16:49
ajaksuk0p: never mind, I see your results :)16:49
k0pok but some feedback missing16:49
k0pbtw letters is not too big? :S16:50
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:50
ajaksuk0p: great, adding feedback goes above tweaking UI, thanks :)16:52
ajaksuk0p: too big and inconsistent in my FF, fixing that in the cross-browser CSS fixes16:52
k0pajaksu, question numbers? is not good? :\16:52
k0pajaksu, fine :)16:52
k0pI can test it Safari16:53
k0pI was using FF in Linux16:53
k0pbut if it necessary I can test on Safari on Mac OS16:53
ajaksuk0p: question number, you mean, in results list?16:54
k0pI see last question16:54
k0pNo text there. Should I guess? :-)16:55
k0pAnd in others no numeration16:55
k0pand number all questions is good idea cause people can go to IRC and said: "hey in question 19 what means bla bla bla?"16:56
ajaksuk0p: aha, you found a bug in my gsoc-to-json converter, thanks a lot :)16:56
k0pwe can identify better issue16:56
ajaksuk0p: yup, and we already have the numbers (identifiers actually, so you can do '1a, 1b', 'name', etc.)16:57
k0pand the text box on comments? :) common. Add more columns is free :P16:57
ajaksuwe seem to have many bogus widths set, I'll clean them up... btw, do the textareas auto-grow (height) for you?16:57
k0pajaksu, fine. But online it doesn't have numbers, but 1a, 1b) seems good16:58
k0p"auto-grow"? nop16:58
k0pJust for down..16:58
k0pI was talking about the columns. Not rows16:59
k0pso ok. :16:59
MatthewWilkesOT: Does anyone here know if it's possible to save your auth details so you don't have to type them every time you push to google code in hg?17:00
ajaksuk0p: OK, I meant I'll increase the columns when I'm fixing widht issues, and in a related note, do textareas auto-grow for rows or do you need to scroll? :)17:00
k0pIt seems that you have some space for the comments box width17:00
ajaksuMatthewWilkes: if you push with ssh,  you can ssh-add17:00
k0pauto-grow for rows seems really good IMHO17:00
ajaksuk0p: here's what CSV tells me about your survey
tpbTitle: Paste #126811 | LodgeIt! (at
MatthewWilkesajaksu: Can you push with ssh to google?  I only see https17:01
ajaksuk0p: hehe, I guess I never added comment to CSV exports, oops :D17:01
ajaksuMatthewWilkes: oops, I guess not17:02
tpb<> (at
k0pajaksu, ok. it's all for now17:03
MatthewWilkesajaksu: Awesome, thanks.  Sorry for the googlefail17:03
ajaksuMatthewWilkes: I have that page open in an ancient tab, wasn't so easy to google for its contents IIRC :)17:04
*** Lennie has joined #melange17:15
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lennie17:15
MatthewWilkeshi Lennie17:15
LennieHi MatthewWilkes :)17:15
MatthewWilkeshow goeth?17:18
Lenniepretty well :)17:18
LennieSurveys look good to be taken tomorrow17:18
Lenniedata mining part however will need some work next week17:19
Lennieand how are you?17:19
MatthewWilkesspent hours coding, and about to have burgers17:19
MatthewWilkesso excellent17:19
LennieErant: !17:20
LennieMerio: ping17:20
LennieMatthewWilkes: Medium-Well with extra onions ftw :P17:21
LennieErant: how was Santa Cruz?17:21
MerioLennie: (sorry phone call, pong you later :PP)17:21
ErantAwesome ;) No fireworks were allowed on the beach, but by the end of it, blue smoke everywhere :P17:21
Lennieyour first 4th of july celebration right?17:22
MatthewWilkesLennie: Burgers are to be cooked medium rare17:22
LennieMatthewWilkes: hmm :(17:22
LennieMatthewWilkes: as long as I get my extra onions!17:22
Lennie(Lennie misses the beer-battered onion rings, the dutch don't have them )17:22
MatthewWilkesNo onions either, but that's just bad luck17:23
MatthewWilkesSteaks are blue to rare depending on quality of restaurant.  Burgers are medium rare. Nothing is ever more.17:23
ajaksuLennie: hi :)17:23
Lenniehi ajaksu17:23
LennieMatthewWilkes: I might still disagree a bit, however it does sound tasty17:24
Merio(Lennie: still phone call :) Just not to screw up things with timezones... conference call tuesday is at 20:00 or 21:00 Amsterdam/Rome time?)17:24
Lennie20.00 Amsterdam17:25
Lennie20.00 UTC+217:25
kblinhey Lennie17:25
Lenniethe Melange calender is updated for it17:25
Lenniehi kblin17:25
kblinLennie: I take the real survey isn't up yet?17:25
LennieI put the real questions in there ;P17:25
Lenniebut no, I haven't put the real survey in17:26
ErantYup, first 4th. Going to see if they'll let me into the pool area inna bit17:26
ErantIt's hot out17:26
LennieErant: lucker17:26
Lennieit's hot inside here :(17:26
ErantWell, come over sooner. :P17:26
LennieI know the data for the survey is out there somewhere :)17:26
kblinLennie: it'd be nice to get some feedback on the status of a survey in the list17:28
ajaksuLennie: real questions? where? :)17:29
Lenniekblin: might nog be a bad idea17:30
*** dhaun has quit IRC17:32
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kblinanyway, off for tonight17:34
Lenniekblin: thanks for your input ^_^ , cya tomorrow17:37
MerioLennie: pong )17:49
Lenniethe edit page fix is strange17:50
Meriowhat happens?17:50
Lennieit makes the results list go all weird :)17:50
MerioAlso in Firefox? Can you send me a screenshot?17:51
Lennieif you can tell me how I can do a printscrreen on a mac :P17:51
Merionever own a Mac so I cannot tell :D17:53
LennieI better mail it next time lol :18:07
LennieDCC transfer is slow18:07
Merioyep ^__^18:09
k0pajaksu, ping me when you have new updates ;)18:09
k0pnow I'm leaving.18:09
MerioLennie: interesting... this is from which template? edit?18:09
MerioLennie: do you know where that HTML is generated?18:14
MerioLennie: I mean the survey results stuff18:14
Lenniefor what actually :P?18:14
Lennieoh that's probably the list stuff18:15
MerioLennie: if it overlaps perhaps it needs a float:left too18:15
MerioLennie: can you try to add a clear:right on line 98 of edit.html?18:15
Lenniesure one sec18:16
MerioSo:   <div style="float:left;clear:right">18:16
MerioSorry to have you as an human debugger but I'm finishing something for statistics module and my computer already complains with one appengine instance running :P18:16
Lenniedoesn't help18:18
MerioLennie: I've seen the list but I would like to know how that survey results are appended to the dom... is it something from javascript or something from django?18:20
Merioline 199 on?18:20
Merio{% if survey_records %}{{ survey_records|safe }}{% endif %}?18:21
MerioTry to wrap it in a <div>, if not helps <div style="float:left"> too18:21
Lennienow it gets shown next to the buttons18:23
Lennieon the right side18:24
Merioeven if the buttons have clear:right?18:24
Lennieis that the line 98 change?18:24
Lennieyes even then :)18:25
MerioThis is not the right response :P18:26
Lenniewe'll have to get a fix later ten18:28
Lennietake page seems to work though18:28
MerioLennie: if you could save the generated HTML (from Firefox developer toolbar for example) in a file I can debug the appareance without running appengine18:29
Lenniewe'll get to it later18:30
Lennieit is getting late here :)18:30
MerioLennie: here too :) I was thinking of studying for my exams but I'm stuck with an issue and I want to get it working before tomorrow ^__^18:30
Lenniegoodl luck18:30
MerioThank you :D18:30
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Lennienn all19:09
Lenniejamtoday: same for you, I'll be cutting a new release once I get up tomorrow19:09
Lennieso if you have some patches left that might be of use by then sent them in19:09
Lennieand else good luck with the newsfeed :D19:09
ajaksuLennie: good night, see ya soon :)19:12
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ajaksuouch, our HTML is impossible to validate, skipping this step :D22:20
*** jamtoday has quit IRC22:33

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