Monday, 2009-07-06

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ajaksujamtoday: ping04:51
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ajaksuLennie: good morning :)05:51
jamtodayajaksu and Lennie: ping05:53
jamtodayit only took me an hour05:53
jamtodayLennie: it only took me an hour to respond to ajaksu05:53
Lenniehehe large ping05:53
ajaksujamtoday: pong :)05:53
ajaksujamtoday, k0p: I've fixed everything UI that annoyed me, except for the JS version of the widgets (should be done in 15 min), can you take a look at to see if there's anything amiss? :)05:56
tpb<> (at
ajaksu too :)05:56
Lennieajaksu: I can't apply your first JS patch05:56
Lenniethe file was renamed before you sent it in05:56
tpbTitle: Error (at
ajaksuLennie: oops, fixing it05:56
Lennieajaksu: nm05:57
Lennieajaksu: I hacked it :P05:57
jamtodayajaksu: looks good at every width I've tried, from 1024 up05:57
ajaksuLennie: thanks :)05:57
jamtodayajaksu: is it supposed to ask for both the question type and rendering type?05:58
ajaksujamtoday: the known weakness we have is that if a select is wider than #survey_widget, the color background gets visibly narrower than the form table05:59
jamtodayajaksu: yes, this should fix that problem06:00
jamtodayajaksu: I'd suggest that the required field be next to the question title, because before it was below, and now it's to the side of the question field06:01
jamtodaybut that's just a personal preference06:01
ajaksujamtoday: Python code still expects both, is there JS setting one when the other is selected? if so, I can get rid of one select in the template version, otherwise I'll add JS and keep both selects in sync06:01
ajaksujamtoday: in take or edit view?06:01
jamtodayajaksu: ummm a week or so ago I had made a fix that didn't require both06:01
jamtodayajaksu: i'm looking at the take view now06:02
jamtodayajaksu: in the take view, I'd also keep the margin-bottom on comment fields, so that its very clear which item it's paired with06:02
ajaksujamtoday: I just checked, ISTM I never touched margin-bottom for comments... maybe it was a side effect from a float or display:block?06:06
jamtodaythe commit I'm referring to is here -- and the code is still intact in getSchemaOptions (ln 383) in views/models/survey.py06:07
tpbTitle: Commit 9dbf85788e9d4738d285a414ed7b3d8b7c8442e5 to jamslevy's Melange - GitHub (at
jamtodayajaksu: earlier today, your instance had these css changes I had made. Question names were bigger, some of the field sizes were smaller. This was from a patch I submitted a couple days ago06:08
jamtodayso at some point in the last 24 hours it was jettisoned06:08
Lenniejames touched the margin bottom from comments06:08
LennieI commited that patch from him06:09
Lenniethat's all I know :P06:09
LennieIt didn't had more changes06:09
jamtodayajaksu: sorry, it actually is there. my bad....but it's not working as intended.....06:10
jamtodayit looks like the margin-bottom needs to be directly applied to the textarea now, which is great because that doesn't require any jQuery06:12
jamtodayI'll submit a patch for this in 2mins06:12
ajaksujamtoday: here's most of my changes, the tooltip patch has a couple more: :)06:12
tpbTitle: Paste #126864 | LodgeIt! (at
ajaksujamtoday, Lennie: what were all those floats and clears for? removing them gave me consistently good layout in 8 browsers in windows and linux...06:13
LennieDon't ask me, I'm just the messenger06:13
Lenniethis is interesting06:15
Lennieif I create a new survey of the same type and I make the form fail so that the survey is not created I get to see survey records06:15
Lenniefrom other surveys06:16
ajaksujamtoday: great, I missed the getSchemaOptions change, I'm removing the superfluous select from our template then :)06:16
jamtodayIIRC that was the cause of some weird behavior when you selected the wrong combo06:17
ajaksuLennie: uhoh... I thought I had squashed that in createGet, but a validation error means you're going through... createPost?06:17
ajaksuLennie: a proper fix would be a bit better than the hack I tried :)06:17
k0pajaksu, I'll06:27
jamtodayLennie: odd. I'm not getting that. Is your view modified from the repository?06:32
LennieAjaksu's patch :)06:32
k0pajaksu, 1) and 2) is the same?06:35
ajaksuk0p: 1) and 2) as in the links I pasted above or the demo and demo2 surveys? :)06:37
jamtodayajaksu: I'm going to update the survey wiki with import/export instructions. I'll also import your sample midterm to my instance to make sure it works.06:38
jamtodayI may need a little help getting started06:39
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k0pajaksu, first one06:39
tpb<> (at
ajaksujamtoday: repo is missing recent version of import view, did you get the patch I sent to the ML?06:41
ajaksuk0p: the links are for the take and the edit pages, for the same survey but showing different parts of our UI (edit view will be restricted to admins on production server)06:42
jamtodayI'm working off the head of the soc repo, but I can reapply it06:43
ajaksujamtoday: I can regenerate the patch if it'd help06:44
jamtodayI was just thinking it would probably conflict....but I'm about to try06:44
jamtoday"patch does not apply" :(06:45
jamtodayand hg says "abort: local changes found, refresh first"06:47
ajaksujamtoday: kinda expected that :)06:47
jamtodayI can cherry pick this in, dont worry about it06:47
ajaksujamtoday: what are you telling hg to do when it says that?06:49
jamtodayI'm just going into the diff and manually applying it06:49
jamtodaybest way i know of :)06:49
jamtodayand it gives me a chance to look at the code06:50
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Lenniejamtoday: ping07:10
Lennieyour js to css patch07:11
Lenniethere was a margin-top in there as well07:11
Lenniebut now it is not in the CSS07:11
jamtodayLennie: the margin-top is unrelated, but I probably should have taken that out as well, since it won't have any effect07:16
Lennieyou took it out of JS07:16
Lenniebut you didn't put it in the CSS07:16
Lenniewhat do you want :P?07:16
jamtodayi didn't add it to the css? div #survey_widget textarea.comment{07:17
Lenniediff says only margin-bottom07:17
jamtodayoh yes, i see what you mean. the margin-top doesn't need to be there07:18
jamtodaythe negative margin top makes the comment go closer to the prev field, and the margin bottom pushes away the next one07:18
Lenniethen I leave it be :)07:18
jamtodayas long as the margin-bottom of 30px is there, the pairing should be obvious07:18
jamtoday.prev().css({'margin-top': '-10px'}) could be changed to .prev() in the JS, I thought at first that's what you meant07:19
Lenniehehe nope07:19
Lennieanyhow I pushed your patch07:19
jamtodayLennie: do you think I should be doing import/export now, or is there something more urgent?07:20
Lenniejamtoday: import/export off?07:21
jamtodayif you change the url_name to /json/ you export the survey as JSON, and /import_json/ is a page allowing JSON uploads07:21
Lenniedon't worry abou tthat07:21
Lenniecsv export is working right?07:22
Lenniefor survey records07:22
jamtodayLennie: yes, it works07:22
Lenniedoes it translate the user property to their public name?07:22
ajaksu(except it's missing comments! k0p made me see it)07:22
Lennieyou might also want to add additional columns for projectsurvey07:23
ajaksuLennie: nope, but should be easy as I'm explicitly asking for user.link_id07:23
Lenniein which some information about the project is added as well07:23
Lennielike name and org07:23
LennieI think that would be a good thing to work on07:23
LennieCat and Ellen would be very happy :)07:24
k0pajaksu, sorry but not time to see yet. :(07:25
LennieI'm sure there is work for newsfeeds as well07:27
ajaksuk0p: you really have no reason to be sorry: you've helped me with UI, exports and access checks, thank you very much and don't worry a bit :)07:27
jamtodayLennie: so IIUC you mean denormalizing so that project properties are stored in project survey?07:27
Lenniecertainly on code style :D07:27
Lenniejamtoday: no just that the export shows them07:27
Lennie(shows them denormalized that is)07:27
jamtodayLennie: Okay, so subclass the export view07:27
Lennienot all properties but the important ones07:27
Lenniementor name07:27
Lenniestudent name07:27
Lennieorg name07:27
Lennieproject name07:27
jamtodaySure, I can do this. Then I will get a little bit of sleep. Rinse and repat07:28
Lennieyeah sure07:28
Lennieno hurry07:28
Lenniethis is something that can be added afterwards :)07:28
Lenniesleep is good07:28
LennieI had too much today :P07:28
LennieI really should go and have brunch now07:29
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Lennieback :)08:46
k0pajaksu, are you there?09:05
Lenniehi k0p, wassup :)?09:06
Lennieajaksu is  probably very busy with the latest fixes ^^09:07
k0pLennie, fine09:07
k0pbut the last questions09:07
ajaksuk0p: yep, but running for a release... do you have more feedback? :)09:07
k0pin the link refered by him doesn't have questions.09:07
k0pWell you decrease the number of rows in comments probably you decrease too much :). Columns is fine.09:08
k0pBut no more remarks :)09:09
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* lh ^5s ajaksu and jamtoday15:09
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* borja waves15:29
borjaquick q: will there be a way for admins to check what students/mentors have submitted their evaluations? I seem to remember this was possible last year, but can't find anything equivalent in Melange.15:30
Lennienope not now sorry :(15:32
LennieHowever we might send a mail nearing the end of the week to people who haven't done it15:32
Lenniemight be nice to drop a copy to org admins15:32
Lennieborja:  might be nice to keep it on the radar15:33
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - Google Code (at
Lennie(the system itself is quite new so we didn't have time to do it all :()15:33
solydzajsLennie: we might add some new functionality at the end of the week, I will try to find some more time to work on it15:33
borjaLennie: No worries :-) If you do send out e-mails a few days before the deadline, sending a copy to the admin would be enough for me.15:34
solydzajsLennie: Org admins cannot take a survey on behalf of their mentors right now right ?15:34
Lennieas said might do something like that at the end of the week L:)15:34
Lennienope solydzajs the mentor is responsible for it15:34
Lennieif the org admin wants to replace him with another mentor he can15:34
solydzajsLennie: true15:35
solydzajsok bbilb15:35
Lenniesolydzajs: LH was fine with this so :)15:35
solydzajsLennie: ok :-)15:38
tpb<> (at
borjaLennie: However, I realize there isn't time to do everything this year. The e-mail-based solution sounds perfectly reasonable, as long as it results in the admin being made aware of what mentors/students haven't filled out their surveys.15:41
LennieI'll see what can get done15:41
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jamtodayLennie: The midterm looks good. I'll be submitting the csv patch soon. Fell asleep on the job.15:52
Lennieaccess should be set to checkIsSurveyReadable ;)15:53
jamtodayLennie: Also, we could support additional_mentors very easily, re: solydzajs request for org_admins to take the midterm15:53
Lennieadditional mentors perhaps15:54
Lennieorg admins is harder15:54
Lenniebreaks the meaning of the taking access :)15:54
Lenniethings seem to work15:54
LennieI'lm off15:54
jamtodayyes, you've done great work.15:54
Lenniegonna post agenda for tomorrow's meeting perhaps before I go to bed else tomorrow morning15:55
Lennieand fix a plan for the record group15:55
Lenniethanks for your work jamtoday ajaksu :)15:55
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ThomasWaldmannmoin :)17:54
ThomasWaldmannThe last option for question 14 of the midterm eval (done by mentor) is strange.17:55
ThomasWaldmannlikely should read "... with my student"17:56
ThomasWaldmannlinked from " Google Summer of Code 2009 Mentor Midterm Evaluation Form ", 2nd paragraph17:58
ThomasWaldmannother link in 1st paragraph is also 40417:58
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k0pajaksu, there?18:33
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jamtodayThomasWaldmann: We're working on getting the broken link fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention20:27
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