Saturday, 2009-07-04

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Lennieajaksu: ping07:19
ajaksuLennie: pong, good morning/afternoon :)07:20
Lennieajaksu: Will there be any changes to the grade_field_form_2 patch?07:20
ajaksuLennie: yes, fixing validation to never raise and adding good comments, sending it in 5 minutes :)07:21
Lenniethen lunch comes first :)07:21
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Lennieajaksu: back :)07:46
Lennieajaksu: going over that patch now thanks07:46
ajaksuLennie: wb, thank you, I hope it works :)07:48
Lenniemay I ask where the data kwarg is for?07:49
Lenniewtf works :D07:52
* Lennie dance07:53
ajaksuLennie: it stores what usually is passed as the POST dict, in the db.Text patch I use it to build a list of fields which allow me to validate dynamic fields...08:03
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Lennieajaksu: it stores the field values as given?08:04
ajaksuLennie: fills them in the form08:05
Lenniekind of initial value?08:05
ajaksuLennie: wait, what are you asking about? :)08:05
Lennie    data = self.kwargs.pop('data', {})08:06
ajaksuLennie: ah, data, lemme pick the doc...08:06
LennieIts use confuses me a bit :)08:06
LennieI know it must make sense :P08:06
Lenniemy current description is       data: dictionary containing data that fields contain08:06
ajaksuLennie: "In this dictionary, the keys are the field names, which correspond to the attributes in your Form class. The values are the data you're trying to validate. These will usually be strings, but there's no requirement that they be strings; the type of data you pass depends on the Field, as we'll see in a moment."08:09
tpb<> (at
Lennieinteresting though08:09
Lennieit feels weird08:09
Lenniedata you want to validate08:09
Lenniebut in getFields you give another set of data right?08:10
Lennieone day we'll get rid of getFields :P08:11
Lennieif we're lucky08:11
ajaksuLennie: yup, in getFields we pretend we're being passed real data :)08:11
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ajaksuLennie: radio fixed (stupid mistake), can I reply to the thread you mention the issue in or is a new thread better? one line fix...08:16
Lenniehehe too bad you are not a project member ^_^08:17
Lenniemight have been your first own push08:17
Lennieyes reply in that thread is fine08:17
Lennieajaksu: forgot to add you to authors :P08:19
Lennieoh you are not even in the main file as well08:20
Lennieso done: )08:22
Lenniewhat a fix :D08:23
ajaksuLennie: great timing, you might have skipped adding me there if you saw that fix before committing :D08:24
Lenniehehe :P08:24
Lennieactually the policy is that you should have been in that file from commit nr1 :)08:24
ajaksuLennie: thanks for including me, I hope my case for a free license of will be much stronger with that  :)08:25
tpbTitle: Prices and Terms of Sale - Wingware Python IDE (at
Lennieoh yes08:25
Lennieyou should be able to mention melange :)08:25
ajaksuI wish their debugger would play a little nicer with the sdk (I have issues with continuing after an exception), but getting a console to poke at variables on exceptions is cool :)08:28
LennieI don't have that :(08:28
Lenniecan you make a survey with a selection question08:28
Lennieand take a look08:28
Lennieseems to be broken08:28
ajaksuLennie: looking into it08:29
ajaksuLennie: missed one line when splitting, sending patch08:31
LennieI send you an error message ^_^08:38
Lennieif this patch fixes that cool08:38
Lennieyou want anything to do :D?08:38
ajaksuLennie: it should fix that, yes :)08:38
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ajaksuLennie: I was thinking of implementing your 'if POST dict, forget survey_record' idea: it would solve an issue with pick_multi not recording its new empty state after you have submitted it something checked once08:40
Lenniego for it08:41
LennieI'm doing access checks08:41
ajaksuLennie: and I'd like to get the import patch in, as that will allow us to build the survey on our test instances, tune JSON by hand if we want to, then import in the soc instance08:41
Lennieunfortunately I find that low priority :P08:41
LennieIf you are lucky I can take a look at it soon08:42
Lennieif all goes well08:42
LennieMerio:  If you have more CSS/JS fixes go for it08:42
ajaksuLennie: ok, I hope I'm lucky :)08:43
Lennieyeah ^_^08:44
MerioLennie: going to do them in a hour after lunch. I'll go to Windows and try to fix something. Problem is that still I can't understand why those divs are hidden, because I can't find a statement anywhere08:44
LennieSorry for that08:44
Lenniebut it can be easily done by hand :p08:44
LennieMerio: might be templating error somewhere?08:44
LennieMerio: I have no clue :P08:44
LennieMerio: Back to access checks form e:)08:44
MerioLennie: neither am I. James says that they're hidden, but I can't find where is stated that they're hidden. As soon as I put a clear:right they starts to appear. So there is something strange going up there, going to inspect it :)08:45
MerioLennie: But I'm seeing now all the thread, so I'll see what you all said about style issues. Are the open issues stated somewhere in the thread?08:47
Lenniethere is no open issues list I know off for style08:47
Lenniemaybe on their github?08:47
LennieSafari 4.0 still looks ugly :p08:48
MerioOk so I'll look only for Safari 4.0 issues (at least Windows version ^__^)08:48
Lenniehave not given it a spin on my windows machine (lol that I'd ever say that)08:48
LennieThe mac is taking me over :(08:48
ajaksuMerio: we have a ui.all.css file and jquery might be hidding them in JS, no?08:49
Merioajaksu: well, to be fair I didn't see ui.all.css file. I've tried to see survey-edit js and soc css but I didn't find anything about that. Strange thing is that they appear if I add clear:right. But I'll dig further into it today08:52
ajaksuMerio: thanks again :)08:54
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Merioajaksu: np ^__^08:55
Merioajaksu: thank you for your effort on that :)08:55
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ajaksuLennie: any urgent tasks?09:29
Lenniewhat do you want to do, custom tooltips or fixing the fact that the form always goes into error mode when you are taking the survey for the first time or seeing the preview?09:31
ajaksuLennie: form in error mode, thanks :)09:33
Lennietestcase: make a required question, save the survey, go to the public or take page09:33
Lennieand see for yourself :)09:33
LennieMerio:  If you have the time
tpb<> (at
Lenniejust a quick +1 should be enough :)09:40
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ajaksuLennie: found a fix (don't pass data={} on init if not self.survey_record), but ISTM it would disable the db.Text hack on first taking... testing09:55
Lennie k09:56
Lenniesounds not so good10:00
LennieI wonder why it happens10:01
LennieI thought it would only happen when a validation has occured10:01
Lenniestrange that a new form thinks we are giving it data to validate ;S10:28
ajaksuLennie: we are, that's 'data', but I think I'm close to fixing this  :)10:38
Lennietaking access checks are in ^^10:45
LennieI'm gonna get a drink brb10:45
ajaksucool :)10:46
ajaksuk :)10:46
MerioLennie: ok, going to have a look (sorry I was at lunch :))10:48
MerioLennie: I was forgetting... I overlooked the fact that I'll be travelling to Italy from 6, but 6 is a Monday, so I'll be missing the conference call :(10:48
Lenniedon't forget to post a blog update :)10:49
MerioLennie: I mean, I have to catch the plane at 20:45 (Dublin time)10:49
Lenniehave fun at the wedding :P?10:49
MerioLennie: yep, going to do that10:49
MerioLennie: well, hope so... will tell you after 11 :D10:49
MerioLennie: however if I can find something with Skype I'll try to get in :)10:50
Lennieajaksu: I can't apply the db.Text patch (10:50
Lennieand I lack a good diff viewer in my mac10:51
ajaksuLennie: I'll update it10:51
Lennieomg I'm an idiot10:56
LennieI thought something had broken but I was actually just a host for the program I was testing stuff for10:56
ajaksuLennie: done, but maybe we need to test the grade field again after this goes in :)10:57
Lennieboo :P10:57
Lennieaccess checks seem to be working as expected10:58
Lennieyes boooo (N) breaking stuff is my job :)10:58
Lennieajaksu: do I need to test it for the db.Text patch?11:00
* ajaksu went to the just sent patch: 'OMG, how did I paste something so broken?'... clicking - Show quoted text - made it better11:00
ajaksuLennie: well, I think I tested them together, but you know how these cross-patch tests go...11:00
ajaksubrb, food :)11:02
Lennieajaksu: ping me when you are back11:07
Merioajaksu: Lennie: don't know if it's already fixed, I'm reading mails I've missed just right now, what is the "double quotes" JS bug?11:21
Lennieno idea ^^11:21
MerioLennie: thx anyway :D11:21
Lennieajaksu and jamtoday  should know11:21
LennieI've been too busy on the python side :P11:22
MerioOh sorry didn't notice James was here11:22
* Merio needs another coffee... or two :D11:22
ajaksuLennie: back (still hungry, but food should arrive soon :)11:24
Lennieyou ordered :P?11:24
ajaksuMerio: let me get you a linky :)11:25
Lenniedb.Text fix looks okay11:25
Merioajaksu: ok :)11:25
Lennienow when I do a multiple choice question all options are active11:25
ajaksuLennie: yup, I even started getting read to cook something, but... I don't deserve having to eat the abomination I cook when I'm working so much :D11:26
MerioLennie: done the +1 on revision, just a comment on style and a question about a commented line :)11:26
ajaksuLennie: oh, great... lemme look into that after this:11:26
Lennieajaksu: too bad you probably can't order with creditcard else I would have bought it for you :)11:26
LennieMerio: tyvm11:26
MerioLennie:, if you want I can give you my username and password, feel free to checkout something in the basket with your CC number if you feel like :D11:28
Lennieroflmao :P11:28 if you want to deliver me something lol11:28
LennieCC accepted :P11:29
ajaksuMerio: , survey-edit-090703.js:689 -> we lose text when options have double quotes11:29
tpb<> (at
MerioLennie: eehehe ok will have a look at it :P11:29
Lennieroflmao :P11:29
Merioajaksu: going to have a look11:29
Lenniemost of the pizza/pasta stuff you'll know11:29
ajaksuMerio: thanks :)11:30
Lennieat least they look like italian names :P11:30
MerioLennie: Yes, but as far as I know, for example here in Ireland they just inherit only the name :P11:30
Lennienot the taste :P11:30
Lennieyou owe me a good pasta bolognese then :)11:31
Lennieand I'll get you something typically dutch when you are here lol11:31
MerioLennie: sure I do :) But you should come in Rome and have a real pizza :)11:31
MerioLennie: sure, looking forward to that!11:32
LennieRome is expensive for tourists ;(11:32
Lenniebut I have an experienced guide :P?11:32
LennieI'm Dutch I'm cheap :p11:32
MerioLennie: sure you have :) And no needs for hotels ^__^11:32
Lennietempting offer rofl11:33
* Lennie adds trip to Rome on his list of TODO's11:33
Lenniethe list is long so don't worry you'll be back in Italy before I get to that :P11:34
Merio#TODO (Lennie): come to Rome11:34
madrazrMerio: can you promise that to me too :P11:34
Meriomadrazr: sure :)11:34
madrazrMerio: thank you!!!11:34
Lennieok ajaksu11:35
LennieI think it is good to combine the "all checked"-fix with the POST dict override patch11:35
Lenniesince the problem still exists after applying that one11:36
ajaksuLennie: got it, we were fetching content from survey_content, so agreed :)11:36
LennieI can't uncheck all the boxes11:36
Lennieok :)11:36
Lenniethat's the problem :P11:36
Lennieit's difficult to seperate them :(11:36
Lennieyou know Merio  pawel would say that you need to loose the : there :)11:37
Lennie# TODO(name) stuff " is the proper syntax :p11:37
Lenniesorry I'm too much into coding ^_^11:37
Lenniemaking very very bad jokes11:37
MerioLennie: eheh then I'll say him that to find the proper syntax (which I didn't remind, not too much into Python still :P) I just searched the trunk and got here11:38
tpb<> (at
MerioLennie: and saw the first hit :P11:38
Merio:D :D11:39
Lennieactually I'm wrong as ussual11:39
Lennieit can be :11:39
Lennieas long as you start with a capital letter :)11:39
MerioQuite complex to get in :P11:39
tpb<> (at
Lenniegood task for GHOP11:39
Lenniefind the inconsitencies :P11:39
Lenniehe's wrong ajaksu  :D11:40
LennieI probably fixed that because I was going through some style comments11:40
Lenniebut a colon is not needed11:40
Lennieif you don't start the description with a capital :D11:40
MerioWhat's the difference between starting the description with a capital or not?11:41
ajaksuLennie: I read the style guide first and thought a colon was optional, then started adding them after I read that, now the rule depends on capitalization? is always adding a colon ok? :D11:41
Lennieyou are right11:42
Lenniethe rule is kinda crazy :P11:43
ajaksuMerio: you can only start with capital if it's a multi-line comment (or a class attribute, with a colon after # IIUC), simple, eh? :)11:43
Lennieevery project got its quirks :P11:43
Merioand only if the weather outside is sunny and it doesn't rain in Alaska three times last week :P11:43
ajaksu* class attribute description :)11:43
Meriodoesn't => didn't11:43
Merioajaksu: the problem is in line 689?11:45
Merioajaksu: I mean, can you explain just a little bit more the problem?11:46
ajaksuMerio: sure :)11:46
ajaksuMerio: when we create a choice question, we have a textarea for quickly entering options, one per line11:47
ajaksuMerio: when the dialog is submitted, we split the textarea content on '\n' and build the options from that array11:47
ajaksuMerio: so the problem is probably on 689 or 698 (option_html), or the interaction of the two :)11:48
Merioajaksu: it gives a JS error or it doesn't display the options?11:50
ajaksuLennie: is adding the all-checkboxes-checked fix the only thing to go with the POST override patch?11:50
ajaksuMerio: it silently truncates on the first double quote in an option11:51
LennieI think so :P11:53
Merioajaksu: ok going to have a look11:53
Lennieif the validationError goes through nicely when not selecting anythin on pick_multi then yes11:54
Lennieafaik I committed all your other patches11:54
ajaksuLennie: yup, the validation still works11:55
Lennieokay didn't here ^_^11:55
Lennieafaik that's the only thing11:55
Lenniedid you epect someting lese?11:55
Lennie*expect something else?11:55
ajaksuLennie: I've got a fix for the errors on takeGet working, needs polish...11:56
Lenniethen go eat and polish :)?11:56
Lennieyou can sent them all in one big patch if you'd like11:56
Lenniewhatever works out best for you11:56
LennieSorry Merio wrong button :P11:58
ajaksuLennie: POST override only had a small change to avoid the checkboxes issue, good to commit if you don't find anything stoopid in there11:59
Lenniethen sent it in :D11:59
ajaksuthe errors fix should come after food :)11:59
Lennieoh already did :P11:59
Lennieyou are fast :P11:59
MerioLennie: what button? :)12:00
ajaksuLennie: it's a jedi mind trick, you keep replying fast so people don't expect you to have sent anything in between :)12:00
Lennieajaksu: roflmao :P12:00
LennieMerio: skype I hit call :p12:00
LennieMerio: apparently my cancellation skills own (or skype is so slow :P) that you didn't notice12:01
MerioLennie: ah didn't warn me of anything :)12:01
Lennieajaksu: ping12:21
ajaksuLennie: pong12:22
Lenniethe post should override previous record is not working as I expected it to :(12:22
Lennieif I always initate the form with a record12:23
Lennieit still uses data from that record even if I specify a post_dict on getFields12:23
Lenniethe reason this problem popped up for me was because I'm now always constructing the form with a record12:24
Lennieit might be me though but it still seems to misuse the record when it is available next to the post_dict12:26
ajaksuLennie: sorry, I hope it is going to be solved in the next patch, which changes setCleaners and __init__ to explicitely honor the post override12:26
LennieI'm mailing you my patch ^^12:27
ajaksuk :)12:30
Lennieit's in your inbox :P12:32
LennietakeGet is gonna look boring :(12:34
ajaksuLennie: you'll get what you need to have it in one line soon :)12:35
MerioLennie: do we have already something in place to handle htmlentities and translate them to unicode before putting them into datastore?12:35
Lennieajaksu: rofl mwah :P12:35
LennieMerio: ?12:36
LennieMerio: you mean some form of cleaner?12:36
Lennieme confused ^^12:36
MerioLennie: Actually problem for the JS double quotes bug is that they're stored into a "value" attribute of an input tag12:36
MerioLennie: so, to have it stored properly I need to change double quotes to their HTML entity "&#34;"12:37
MerioLennie: But then it is stored that way in the datastore. I would like to store it like double quotes12:37
MerioLennie: so I need something that does &#34; => "12:37
MerioLennie: obviously if this is needed, otherwise well patch is ready :P12:39
Lennienot that I know of :(12:43
ajaksuMerio: lossy quoting is an alternative I find quite acceptable (double to single), but we might be prone to this sort of bug without some escaping12:49
Merioajaksu: yes, I'm fixing this particular bug and sending the diff on dev list, but I don't know if it's needed somewhere else12:51
ajaksuMerio: did you get to run the survey edit UI? if so, pasting all sorts of garbage there could be interesting... is it XSS-prone? :)12:52
Merioajaksu: actually still not tried to run a survey, I'll trying to. Are there particular bugs open I might help with (apart from Safari one, need to reboot on Windows to fix it)12:54
ajaksuMerio: we do have some pending JS bugs, I can push a fresh version to if that'd help you test12:56
tpbTitle: Surveys demo instance (at
MerioIsn't the code pushed already in the main repository?12:57
MerioOtherwise I might pull your data from your repository (can't remember if I've the rights to do so however)12:58
ajaksuMerio: yep, what I meant was 'I can put the code in the public instance' :)12:58
ajaksu is actually a JS issue: we currently duplicate the edit UI in JS for adding new questions, the JS version is wrong here :)12:58
tpb<> (at
Merioajaksu: going to have a look :) In the meantime, patch for #42 sent to dev list :)13:01
Lenniewhat does this patch influence?13:02
MerioLennie: the edit survey javascript. It only substitutes " with &quot; before pushing options fields names into hidden inputs13:02
*** scorche has quit IRC13:02
Lenniehmm ok13:03
MerioLennie: Tested with &quot; went well with Python roundtrip, Django parsed it well, so they turned to be double quotes again :)13:03
Merioajaksu: can you give me further informations to begin with issue #43? I don't have a clue of what's the matter :P13:03
Lennieso you can store survey answers with " when it comes to selection questions?13:03
ajaksuMerio: getting linky :)13:05
MerioLennie: Yes. At least In edit survey it stores them fine and retrieves them back. Didn't test what the rendering in the actual survey is, but I think it won't be different13:05
Lennieyou can push that one yourself then :)13:06
ajaksuMerio: adding a choice question is supposed to add something very much like what this template generates:
tpb<> (at
MerioLennie: flattened, going to ^_^13:07
Lennieflattened :P13:07
Lenniedid an elephant sit on your lap?13:07
ajaksuMerio: but we have this instead (and boy should I fix our arrays for looks):
tpb<> (at
ajaksuLennie: real close now13:08
MerioLennie: ahahah n=>r :D13:08
Lennieajaksu: no rush, I'm hungry13:08
Lennieajaksu: I'm gonna see if I can make myself dinner13:08
Lenniethere are two more issues I know about13:09
Lenniecustom tooltips :)13:09
ajaksuLennie: that's a good sign, usually I have to see if I can eat the dinner I make :)13:09
Lennieand that the comments for multi_pick questions dissapear if the form validation fails13:10
Lenniewhile for other fields they work13:10
ajaksuLennie: hmm, didn't notice the second one, I'll take a look at it after I submit this patch13:11
Lennierecent JS work screwed someting up there13:11
Lenniemaybe something for Merio :D13:11
Lenniecurrently the text put in there is greyed when form fails13:11
Lennieand when I click it it is all gone :(13:11
Lennieand for multi_pick it stil forgets :(13:12
ajaksuLennie: saw that, it's the custom prompt magic working bad... maybe we could decide having custom  prompts in the input widget is simply bad and remove it?13:12
MerioLennie: will have a look at it too if time permits :)13:12
Lennieajaksu: I'm +1 on that and just have the tooltips13:13
Lennieoh it all goes gray now13:13
Merioajaksu: Hmm what are the differences between them, it's a little bit difficult to go through the array and comparing the two13:13
LennieI'll be back later13:13
Merioajaksu: oh nm, it's the "question type drop down" which is missing?13:14
ajaksuMerio: we only have render_for_ in JS, not type... yep, that's it :)13:15
Merioajaksu: what happens if you add it to the array? Sorry about that, but I'm not so much into the overall working13:16
ajaksuMerio: do you think we could store that choice question widget in HTML and replicate it in JS when a new choice question is added?13:16
ajaksuMerio: that array is what renders a new choice question widget, so we'd have a newly created widget that matched those generated from our django template :)13:17
*** scorche has joined #melange13:19
Merioajaksu: No I was meaning... why did you cut it out? What's happening with question type?13:20
ajaksuMerio: I promise I'll add *a lot* of comments to our JS if I survive deployment :)13:21
Merioajaksu: ehehe no problems code is enought clear. It's that I can't understand what is the bug, what's the problem, so it's difficult to debug it :P13:21
ajaksuMerio: AFAIK, james removed it accidentaly (he was trying to match type with render, since we reverted to a 1:1 association) ... we still use it when the select is rendered :)13:22
ajaksuMerio: bug is simply that it's missing a part of the UI on the JS created version :)13:22
Merioajaksu: the bug text says "This field was taken out because certain question types don't match with certain rendering types, but it is reverted on editing surveys. Unable to find the cause so far. Looks like maybe the HelperForm being called."13:23
Merioajaksu: so it seems it has been taken out for a reason... but it's the reason I can't get :P13:24
ajaksuMerio: oops, I misread the bug... well, the Python side still believes we have the two selects there AFAIK, lemme check :)13:24
ajaksuMerio: the reason would be the current 1:1 relation of type and render, but I have to see if python code is ready to work with a single select there :)13:25
Merioajaksu: well... so in the meantime if you want... just point me to the next bug ^__^13:28
*** dukeleto has joined #melange13:29
ajaksuMerio: the JS code that sets question indexes count table rows to know where the next question should be inserted... but it was written for one row per-question, which doesn't happen currently (we get at least two per question, not sure whether only two always)13:30
*** Lennie has quit IRC13:31
ajaksuMerio: editing JS, line 630 -> field_count = survey_table.find('tr').length;13:31
Merioajaksu: got it. :)13:33
Merioajaksu: just time to push the double quotes patch :)13:33
Merioajaksu: (and well, to drink some coffee :P)13:33
ajaksuMerio: no hurry, thanks a lot for all the help :)13:34
ajaksuMerio: btw, with >200 comments in review and so many advices, I think you should be @author in all survey JS files :)13:35
Merioajaksu: too kind :)13:38
ajaksuMerio: seriously, you've been a great help, I hope I can retribute with some Python guidance for your GSoC if you need it:)13:44
Merioajaksu: that would be great, thank you again :)13:47
*** Lennie has joined #melange13:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lennie13:50
Lenniehi ajaksu Merio  how is it going :D?13:51
ajaksuLennie: emailing the patch to you :)13:51
MerioLennie: patch pushed :)13:52
LennieMerio: +1 :P13:52
Lennieajaksu: Isn't the form always bound on POST request?13:58
ajaksuLennie: if we pass the post request, yes it is :)13:59
ajaksuLennie: but it shouldn't be bound on get, and passing anything besides None as 'data' makes it bound14:00
Lennieso that means I don't have to pass post_dict in _getSurveyTakeForm right?14:01
Lennieit just gets set when I call getFields?14:01
ajaksuLennie: since we're using getFields to do something __init__ should do, we aren't getting bound forms IIUC (and that's why I had to pass a hand-crafted 'data' before)14:02
ajaksuLennie: but that makes us really close to calling SurveyTakeForm(request.POST, **kwargs) and having __init__ do the getFields dance14:03
Lennieanything besides None?14:03
ajaksuLennie: at least an empty dict makes it bound :D14:04
Lennieshouldn't line 100 be 'data', None then?14:04
ajaksuLennie: no need, but it would be clearer: we're removing data from kwargs and only adding it back if it had content to begin with14:07
ajaksuLennie: so, hm, the empty dict is never used, None is bestest :)14:08
Lennieso hmm why would I need to pass the same data to getFields again :)?14:10
ajaksuLennie: you wouldn't,  if I factored the common field-value fetching code out of setCleaners and getField, then saved the values... and I can also make getFields run from __init__, so our form pretends to be normal :)14:11
Merioajaksu: do you have an example in which a question takes more than one row? Because it seems fine here14:12
ajaksuLennie: is that my task or is it low priority?14:12
ajaksuMerio: OK, sorry, same mistake I made when explaining to Lennie... in fact, that buglet only gives us higher indexes if we're displaying error msgs or something like that, but it's a bad index function once you add lots of questions and remove some, then add new ones :)14:14
ErantSRabbelier: So, doing anything today?14:15
SRabbelierErant: yup!14:15
Erantliek w0t14:15
SRabbelierErant: got invited by some friends :)14:15
ErantOver to where?14:15
Merioajaksu: if I remove a question and then I add one it seems to keep good working14:15
SRabbelierErant: over to their place to have fun and watch fireworks :P14:16
ErantAh. I'm leaving for Santa Cruz in about an hour, should be kickass :)14:16
Lennie4th of July ^_^14:16
Lenniehave fun14:16
ErantBeer + beach + fireworks + babes == teh win.14:16
ajaksuLennie: never mind, the data extraction is trivial to replace as we keep it as 'data', question is: should I move getFields to __init__? :)14:16
MerioErant: :D14:16
Lennieajaksu: yes lets get it over with!14:17
Lennieajaksu: then it feels more like a normal form :)14:17
MerioSRabbelier: have fun :)14:17
Lenniewhich can read both a survey_record and POST data14:17
Lennieajaksu: you agree?14:17
Lennieajaksu: however you should still have _getFields don't want to clutter __init__ too much :D14:18
ajaksuMerio: hm, try adding half a dozen questions, saving, and deleting the first four and saving... when you add new ones (and save), they'll appear on top of the existing ones14:18
ajaksuLennie: agree and agree :)14:18
Merioajaksu: ok thanks, trying to test it14:18
Lennieajaksu: awesome14:19
ajaksuMerio: fix for that isn't too clear to me... maybe we should re-index when saving the schema to remove gaps?14:19
tpbTitle: YouTube - Italian Sausage Burgers Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys (at
SRabbelierBBQ :D14:23
Merioajaksu: Actually I know that if you put in fields a name attribute name="field[]" it can actually behaves like an array. But I need to have a deeper look at your code to see what's really happening14:23
Merioajaksu: Actually I remember that putting name like that you would end up in PHP with an array, going to see if this is happening also in JS :)14:24
ajaksuMerio: I think we use something similar for the per-choice-question options (which are sortable, so serialize their order on POST)14:25
Merioajaksu: oh they are? I didn't notice it :)14:26
Merioajaksu: an hover with cursor:move could be useful14:26
ajaksuMerio: actually they're numbered but we use sortable.serialize() or something like that to re-number :)14:26
ajaksuMerio: agreed, and something to flag that double-clicking let's you edit the option text would also be cool...14:27
Merioajaksu: actually when you edit, at least in my box, it happens that you have spaces before and after the label14:29
ajaksuMerio: here too, never took the time to fix that...14:30
Merioajaksu: ok going to see too :)14:30
ajaksuMerio: thanks :)14:32
Lennieajaksu: you can attach your patch to the POST override thread ;)14:32
LennieMario you have mail14:33
MerioLennie: great :)14:33
Merioajaksu: should the count start with 0 or 1? Because well, I'm making an ugly hack to count with <a class="delete"> instead of <tr> :)14:37
ajaksuMerio: I think it starts at 1, from when the survey has no fields yet, but shouldn't matter if we're consistent when counting :)14:40
Lenniecounting from 1, VB horror :P14:40
Merioajaksu: well so what matters? :P eheheh14:41
Lennieas long as it is consistent it doesn't matter right??14:41
Merioajaksu: I mean, well probably it's because I couldn't reproduce the error you're talking about, I'll try to do it14:41
MerioLennie: ah, I misread :P14:42
ajaksuMerio: maybe I'm wrong, wanna try the inline edit issue until I can try to find a reproducible case? :)14:44
Merioajaksu: eheh ok :P However I see that if you use class=delete as a reference the counting is right. Don't know however what happens in backend, if this index need to be used for something and then it's needed to be refreshed in some way.14:46
ajaksuMerio: yes, the issue would be that the index is stored and is static, so the field with index 10 could be listed below newer ones if 1-9 were deleted... however, if we do generate the indexes dynamically, this doesn't happen... but I don't think we do :)14:48
Merioajaksu: problem is that as far as I can see you don't output the indexes after saving them. Don't know if it can break something, trying to see14:53
ajaksuMerio: right, they are used to sort the fields but not actually output... maybe we could serialize field order and reindex from that, but it's not a big issue: you can edit order by hand in the json export :)14:54
ajaksuMerio: gives a good overview of a survey:
tpbTitle: Paste #126495 | LodgeIt! (at
ajaksukey fields are survey_content and schema inside it14:58
LennieI'm still pondering about the import view :)14:59
Lennieajaksu how is it going?15:01
LennieI want to round up early today15:01
Lennieso we can say that we are done with ti :P15:01
ajaksuLennie: going well, but... don't we have pairing to solve? :)15:03
Lenniethat's something for next week15:03
Lennietask API ftw :)15:03
Lenniewe'll have the task API doing the pairing15:05
Lennieand that's where the program admin can change the outcome if required15:05
ajaksuLennie: but if the models don't support it, can we deploy? I mean, given two open grading surveys paired to two open project surveys by a project, which goes with which? etc. :)15:05
Lenniewe have a SurveyGroup15:06
ajaksuLennie: so we're keeping the group/pair model15:06
Lennieyou specifiy which goes to which :)15:06
Lennieone time15:06
Lennieand then Task API gathers it all for you15:06
Lenniemaking GroupRecords15:06
Lennieor whatever we'll call them15:06
ajaksuLennie: great, so we're almost done :)15:06
Lenniejust waiting for your patch :P15:07
Lennieand then another one15:07
LennieI'm working on some Melange administration :p15:07
Lennieafter the patch from you we only have to take care of the annoying prompt swallowing up real answers which might go hand in hand with custom tooltips :)15:08
Lenniethat would mean my list of TODO is empty :P15:08
Lennieand I would have to give a big thanks to you for doing a lot of work the last days :D15:08
ajaksuLennie: heh, IMO I'm the one that should say thank you oh so very much :)15:11
*** Lennie has quit IRC15:12
*** Lennie has joined #melange15:12
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lennie15:12
Lennieif it isn't the wireless, it's me pulling out the LAN cable15:12
Lenniewhat was the last thing I said and what did I miss :P?15:12
Merioajaksu: is it expected behavior that if I delete a survey the survey content is still in the datastore?15:14
ajaksu[16:08:33] <@Lennie> and I would have to give a big thanks to you for doing a lot of work the last days :D15:14
ajaksu[16:11:30] <ajaksu> Lennie: heh, IMO I'm the one that should say thank you oh so very much :)15:14
Lennielet me lend a quote from someone15:15
Lennie"Don't deny the awesome"15:15
Lennieyou deserve a thank you ;)15:15
LennieI want to give you a free evening15:16
ajaksuMerio: nope, I think we should have all traces erased if we had a 'restore with results from backup', but both are important as I see it15:16
ajaksuLennie: thanks, and thanks for the free evening, so hacking for that :)15:17
madrazrLennie: Surveys testing mail should be sent to melange-soc list also I feel, there are more audience there than dev list15:18
Lennieit has been done madrazr15:20
madrazrLennie: cool! expecting more testing :)15:20
LennieI didn't know our group had 104 members lolo15:21
madrazrLennie: awesome!15:21
Lenniekblin: sorry that it had to take that long for something real to be out there but atleast it is really usable now :D15:23
Lenniekblin: I don't expect you to give it a spin tomorrow since you have a presentation :)15:23
Lennie(to prepare)15:23
Lenniejust keeping in line with GSoC tradition everything at the latest moment :P?15:26
LennieSRabbelier:  wanna bet for emergency maintenance tomorrow ;P?15:26
madrazrLennie: Murphy's law, eh? :P15:27
Lenniedon't start me on that ;015:27
madrazrLennie: ROFL :D15:27
SRabbelierLennie: lol :)15:30
SRabbelierLennie: I'll keep an eye on the google internal appengine threads :P15:30
Lenniehehe :D15:30
Lennie(hints at wanting a t-shirt)15:31
ajaksuLennie: done, sending the patch...15:39
ajaksuLennie: heh, I thought we had the post override patch applied (and applying this one makes it moot), but the getFromPost helper was lost in translation... want me to keep it?15:46
LennieI didn't apply the post override one15:46
Lenniejust give it all in one package :D15:46
Lenniewhatever works for you that means15:52
ajaksuLennie: deleting one line and deciding the helper isn't worth the hassle, not much work but I'm not that fast when not using mind tricks :D15:54
LennieI'll go and take a look then :D15:54
Lennielool :P15:56
Lennie505 :(15:56
ajaksusigh... error msg?15:56
LennieI'll fix it I think15:57
Lennie_getSurveyForm takes 4,  5 given15:57
ajaksuLennie: but the patch makes _getSurveyForm take 5... maybe kwargs vs args?15:58
LenniegradingProjectSurvey overwrites that method15:59
Lenniethat's the problem15:59
LennieAttributeError: This QueryDict instance is immutable15:59
Lennieyou are trying to write to mutate a POST dict there :)16:00
ajaksuLennie: told ya about possible subclass issues on the private message, forgot to pass to the final patch message :)16:00
ajaksuLennie: in Survey?  or a subclass?16:00
Lenniesubclass this time16:00
LennieI'm running the grading survey :P16:01
Lenniesince that's the most elaborate test case16:01
ajaksuLennie: didn't test with subclasses, expect breakage there... and yes, my grade hack is probably treating data as a dict... lemme run the grading survey and fix it16:02
Lennieit does fix the mentioned problems :D16:04
ajaksuLennie: now getFields runs in __init__ it should be easy to fix that... new version with subclasses fixes soon :)16:05
LennieI'm happy it sounds more solid16:06
Lenniealthough it doens't add much to the outside :)16:06
kblinLennie: demo site ready?16:09
Lenniehmm no16:11
LenniePawel will put the new version online tomorrow16:11
Lennie~10.00 UTC+216:11
ajaksukblin: I can push current code to my instance in a couple of minutes :)16:11
Lenniethat is indeed possible16:11
ajaksuLennie: don't let me forget to ask you about how and when we freeze ;)16:12
*** MatthewWilkes has joined #melange16:12
*** dr__house has quit IRC16:14
kblinok, whatever16:15
kblinI can't promise anything, but if I've got some time tomorrow, I'll try to break whatever you have :)16:15
Lenniedon't worry16:15
Lenniewe are used to letting it break when going live ;P16:15
Lennieit is software after all16:16
kblinthis will have to be before 14:00 CEST16:16
kblintomorrow, that is16:16
kblinI've got an appointment after that :)16:16
Lennieyes it shouldn't take Pawel more then 30m to cut, push and prepare the demo instance16:16
Lennieso it should be done well before 14.00 CEST16:17
kblinok, great16:17
*** florinciu_ has joined #melange16:18
kblinalways a pleasure trying to break your toys :)16:19
Lennieyou mean bully!16:19
*** florinciu has quit IRC16:20
*** florinciu_ is now known as florinciu16:20
*** florinciu_ has joined #melange16:28
*** madrazr1 has joined #melange16:34
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:34
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr16:34
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v madrazr16:35
*** florinciu has quit IRC16:36
ajaksuLennie: ugly 8 lines fixs on its way, was the 'pick a project' page supposed to appear after taking a grading survey, but without a project listed?16:42
Lenniethat can't happen :S16:43
ajaksulemme create a new project to make sure...16:44
Lennietaking a survey and whatever is on the filtering page have no influence on each other16:45
ajaksuLennie: access rules changes, I guess... and one more grade field validation issue to tackle16:49
Lenniewhat's wrong?16:49
ajaksuLennie: not storing the grade, should I do a crude special case then fix it neatly when my brain is back in action?16:55
Lennieit used to store it :D16:55
Lennieis this an exception of some kind?16:56
Lenniedoes it still store it in the normal case?16:56
ajaksuyou mean normal form values? yep... but we used getFields and insertFields to add the gradeField, I must be missing something stupid in this new config...16:57
LennieI thought taking it out wasn't that hard because you could just call getFields in the __init__16:58
Lennieapparently there is more to it16:58
Lennieif you fixed the rest you should send it16:59
LennieI want to take a look too16:59
ajaksuLennie: sent, going to take a small break to see if old brain wakes up :)17:04
LennieI'll take a look17:04
ajaksuthanks :)17:04
ajaksuLennie: it seems the field name is added to 'data', but I believe the field itself isn't added to self.fields...17:05
ajaksudamn the break, lemme check this17:06
Lenniehmm ok17:06
Lennielol :)17:06
ajaksuhmm, no, fields is this at the end of SurveyTakeForm.__init__: {'wfqf': <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x15862aac>, 'comment_for_wfqf': <django.forms.fields.CharField object at 0x15862e6c>, 'grade': <django.forms.fields.ChoiceField object at 0x1586254c>}17:07
ajaksu(nice field name, huh?)17:08
Lenniecan the getFields call be removed from takeGet?17:08
ajaksutesting, but so far looks like yes it can :)17:11
LennieI think I perhaps know why17:11
Lennieline 16117:12
Lenniethere never is because super was never called17:12
Lenniealways setting it to None17:12
Lennieand not to what the data to the constructor might have17:12
Lennieso we are not respecting the data kwarg there as the comment states afaik17:14
ajaksutesting this...17:16
Lennieif I replace None by 'fail' or 'pass' I'm getting some response17:16
Lennieso I think it must be there17:16
Lenniethe rest of the functionality seems to be intact :)17:19
Lenniestoring works fine17:20
ajaksunext time I say 'should be easy', shoot me twice17:21
LennieSRabbelier has experience on that ;D17:21
ajaksuLennie: fixed it or looking at the datastore?17:21
Lennielooking at datastore17:21
Lenniewith by forcing data to be 'pass'17:21
Lenniehave you fixed it :P/17:21
LennieI'm just beginning to get a good grip on it17:21
ajaksunot yet, but I'm starting to see a chance of fixing it before I punch my laptop, so all is good :)17:22
Lenniemy best bet is line 161 :P17:25
Lennieor the code around that line17:25
Lenniebecause what I am seeing on a post where grade should be fail17:25
Lennieis that data gets set to17:25
ajaksustumbling on "too many subqueries (max: 30, got 31)", gotta get me a clean db and real users...17:28
Lennie :P17:29
ajaksuhttp://localhost:8080/grading_project_survey/take/program/google/gsoc2009/survey_id with a clean db gives me: Error: ReferenceProperty failed to be resolved, (fetching project wanna traceback?17:31
Lenniebecause the surveys don't get deleted?17:32
Lennieseed_db doesn't do that17:32
Lennieor something else got deleted in wrong order :)17:32
ajaksuaha, must be it :)17:32
LennieI'm confused17:33
Lenniewhy do I have to set self.data17:33
Lennieand why am I the only field in there :P?17:34
ajaksuLennie: we don't have to set, but we have to send a new 'grade' entry to super, which was done using the data kwarg, that is now read-only...17:35
ajaksuso, hmm, stupid solution :)17:35
LennieI traced it back to 16117:36
Lenniesince that is where the['grade'] = None is set17:36
Lennieand that is used in the form17:36
ajaksuand it should be kwargs['data']['grade'] !17:37
Lennieif it exists17:37
Lenniethat's what I have now17:37
Lennieit still doesn't populate the field with the record :(17:37
Lennieso it goes back to choice a grade17:37
ajaksuwithout the validation error?17:38
Lenniehowever it gets stored correctly17:38
Lennieit just doesn't read it back correctly17:38
ajaksuhm, ok, that would be because we're iterating fields by schema I guess....17:38
ajaksuLennie: or not... lines 184-189 in grading...survey should fetch it17:41
Lenniethey fetch it17:41
Lenniebut it doesn't get set17:41
Lennieit doesn't get added to the clean_data in the super17:45
ajaksuit was a stale student project causing the error....17:53
Lenniethought so17:53
LennieI havent fixed it yet :(17:53
Lenniesomewhere something is going out of order17:53
Lenniewanna join debug part :P?18:19
jamtodayLennie: yes i do!18:32
jamtodayin the US of A there are other parties going on but luckily I am antisocial18:32
Lenniewe already got it :(18:33
MatthewWilkesyay, somebody XChat colourises as purple, not green, the conversation might be followable :)18:33
Lenniehappy 4th of Juli btw18:33
Lenniegratz MatthewWilkes :P18:33
MatthewWilkesafter rubbing the loss of the colonies in my face?18:33
jamtodayMatthewWilkes: Sorry bloke18:38
MatthewWilkesjamtoday: "bloke" can't be used like that.  I'd suggest "mate", "fella", or preferably "chap"18:39
jamtodayMatthewWilkes: right on mate18:40
scorche|shMatthewWilkes: dont mind that bloke ;)18:40
jamtodayLennie: In addition to testing on the staging server, I was planning on getting smoke tests ready for project/grading surveys. Is there anything higher priority for me to work on first?18:42
Lennienot that I know18:43
jamtodayStill some weird behavior with validation, but it seems like that might be fixed by now18:43
Lennieoh yes18:43
Lenniethat is fixed18:43
Lennieform validatoin failur18:43
Lenniemake the comment fields text fields go into prompt mode18:44
Lennieso you can't edit them without losing your data :S18:44
jamtodaygo into prompt mode...not sure I understand18:44
jamtodayI'm going to make sure grading works, and SurveyRecordGroups. We might not need it yet, but I want to make sure it won't require any changes to the model that we can't make after Monday18:45
Lennieplease dont18:46
Lenniethere is a lot more to it then it seems18:46
Lenniecreate group18:46
Lennieusing task API18:46
Lennieas long as the surveys are in place nothing has to change to record groups18:46
Lennieit is something that's supposed to be used for data collectoin18:46
jamtodayso I want the comment fields to empty when focused?18:46
LennieI rather have you working on some JS/CSS testing18:46
Lennieand then you can go on with newsfeeds next week18:47
LennieI think me and ajaksu(if he wants) will take care of the rest18:47
jamtodayalright, I've got Opera, Webkit, IE, and FF open18:47
Lennieajaksu: ping, are you going to do the comment/tooltip thingy :)?18:48
*** dhaun has quit IRC18:48
LennieI would love it if you'd get a staging server live18:48
Lenniemight be useful for early testing :P18:48
ajaksuLennie: reading back, but I can do it if nobody else really really wants to :)18:49
Lenniewe are talking about comment/tooltip right?18:49
Lenniemy 2 cents are you go and enjoy the rest of the evening and maybe give it a shot tomorrow :P?18:49
LennieI'm sure we can still get it in18:49
Lenniehowever it might be good to disable the prompt asap18:50
Lenniesince it is not nice to see your story go away :p18:50
ajaksuLennie: disabling asap, and making the question about freezing: how and when do we freeze? and after the release, how conservative do we get? i.e., do we accept nice-to-haves after first release or just bugfixes?18:52
Lenniebugfixes > nth18:53
Lennieit's just more of a way of seeing if that release is ready for taking surveys :)18:53
Lennieit's not really a big freeze18:53
*** madrazr has left #melange18:53
Lenniefor instance I still need to get your import view in :(18:54
ajaksujamtoday: the 'prompt mode' means we get the 'default prompt' behavior (disappering text when we start to type) with stuff we typed before... disabling it18:54
ajaksuLennie: that's good news, actually, as I don't have to deliver all my todos in 24h :)18:55
jamtodayoh...that shouldn18:57
Lenniebig changes are more unlikely to make it fast :)18:57
Lennieit happens when a selection questoin fails18:57
jamtodayajaksu: depending on if we want the default prompt behavior for all non-comment textareas, we can just do a negative lookup on comment class, I modified the comment widget attrs to include comment class18:58
ajaksuLennie: got it with 2 long_answers, one filled other failing, and confirmed that commenting out some JS bits fixes that...18:58
ajaksujamtoday: how about we don't add behavior to textarea contents and put default prompts in tooltips?18:59
Lenniegood idea ;)19:01
LennieI'm +1000 on that :P19:01
Lenniesince the text disappears when you start typing anyway19:01
Lennieand that way you can read it agian :)19:01
Lenniejamtoday: the current version should be good for testing19:02
Lennieeverything should work19:02
jamtodayLennie and ajaksu: Yes....I feel silly for having wasted all of our times with that "feature"19:02
Lennieis that meant sarcastic :)?19:03
jamtodayno, serious19:03
Lennieit's not really wasting19:03
Lennieit's programming19:03
Lennieyou have to try stuff19:03
Lennieand apparently this doesn't work out for us19:03
jamtodaytrue, it sounded good on paper19:03
Lenniewe can just use our tooltips19:03
Lenniewhich we have :)19:03
Lennieone could say you have wasted time on how the system looked 1 week ago19:04
Lennienot realy through19:04
Lenniecode evolves19:04
LennieI might have made the same if I started from scratch :)19:04
Lennieanyhow, no time for these kinds of discussions :P19:04
jamtodayyeah much easier to work on something that exists19:04
Lennieit's 01:00 here :D19:04
ajaksujamtoday: Lennie is looking into the final bug I introduced in the final patch for today for, dunno, three hours? :)19:05
Lenniejamtoday: so true19:05
jamtodayalright, get some sleep. I will get some BBQ19:05
Lennieajaksu: I'm past expiration date, too tired19:05
Lenniebut the bug has been fixed now afaik :)19:05
Lennieso please test19:05
Lenniemakes me happy19:05
jamtodayLennie and ajaksu: updating my staging server, I'll try my hardest to break things19:05
ajaksuLennie: yay, pulling and testing19:05
Lenniejamtoday: _119:06
ajaksujamtoday: do you know the 'paste > 1MB in the textarea' trick? seems we still have an upper bound for text fields :D19:06
Lennieajaksu: I've not given your patch a real proper rundown though19:06
Lenniejust keeping fingers corssed :P19:06
Lennieajaksu:  :D19:06
Lenniejamtoday: access checks are in place too btw19:07
Lennieso you should be able to log in as a student :)19:07
jamtodayajaksu: I don't know if we need to support > 1 MB in a textfield, do we?19:07
ajaksuLennie: I created and took surveys and project surveys with it, I'll try another run with the new code and focus on grading surveys :)19:07
Lenniejamtoday: you can't entities are limited to 1MB anyway19:07
Lennieajaksu: as student :)19:07
Lennieajaksu:  and mentor?19:07
Lennieajaksu: afaik it all seems good19:08
ajaksuLennie: aha, I think I didn't take as student for the last round, after access changes...19:08
Lenniejamtoday: I still have a JS menu patch from you I think19:08
Lenniefor showing featured surveys19:08
Lenniethat might be something I can get in after the new release has been cut :)19:09
ajaksuLennie: it's 20:08 here, I'll take a 1 hour break and come back for some more hacking, so expect patches and reports when you wake up :)19:09
Lennieif you want to test it on your own stage it would be cool19:09
jamtodayajaksu: you fixed the double quotes bug!19:09
Lenniejamtoday: no!19:09
Lenniejamtoday: Merio did :D19:09
Lennieright :P/19:10
ajaksujamtoday: the 1MB thing was me trying to test we were able to have > 500 chars fields... a pasted a liiiittle too much :)19:10
Lennieajaksu: okay, hmm that's kind of you :D19:10
Lennieajaksu: thanks for all the help so far19:10
ajaksujamtoday: Merio did, bless him :)19:10
Lenniejamtoday: survey_sidebar patch can you test it yourself and see if it works for the grading and project as well :)?19:10
Lennieput it in a seperate thread if it needs updating19:11
Lennieand I'll get to it in the morning19:11
Meriosorry guys I was asleep... thx too kind ^__^19:11
ajaksuMeri o: I can't believe you woke up to be polite :D19:12
ajaksu(extra space to avoid waking him up again, just in case)19:13
LennieI like a bit of torture19:13
Lenniebeen reading too much James Bond lately19:13
Lennieis rubbing off :)19:13
Merioeheheh :)19:13
Merioactually I was studying Physics... and turned out to be better than chamomile today :P19:14
Lennieremind me19:14
Lenniewhat do you study?19:14
MerioComputer Engineering19:14
Lenniephysics and CE19:14
Lennieare we talking electrical currents here?19:15
Lenniequantum mechanics ^_^ ?19:15
MerioElectromagnetism :)19:15
MerioWe've two exams, this is the last one. The former was about dynamics... but already done :)19:16
jamtodayajaksu: testing sidebar...I'm trying to figure out what happened to my qip19:16
MerioI've left the better exams for last :D19:16
ajaksujamtoday: qtip?19:17
Lennieyes queue tip I think?19:17
Lenniemercurial or git stuff :P19:17
Lenniewhatever it may be19:17
Lennieatleast I hope :D?19:17
Lenniejamtoday, ajaksu, Merio. I gotta leave you all alone19:17
Lenniesleep is getting to me19:17
Meriome too :P19:17
Lenniejamtoday: I'll also take a look into notifications for the two surveys next week :)19:18
ajaksuLennie: take a nice rest, thank you very very much, you deserve to sleep till monday but I hope you're too kind to do that :)19:19
ajaksuMerio: you deserve a good rest and to turn the ping beep down, not necessarily in that order :)19:19
Lennieajaksu: thanks but not needed, workaholic here19:20
Lennieajaksu: you seem to be putting a lot of time in this as well19:20
Lennieajaksu: I'm sure you can take it easier next week and you might still help out then if you'd wish :019:20
Merioajaksu: eheheh going to turn off the computer :) Please let me know if there's something I can do tomorrow :)19:21
Lennieapparently your TODO list is big enough :D19:21
LennieMerio: run surveys, make a backdoor that ensures you pass19:21
Lennieanything usefull :P19:21
Lenniethanks all, bye ^_^19:21
Merioehehehehe Lennie :D19:21
MerioBye ^__^19:21
Lennieotherwise tease Erant, he's in a weird country19:21
ajaksuLennie: night, chat later :)19:21
ajaksujamtoday: ?19:22
tpbTitle: qTip - The jQuery tooltip plugin - Home (at
jamtodayajaksu: yes, I'm referring to my hg queue tip. It won't let me apply my patch...doing a clean checkout19:22
*** Lennie has quit IRC19:23
MerioGood night guys, I'm off too :)19:24
MerioSee you tomorrow"19:24
ajaksujamtoday: ah, OK, is the latest version the one in email? :)19:25
Merio(double quotes... they're everywhere! :P)19:25
ajaksuMerio: good night :)19:25
Meriobye :)19:25
*** Merio has quit IRC19:26
jamtodayajaksu: I've tried both that one and a slightly more updated one, but my new problem is that the getMenusforScope isn't being called19:32
jamtodayso I've been digging through the view code trying to see what changed19:32
ajaksujamtoday: that's a change in program, lemme get it19:32
jamtodayajaksu: getExtraMenus...?19:33
tpb<> (at
ajaksuyup, getExtraMenus :)19:35
jamtodayajaksu: thanks for your help! Sometimes it can get just a bit confusing...19:50
jamtodaythe patch has been sent19:50
ajaksujamtoday: ok, going for my 1 hour break, will test when I come back :)19:51
jamtodayajaksu: I still need to subclass the menus, but that should be easy20:24
*** mithro has quit IRC22:12
*** mithro has joined #melange23:08
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