Monday, 2009-06-29

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dhansMerio: ping06:17
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dhansMerio: ping10:33
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dhansMerio: hi :)10:41
dhansMerio: as usially, sorry for being late :)10:42
Meriodhans: no problems :) Sorry now I'm finishing washing dishes, ok for 16:00 (17:00 your time? :))10:42
dhansMerio: I was at school :)10:42
dhansMerio: cool10:42
Meriodhans: ok see you later :)10:42
Meriodhans ping :)11:00
dhansMerio: pong11:00
Meriodhans: status update: as I said in the dev mailing list I've integrated the thickbox with the menu and took the list of the statistics from your json response11:01
MerioIt was not so easy because thickbox didn't work at first, but then I understood it changes stuff when DOM is ready, and so didn't inject its code if DOM is changed :)11:02
dhansok :)11:02
dhansmy status update: task queue api ready :-) I set up a new instance to test it and wrote that script we talked about yesterday to put data using remote api11:03
dhansbut I also put this update on our 'official' instance11:04
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Merioyou rock ^__^ Is it all working11:04
MerioGreat! Have you updated the wiki as well? I'm 12 messages behind of Melange commits :)11:05
dhansok. I wanted dhansmelange to work like 24/7 I also didn't wanted disturb you, because while testing there were some things that didn't work :)11:05
dhansso I set up a new instance dhansmenlange-dev just to test tasks11:06
Merioyou could do no problems :) What was happening wrong in our instance?11:06
dhansbut I also put it on out main instance11:06
dhansnothing, but I wanted to... keep it working11:06
dhansanother thing:11:07
Meriohmm what does it mean?11:07
Merioaaah got it11:07
Merioyes tell me11:07
dhanswhen you change version of the application, please inform me :-)11:08
dhansbecause I uploaded an old version (like 20090420 or something) and didn't know at the beginning why some things didn't work11:09
MerioI changed the default version because when I merged with the main branch the version changed so it didn't show my changes11:09
MerioDidn't you pull from the repository before?11:09
dhansI pulled11:10
dhansbut version number is in app.yaml which is not included11:10
dhansor there is something I am missing :)11:11
Meriobut pulling from the main repository and merging changed my version (don't know in app.yaml) I know that when i updated the code in the dhansmelange appspot I couldn't see my changes and so after struggling with it I found that I should change the default version in the admin panel11:11
dhansyeah I was almost sure that you had struggled with it :)11:12
dhansbecause you upload the application and then you changed default version like after 15 minutes11:13
dhansso probably you were wondering what is wrong :)11:13
Merioeheeh exactly :D11:15
dhanshmm but didn't you change your app.yaml after merging with the main repo?11:15
Meriohmm no11:16
MerioI think the version is something inner of Mercurial but I could be easily wrong11:16
dhansso I don't know who it works :)11:16
dhansI thought version is in app.yaml.template11:17
dhanslike 20 minutes ago Pawel changed it to version: 0-5-2009062911:17
dhansbut, ok, if we change default version of the application, let us send an email to each other :)11:19
Meriothat's ok :)11:19
dhansMerio: ok, so next things I am going to do is to: 1) understand jQuery so as to for example be able to fix the issue that chart is gone when moved 2) play with cron jobs so that there will be a job which triggers stat collecting tasks11:23
MerioI'm going try to integrate better and then I'll be interacting Js and Python, but this is the plan for the whole week11:25
dhansMerio: hmm about the java script skeleton you wrote... do I have to know something about it before doing something in js/jquery?11:26
Meriodhans: in this very moment there's not too much to say about it, I'll refine it as things keep going. The most important thing are two11:30
MerioApart from the tools I've integrated (jslint, yuitests and so on), but now I can't talk about them in depth as I'm not feeling well and I need to go away in minutes to have some rest11:30
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dhansok, sure11:31
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MerioIf you see templates/statistic_dashboard/dashboard.html I'm trying to keep in Javascript the same structure we have for templates11:31
MerioPassing context using melangeContext attribute of the script tag instead of putting Javascript right into the django template11:32
dhansok thank you, I'll take a look at it11:32
MerioIn melange.js there is a base class for all templates (lines 242-278)11:33
dhansso go away and have rest! :-)11:33
MerioWhich takes the context from the melangeContext attribute and put it in the context variable for all subclasses (like dashboard.js in js/templates/statistic_dashboard) to use11:33
dhansok I get it11:34
dhansor I just think so :P11:34
MerioWell just explore it and come with any questions you might have no probs11:35
dhansthank you11:35
MerioBasic structure for any subclass of template is11:35
Merioline 5-10 and last line from dashboard.js11:35
Merio  this.prototype = new melange.templates._baseTemplate();11:35
Merio  this.prototype.constructor = melange.templates._baseTemplate;11:35
MerioThis is for inheritance from the base class11:35
Merio  melange.templates._baseTemplate.apply(this, arguments);11:36
MerioThis is to call the base class11:36
Merio  var _self = this;11:36
MerioAnd this is a variable reference to the "this" scope11:36
MerioAll wrapped inside (function() {}()) to hide all scope inside not polluting the global scope11:36
dhansnice :)11:37
MerioThan in melange.graph.chart you can find the functions that handles google visualization, using melange.loadGoogleApi function (melange.js line 85) that uses the new Google API functioning11:38
MerioI'll be enhancing them as things going on11:39
Merioan example of all these things working together is in the show.js function in js/templates/statistic11:40
Merioshow.js file I men11:41
MerioYou can find there loading the json from the melangeContext attribute and using melange.graph.chart functions11:41
dhansoh, so this is important...11:41
dhansbut please go take some rest, because I am feeling guilty :-)11:43
Meriowell not too much else to say, I would say tomorrow we'll talk about the other tools and you ask me questions if any11:43
dhansok :)11:43
Merio:) Thank you, you're kind :) But I really don't want to stop your work so I hope to have given you enough infos for you to begin with the JS side. :)11:44
MerioIf not just ping me and I'll pong you as soon as I'm back.. hope not to spend too much time, I really want to do some stuff today11:45
dhansno problem11:45
Merioto spend too much time resting I mean11:45
MerioNot too much time helping you, that is fine ^__^11:45
Meriodhans: so going away, see you later!11:49
dhansMerio: see you :)11:50
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Meriodhans: eheheh we were updating the blog at the same time .D14:05
dhansMerio: right... :D14:05
Meriodhans: reading then ;)14:05
ajaksuhi guys :)14:06
dhansMerio: you already know it :P14:07
Meriodhans: yep but I'm curious, finding your writing about the different kind of statistics very interesting14:07
Merioajaksu: hi!14:07
Meriodhans: what do you think if we plan next week tasks now so it's reday before the conference call? (don't know if you have already put something in there)14:12
ajaksuMerio: are we on conference call yet? :)14:12
Merioajaksu: it's planned in 45 minutes14:12
dhansMerio: ok14:13
Meriodhans: just let me finish reading your post and then I'll join the effort :)14:13
ajaksulol, got the timezones wrong :)14:15
Merioajaksu: so did Sverre, tried to call 2 hours before ^__^14:16
Meriodhans: I think overall plan should be to merge js and python and have something working fully with it for midterm. What do you think?14:17
dhansMerio: of course :) that's why I am learning js so intensively now :)14:18
Meriodhans: I think we're not so far away from that, providing I've understood quite well how to work with Python architecture, but I think now I've enough knowledge at least to begin with these tasks14:18
Meriodhans: yep :) Obviously for any problem just ping me. Can't wait for the first "real merge", it will be great both for the features and for how we will need to work together on the second part of SoC :)14:20
dhansMerio: for example what I would like to do at first (to check my skills) is to allow user (admin) to start stats collecting task from dashboard level14:21
Meriodhans: do you think to have that functions integrated in the dashboard instead of having the separate "collect statistics" view?14:21
dhanshmm it would look nice on dashboard but we can also have it in separate view which would be even better in some ways14:22
dhansso I will say in another words: I would like to make a button which will start collecting and work in ajaxy way14:23
dhansI mean without the page to be reloaded14:23
Meriodhans: to be fair, I think it would be better if we come with a pretty functional dashboard to create new widgets and load/store them in the Python end rather then doing something on collecting view. That it's already in place and we can plan to integrate it later14:24
Meriodhans: yep, you can do that in the collecting statistics view14:24
dhansso that's what I mean :)14:25
Meriodhans: then if we have enough time we port it in some way in the dashboard14:25
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dhansbecause to be fair putting collect button or something on a widget is not cool14:26
dhansbecause there may be a lot of widgets for one stat14:26
Meriowe can have it in a sort of menu. Still don't know which kind, we're discussing about it mainly with Pawel on the dev list14:26
Meriowhat do you mean for lot of widgets for one stat?14:26
dhanshmm ok, widget is this 'something'  on the dashboard that we can add, remove, move, ok?14:28
Merioyes, but actually I was meaning to use them just to display the chart and have buttons to manipulate it (may it be colors, visualization options or data manipulation)14:29
dhanshmm ok. I thought we could have like one-one relation between widget and chart so that a user may see for example a few visualizations at the same time, by putting a few various widgets14:30
dhansbut if I understtand you correctly it is also possible in your way14:31
dhansbecause can we add a few widgets that represent the same stat?14:31
Meriodhans: sorry I think I couldn't get it. A widget will be in a one-one relation with chart.py14:32
dhansMerio: cool :)14:32
Merioyes, but the will be different "charts"14:32
dhansok, so we both understand each other :)14:33
Meriobut representing the same "stat", I mean, based on the same data14:33
MerioThat's definitely a good thing :P14:33
MerioI think my tasks are enough for the midterm14:34
MerioProbably I will expand issue #36 throughout the week, as it implies many subtasks14:34
Meriodhans: just have a look and put your own so we can see if we can achieve all that we want for midterm :)14:36
dhansMerio: actually there is not so many things that are on fire before the midterm14:37
Meriodhans: what do you mean14:37
dhansheh yes I forgot one word :)14:38
dhanslike: ...many backend things... :)14:38
dhansbut I can start those BACKEND things but also would like to help with JS, because personally think that actual visualization is more important now14:39
Meriodhans: ok so next week will be very interesting, as we're gonna work on the same files... so we need to be in sync very very much.. it will be good :)14:41
dhansI think so :)14:41
Meriodhans: so just have a meeting tomorrow in the morning to better refine the tasks and divide them between us. We can ask our mentors during conference call what they think of it and what they want to be ready for midterm14:42
dhansI'll be at home at about 11 am (your time) because have to go to one place in the morning14:42
Meriodhans: no problems, I'll be here as usual as soon as I wake up14:51
dhansMerio: ok :)14:52
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lhand volia, my internet stopped working for a second15:11
* lh waves to room15:11
* Merio waves back :)15:11
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lhso let's keep this tight since not all of us enjoy irc meetings.15:11
solydzajsInstead of doing Skype conference call we are going to talk on IRC15:12
solydzajsthis time15:12
ajaksulh: hi :)15:12
solydzajsSkype failed us today15:12
lhajaksu: hello my friend.15:12
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lhok, greetings to all from all. :) now meeting. meeting is good.15:12
*** Lennie sets mode: +v dhans15:12
Merioyep I don't think is a matter of numbers, last time we were 7/8 of us15:12
Lennienumbers aint a problem :)15:13
Lenniewe were fine last time15:13
solydzajsyes it's some other problems15:13
solydzajsanyway lets focus on the meeting15:13
MerioJust connections... Google speed is right ;)15:13
solydzajsjamtoday: ajaksu Lennie: status on the surveys first15:13
Merio(I mean google speed project => ;))15:13
tpbTitle: Let's make the web faster - Google Code (at
ajaksusolydzajs: ok, can I start?15:14
solydzajsajaksu: yes please15:14
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Lenniehi SRabbelier :)15:14
Lenniewe're just starting talking about surveys15:14
ajaksuOK, Survey status15:14
ajaksuLeslie and I ran a walkthrough during Fisl, UI needs work in cross-browser compatibility15:15
ajaksuand we need help to go with it15:15
ajaksu(tooltips and docs)15:15
Lennieyes UI sucks in Safari 4.0 :(15:15
solydzajsok what about functionality ?15:16
Lenniebuttons are all in the wrong place lol15:16
SRabbelierit does work on Fx on Mac though?15:16
ajaksusince then, Lennie has started to commit our code and we have hit a wall on the evaluation workflow15:16
lhin the interests of time, i suggest that we deprioritize safari and warn users accordingly15:16
SRabbelierif we are time-constrained we can say "use Firefox"15:16
Lennieit's just UI :P15:16
Lennieit works afaik15:16
lhSRabbelier: right15:16
solydzajsyep worried about functionality15:16
jamtodayAnd we should remember that the survey creation won't be nearly as important for midterms as survey taking15:16
SRabbelierajaksu: explain "hit a wall"?15:16
lhsuboptimal functionality is better than no functionality15:17
SRabbelierjamtoday: exactly15:17
dhansdo we have a demo instance with surveys or something?15:17
jamtodayI've just updated my demo instance at I am still having problems with the google login, i was planning on going to a cafe today for dev work15:17
ajaksuSRabbelier: project links and many records per mentor had major issues15:17
tpbTitle: Sign In Required (at
ajaksuas in didn't work :)15:17
dhansjamtoday: thanks :)15:18
SRabbelierajaksu: oh, I thought you meant review as in us mentors reviewing code, sorry :)15:18
tpbTitle: Surveys demo instance (at
jamtodayI still need to repopulate the database, but need to login first, so I need to go to a cafe first :)15:18
solydzajsajaksu: what's your availibility in the upcoming days ?15:18
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SRabbelierjamtoday: you cannot loggin to your google account at all?15:18
solydzajsjamtoday: same for you , what's yours ?15:18
lhok i hate to be a pita but i need to go soonish15:19
lhmy arm is killing me15:19
jamtodaySRabbelier: From my parent's house, google login pages just hang indefinitely15:19
dhansajaksu: thanks15:19
ajaksusolydzajs: something like 20 hours one day, 10 the following one, for as long as we need and I can survive15:19
SRabbelierjamtoday: try a different browser?15:19
solydzajslh: go go, we will post the notes and keep you up to date15:19
lhsolydzajs: ok but wait a second15:19
jamtodaySRabbelier: tried everything. IP address instead of domain, etc.15:19
lhhere is my understanding of where we are, if i am incorrect correct me15:19
SRabbelierjamtoday: wacko15:20
lhi have provided questions, they can be automatically pulled into a survey instance in melange using a script15:20
lhi still owe an overall program survey for mentors/org admins without students assigned.15:20
lhif that's too much of a pita, we can skip it this time, that's fine by me.15:20
lhother than testing/finding testers, what do you need from me over the next week?15:20
lhand if you can email me that, please do because i need to go get a bucket of ice water15:20
lhand stick my arm in it.15:20
jamtodaylh: non evaluation survey for mentors should work, just select 'mentor' instead of 'mentor evaluation' for survey taking access15:21
ajaksulh: to sum it up, we have some coding to handle the mentor-student grading surveys, and we have started it this weekend15:21
lhright saw that in .br15:21
lhajaksu: gotcha15:21
lhok, g2g, sorry15:21
lhwill be around later, now ice15:21
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solydzajsI think we are good for now, if can let you know on Thursday if we will need those questions for mentors/org admins without students, if it's realistic15:21
jamtodaylh: feel better!15:21
Lenniejamtoday, there is no view to see that there is an open survey for you right?15:22
solydzajsyep Mentors and Students should be somehow informed that they have still some survey pending15:22
jamtodayLennie: we already have a notification method, I think ajaksu has been looking at getting it working, and I was going to work on reminders today15:22
solydzajsjamtoday: but in the UI15:23
Lennieforget the reminders :)15:23
Lenniebigger things to do15:23
jamtodayLennie: The newsfeed won't be commited yet I imagine, but it would help in these cases15:23
Lenniesolydzajs, I think first the taking of the survey should be finished15:23
solydzajsjamtoday: we need to show that there are some Surveys to be taken when users logs in15:23
solydzajsjamtoday: forget newsfeed for now :-)15:23
solydzajsjamtoday: at least this week ;-)15:23
ajaksuLennie: but reminders + listing surveys user can take in the menu would cover us a bit15:23
Lennieajaksu, hmm will not help if the rest is not ready :D15:24
ajaksubut anyway, we can adapt the list view, rightw15:24
Lenniethere is a ton out there to do15:24
solydzajsajaksu: we can have new menu position "Surveys (2)" and it would be red if there are still some surveys pending15:24
ajaksuLennie: oh, I thought you meant the open surveys view was a top priority :)15:24
Lennieajaksu nope ^^15:24
solydzajsajaksu: if you click it it would list all the surveys you've taken and the ones pending15:24
Lenniesolydzajs, would be nth15:24
Lenniesolydzajs, not priority for now15:25
Lennieso let me list a few things :)15:25
Lenniefirst up15:25
SRabbelierLennie: yes, please do15:25
Lenniethe grade clutter needs to get out of the Surevy view15:25
ajaksujamtoday: what's your availibility in the upcoming days ?15:25
solydzajsLennie: well then how do you want to inform in UI that there are surveys to take ?15:25
Lenniesolydzajs, you can post a link and be fine for now :)15:25
SRabbelierLennie: agreed15:25
solydzajsok so my main concern is what is not working from functionality point of view ?15:26
Lenniecreating/taking the right survey15:26
Lenniethe grade clutter needs to move out of the main survey module15:26
jamtodayajaksu: My gf is visiting, but I'll be available as much as needed15:26
Lenniethe show view needs to just become show view again15:26
Lennietake view needs to be introduced to take surveys15:26
ajaksujamtoday: that would be a lot, I'm afraid15:26
Lennieresults view needs to be updated so that results can properly be viewed15:27
Lenniethe UI for creating Surveys needs to be cleaned of Kind and grade buttons :)15:27
Lennieaccess checker for taking needs to be introduced15:27
ajaksuKind is a hack from yesterday, grade is something deeper :)15:27
solydzajsLennie: please include those features in the notes15:27
Lennieaccess checker that checks project needs to be introduced and coupled15:27
ajaksuLennie: ok, so show view shows result, fields?15:28
Merio(May I help with something to join the effort, guys?)15:28
SRabbelierMerio: hehe, as a 20% project? :P15:28
solydzajsLennie: I have one more code review to do of survey view and then fix the code that I commented on which will probably take me 1h so I can do it tomorrow and then move to other Surveys stuff15:28
MerioSRabbelier: something like :P15:28
LennieMerio, feel free to fiddle with JS/CSS I think you are most skilled in that15:29
ajaksusolydzajs: does that review cover the new views for the new survey types?15:29
LennieYou should learn python from statistics :P15:29
solydzajsSRabbelier: what's your availibility this week ? how busy you are at G, how many hours you work a day ?15:29
jamtodayMerio: Yes, cross-browser compatibility, CSS tweaks would be a great help15:29
MerioLennie: yep, still a Python architecture newbie, but finding my way :D15:29
LennieMerio, that's why I suggested JS/CSS :)15:29
solydzajsajaksu: it covers all the changeset that has been committed to main repo15:29
LennieI can continue working as soon as the main View gets uncluttered :)15:30
LennieI'm having difficulty finding the right stuff in there15:30
Lennieand a lot of grade stuff needs to move15:30
SRabbeliersolydzajs: 2h / evening15:30
ajaksusolydzajs: great, then yes it's there :)15:30
MerioLennie: Agree totally ^_^15:30
Lennieajaksu, do you have time to clean up the view?15:30
Lennieajaksu, like today :D?15:30
ajaksuLennie: I can do it now15:30
Lennieajaksu, would be most kind15:31
Lenniequick intro for jamtoday15:31
solydzajsSRabbelier: how long do you work at G ?15:31
Lenniesince he missed most of the commits I think15:31
Lenniewe have subclassed survey to contain projectsurvey so a project can be linked to it15:31
Lennieanother subclass of that forces a grade in there15:31
Lennieso we'll have 3 views15:31
solydzajsSRabbelier: I mean hours a day15:31
Lennie(modules that is)15:31
ajaksuLennie: permission to leave and hack? like right now? :)15:31
SRabbeliersolydzajs: from when I get up till after dinner15:32
Lennieajaksu, be my guest you are not a GSoC student :P15:32
Lennieajaksu, make sure you unclutter the create view15:32
Lennieajaksu, and the module itself15:32
solydzajsSRabbelier: so like 10h ?15:32
jamtodayLennie: I was worried that there would be unintended side effects from doing this, but I do understand the appeal15:32
SRabbeliersolydzajs: dunno don't care really :P15:32
ajaksuLennie: ok :)15:32
Lenniejamtoday, it is the only real way and it will work :)15:32
solydzajsSRabbelier: heh :-)15:32
Lennieajaksu, preferably if you could15:33
*** madrazr has joined #melange15:33
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v madrazr15:33
MerioSRabbelier: ehhehehe ;)15:33
Lennieajaksu, put some method in the GradingProjectSurvey that adds the grading question15:33
jamtodayLennie: it is the only way.15:33
Lenniejamtoday, you should get up to speed with the different views15:34
ajaksuLennie: will do15:34
jamtodayLennie: looking at them now15:34
Lenniejamtoday, and move the show back to it's orignial state of just showing the survey and introduce a "take" view15:34
Lennieshould be enough15:34
Lennie(as part of url pattern ofcourse)15:35
jamtodayLennie: okay15:35
Lenniewiil allow for better access checks :)15:36
Lenniejamtoday, can you do that today:?15:36
jamtodayLennie: yes15:36
LennieSverre, please review that tonight15:36
Lennieand make the necessary changes yourself15:36
Lennieor in cooperation with james15:36
jamtodayLennie: will have to collaborate with ajaksu so we have an easier time merging15:36
Lenniebut today :)15:36
Lenniejamtoday, okay15:36
SRabbelierLennie: make what changes?15:37
LennieSRabbelier, to james's patch if it contains flaws :015:37
Lennieno need to let it go back and forth for several days :)15:37
jamtodayLennie: I should work off the hg trunk, correct?15:37
LennieSRabbelier, get the drift?15:37
Lenniejamtoday, yes our main repo should be up to speed15:37
SRabbelierLennie: ah, like that; how will that patch be submitted?15:37
LennieSRabbelier, james will mail it I guess15:38
Lenniejamtoday :)?15:38
ajaksujamtoday: if we could work based on what's been commited instead of github + bitbucket, maybe things could go smoother?15:38
SRabbelierajaksu: sounds good15:38
jamtodayajaksu: yes that makes sense15:39
LennieI'll work on the special take view for project surveys15:39
SRabbelierajaksu: what's the diff between your github/bitbucket and our hg trunk?15:39
Lennieso that one can fill it in for multiple projects15:39
LennieI expect that to be done tomorrow evening my time if all goes well with James take view15:39
ajaksuSRabbelier: newsfeeds, some code I'm hacking on and maybe a lag in sync between my bitbucket repo and/or my or jame's github ones15:40
SRabbelierajaksu: doable for you to move the code you're hacking on to our trunk instead?15:41
ajaksuSRabbelier: actually newsfeeds is in my github, not my bitbucket (I think...)15:41
LennieSRabbelier, if you don't see a patch from james tonight you should adapt one of the access checks to check for survey.taking_access which is something we'll need as well15:41
Lennieshould be quite similair to documents so will be easy for you :)15:41
Lennieprobably a copy paste :P15:41
ajaksuSRabbelier: I can't push there, but I can fork trunk on bb and push to my branch, I guess15:42
SRabbelierLennie: you want checkHasSurveyAccess ?15:42
SRabbelierajaksu: right, and then send a patch based from that I mean15:42
Lenniesimple reproduction15:42
Lennieas long as you edit the docstring :P15:42
ajaksuSRabbelier: will do15:42
SRabbelierLennie: editing docstrings is for amateurs :P15:42
LennieSRabbelier: ftw sverre :)15:42
madrazrSRabbelier: ROFL :D15:43
SRabbelierLennie: how else will everybody know where I copy/pasted from?15:43
Lennietime availability?15:43
LennieSRabbelier noone will notice :)15:43
madrazrSRabbelier: I used to do that once ;-)15:43
ajaksuLennie: somehow, I can't get checkIsSurveyReadable in getMenusForScope, would checkHasSurveyAccess be better therew15:43
ajaksu* there?15:43
Lennieyou should leave it out of the menu for now15:43
Lennieforget about menu items15:43
solydzajsLennie: yes ?15:43
LennieI've already have a plan to cover it15:43
Lenniesolydzajs, time to spend this week:? :)15:44
solydzajs4h-5h everyday maybe more but note sure15:44
Lenniesolydzajs, I expect nothing less then the 4h then :)15:44
solydzajstill Friday15:44
Lenniesolydzajs, what do you want to do?15:44
Lenniesolydzajs, what do you fancy?15:44
Lenniesolydzajs, want to be code guardian?15:45
Lenniesolydzajs, or want to jump in to code15:45
solydzajsI'm going to review and fix all the code that has been committed that's for sure15:45
solydzajsthen I want to actually make some tests15:45
solydzajsif everything works correctly15:45
solydzajsas advertised15:45
solydzajswe really don't have a lot of time15:45
Lenniesolydzajs, so you want to be code guardian and at the same time test the functionality to see if you can break it?15:46
solydzajsso if somebody would like to collect all the missing/critical priority Survey features15:46
Lenniesolydzajs, might be nice if you stress the access checks in a few days15:46
solydzajsand send them to the list15:46
solydzajsthat would be great15:46
solydzajsok noted15:46
solydzajsLennie: yes15:47
solydzajseverything that was in ajaksu and james repos is pushed to main repo already ?15:47
Lenniesolydzajs, I'm sorry that I don't have anything concrete for youright now since most of the first steps are already being done15:48
solydzajsthat is fine15:48
Lenniesolydzajs, you can always jump in somewhere for the next 2 days, after that there should be more concrete stuff15:48
solydzajslets make sure surveys work correctly15:49
jamtodayLennie: one thing I'd really like to see working is a test that goes through a sample evaluation process, including grading15:49
jamtodayLennie: Seed_db already gets us halfway there15:49
solydzajsthen next week I want to work on Task that will update all the projects based on survey results15:49
Lenniejamtoday: so would I but I'd like to see some other stuff first :)15:49
Lenniesolydzajs, hmm you have a lot of other stuff to do15:49
Lenniesolydzajs, it will get done by someone else I think15:50
jamtodaysolydzajs: I already implemented this, it just needs to be "Taskified"15:50
Lenniesolydzajs, gathering data is more importent15:50
solydzajsLennie: oh whatever :-)15:50
Lenniejamtoday, it is still gonna change :)15:50
jamtodaywe might just want a @task decorator...?15:50
solydzajsLennie: then I'm going to focus on other stuff ;-)15:50
Lennielets focus on data collection before we go any further with processing it15:50
Lennieas long as you have the data you can do anything with it later on :)15:50
Lenniesolydzajs, please do :)15:51
solydzajsany other questions for me ?15:51
Lenniesolydzajs, how old will you be tomorrow :)?15:51
jamtodayLennie: There's been a lot of thought that has gone into making sure that grading doesn't do anything wrong, so we don't want to throw out the existing method entirely15:51
Lenniejamtoday, that is true :)15:51
solydzajsLennie: 2515:51
Lenniejamtoday, but some stuff is gonn change15:51
Lenniesolydzajs, gratz :)15:51
solydzajsLennie: thx :-)15:51
Lenniesolydzajs, or am I mistaken that it is your birthday tomorrow :)?15:51
madrazrsolydzajs: I want to wish you now :P since it is already 30th here now ;-)15:52
solydzajsLennie: no you are not :-)15:52
solydzajsmadrazr: thx :-)15:52
madrazrsolydzajs: Wish you happy birthday!15:52
solydzajsreally appreciated guys ;-)15:52
dhanssolydzajs: btw. happy name's day! :)15:52
Lenniejamtoday, we can do a lot with the survey records later on :)15:52
solydzajsdhans: hehe :-) dziękować :-)15:52
Lenniejamtoday, so that will be fine as long as we can collect them15:52
SRabbeliersolydzajs: gratin advance ;)15:52
jamtodaysolydzajs: happy bday15:52
SRabbeliersolydzajs: also with your naming day, right?15:52
dhanssolydzajs: :)15:53
* Lennie thinks that the singing would have been much worse on skype :P15:53
jamtodayajaksu: I need to leave for about 30 mins, I'll be back for a long block when I'm back, and I'll check in15:53
solydzajsSRabbelier: thanks :-)15:53
Lenniejamtoday, we'll need an update on your GSoC work first :)15:53
solydzajsjamtoday: thanks :-)15:53
Lenniejamtoday, then you can skadiddle (?)15:53
solydzajsSRabbelier: hehe yep nameday is today :-)15:53
Meriosolydzajs: happy birthday from me too :)15:53
Lenniesolydzajs, you have to head out now right?15:53
solydzajswow ;-)15:53
MerioLennie: it would have been great I think... ^__^15:54
solydzajsyep I need to leave guys15:54
Lenniesolydzajs, or want to stick around for longer?15:54
solydzajstty tomorrow15:54
Lenniesolydzajs, okay have fun15:54
jamtodayLennie: you mean the newsfeed?15:54
solydzajsI will read the logs15:54
Lenniejamtoday, yeah or just in general :)15:54
SRabbeliertime for lunch here too15:54
dhanssolydzajs: yeah, have fun :)15:54
jamtodayLennie: I refactored the news feed to meet style guidelines, but I'm still more focused on surveys15:54
LennieSRabbelier ,you are okay with that right :)?15:55
LennieSRabbelier, ping?15:56
Lennie(this is why I hate IRC so slow :P)15:56
Lenniedhans, how was your week ;)?15:56
dhansLennie: so basically I added support for Task Queue API to Melange so that now stats are collected with tasks so user doesn't have to collect them batch by batch, but only start the task15:57
ajaksujamtoday: sorry, had to check something else, let me push whatever I have to github so you can push it15:57
Lenniedhans, what kind of stats are we talking about?15:57
dhansLennie: The task then collects a batch of data and then if not all data is processed the task is autamatically repeated15:57
dhansdhans: all kind of stats15:58
Lenniedhans, can it collect all we need :)?15:58
Lenniedhans, awesome15:58
Lenniedhans, what are your midterm goals?15:58
LennieMerio, did you work on Python this week :)?15:58
dhansLennie: hmm do know exactly what are MY goals. we want with Mario to have the dashboard work15:59
dhansLennie: *do NOT know exactly15:59
SRabbelierLennie: ok with what?15:59
MerioLennie: yep, basically I've introduced the "chart" model logic and view (only JSON responses, you know ;)) which will handle a single chart instance for one user15:59
LennieSRabbelier: jamtoday busy with surveys :)15:59
LennieMerio great16:00
MerioLennie: but it's just a skeleton, real developing will start this week16:00
LennieMerio, goals for midterm?16:00
MerioLennie: with Daniel we're planning to integrate the dashboard with the Python end16:00
Lenniedhans, ok16:00
LennieMerio, can you be more specific about what is going to be shown?16:00
MerioLennie: I've started yesterday to read all statistics from Daniel's JSON response16:00
SRabbelierLennie: yes, that's fine16:01
LennieSRabbelier: good to know16:01
dhansLennie: Like everybody, I also wanted the 'task queue' code to be reusable, so I think I can describe my attempt on wiki/ dev-list, get some feedback and maybe we will come up one solution16:01
MerioLennie: I think that if we integrate every widget with his Python end we can create new widgets and save them to Python, so every user has a dashboard with chosen widgets/charts16:01
dhansLennie: you know, to have only one @task decorator, not four16:02
Lenniedhans, I'm not sure if a task decorator will cut it for all we want to do16:02
Lenniedhans, but worth a try16:02
SRabbelierLennie: agreed16:02
MerioAnd after midterm most of the work (apart backend collecting views) will be to develop interfaces to get options tweaked (like colors/appareance/play with data with jLinq if we have enough time)16:03
dhansLennie: probably not :)16:03
LennieSRabbelier, we'll still need to set up some guidelines for its use16:03
LennieSRabbelier, can't jsut have tasks all over the place :D16:03
LennieMerio, soudns sane16:04
Lenniemadrazr, still alive ;)?16:04
madrazrLennie: ha ha, I expected exactly the same question :P16:04
madrazrLennie: was waiting for my turn :D16:04
Lennietoo bad we can't hear your cool accent today, but I've read you've been quite busy and seem to be on scheldule :)16:04
Lennieexcept for the missing integration of the tags16:05
madrazrLennie: yeah :(16:05
Lennietell the world what you did this week :P16:05
madrazrLennie: heh sure16:05
dhansLennie: so are we done? because I have another friend named Paweł and he is waiting for me to celebrate his name's day :-)16:06
Lenniedhans, yeah have fun :)16:06
madrazrdhans: what a co-incidence :)16:06
dhansmadrazr: Paweł is quite a popular name :)16:07
madrazrdhans: Oh!16:08
Lennielets continue16:08
dhansLennie: thanks :)16:08
LennieI can hear Sverre's stomach rumbling in NL16:08
SRabbelieryes :)16:08
Lenniemadrazr, your work of last week please :)16:08
Meriodhans: see you tomorrow then :)16:08
dhansMerio: ok, see you :)16:08
madrazrLennie: as said in blog post, Org Admins and Mentors can add tasks16:09
Lennieon a sidenote, SRabbelier cutting a release falls to you this week but I have a feeling it might change later on16:09
madrazrOAs can approve and publish them16:09
madrazrLennie: and list of all tasks16:09
LennieSRabbelier, just see if there is something useful to cut for at the end of the week :)16:10
Lenniemadrazr, are these tasks grouped in any way?16:10
madrazrLennie: nope16:10
Lenniemadrazr, unpublished in a table, published16:10
*** dhans has quit IRC16:10
Lenniemadrazr, ok might be nice thing to do ;)16:10
madrazrLennie: nope at least now, but you can see the status in the list16:10
madrazrLennie: good idea, will do it then :)16:11
Lenniemadrazr, for deleting tasks you might want to add invalid status16:11
madrazrLennie: no hard deletion is required?16:11
Lenniemadrazr, not unless you can make sure that you clean up comments as well16:11
Lennieas long as the task hasn't been claimed it can still be deleted16:11
madrazrLennie: Ok16:12
Lenniewe don't want to get faulty references :)16:12
LennieSRabbelier, right?16:12
Lenniemadrazr, your plan for this week is to integrate taggable right?16:12
Lenniemadrazr, and then the creation of task side is done?16:12
madrazrLennie: and Student claiming tasks should also be possible hopefully16:12
madrazrLennie: yes except bulk approval which I am doing now16:13
Lenniewhich would be nice16:13
Lenniewould be interesting to see how you are going to solve bulk approval :)16:13
LennieSRabbelier, please answer my question so I can send you to lunch :P16:13
madrazrLennie: nothing great about it, if you have seen task quota limits :P16:13
SRabbelierLennie: reading16:14
madrazrhere is the screenshot16:14
Lenniemadrazr, task API is going to do that :)16:14
SRabbelierLennie: yes, agreed, I prefer invalid over actual deleting16:14
SRabbelierdoes dhans know what he's going to be doing though?16:14
Lenniemadrazr, you could do that without task API I think16:15
Lenniedb.put(list of tasks)16:15
Lenniewon't be too much so should work16:15
madrazrLennie: Oh you meant the code wise :P I thought you were thinking of interface16:15
madrazrLennie: Ok16:15
Lenniemadrazr, interface looks cool :P16:15
LennieI like the select button16:15
Lenniewondering how you did that :)16:15
SRabbeliermadrazr: looks good :D16:15
LennieI might steal that code for use in notification deletion :P16:15
madrazrLennie: thats there already in Melange16:16
LennieMelange has secrets from me lame :(16:16
SRabbelierLennie: it's a regular boolean checkbox :P16:16
madrazrLennie: task queue is not really required I think, since we anyways won't have very large number of tasks to update at once16:16
madrazrLennie: also I am thinking of using pagination16:17
madrazrwhich restricts to 50 approvals max16:17
LennieSRabbelier, that I konw but I'm wondering how it got added and how the form works :D16:17
Lenniemadrazr, pagination should be fine16:17
Lenniebut that's why you should seperate the lists16:17
Lennieyou should be able to see all unpublished once in a blink of an eye16:17
SRabbelierLennie: ah :)16:17
LennieSRabbelier, sounds sane ?16:18
Lennie(about the listing)16:18
madrazrLennie: Ok16:18
Lennieelse it might get too much for an org admin to see at one go16:18
madrazrLennie: true16:18
SRabbelierLennie: yes, I'm ok with pagination :)16:19
madrazrLennie: I am myself struggling while testing :D16:19
Lennieand with seperating the tasks that are live/unpublished?16:19
Lenniemadrazr, yeah ups and downs :)16:19
madrazrLennie: actually what I think is that, we can have 3 lists, 1 unapproved, another unpublished but approved, another published (but will do it later I think)16:20
madrazrLennie: don't want to have that as a goal for this week at least :(16:20
Lennieshouldn't be too hard though :D16:20
madrazrLennie: yes :)16:20
madrazrLennie: will try to do it now only :)16:21
madrazrlet me see how it works out :)16:22
Lenniethink that's it16:22
Lenniequestions :)?16:22
madrazrLennie: I have a requirements question :)16:22
madrazrLennie: should task quota limit be enforced while publishing the task or while creating them itself?16:23
Lenniegood oen16:23
madrazrLennie: ATM I am enforcing it as an access check during create16:23
LennieI don't mind that for the moment :)16:23
madrazrLennie: Ok16:24
madrazrLennie: thats all from my side then16:24
* SRabbelier is off for lunch since it ends in 30m16:25
LennieSRabbelier, yes go :)16:25
LennieSRabbelier, enjoy!16:25
madrazrSRabbelier: happy dining :)16:25
MerioSRabbelier: bon apetit :)16:25
madrazrLennie: if meeting is over, I have few questions16:26
Lenniefire away16:26
* Merio is going to have dinner too :)16:26
LennieMerio, you are free to go :P16:26
madrazrLennie: soc.models.role.Role has name() method16:27
madrazris it possible to use this method in django templates?16:27
MerioLennie: thx real hungry ^__^16:27
Lenniehmm yes16:27
madrazrLennie: how?16:27
Lenniejust call roll_entity.name16:27
Meriog'bye madrazr too :)16:27
Lenniethat's enough16:27
*** lh has joined #melange16:27
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lh16:27
madrazrMerio: see you, have fun16:27
Lenniehi lh16:27
madrazrlh: WB :)16:27
*** lh has left #melange16:27
madrazrLennie: is giving key_name16:27
Lenniehmm interesting :D16:28
madrazrLennie: I am wondering if mentor itself has mentor_entity.key :P16:28 should not give keyname16:29
Lenniewhat happens if you do document_name ?16:29
madrazrLennie: just a min lemme check16:29
madrazrLennie: empty16:31
madrazrLennie: so something is wrong somewhere :)16:31
*** madrazr1 has joined #melange16:33
madrazr1Lennie: sorry, 2AM problem :(16:34
Lenniemadrazr, if it is empty you dont have a mentor entity :)16:34
madrazr1Lennie: but .name gives the right key_name :)16:35
Lenniemadrazr, atleast I'm pretty sure about that16:35
Lennieare you sure you haven't gotten a Key entity16:35
Lenniewhich you need to resolve first16:35
Lenniedb.Key type16:35
madrazr1Lennie: it is db.Key type you are right16:36
Lennieyou have to resolve it to an entity first :)16:36
madrazr1Lennie: how?16:36
*** madrazr has quit IRC16:36
*** madrazr1 is now known as madrazr16:36
Lennieone min16:36
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v madrazr16:36
madrazrLennie: OK16:36
madrazrLennie: should I use db.get before building List contents on Python side?16:38
madrazrLennie: Ok16:41
Lenniedb.get will resolve the db.Key to an entity16:41
Lennieso you can call .name :)16:41
Lenniebetter yet16:43
madrazrLennie: ?16:43
Lennieyou can call db.get on the whole list of keys16:43
Lennieand it will give you the appropriate list in return16:43
madrazrLennie: Oh Ok cool! that would be16:44
madrazrLennie: doing it now16:45
Lennieanything else?16:47
madrazrLennie: nothing for now I think :)16:47
*** solydzajs has quit IRC16:53
* Lennie slaps Erant around with a pink Macintosh17:06
*** dhaun has quit IRC17:18
jamtodayajaksu: I merged with your latest changeset17:21
*** ajaksu has quit IRC17:37
Lennieyou all set? :)17:52
LennieI'm leaving :)17:52
*** Lennie has quit IRC17:56
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