Sunday, 2009-06-28

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Lenniejamtoday: ping04:12
jamtodayLennie: I have a patch of all the code I want to commit04:12
Lenniewhy haven't you send it in then :)?04:12
jamtodayLennie: Something very strange going on with my net connection, I'm figuring out how to get it out04:12
jamtodayI can't access any google services, basically04:12
Lenniecan you send it over IRC?04:13
jamtodayyes i can04:13
Lennieand are it multiple diffs?04:13
Lennieor can you make it so that it are more :D04:13
jamtodayit's one diff for models, logic, and views04:14
Lennieokay cool04:14
jamtodaywould it work if I just cut it up?04:14
jamtodayi think that should work04:14
Lenniethat should work yes04:14
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ajaksuwhat, people are chatting here? I'm finishing schema as class, sverre wanted it for commit04:29
Lenniehmm yes04:30
Lenniesverre has gone to bed04:30
LennieI'm taking over lol04:30
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ajaksujamtoday: do we have the evaluation code paths working?04:33
madrazr1Lennie: you gave +1 to wrong nick :P04:33
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LennieI knew it was you :)04:34
madrazrLennie: ha ha thanks anyways, I have double voice now :D :D04:34
LennieI don't follow04:34
madrazrLennie: nothing, it was a lame PJ :P04:35
madrazrLennie: I said I have voice for madrazr and also to madrazr104:36
Lennieyou should register with NickServ :)04:36
Lenniethen you'll get voiced on all your nicks as long as you are logged in04:36
madrazrLennie: Oh Ok04:38
ajaksuLennie: :)04:39
tpb<> (at
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jamtodayLennie: does the alphabetical sorting mean that model imports are separated from logic imports?05:50
jamtodayI thought all soc imports are grouped05:50
Lenniesoc.logic come before soc.model05:50
Lennieall soc.logic that is05:51
jamtodayI'm not able to locate the logic code review05:54
Lenniesame thread as model05:54
jamtodayor at least nothing I haven't gone over05:54
Lenniepatch: Survey Logic and Mode05:55
LennieIt doesn't look different to what you sent me05:56
jamtodayI'm unable to access that thread05:57
Lenniedo you have any email account that you can access?05:58
jamtodaycan't find it in my gmal inbox on the android05:58
jamtodayI can access my gmail, you can fwd the thread05:58
jamtodayI dont know why I dont have the origina05:58
LennieI'll be back in 20 min or so05:59
jamtodayI think I've got most changes in...06:23
jamtodayI want to make sure I'm not missing anything06:24
jamtodaylooks good, just tested to make sure it still works06:25
jamtodaydo you want a patch of changes or of the complete files06:27
Lenniecomplete files would be best06:27
Lennieone for all models is enough :)06:28
Lennieso you don't have to make 4 :D06:28
Lennieand one for the logic06:28
jamtodaytoo late06:35
jamtodayi can always put them in one, but i already have 406:36
jamtodaybut GAE is not being cooperative06:36
Lennieboo GAE :(06:36
Lennie4 is good :P06:36
jamtodaywell im sure its not GAE's fault06:36
Lennieyes your ISP is screwed :(06:37
jamtodayI'm at my parent's house now. They said they use Yahoo so they don't notice if Google doesn't work. *embarassed06:37 fail06:38
LennieI'm gonna focus a bit on the recordgroup stuff06:39
Lennieatleast codingwise06:39
LennieI would suggest you stick to surveys themselves to get everything straightend out :)06:40
jamtodayi might as well stay up till morning06:40
jamtodayokay my app pushed again, all the files I linked to are updated06:40
jamtodayexcept views06:41
LennieI'll take it from here then06:42
Lennieyou should get sleep06:42
Lenniemight need your refactoring skills tomorrow;)06:42
jamtodayalright, thanks again for your patience06:45
jamtodayI imagine you must need a lot of it06:45
Lenniethis is me in stressed mode :P06:45
Lenniemight get worse soon :)06:45
Lennieprepare for a week of hellish coding I would say06:45
Lennieand I still have my thesis presentation to do hehe06:46
Lennieanyhow I'll be fine :)06:46
jamtodayalright, ill look forward to it06:46
Lennieyou get some sleep06:46
Lenniewe need you fresh :)06:46
jamtodaythanks, will do06:46
jamtodayttyl, good luck06:46
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ajaksuLennie: ping08:04
ajaksuhi :)08:05
Lenniecan you give me a patch that adds the survey views?08:06
ajaksuanything new in recordgroup? are you pushing changes somewhere public?08:06
LennieI'm working on fixing the numerous coding style errors08:06
Lennieand yes I'm on edge :D08:07
ajaksuLennie:  yes I can, views/model only or views/models + views/helper ?08:08
Lennieno no08:08
Lenniethe one that activates all the stuff :)08:08
Lennieprobably in soc_core08:08
Lennieand whatever you added to the access checker08:09
ajaksuah, OK, diff'in08:09
ajaksuLennie: is the patch I've sent to melange-soc-dev what you need? wanna point me to some code to fix?08:19
Lennielet me continue my work for like 15 min08:20
Lenniethen I'll tell you :)08:20
Lennieno change in access checks btw?08:21
ajaksugah, we do have them, sending the corrected patch to the list :/08:25
LennieI should be done soon with those as well08:40
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Lennieet voila08:49
Lennieajaksu: !08:50
Lennieajaksu:  ping08:50
ajaksupong :)08:50
Lennieyour task08:50
Lenniesync your repo with the main one08:50
Lennieand find out what I'm missing08:50
ajaksuright away :)08:51
LennieI gotta trabel09:01
Lenniebe back in 1.5h or so09:02
LennieI'll be on GTalk soon :)09:02
Lenniehurray android09:02
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Meriodhans: hello :)10:01
dhansMerio: hi :)10:01
Meriodhans: how do you do? all ok?10:01
Meriodhans: do you feel better?10:01
dhansMerio: yes, thank you :) today everything is fine... At last I can eat what I want :)10:02
Meriothat's a good thing for sure :D10:02
dhansMerio: and thanks to the laxative medicines that I got I feel even better, like newly born :)10:05
Meriostatus update? Not too much here, yesterday I've worked on issue 645 and today I still have to begin working because this morning I've accompanied my girlfriend to the airport :)10:05
Meriodhans: eheheh well, surely "purified" ^__^10:05
dhansright :)10:05
dhansmy update: I am finishing working on task api. it was more difficult than I expected because all tutorials or presentations used wsgi attempt while we take more usage of django, but I hope to finish it today10:07
dhansMerio: do you know if we can use seed_db, to put data into 'real' instance?10:07
dhansI mean not your localhost instance but instance on gae10:08
Meriohmm I think there should be no issues with it, don't know if there are policy rights somewhere in the code10:08
MerioProbably it should be, otherwise it's enough to run clear_db to delete live instance's DB :10:09
dhansbecause I tried and got 404 if I remeber correctly10:10
Merioprobably the build script doesn't copy it10:10
MerioBut I don't know the internals, just guessing10:10
dhansbecause tasks api should be better tested on 'real' instance and I don't see myself adding like 1000 students manually :P10:11
Merioeheheh why not? :P10:11
MerioIs there something in the admin panel of appspot to do something to fill the DB?10:12
MerioIf not you can just try to update the live instance with seed_db, run it and then (if possible) delete the file, otherwise just run another time the build script without seed_db inside10:13
Merio(if this is how it works :))10:13
dhanshmm there is some kind of panel to execute GQL commands I think10:13
dhansbut GQL only let us execute SELECT * FROM something queries10:14
MerioIt's not possible tu run puts?10:14
dhansI dont think so :(10:15
dhansI'll probably write a script which creates like 1000 students by remote api10:15
MerioThat might be also a good solution10:16
dhansat first I thought that seed_db works on this remote api10:16
dhansthat's why I did know how to use it :P10:16
MerioThis afternoon I would like to explore better how to interact with Python code, I mean to save something from JS to datastore (tomorrow I'll read the JSON responses)... are you here during the afternoon or you have to go away? Otherwise I might try to ping you for helllp :)10:17
dhansI think I don't have plans. I had plans to play some football, but it's too hot10:20
dhansso sure, just ping me and if I want to leave, I'll ping you :)10:21
Meriook just let me know when you go away :)10:21
MerioNow a little pause and then back to work :)10:21
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Meriodhans: are you going to post meeting notes for today?13:12
dhansMerio: I can do it13:12
Meriodhans: ok, for "next steps" I'm going (well, I've done) to create statistic chart model logic and view skeleton13:13
MerioGoing to push it in minutes, precious Lennie saved me lot of time ^__^13:13
dhansMerio: ?13:14
Meriodhans: I didn't know how to create "a view without a view" (so only json i/o) and he helped me13:15
Meriodhans: chart... you know, chart.py13:15
dhansMerio: yes, I know13:15
Meriodhans: In this way we can have json responses for statistic and chart as well (even if chart is TODO ;))13:16
dhansMerio: I think I get it... nice :-)13:17
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