Saturday, 2009-06-27

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dhansMerio: ping?05:45
Meriodhans: pong!05:46
MerioAll ok?05:46
dhansI feel much better and fresher, thank you :-)05:47
dhansso if you had some time, it would be great if you could introduce me the js side of our code05:48
MerioThat's ok, have you the latest code from our repository?05:49
dhansand btw. you where right - dashboard looks terrible on safari05:49
MerioWhat do you mean with looks terrible on safari?05:49
MerioWhat happens?05:50
dhansI mean the charts are like too thin (or maybe it's by purpose) - saw it on firefox yesterday and it seemed to be ok, but I you know... I may like not remeber correctly :)05:51
MerioHmm the widgets are too little or you mean something inside the charts themselves?05:52
MerioBecause yesterday I tried it on every browser under Windows and it seemed ok apart from a bug when moving the piechart05:53
dhanswidget is too small for the chart that is inside of that wigdet05:54
MerioWhile in Firefox it's larger?05:54
dhansI am checking05:55
Meriook thx :)05:55
dhanshmm ok there is a difference, but different than I thought :)05:56
Meriowhich difference?05:57
dhanson the second widget with table05:57
dhansthere is no table on safari05:58
Meriohmm ok, which version? Mac?05:58
MerioThe table is shown in the visualization of the students per degree statistics?05:58
MerioJust to try to guess if it's a problem with the Table visualization or the dashboard05:59
dhansyes, there is06:01
dhansas well as the pie chart06:01
Meriook so is something with the widgets, I'll try to have a further look on Windows, hope it's not only a problem with Safari for Mac06:02
Meriothanks :)06:03
MerioSo, have you already had a look at the current code?06:03
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Lennieajaksu: ping06:04
Lenniedhans: Mushrooms are only legal in NL :P06:04
MerioLennie: aahahahah ROTFL :P06:04
LennieErant: ETD?06:05
ErantLennie: Euh. Wern't they banned?06:05
LennieErant: Banned is such a big word06:05
dhansLennie: really? I heard they were delegalized at that December 1 2008 ? :)06:05
LennieErant: You know as well as I do that everything that is banned exists in some form or the other06:05
Lenniedhans: That is true :P06:06
ErantETD from where?06:06
Lenniedhans: Though to keep the metaphor of Amsterdam alive, they are only legal here :P06:06
ErantStill the 3rd.06:06
dhansLennie: :)06:06
Lenniedhans: I hope you'll feel 100% soon :)06:07
dhansLennie: but to be clear: I meant regular mushrooms :P06:07
dhansLennie: thank you :)06:07
ErantThough I'm basically just going to call them and ask for an ASAP flight06:07
ErantSo if I get it Wednesday, maybe I'll fly the 2nd06:07
Lenniedhans: I guessed that would be the case, just trying to be funny here ;D06:07
LennieErant: ok06:07
LennieErant: You want to get out of this country asap lol :P?06:07
ErantYes ;)06:08
ErantWell, I want to get in to the other country asap really.06:08
dhansMerio: I am looking at the code (python code for statistic dashbord), so please give me 5 minutes - then I will probably have some questions06:08
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Meriodhans: Python code is not that good, it was just something I've built just to show the template and work on the JS :)06:09
Meriodhans: welcome in the +v :)06:09
Lenniedhans:  /msg NickServ hello06:10
Lennieso you can keep your voice ;)(06:10
dhansLennie: hmm it prompted me that I were prompted voice by you, so thank you :)06:10
dhansnow have to read what it really means :)06:10
dhansMerio: right, I see now that python side is simple, so no questions :)06:13
kblinhey Lennie06:13
Lenniehi kblin06:13
kblinso, what's the deal with the survey testing.. anything special we should do?06:13
Lennieafaik just try whatever you can06:14
Lennieshould be more specific at the end of this weekend06:14
Lennieatleast I think so :D06:14
Lenniewe are in the process of merging whatever is left outstanding into the codebase06:14
Lennieand then we should be able to simulate 'gsoc'06:15
kblinok, I'll just wait a little longer then :)06:15
MerioLennie: |safe doesn't work, I think however the problem with the link is something inner of purr tooltip working, going to check the code06:15
kblinwhy don't you just not do links in tool tips?06:16
kblin"normal" apps don't have clickable tooltips, so I would never try and click one anyway06:17
Meriokblin: but Melange is not normal app ^__^ It's Melange! :P06:17
kblinand I bet I can't put the full range of ascii chars into the field anyway06:17
Meriokblin: M374NG3 RUL3706:18
Lennierofl ^^06:18
MerioNever been so skilled with l33t :P06:19
* kblin shrugs06:19
kblinit's your time, suit yourself06:19
kblinbut I believe in "do the simplest thing that could possibly work"06:19
Meriokblin: Just kidding, I don't know why there should be a link in there too :) I know there's an issue and tried to solve it :)06:21
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dhansMerio: ping08:01
Meriodhans: pong08:01
dhansMerio: so I think I mostly understand the jquery part for the dashboard right now, but the question is if there is something you are not working on right now which I could do08:02
dhansMerio: because if not, I'll work on queue task api, but in my humble opinion it does not have a very hight priority right now08:03
Meriodhans: actually what I need to work on now is to have a thickbox shown when you click on "listall" from the menu which asks for a JSONResponse the server, gives the user the list of the available statistics and then inject a widget inside the dashboard08:06
Meriodhans: then I need to have a simple way to load and save the status of the dashboard for each user in the Python side08:07
Meriodhans: and then, looking what I've done, generalize stuff better :)08:07
dhansMerio: hmm ok - so I will work on that queue api08:11
dhansMerio: and then maybe (to get started with js side) I will take a look at the bug that when you move a chart pie widget, the chart pie itself disappears08:12
Meriodhans: that would be really cool08:13
dhansMerio: ok then :)08:13
Meriodhans: if you want, update the wiki with the meeting and send the mail to the list. I'll be idling all day here but I've left half day free to study for 20 July exam :)08:16
dhansMerio: strange date for an exam :P08:16
dhansMerio: but of course ok, I'll update the wiki in a minute08:17
Meriodhans: yep, it sounds like "you'll never have holidays ahahahaha"08:18
dhansMerio: :-)08:19
dhansMerio: but you have to get back to Italy just for that exam?08:19
Merioalso for a wedding on July 11. Will be in Italy from 7 to 21 July08:21
dhansMerio: so at least you have a serious reason :)08:28
Meriodhans: yep ^__^08:28
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|ajaksu|jamtoday: pvt, I'm cleaning up the mess I've got myself into by wanting to work during bedtime :/17:07
jamtoday|ajaksu| understood. Commiting surveys to the project repo now17:11
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