Friday, 2009-06-26

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Meriodhans: hi! How do you do?10:04
dhansMerio: still not so good :( but better than yesterday, thanks for asking :)10:05
dhansMerio: but I think (and really hope) that I am going to be fine tomorrow10:06
dhansMerio: so could we meet tomorrow a little bit earlier ?10:06
dhansMerio: or is this a problem?10:07
Meriodhans: so just have meeting tomorrow (earlier) instead of today?10:07
dhansMerio: exactly10:08
Meriodhans: that's ok for me, apart from the status update we have to talk about introducing you to javascript so it's better we do it when you're fine10:08
dhansMerio: exactly10:09
Meriodhans: you can see however, if you want, my status update in my last email I've sent to the dev list. So I've pushed in the demo instance an example of the dashboard10:09
dhansI was just writing the same thing, but my typing is fast today :)10:09
dhansI saw it. it's great10:10
MerioThings are going to be exciting now when we work together (when you feel better obviously). :) So, ok for tomorrow, just ping the mailing list and/or Sverre and... take care :)10:11
dhansok thanks again :)10:11
dhansi'll try to ping you at about 10 or 11 am10:12
MerioOk, I hope to be already online. Ping me whenever you want :)10:13
dhansok, so see you10:14
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jamtodayajaksu: thanks so much for posting the code reviews.16:53
jamtodayajaksu: I've finally confirmed without a doubt that survey states are being saved (did you change something?), closing old issues, and getting ready to commit survey code and work on new features.16:54
jamtodayajaksu: you deserve to take  a well-deserved break16:54
ajaksujamtoday: somehow I broke importing, so I deserve to fix it :D16:55
ajaksustate == checkboxes? I fixed some stuff, but nothing near storing AFAIR16:55
ajaksujamtoday: you got me almost crying out of laughter with you 'addressed at me' email16:56
ajaksuI guess we're both feeling guilty, but the email wasn't for either of us16:56
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jamtoday_ajaksu: i wasn't sure but since my internet has been lousy the last couple days I figured there was a decent chance it was me?17:04
ajaksuno, it was dhans it seems17:04
ajaksujamtoday_: I'm in the vip room of this conference (I was too lazy to register and lh was too kind to let me hack in a less comfortable place), missed lh's talk and was feeling guilty as hell when I got that message17:09
ajaksuwe went into some serious I'm Spartacus there17:10
* jamtoday_ is jealous17:13
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ajaksujamtoday: I'm sitting on the floor (can't handle being in this room AND taking a seat from, you know, someone? :D), forgot to eat since breakfast and it's 6pm, does that make you feel any better? :)17:17
kblinajaksu: meh, VIP probably just means their company paid some money to the conference17:18
kblinthat's how I got my campus party vip pass in 200717:18
jamtodayajaksu: doesn't make me feel better. maybe if you eat something I (or you) would feel better17:20
ajaksukblin: I don't care, I'd rather be already on the floor than get up when stallman, maddog, lh or chris dibona shows up and then do a 'no, I insist' dance :D17:20
kblinok, I don't know stallman, but maddog, lh and cris are all pretty nice folks17:21
ajaksujamtoday: something is wrong with my memory in this trip, I have never, in my whole life, forgotten I had some yummy choc to eat for so long :D17:21
kblinjust be happy linus doesn't like conferences ;)17:21
kblinajaksu: so what you really need to do is to be a gsoc mentor next year and visit the mentor summit17:24
kblinyou really meet a lot of really exiting people there, who aren't as concerned about fanboys following them around ;)17:25
ajaksukblin: I hope I can trick myself into mentoring, just have to find a way to be daring without realizing it :D17:25
* kblin recalls having a beer with the debian project lead one night without realizing it17:26
MatthewWilkeskblin: Wasn't the kilt a giveaway?17:26
kblinhe wasn't technically wearing one17:26
MatthewWilkesHow many beers had you had?17:26
kblinfew enough to know he was wearing pants17:27
ajaksukblin: I should actually look at the speakers list to see if I can put names to the nice faces :)17:27
MatthewWilkeskblin: Was it the current lead?  I've bumped into him in a few places, Steve I think his name is, nice guy17:28
kblinyeah, Steve17:28
MatthewWilkesThe outgoing Plone release manager is one of his predecessors, Wichert17:28
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kblinbut basically most of the folks at the mentor summit are really nice people17:30
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ajaksuok, piratebay guy is cool, Bdale is cool, the other coolest ones (skipping those kblin already mentioned) don't seem to be listed in or I'm just being bad with faces again :)17:31
tpbTitle: Palestrantes | FISL 10 - Fórum Internacional de Software Livre (at
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kblinmy spanish still sucks17:34
ajaksuah, obviously many folks in the list I don't have much of a sample for coolness :D17:35
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tpb<> (at
kblinI think it's funny that the site is still in spanish, even if you pick the "english" variant17:36
ajaksuok, I officially give up coding, it's a riot now :)17:37
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kblinhave fun17:41
kblinI need to get some sleep17:41
kblinenjoy the conference, and don't be too star-struck17:41
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ajaksucomfy... chair-thang17:48
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