Thursday, 2009-06-25

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ajaksujamtoday: hi from a even greater distance :)00:05
ajaksudoing the changes per Mario's nice review00:05
jamtodayajaksu: hi00:14
jamtodayajaksu: on the view?00:14
ajaksuJS and CSS only00:15
ajaksujamtoday: nice commits, thanks a lot! I'm now rushing to do what I was supposed to have done before arriving here...00:16
ajaksutrying to meet lh tomorrow :)00:16
jamtodayajaksu: if you're not editing views, I'll also go over them and do cleanup, docstrings, etc.00:16
jamtodayajaksu: lh is a lot of fun00:16
jamtodayI believe we're merging survey models and logic tomorrow, and then the views, templates, etc. will go in later00:17
ajaksuOK, I won't touch views for a good while :)00:17
ajaksucool, should I submit the templates for review?00:17
jamtodayYes I think they're ready.00:30
jamtodayI know there's been concern about separation between JS and HTML00:34
jamtodayajaksu: for some reason my connection right now can't access github (DNS probably) I'll just work locally and push in the morning if i cant get it working00:36
ajaksujamtoday: ok00:37
ajaksujamtoday: if DNS, should work, but no need worry about it :)00:38
tpbTitle: Secure source code hosting and collaborative development - GitHub (at
jamtodayajaksu: thanks, ill try switching that into my config file00:40
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kblinmorning folks01:56
ajaksumorning kblin :)01:58
kblinajaksu: I assume that once the real testing for the mid-term surveys starts, the tool tips should give more tips than "testing tooltip" ?02:03
ajaksukblin: yes, but they might be completely removed, as no good use for them has been suggested yet (hint, hint) :)02:03
kblinso.. do I create bugs for typos in the student survey or should I just fix them as I go?02:05
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ajaksuediting them in the survey isn't the best choice, as that might be lost if I do something stupid. I think LH would rather have us fix them in the google doc that originates from... I can fix those you point, but I guess she'll want to add you to the editors, so do I ping her or do you? :)02:09
kblinthe only thing I stumbled over is "My mentor holds regular "02:10
kblinthat's supposed to say "My mentor holds regular office hours"02:11
kblinat least if it's the same question as in the last few years :)02:11
ajaksumight've been PEBKAC from me, lemme check :)02:20
ajaksuor a quoting bug...02:21
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jamtodayajaksu: i think this would be a good time to get our importing/exporting in order.03:16
jamtodayajaksu: Yesterday I pushed CSS to fix issue 64703:18
ajaksujamtoday: I can focus on import now03:19
ajaksujamtoday: the max-width: 700?03:19
jamtodayyeah, and restricting the width of question names03:20
jamtodayI tested on safari not opera or IE03:20
ajaksujamtoday: I can still reproduce the bug on FF, but commenting that line makes the orange background expand to encompass the too-wide widgets, anything against doing that?03:21
tpb<> (at
jamtodayyeah thats fine, we just should just be restricting the widgets anyways03:23
jamtodaytrouble with google login in addition to github :(03:23
jamtodaycan we say single point of failure03:23
ajaksuare you on the road?03:24
jamtodayat foreign household, strange primitive internet service03:26
jamtodaya few hundred miles from home03:26
jamtodaytwo types of import - importing within an instance, and between instances03:27
jamtodayi have an encoder class that can take a db.Model() entity and dump as JSON and load from JSON03:27
jamtodaySRabbelier requested that schema property be put in a new SurveyContentSchema db.Expando03:28
jamtodayajaksu: import between instances would be nice for testing a survey on melange-ajaksu and then moving in a couple minutes03:29
ajaksujamtoday: I saw that (SurveyContentSchema), and I think it makes sense... I also want to have per question comments, in the issue tracker I said I wanted to store stringlists per question ([0] = answer, [1]=comment), but we might simply have comment_for_[question_id] properties03:31
jamtodaylike I said, I could work with it either way03:32
ajaksujamtoday: will try to get import/export working now, as it's important for development03:32
jamtodayajaksu: agreed03:32
ajaksujamtoday: and importing from the google doc seems real easy, it's so tidy :)03:35
jamtodayoh, you mean you want to import from a google doc?03:36
jamtodayi was just thinking between soc servers03:37
jamtodayor uploaded json03:37
jamtodayno you can't, that would just be too fantastical03:37
ajaksuI meant that too, but the current google doc seems to be easy to beat into the import format, whatever it ends being :)03:38
ajaksuour CSV already outputs schema and non-dynamic properties, hack-hack-hack the dynamic ones we need (maybe I should stop eating candy bars)03:40
jamtodayhmmm....i think that would be more in line with the built-in app engine data uploader03:44
jamtodayi've never used it before... ["james": {"prefers": "JSON" } ]03:45
ajaksuJSON it is then, do we have a JSON consumer handy? I think there is one bundled, right?03:47
jamtodayjson should do the trick03:53
jamtodayI got distracted and am refactoring the addField methods03:54
jamtodayor consolidating03:54
ajaksujamtoday:, lemme see how far from JSON it is03:54
ajaksucool :)03:54
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jamtodayyeah i don't think this works as csv....csv breaks when you feed it punctuation ime04:00
ajaksuand json is so easy, doing the json export now :)04:02
jamtodayit will never work to export/import db keys of course04:05
jamtodaybut we dont need those04:05
jamtodayI just pushed the GQL encoder, it can be accessed as from soc.views.helper.gql_encoder import encode04:06
jamtodayit has some bells and whistles we might not need, but I've found it useful before04:07
jamtodayajaksu: I'm afraid I have to get up early....but I'll try to stick this out04:11
jamtodayI'll work on the importing end04:11
ajaksujamtoday: just hit to see if json looks ok-ish04:12
tpb<> (at
jamtodayclose, we want double quotes (unless nested) and no unicode strings04:14
ajaksuactually json starts at line 73, I'm just too tired to make it a proper view right now :)04:15
ajaksugotta get some sleep, 5 am here :)04:16
jamtodayajaksu: ah got it. looks good. and yes, go to sleep!04:17
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ajaksusolydzajs: meeting lh in 20 minutes, trying to get serialized input working, lots of fun :)14:44
solydzajsajaksu: ok great :-)14:46
solydzajsajaksu: please note any missing features or things that are broken14:46
solydzajsajaksu: since we need to take care of that pretty soon14:46
ajaksusolydzajs: I've just added comment-per-question fields and survey export/import as JSON, that gives us a huge boost in features checklist, as some missing stuff is now doable (plain text editing-ly, but well...), I really need to get the whole results view working with James code, no way I'm going to deliver it right now but I might after another all-nighter :)14:49
solydzajsajaksu: also I've noticed that the survey results page (who have already taken the survey has no pagination)14:51
solydzajsajaksu: this will be a problem14:51
solydzajsajaksu: when 1000 mentors take a survey this page won't be able to render in time14:51
solydzajsajaksu: we need pagination enabled there14:51
ajaksusolydzajs: whether in /edit/ or /results/, it's a known issue I'm going to fix at /results/ (we might get rid of results in /edit/ or port the pagination/dynamic fetching)14:54
solydzajsok great14:55
solydzajskeep me posted14:55
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ajaksujamtoday: thank you very very much for nice tooltips and everything that made Leslie happy :)15:46
ajaksuintuitive widget-type mappings, records pairing, logic, design :)15:47
ajaksuand now even show user entered comments :)16:05
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jamtodayajaksu: I just pushed a change Pawel requested, SurveyRecordGroup in its own model file16:39
jamtodayIt's also been requested that model and logic gets submitted for one more code review, and then i believe we're going to merge to production today16:39
ajaksujamtoday: that's great! I'm writing a short report of our go through surveys session and will be back to hack in a couple of hours16:41
ajaksuI got JSON import working, but I still have to create a form field for it :)16:41
ajaksukblin: thanks for all the cool testing :)17:00
kblinI didn't find any really big problems so far, so I had to resort to minor nitpicking :)17:01
ajaksuthat 'mentors hold' you spotted is actually a double quoting issue with option serializing :)17:03
kblinI see17:04
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