Tuesday, 2009-06-30

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jamtodaySRabbelier: ping?00:45
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ircmaxellping solydzajs02:57
solydzajsircmaxell: pong02:58
ircmaxellHey, I'm not sure if you remember me (Anthony from New York)02:58
ircmaxellBut I'm in Krakow for the week, and wanted to see, if you were around, if you wanted to grab a beer...02:59
solydzajsircmaxell: of course I remember :-)03:00
solydzajsircmaxell: are you on GTalk ?03:01
ircmaxell[email protected]03:01
solydzajsircmaxell: ok I added you03:02
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jamtodaysolydzajs: ping05:26
solydzajsjamtoday: pong05:27
jamtodaysolydzajs: good response time!05:27
jamtodayI'm doing the view for untaken surveys05:27
jamtodayI don't know if we reached a consensus about the implementation05:27
jamtodayI was going to add them to the sidebar, but wasn't sure beyond htat05:28
solydzajsyes so I was thinking that there should be sidebar entry05:28
solydzajs"Surveys (2)"05:28
solydzajsand it should be red if there are any surveys untaken05:28
solydzajsthe number should indicate the number of untaken surveys05:28
solydzajsif you click on it it should list taken and untaken surveys05:29
jamtodayso a dedicated expandable for Surveys05:29
solydzajsno no05:29
solydzajsnot expandable05:29
jamtodayso it's a view containing a list of your surveys05:29
solydzajsjust one link05:29
solydzajsand it should open new view05:29
solydzajswhich should have two lists05:29
solydzajsone for untaken surveys on top05:29
solydzajsand second one for already taken surveys05:29
jamtodayI'm also concerned about handling some of the issues introduced by subclassing surveys, but I think I should post about that for open airing05:30
jamtodayI'll work on the new view for now, and I'll write about these issues in my weekly blog post05:31
jamtoday11th hour changes are stressful05:32
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erichHi, can you please remove the "student" role from the linkid "erich", so I can accept the mentor invitation?09:19
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Meriodhans: ping10:00
dhansMerio: pong10:00
dhansMerio: I am reading your js skeleton and think that gonna have some questions :)10:01
Meriodhans: ok ask me :) What happened this morning? :)10:02
dhansI was out for almost all day - got back like an hour ago but must have taken shower :-p10:03
dhansI thought there would be less traffic during vacations...10:03
Meriodhans: well, that's a good idea to have better social relationships :P10:03
MerioNo problems Daniel, I was only worried. Studied Physics while waiting... so studied all the morning, which is not bad at all :P10:04
dhansno, I was not out with friends or something. I had to get to some places which were spread across warsaw10:04
dhansmaybe warsaw is not as enormous as rome or something, but it is not small :P10:05
dhansand today I really wish I had a car...10:05
dhansI am sorry, a car with air conditioning ;p10:06
Merioeheh I guess so :)10:07
MerioEheheh don't know the temperature there, but in Rome is quite a need to have air conditioning, especially during summer :)10:07
dhansyeah, while I was getting boiled on a bus, I was thinking that you probably would have worse if you were in Italy :)10:09
Merioeheh I'm quite worried on going back to Italy on 7... :) It's very confortable here to work and study ^_^10:11
MerioSo, about your questions? You already have some?10:12
MerioI mean, you're still looking at the code or you have questions in the meantime?10:12
dhanshmm ok. now I am more like trying to understand the js syntax that you use, but I am getting better and better :-) now I am trying to understand melange.js10:13
Merioyep, opened, just ask :)10:14
dhansbecause the whole melange.js is like a function isn't it?10:14
MerioYes, actually everything in Javascript is a function10:17
dhanshmm when I worked for some time in JavaScript like a year ago, it looked more like java...10:18
Meriohmm strange enough, there are very few things in common10:19
dhansmaybe because the javascript skeleton for that project was designed by java developers, so they made it look as similar to java as possible10:20
dhansfor example I don't remember any anonymous functions10:21
Meriowell, that is because they didn't take advantage of javascript potential :)10:22
dhansprobably true :)10:22
dhansfor example in line 29 you have like inner function, ok?10:22
MerioFor the construct (function (){})() have a look at this ==>http://ajaxian.com/downloads/books/javascriptninja/JavaScriptNinja_ch3_Article2.pdf10:22
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3QO2> (at ajaxian.com)10:22
MerioIt's useful, even if I think it's difficult to understand if you don't get the closure topic (still I found some difficulties on using them properly :))10:23
MerioYes, this is actually a function which is executed and discarded right after the engine read it10:23
dhansok, so this function will be executed just after $m.config = {}; ?10:24
dhanshmm ok, so I really need to read on what do we get from (function (){}()) :)10:25
MerioActually perhaps that specific piece of code would do the same thing without enclosing it in parenthesis to be fair10:26
MerioYep you should, it's a powerful construct, one of the most powerful in Javascript to me :)10:26
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erichPing: Hi, can you please remove the "student" role from the linkid "erich" in socghop, so I can accept a pending mentor invitation?11:26
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dhansMerio: ping11:50
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Meriodhans: pong, sorry unexpected guest and I forgot headphones attached to the computer so I didn't hear pidgin sound :)13:36
Meriodhans: just wait a few minutes, finishing to talk :)13:37
dhansMerio: sure :) I didn't even know that pidgin made sounds :-)13:38
Meriodhans: yes he does :)13:39
Meriodhans: back in some minutes :)13:39
dhansMerio: ok13:39
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Meriodhans: ping :)14:02
dhansMerio: pong14:02
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Meriodhans: excuse me again, was unexpected :) Tell me everything :)14:03
dhansMerio: don't worry at all :-)14:03
dhansMerio: I think I understand most of the things... just to make sure: to access a context variable inside .js file we call _self.context.json for example ?14:04
Meriojust _self.context and name of the variable you gave in the json object in the melangeContext attribute14:07
Merioso yes if the variable was called json14:07
Meriolike in statistic/show.html for example14:08
MerioelangeContext="{% autoescape off %}{ json: {{ json }} }{% endautoescape %}14:09
Meriofor example in dashboard you have melangeContext="{% autoescape off %}{ user: '{{ entity.name }}' }{% endautoescape %}14:11
MerioNow it doesn't show anything, is just something to remind me to use it14:11
MerioBut if you want to access that variable you'll have to call _self.context.user14:11
dhansyes, I don't see _self.context.user in dashboard.js14:11
dhansbtw. why did you make this assignment: _self = this ? we mustn't go for this.context.user, because in inner function this refers to something else?14:13
Merioit could depending on the context14:13
MerioI mean on the scope of the function you're into14:13
MerioSo it's good to have a reference to the overall object in case you need to, otherwise "this" could mean something else in some other function14:13
dhansok so if you have like (function() { x = 1; print this.x; (function() {x =2 print this.x})()}(), we would get 1, 2 ?14:14
Merioyes exactly14:17
dhansit's just looks strange at the beginning when everything is a function :)14:18
dhansand another thing: this functions from dashboard.js (for example line 163) jQuery.getJson() they are used for asynchronous calls?14:19
dhansthat's why you needed jsonResponses for statistics?14:20
MerioWell in the getjson function I retrieve your jsonresponse, but the reason why we use that is because we can get it asynchronously so we don't need page reloading to update the dom14:21
dhansok that was exactly what I meant14:22
Meriook :)14:22
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dhansand I hope the last question, because as I said I would like to change 'task' button so that it will work asynchronously. so is it possible to do this with our skeleton? because I think it quite is, but we need a similar function to getJson, but a function that does not wait for response (because we just want to start a task and it may take a lot of time). is there anything like this?14:26
dhansMerio: or forget it,  I will check by myself in jQuery docs :)14:27
MerioYou can just do nothing in the callback function (the second argument of jsonresponse)14:27
MerioBut probably you may want anyway to receive a response from the server just to say "yes, all started" or "no, there has been a problem"14:28
MerioNo problems Daniel, if I can help you directly it's obviously faster and that's a good thing :)14:28
dhansMerio: hmm sounds reasonable :)14:28
dhansMerio: I mean with both yes/no responses and low speed of myself reading docs :)14:29
Meriodhans: eheheh reading docs is obviously suggested, but if you have to do a particular task maybe you have to search through zillions of web sites and you may or may not find a good solution... so in those cases talking between us is faster :) I'm going to do the same tomorrow for what I want to achieve in the backend, so you're not safe from this too ^__^14:31
dhansMerio: I hope I will be so helpful too :)14:31
Meriodhans: you've been and you'll be... and getting in constant sync and communication about our project means not helpful*2 but helpful^2 :P14:33
dhansI would say it's evan Ackermann function :)14:35
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Meriodhans: or, to be more in topic with SoC, a googolplex :P14:37
dhansMerio: have to check what that is :)14:37
dhansMerio: :P14:38
Meriodhans: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googolplex14:38
tpbTitle: Googolplex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)14:38
dhansMerio: just seeing that :)14:38
Meriodhans: yep :P14:38
dhansmerio: very small question, are you there? :)14:51
Meriodhans: yep tell me :)14:51
dhansMerio: in article you sent me there is something like: (function(){})()14:51
dhansand I think I understand it. now I see that you have something that looks a little bit different...14:52
Merio(too many "yeps" ^_^)14:52
dhansMerio: like (function () {} () )14:53
dhansMerio: so is this pretty much the same?14:53
Meriodhans: yes IIRC is something enforced by jslint14:54
dhansMerio: ok thanks, I was just curious14:55
Meriodhans: but it's different notation, AFAIK is not something different semantically, but it's an interesting question, I'll dig further :)14:55
Meriofrom the gsoc-it channel => https://cia.vc/stats/project/apertium/.message/7b223115:00
tpb<http://ln-s.net/3QVu> (at cia.vc)15:00
dhansMerio: on my level: my example which helped me explore if anonymous function may return something (x = (function() { return 2 }()); document.write("x: " + x);  ) writes 2 in both cases, but this is probably not a proof of semantical równoważność :P15:01
dhansI just paste a word before translation :)15:02
dhansthere is a set of words that I always spell incorrectly, so I want to copy/past them :)15:02
Merioheheh :)15:03
Meriolet me see your question :)15:03
dhansit's not a question :P15:03
Merioahah sorry you're right :)15:03
MerioI thought it was15:04
dhansno, it was my proof by example :-/15:04
Meriogreat :)15:09
MerioFirefox 3.5 is here!15:09
dhansMerio: yeah. my father told me before. when I saw it, I also shown him that Firefox has such features like tabs and bookmarks, but it's another story ;-)15:12
Merioeheh ;)15:12
dhansbe back in 30 minutes15:17
Meriodhans: ok. I'll probably go to sleep early, this night I've slept 4 hours, don't know why... so it's better to get rest and be more powerful tomorrow, I'm very tired today15:18
Meriodhans: going to sleep, sorry about that, really I can't keep my eyes open, see you tomorrow, I'll be here early (hope at 7:00 my time) all day long15:28
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ajaksujamtoday_: hiya :)19:08
* ajaksu just found out we also have 2 review systems :/19:09
jamtoday_ajaksu: 2 review systems?19:10
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jamtodaythere we go19:10
ajaksujamtoday: make that three: google code, rietveld and emails... I guess I should stop using rietveld :)19:11
jamtodayajaksu: looking at your create survey UI, if this works it will be a huge help.19:12
ajaksujamtoday: let me send you the whole patch against trunk, I'm a bit too tired so I'm not sure my patches are making sense...19:13
jamtodaycan you push it via git?19:14
jamtodayI'm in for the rest of the day, so I'll make sure it works and include it in my next patch19:15
jamtodayajaksu: I'm trying to figure out why the Question Type field shows up in editing surveys, but not creating surveys. Can't find the code for this anywhere19:17
ajaksujamtoday: I'm not sure it'll apply cleanly to git, but I'll try :)19:19
ajaksujamtoday: you mean newly added choice questions never show the type field (so on question creation) or choice questions added on create survey don't show the type field, but do otherwise?19:20
jamtodayexisting choice questions for editing show the Question Type field....I'm going to do a few of the TODOs for survey front-end (such as showing short answer prompts above the input field) so I'll look into it. Code has got to be somewhere19:22
ajaksujamtoday: survey-edit-090627.js:604 -> we add new questions in JS19:28
jamtodayajaksu: thanks...let me know if you have problems with git and I'll apply the survey UI patch manually19:33
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ajaksujamtoday: pushed, but it's a mess, sorry :/19:37
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