Tuesday, 2009-04-14

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j-bIs it possible for a student to edit his proposal name? Will it be possible ?05:19
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malexmelange is acting up - Error 404: There is no "Role" where "scope_path" is "google/gsoc2009/scribus_team" and "link_id" is "tsoots". Any ideas? I'm clicking on the id of one of our mentors.10:43
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jezdezhi there13:02
jezdezis it possible in melange to assign alternative mentors?13:03
MatthewWilkesNot yet13:08
jezdezok, I'll add that information as an admin comment then13:08
jezdezthanks :)13:08
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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi13:43
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SRabbeliermadrazr: heya13:44
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anothy_xas an admin, is there a way to "freeze" ranks or scores?14:52
ErantLennie: plx to help disasming this firmware.15:07
ErantI'm kinda annoyed at this LCD init code.15:09
ErantI can't get it to work :(15:09
LennieErant, you can!15:13
LennieErant, I spoke to Witteveen today he asked me red or white wine :P?15:13
dhaunjust wanted to say thanks to whoever implemented the autocomplete for the mentor name when assigning mentors :)15:20
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* dhaun can never remember our mentor's link ids ...15:20
ramiroI need my abstract and project title to be changed. a couple of days ago merbzt asked wether that was possible and IIRC it was said something along those lines should be possible in the following days.15:21
ramirowill it be possible before the projects are made public? we really need to change it.15:22
Lennieramiro, nope it can be changed once the projects go live15:27
Lenniedhaun, thank Sverre and Merio15:27
* Lennie pokes SRabbelier15:27
Lennieyou are getting thanks too today SRabbelier :P15:27
ErantLennie: Red wine kthx15:32
ErantSpeaking of which15:32
Lenniebring me some :)15:32
Lennieonly a 5 min bicycle ride :P15:33
ErantCome get it. 's good wine.15:33
Erant2007 Cabernet Sauvignon15:33
ErantLennie: Just got a mail from Fox-IT btw.15:34
ErantThey're saying I can basically do anything, as long as it has a relation to what they do.15:34
Lennielol k :P15:36
Lenniehmm damn your Erant15:36
Erant" Buiten die opdrachten zijn er een aantal producten in de markt die we graag zouden ontleden om te bepalen hoe secure ze eigenlijk zijn. Het gaat dan om bijv. USB sticks met biometrische beveiliging, een systeem waarmee je m.b.v. een "secure token" (ik weet ook niet wat het is, maar de fabrikant vindt het super ;-) kan booten en remote werken, en een one-time password genererende token. Het kraken van een of meer van die producten zou een goede stage ku15:38
Lenniebasically a free pass to hackheaven :P?15:40
Lennieawesome :p15:40
ErantMaybe I should make an appointment with thingumie to see how feasible such a project is.15:40
ErantSeijpers (sp?)15:40
ErantST bachelor project coordinator guy15:41
ErantFat fucking chance that I'm going to find someone to do this with me15:41
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Lenniethat's no Sepers :p15:48
Lennieyours is someone else15:49
madrazrLennie: yeah build a mapping for Countries and ccTLD16:13
madrazrmapping is already done16:13
madrazrLennie: I have kept it in soc/models/countries.py16:13
Lenniegive it a try16:13
Lennielooking forward to your patch16:13
Lenniesounds cool16:13
madrazrLennie: Javascript Variable Scopes is irritating a lot from more than 24 hrs :D16:13
madrazrLennie: worked with Merio for more than 3 hrs this afternoon to debug it, we could not16:14
Lenniebummer :(16:14
madrazrLennie: I have sent the diffs to Merio, he said he will do it whenever he is free16:14
madrazrLennie: bummer?16:14
madrazrLennie: btw only thing not working is a line b/w Mentor and Student, everything else seems sane now :D16:14
Lenniebummer means that it's unfortuneate that it isn't fixed :)16:15
Lennieline worked last time16:15
madrazrLennie: yeah, now introduction of geocoding meant introduction of new callbacks, which are causing problems with variable scopes16:15
madrazrit is funny however :D16:16
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Lennieone more day and then you'll know if you have been accepted ^^16:17
* Lennie laughs like Dr. Evil16:18
madrazrto whom are you telling?16:18
madrazrLennie: ^16:19
* Lennie points at madrazr16:19
madrazrLennie: are you telling it tomorrow?16:19
LennieI dont know actually :p16:19
* madrazr is scared, heart beat is increasing16:20
madrazrwants to goto bed, but can't get sleep :)16:20
Lennieget some sleep16:21
Lennieit's good16:21
madrazrLennie: yeah sure today, I want to be there for "big auction" tomorrow16:22
madrazrIt will be nice to see lh auctioning students :D16:22
Lennieauction starts in 21h36 min :)16:23
Lenniecya there16:23
madrazrLennie: see you!16:23
madrazrgood night16:23
madrazrSRabbelier: good night :D16:23
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Sledgejust trying to submit the home page for Debian16:42
Sledgecreated a doc at "debianhomepage"16:42
Sledgewhen I try to link that in the profile, it tells me "There is no such document with that link ID under this entity."16:42
Sledgeum, what?16:42
SRabbelierSledge: Paste me the link you're using  to create the document16:47
SRabbelierSledge: or even better, psate me the link of the document16:47
tpb<http://ln-s.net/38TD> (at socghop.appspot.com)16:48
Sledgeand http://socghop.appspot.com/org/edit/google/gsoc2009/debian16:48
tpb<http://ln-s.net/38TE> (at socghop.appspot.com)16:48
Sledgegah, ok16:48
Sledgeso documents I create are not useable by the orgs I'm in?16:49
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SRabbelierSledge: you didn't follow the instructions?16:52
SRabbelierSledge: correct, it needs to be under debian's scope16:52
SRabbelierSledge: so the url should be something like /document/create/org/debian16:52
Sledgeyup, done now16:52
SRabbelierSledge: ok, did you manage to set it too?16:52
Sledgecould be a little clearer, maybe16:52
SRabbelierSledge: you mean the document is not explicit enough in that aspect?16:53
Sledgethis is the first document I've created inside melange16:53
Sledge(handwave) some way to make it clear that orgs and people have separate namespaces for docs would be nice16:54
Sledgeand no, I don't know how best to do that :-P16:54
SRabbelierSledge: mhhhh, did you read the  "See Creating Documents at the Organization level. " part?16:56
SledgeI think it's clear that I didn't :-)16:56
Sledgeok, I'm a muppet16:56
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SRabbelierSledge: ok, so you agree the documentation is sufficient, but you just didn't read it? :P16:59
Sledgesomething like that :-)17:19
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harlanhey, how do I move a document under melange?18:04
harlanor how do I request that a document be moved?18:06
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mmu_manhmm seems everyone used UTF-8 & caps in the first/last name fields in mentor infos...18:51
mmu_manI just entered lowercase ascii as asked by the tooltip (with transparent bg here btw :p) then was wondering why I was the only one listed with lowercase name in mentors :D18:52
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ravenlockhi, what is "rank" for in the UI when assigning an "admin" comment?20:21
anothy_xit's a little tricky.20:22
ravenlockI think I understand.  Its a score override20:22
anothy_xassigning a rank of N will set the score to the score of the current application with rank N, +1.20:22
anothy_xit *sets* the score, though.20:22
ravenlockk.  and if I leave blank?  no change?20:23
ravenlockif I assign a mentor now... can I change it later?20:23
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anothy_xyes. i don't recall when google wants the final list, though.20:23
ravenlock0700 UTC I thought20:24
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