Monday, 2009-04-13

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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi09:37
SRabbeliermadrazr: heya!09:37
madrazrSRabbelier: had been a long time since I spoke to you :P09:37
SRabbeliermadrazr: indeed :P09:38
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ajuonlineok guys, can students modify proposals after selection  if the mentors want so?12:08
ajuonlinelh: ^12:08
ajuonlineits likely that multiple students be selected for one idea and the work be divided. or scoped to more work.12:08
ajuonlinewhich is unclear right now.12:09
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decriptorrumor has it that I need to come into here to get my student profile deleted so that I can become a mentor?12:53
decriptorif this is the case, what information is needed?12:57
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dionesSRabbelier: Hi13:05
SRabbelierdiones: heya13:05
SRabbelierajuonline: yes, they can13:05
SRabbelierajuonline: after they've been accepted, they can adjust the text of their project13:06
SRabbelierdecriptor: rumor is right, please mail pawel.solyga at with your request from the account that you have the student role on13:06
decriptorSRabbelier: thanks13:07
dionesSRabbelier: I have tent a comment to my proposal with the ICal link13:07
SRabbelierdiones: I replied :D13:08
dionesSRabbelier: Also the, problem with pylint seemed to be unrelated with pydev13:09
SRabbelierdiones: oh?13:09
dionesanyhow I thought it would be usefull to make a litle article to the wiki or a note to the tests article13:10
dionesTelling how to solve the problem with the not found app engine modules13:11
dionesSRabbelier: The problem was, mostly, that some of app engine modules needed to be installed13:12
dionesin order to be found by pydev13:12
dioneslike yaml13:12
dionessimilar problems still exist13:13
SRabbelierdiones: ah, yes, please do update your GettingStarted with a link to a new topic13:13
SRabbelierdiones: something like GettingStartedWithEclipse, or such13:13
SRabbelierdiones: and add how you solved the issue13:13
SRabbelierdiones: I would very much like to have pylint integration myself13:13
dionesI'll have to work on that when I'm home13:15
SRabbelierdiones: no worries13:15
SRabbelierdiones: +1 :)13:15
dionesok :)13:15
dionesabout seed_db.py13:15
dionesthe diff result13:16
dionescan I edit it manually?13:16
dionesto remove the 'line removals and such' in my code?13:16
decriptorSRabbelier: roughly, what's the turn around time frame?13:17
SRabbelierdiones: mhhh, what would be better is 'undo' the diff, then 'edit manually', apply the diff, and verify that the result is what is desired13:18
SRabbelierdecriptor: he's travelling currently, so probably somewhere tonight/tomorrow13:18
decriptorSRabbelier: cool, thanks13:19
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ajuonlineSRabbelier: the "check box" isnt in there yet?13:50
SRabbelierajuonline: nope13:50
ajuonlineSRabbelier: eta?13:50
ajuonlineor just comments for now?13:50
SRabbelierajuonline: I think madrazr was going to polish that patch some more13:50
SRabbelierajuonline: I think ETA was yesterday :P13:50
* ajuonline pokes madrazr 13:51
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ajuonlinemadrazr: what man? you said that was gonna happen few days back :P13:51
madrazrajuonline: just a min, reading logs13:51
madrazrajuonline: that patch may not get in before 20th I am afraid. I am currently working on Org Home Page maps which is much more critical ATM13:51
ajuonlinemadrazr: i got a bunch of extra SoC 08 stickers. let me know any of you guys need it, ever :P13:52
madrazrajuonline: sell it :D13:52
madrazrajuonline: you could have done the same in 2008 also :D13:52
* madrazr runs13:52
ajuonlinemadrazr: no. i got some today.13:52
* ajuonline kicks madrazr 13:53
madrazrSRabbelier: Lennie said Org Home Page Maps are more important ATM, so I am not sure if I edit proposal will get in now13:53
madrazrSRabbelier: more over do you think it is required at all now?13:53
madrazrSRabbelier: most of the rating and ranking by Org is over right?13:53
SRabbeliermadrazr: it is13:54
SRabbeliermadrazr: no worries13:54
SRabbeliermadrazr: focus on org home page13:54
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh Ok13:54
madrazrSRabbelier: thanks13:54
ajuonlinethats perfectly fine madrazr :D13:54
ajuonlinedont you have exams nowadays?13:54
madrazrajuonline: no :)13:54
madrazrajuonline: I am not even attending classes nowadays :D13:55
ajuonlinemadrazr: what!! ok do my homework:D13:55
madrazrajuonline: heh of course yeah, if it is Melange work :D13:55
madrazrajuonline: you seem to have lot of contacts. Please help to get at least one from Melange team to FOSS.in13:57
madrazrajuonline: if you do this to me, I will do your home work. How is the deal?13:58
madrazrajuonline: I want to meet SRabbelier. I want to ask him(face-to-face), what on earth has given him so much patience :P13:58
SRabbeliermadrazr: lots and lots of practice :P13:59
SRabbeliermadrazr: also, my gf helps me :P13:59
madrazrSRabbelier: ha ha LoL!13:59
SRabbeliermadrazr: she reminds me not to kill right away :P13:59
madrazrSRabbelier: :D13:59
madrazrSRabbelier: how many years of practice? :P14:00
SRabbeliermadrazr: about two I'd say :P14:00
madrazrSRabbelier: heh OK :)14:00
madrazrSRabbelier: I am about to conclude now, "get a gf if you want to practice patience" :D14:01
* madrazr runs14:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: yes, it does help :p14:01
SRabbeliermadrazr: especially if she's at all like mine ;)14:01
madrazrSRabbelier: HA HA :D14:01
madrazrSRabbelier: he he :)14:02
SRabbeliermadrazr: can you explain ccTLD?14:07
madrazrSRabbelier: for UK14:07 for US14:07
SRabbeliermadrazr: aaaah, right14:07
SRabbeliermadrazr: can't we just store a mapping?14:07
MatthewWilkesmadrazr: uk. for uk, co is a subdomain14:07
SRabbeliermadrazr: from country to ccTLD?14:07
madrazrSRabbelier: yeah that seems to be a good idea now14:07
madrazrSRabbelier: shall we go ahead with it?14:07
SRabbeliermadrazr: if you can find one such mapping and apply it sanely to Melange, go wild14:08
madrazrSRabbelier: heh Ok14:08
madrazrSRabbelier: let me search for such mappings14:08
madrazrSRabbelier: there is a small issue as well, GMaps APIs slightly diverge from ISO recommended ccTLDs14:08
madrazrso we need to take care of that14:09
madrazrfor example, ISO says it is gb for Great Britain == UK14:09
madrazrGMap uses .co.uk14:09
MatthewWilkesmadrazr: ISO define country codes, ccTLD are different.14:09
SRabbeliermadrazr: just store the one GMaps API uses then14:09
madrazrMatthewWilkes: Oh is it?14:09
madrazrMatthewWilkes: then there will be a separate mapping for ccTLD?14:10
anothy_xi think uk is the only non-matching one.14:10
madrazrSRabbelier: yeah Ok sure14:10
MatthewWilkesmadrazr: gb. doesn't include Northern IReland, for example.  Also .su is still in use as a ccTLD14:10
anothy_xGB is the ISO code for "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".14:10
anothy_xso "gb", in conventional usage, might not, but the ISO code "gb" does.14:11
madrazrMatthewWilkes: anothy_x: Oh Ok14:11
anothy_xand yes, that's a silly choice for a country code on the UK's part.14:11
* SRabbelier honestly doesn't care about vs .gb vs .uk14:11
SRabbelieras long as maps works :P14:11
madrazrSRabbelier: ha ha :D14:11
madrazrMatthewWilkes: anothy_x: thanks for the info14:12
madrazrWill search for ccTLD mappings then14:12
MatthewWilkesanothy_x: Fair enough, the reason was that one of the initial DNS schemes was based in the UK so was sensitive to our politics14:12
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ajuonlinemadrazr: you can ask then directly as well :P14:48
ajuonlineSRabbelier: what you doing dec 1-5th :D14:48
madrazrajuonline: you need to confirm that with organizers I think14:48
SRabbelierajuonline: probably celebrating "Sinterklaas"14:48
ajuonlineSRabbelier: do that in India14:49
SRabbelierajuonline: lol, for
ajuonlineSRabbelier: yeah;)14:49
SRabbelierajuonline: I'm more a fan of brining madrazr to .eu actually :P14:49
ajuonlineSRabbelier: can I come along ;)?14:49
madrazrajuonline: no no :D14:49
SRabbelierajuonline: are you a melange contributor yet? :P14:50
madrazrSRabbelier: thanks :)14:50
madrazrbut you must come here at least once :)14:50
SRabbeliermadrazr: :D14:50
ajuonlineSRabbelier: my loyalties lie with sahana :P14:50
SRabbelierajuonline: pfffrt, then ask Sahana to fly you over :P14:50
ajuonlineyeah right :P14:50
madrazrajuonline: TBH your loyalties lie with Social Networking site, AFAIK14:51
ajuonlinemadrazr: nah, :P14:51
madrazrajuonline: don't lie :)14:51
ajuonlinei only twitter when I am out travelling - bored.14:52
ajuonlineso much that people start complaining14:52
madrazrajuonline: heh :)14:52
* MatthewWilkes had a friend try and convince him to go to india once14:53
MatthewWilkesThe plan of "Go to goa, hire some motorbikes, get a load of hash, and drive east" sounded like one of the silliest ideas I'd ever heard14:53
MatthewWilkesEspecially to a group of people who can't drive, let alone ride a bike14:54
Eranthash, or hasj?14:54
madrazrMatthewWilkes: HA HA14:54
* Erant gives MattthewWilkes some sha1sum14:54
MatthewWilkesah, lol14:54
MatthewWilkesAs I'm still alive, clearly I didn't go14:55
ErantSRabbelier is occupied in December. He'll be preparing his paper for 26C314:55
madrazrMatthewWilkes: he he :P14:55
SRabbelierErant: huh, what, where? :P14:55
ErantSRabbelier: I'm going to see if I can drag some people to Berlin this time around ;)14:56
SRabbelierErant: aaah, I see :P14:56
anothy_xactually, minus the hash, that sounds like an awesome trip. what's the motorbike company that sponsors the annual cross-india rally?14:56
ErantI tried hauling Bas, but he said he'd only go if I explained everything to him.14:56
ajuonlineSRabbelier: i'll probably use Melange for Sahana Summer of Code or something, does that count ?14:56
anothy_xroyal infeld? something like that.14:56
MatthewWilkesErant: Good call.  I keep meaning to go14:56
ErantMatthewWilkes: It is awesome. The CTF event is GREAT fun.14:57
MatthewWilkesErant: One of my friends from the Plone community is pretty active in Berlin CCC14:57
MatthewWilkesIn fact, he was the one that introduced 26C3 nomenclature14:57
ErantHeh, sweet.14:57
ErantYeah, it's something you should deffo go to if you get the chance. I've been the last two years. Didn't disappoint. We actually won the CTF this year.14:58
ErantDon't expect sleep though14:59
MatthewWilkesyou don't need sleep in berlin14:59
ErantYou'll either spend entire nights hacking or entire nights drinking at c-base.14:59
ErantMight I recommend a dschunk if you ever get there ;)14:59
MatthewWilkesa dschunk?15:00
madrazrSRabbelier: shall I add the mapping of ccTLD to app/soc/models/countries.py15:10
madrazras another dictionary15:10
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup, that'd be good15:11
madrazrSRabbelier: Ok15:11
SRabbelierErant: what's up with the 26 btw?15:12
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anothy_xi've just read the rank bug reports (546, 578) and would like to confirm my understanding.15:32
anothy_xranking an applicaiton #1 gives it the score of the current #1 application, +1, correct?15:32
SRabbelieranothy_x: right15:33
anothy_xif that's the case, then to get a series of scattered applications to be 1-5, i could take the one i'd like to be #5 and assign it to #1, then the one i'd like to be #4 and assign it to #1, and so on?15:33
SRabbelieranothy_x: yup, that'd work perfectly15:34
SRabbelieroh, wait15:34
* SRabbelier goes check something15:34
SRabbelieranothy_x: I'm afraid that code hasn't been pushed yet :(15:38
SRabbelieranothy_x: so atm it gets the same score, rather than one above15:39
anothy_xso the most efficient way to produce an arbitrary 1-5 is probably mark them all #1, then up-rate #2 by 1, #3, by 2, and so on?15:41
anothy_x(in the general case; obviously specific scores can yield better results)15:41
SRabbelieranothy_x: right, for now15:50
SRabbelieranothy_x: I'm preparing for a new release though15:50
anothy_xooo, than i'll stop distracting you! :-)15:51
anothy_xthanks for the info.15:51
SRabbelieranothy_x: no worries15:52
SRabbelieranothy_x: ok, release cut, and uploaded, just not set16:00
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bitnerhow exactly does the admin option to rank work? we did much of our evaluation outside of melange and I just put our top candidates rankings in melange and I have no idea what the resulting rankings came from16:37
bitnerI assumed by putting in 1..n I would get 1..n as my ranks in the listing16:37
anothy_xi just asked this. let my see if i can recount and summarize:16:40
anothy_xright now, setting the rank sets the score of that application to be equal to the score of what's currently in that rank.16:41
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anothy_x(there's a pending change to make it "current score +1", which will be closer to the desired effect).16:41
anothy_xbut it's just setting the score.16:41
bitnerwith a name "rank" shouldn't it just be I set 1, it is first16:42
anothy_xwell, with the pending change, it will be, sorta, in the common case.16:42
bitnerhrmm, not in our case16:42
anothy_xit certainly isn't what most people (myself included) expect...16:43
bitnerI guess I need to "pad" all the scores to get what I need16:43
bitnerI want the number I put in the box to be the number that shows up in the rank column :S16:43
anothy_xyeah, at least at current.16:43
anothy_xthe pending change will help a lot. then, if you want to specify an arbitrary 1-5, for example, you can mark the one you want to be #5 as #1, then the one you want to be #4 as #1, and so on.16:44
anothy_xstill not exactly intuitive, but at least that way it's functional and logically consistent.16:44
bitnerI'm lost16:44
bitnerthink I'll just go with padding scores16:44
anothy_xmost people (myself included) see to prefer it being just an override.16:45
bitnerat least then I know what's going on16:45
bitneroh man, exceedingly weird -- it changed the actual score on me???16:45
bitnerif it's going to do weird things like that, I would rather it not even be there16:46
bitneroh well16:46
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madrazrdurin42: around?17:12
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madrazrdurin42: is it possible to directly convert mqs to svn diffs?17:34
durin42not really17:34
madrazrdurin42: Oh Ok17:34
durin42with hgsubversion tip you should be able to17:34
madrazrdurin42: yeah I am on tip17:35
durin42using some combination of hg diff --svn and -c <change id>17:35
madrazrdurin42: awesome!17:35
madrazrdurin42: thanks17:35
madrazrSRabbelier: this made my life much more easy :P17:35
SRabbeliermadrazr: what has?17:36
madrazrMercurial Queues17:36
madrazrSRabbelier: ^17:36
SRabbeliermadrazr: ah, yes :)17:36
SRabbeliermadrazr: git branches ftw :P17:36
madrazrSRabbelier: heh, you never give up Git :d17:36
SRabbeliermadrazr: you cannot beat "git rebase" and "git add -p"17:36
SRabbeliermadrazr: or "git stash"17:37
madrazrSRabbelier: Oh Ok17:37
SRabbeliermadrazr: :D17:37
madrazragreed :D17:37
* madrazr is wondering if there is hg stash :D17:38
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durin42madrazr: look into the attic extension17:44
madrazrdurin42: Oh Ok17:44
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