Wednesday, 2009-04-15

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schumamlcould one of the melange mentors please tell your admin that he should reply to my mail about the duplicate student (melange <-> gimp)?04:55
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kblincan we get a randomizer in melange?05:30
MatthewWilkesto do what?05:38
kblinconflict resolution05:40
kblinunless you can come up with a way to toss a coin over IRC05:40
merbztkblin: I can give you some random numbers05:41
merbzt1 1 1 1 1 1 105:41
kblinmerbzt: I don't believe that. prove that they're random. :)05:41
MatthewWilkeskblin: Have you never heard of secure coin tossing?05:41
kblinMatthewWilkes: the only implementation I know requires a shared phone book (or similar)05:42
kblina randomizer would help solve three-way conflicts as well, though05:43
MatthewWilkeskblin: You can do it with hash functions.  I flip a coin, if it's heads I pick a large even number, tails I pick a large odd number05:45
MatthewWilkesI send the hash of it to you, then you call heads or tails05:45
MatthewWilkesThen I reveal the plaintext05:45
kblinhm, right05:45
* kblin needs to brush up his crypto05:46
MatthewWilkesthat's the bit commitment way, there are other options with shared functions, but that gets more complex05:46
merbztI have an idea05:46
MatthewWilkesoh yes?05:48
merbztwhy not take a metal object shaped like a circle, lets call it a coin, then just toss it in the air an see what side it falls on, and then use that as base for the decision05:48
kblinhow long does it take for the org list to point at my org's homepage instead of the other home page I did when signing up for the org?05:48
kblinmerbzt: and assuming you and I want to settle a conflict based on this..05:49
kblinmerbzt: and I toss the coin, would you believe what I claim the coin said?05:49
merbztyes :)05:50
kblinmerbzt: ah, good. in that case a coin works :)05:52
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MatthewWilkes <-- how did I miss that?!06:07
tpb<> (at
* kblin gets out his punch card puncher06:12
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mithroSRabbelier: ping?06:24
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carldaniis anyone with high-level access in melange awake?06:34
carldaniwe are desperately trying to contact a student who had a nice proposal, but is not reacting to e-mail06:35
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carldaniand before we fail him and give his slot to someone else, we'd like to phone him as last resort06:35
carldaniunfortunately, his application does not list anything besides his e-mail address06:35
carldaniand AFAIK students have to list their phone number in melange06:37
kblincarldani: and you're sure that communication will improve during gsoc?06:38
carldaniwell, the alternative is having three students work on the same task. that's a bit too much duplication for my taste06:39
carldanikblin: I hope that this student is just slow to respond due to easter or a failing university mail system or whatever06:41
carldanithe idea is to phone him, ask for the reasons why he didn't respond and then decide06:41
MatthewWilkescarldani: If he hasn't given you his phone number it's not google's place to release his personal information to you (imho)06:50
MatthewWilkeslet alone the developers of an application holding it06:50
carldaniI understand the privacy issue.06:55
carldaniMatthewWilkes: I was told in #gsoc to ask here. Sorry if this channel is not appropriate.06:55
carldaniI'd be happy with any way to check if that student still is alive and interested. Confirmation from Google is fine.06:56
MatthewWilkescarldani: I don't speak for google or melange, btw06:57
carldaniReading the slot allocation docs, having a failing student (due to communication issues) may reflect badly on our next slot allocation in 2010, that's why I want to resolve this ASAP06:58
tansellcarldani, it's rare for people to have 100% success07:14
carldanitansell: we're a small org. we got 5 slots and gave one back.07:16
carldaniI'd rather have the few students we select be real successes07:16
carldanifortunately, slot #1 is a student who was successful last year and is still active. #2 is already active somewhat and it's his first gsoc. #3 is already getting up to speed on his task.07:18
carldani#4 does not react. and #5 does the same as #2 and #307:19
carldanihaving three students on the same task is... bad. that's why I try to get contact with #4.07:19
tansellif it wasn't so late, I would suggest asking #5 to try something else07:20
carldanihm yes07:22
carldanimost proposals came directly before the deadline, so that was not really an option.07:23
schumamlis there are rule that does disallow changing a project after a student has been accepted?07:24
schumamle.g. both mentor and student discover problems and decide about something else07:25
kblinI don't think so07:25
schumamlso asking a student to do something else would still be possible07:25
kblinschumaml: I know that I didn't deliver what I proposed in 2005 and 2006 due to technical and licensing issues07:25
schumamlwe had a student do this in 2006 because a project that nobody thought of was more worthwile07:26
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SRabbeliermithro: pong?07:40
mithroSRabbelier: how does one check that you already have a "homepage"07:40
mithroI'm pretty sure we do07:40
mithrobut it was not clear how to check it07:40
schumamlthere is a "Home" link on the webapp07:42
SRabbeliermithro: click your org in the 'list particpatin orgs' page07:42
SRabbeliermithro: and verify that you don't get redirected to /show07:42
kblinschumaml: that doesn't seem to be it, though07:47
mithroSRabbelier: confirmed!07:48
SRabbeliermithro: ok, good :)07:48
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schumamlkblin: why not?07:59
kblinschumaml: it seems to link to a different page for me08:00
schumamlit does link to the document I've set as home page link id for us08:02
kblinhm, let me retry08:02
kblinok, now it does08:02
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kblinseems like I bumped into a caching issue of sorts08:03
* SRabbelier is off08:04
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carldaniookay. it seems I figured out the phone number of our problematic student with a creative google search. we'll see what happens.10:27
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* Lennie sends hordes of lemmings over Merio11:56
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solydzajshey :-)11:57
solydzajswell fixing some style bugs by Dan :-)11:57
Lenniedaniel :P11:58
solydzajsMerio: ping :-)11:58
LennieSRabbelier: pong?11:58
Meriosolydzajs: pong11:58
MerioEhehe Lennie ^__^ Lemmings ... great game ^__^11:59
solydzajsdhans: ping11:59
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solydzajsdhans: Merio : so here is the thing12:07
solydzajsboth of you have written statistics module proposals12:07
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Lenniesolydzajs, stay awake :P12:11
solydzajsI"m awake12:12
solydzajsI'm just waiting if they are alive12:12
dhansyes, we are :-)12:12
MerioI'm alive too :)12:12
Merio(hi dhans ^__^)12:12
Lenniesee they were waiting for the big boss to talk :P12:13
solydzajsok so the statistics module in general is a huge project12:13
solydzajsbecause it involves working with backend, frontend12:13
dhansMerio: nice to meet you too12:13
solydzajsajax, google visualization api, chart api, maps api12:13
solydzajsGSoC stats, GHOP stats12:13
solydzajsDeveloper stats12:13
solydzajsand we are trying to divide it into two smaller projects12:14
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solydzajsso that both projects can be done in parallel12:15
solydzajswe considering dividing it based on GSoC stats/ GHOP stats12:15
solydzajsbackend/ frontend12:15
solydzajsAPIs usage Maps API/Visualization API/ Chart API12:15
solydzajswould this be of your interest still if we divide into two smaller projects ?12:16
Lennie(and if so what would you like to do)12:17
dhansI think I would be12:17
solydzajsif you get accepted you will work separately on your parts but somewhat in close collaboration12:17
MerioTo me that'd be great to work together on this12:17
solydzajsGSoC role is that student needs to work on his project alone12:18
solydzajsthat's why we are trying to divide into two separate ones12:18
solydzajsbut like I said with close collaboration12:18
MerioMy opinion is to divide it in backend/frontend, if it's ok for daniel and for you all, I can work better and faster on the JS frontend (you know the reason)12:19
MerioBut it's really up to you, it's only IMHO12:19
solydzajsdhans: what do you think ?12:20
dhansI also feel a little bit better with frontend, but it is ok for me to work with backend12:20
solydzajsthat's why I would you both to work a little bit on both12:22
solydzajsnot just backend/ frontend12:22
solydzajsbecause frontend is always more fun :-)12:22
MerioThat's ok for me, as long as we can collaborate closely to avoid different code styles for both, I guess it would be difficult to mantain afterwards. I think it would be a great learning experience if so12:24
dhansfor me it is really ok with backend/frontend, but as you said these projects are in close collaboration with each other so Mario and I would have to work on them together12:25
dhansI mean we have to at least talk with each other quite often12:26
MerioI'm agree12:26
LennieIt should be possible for you dhans to do like the Developers stats page, so you can get some JS experience :)12:27
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Lennieiirc your proposal states that you want to get some API experience and it would be nice to make that happen as well12:28
dhanshmm I think yes, but will the developers stat page contain completely different stats than the stats that Mario will be responsible for?12:28
Lennieyeah, I think that page might contain less information and about other subjects12:29
dhansso it is ok for me12:29
Lennieanyhow, we still need to decide how this is going to work :)12:29
solydzajsok guys I will write a project plan and try to divide it into two separate projects12:30
solydzajsso we will see12:30
solydzajsif you get accepted we will contact you both and decide what's the plan is12:30
solydzajsI just wanted to know if you are ok with it12:30
dhansok, so we will see on Monday :)12:31
MerioThat's ok for me :)12:31
solydzajsok thanks for the chat guys12:32
dhansthank you :)12:32
Meriothank you :)12:32
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SRabbeliersolydzajs: ping13:51
SRabbelierlh: ping13:51
SRabbelierLennie: ping13:51
solydzajsSRabbelier: it's done13:51
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SRabbeliersolydzajs: ah, how'd you do it?13:51
solydzajsSRabbelier: get all orgs and this json assign and then assign slots from json to orgs objects and then put() on all orgs13:57
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok, fair enough13:58
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madrazrLennie: see you next year was really funny :D14:43
tpb<> (at
madrazrthis the current state of the patch, JS issue still not resolved :(14:46
Lenniemadrazr, looks nice14:47
Lenniedo you have time to work with madrazr?14:47
madrazrLennie: patch or bitbucket interface? :P14:47
Lennieboth :)14:47
madrazrLennie: HA HA :d14:48
madrazrLennie: I have already asked Merio :)14:48
MerioLennie: sorry, yesterday and today had some hard times working14:49
Meriomadrazr: I'm exploring the issue however :)14:49
madrazrMerio: again, no urgency take time. I am doing everything possible from my side too to solve the issue14:49
madrazrMerio: awesome! take time :)14:50
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madrazrLennie|Gone: we are very close to fixing the issue :)15:32
SRabbelierLennie|Gone: oh?15:33
Lennie|Goneawesome madrazr15:33
madrazrawesome redirected to Merio :D15:33
Meriomadrazr: awesome ponged :) Let's play ^_^15:37
madrazrMerio: he he15:38
Meriomadrazr: you need to push back the awesome to Lennie|Gone now :P ^__^ Ok stop kidding :P15:45
madrazrMerio: HA HA :D15:47
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LennieI have some work to do15:47
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j-bHello people16:22
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