Tuesday, 2009-03-31

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spectiehey all04:05
spectiewould it be worth putting in a feature request to allow students to upload .pdf or .tex files ?04:06
spectiefor their proposals ?04:06
ArthurLiuany melange people ? we have a lost application which went into "ineligible"04:17
kblinspectie: what for?04:55
spectiefor melange04:55
spectiei mean, so that instead of typing (or copy/pasting) in the box, a student could upload a PDF or .tex file of their proposal04:56
martaehhmm the hard limit to 500 for the abstract was introduced recently ?05:37
martabecause I already submitted a proposal with more than 500 chars and all goes well, now I've got an error05:37
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Nightrosehey folks :)   I am one of the admins for KDE and see two proposals marked as ineligible - when i want tosee them i get a message saying "There is no such active entity." - any hints what is going on?07:16
Wolf_OSGeosame thing happens for OSGeo07:16
Nightroseother people in #gsoc can confirm that for their org07:16
Wolf_OSGeoI marked it inlegible and still am not able to see it07:17
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dwendthey; are you guys still taking GSoC applicants for the Melange project?08:55
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kblindwendt: application period ends on friday09:13
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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi09:31
SRabbeliermadrazr: good morning :)09:31
madrazrSRabbelier: Good Morning09:31
madrazrSRabbelier: had any time to review the proposal?09:32
SRabbelierI just got up :D09:32
madrazrSRabbelier: heh, not a prob09:32
madrazrSRabbelier: take time :)09:32
madrazrSRabbelier: sorry for being impatient09:32
SRabbeliermadrazr: no worries, :)09:33
madrazrSRabbelier: thank you :)09:33
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kblinSRabbelier: you just got up?09:46
SRabbelierkblin: <_< yes09:47
SRabbelierkblin: Had to pay off some sleep shortage :P09:47
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dlgsoc2009SRabbelier: Is there any reason for me to hold off on submitting my proposal, or should I go ahead and put it in?09:55
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: no, go ahead and submit it! :)09:55
durin42SRabbelier: sleeping late?09:55
SRabbelierdurin42: oh yeah ^_^09:56
SRabbelierdurin42: had to get up way too early yesterday09:56
durin42heh, I was at PyCon all last weekend09:56
durin42There was a guy that looked enough like you I kept doing double-takes.09:56
SRabbelierdurin42: lol :P09:57
SRabbelierdurin42: I wish I was there :(09:57
durin42Also, you see Python is moving to Mercurial?09:58
SRabbelierdurin42: yup, I read your (?) tweet09:59
ArthurLiuSRabbelier, we have Lost Proposals09:59
SRabbelierdurin42: obviously they're moving to merculrial, with, you know, it being written in python :P09:59
SRabbelierArthurLiu: oh?09:59
ArthurLiuhi, we have a student proposal which disappeared by itself a few days ago and now reappeared as "ineligible" but if I click it it says "There is no such active entity" (from http://socghop.appspot.com/org/list_proposals/google/gsoc2009/debian ). What is happenning ?09:59
tpb<http://ln-s.net/34ya> (at socghop.appspot.com)09:59
SRabbelierArthurLiu: student withdrew their proposal most likely09:59
SRabbelierArthurLiu: and the "no such active entityt" thing is a known issue, we'll fix it asap :)10:00
ArthurLiuit means withdrawal ?10:00
SRabbelierArthurLiu: either that, or one of your mentors marked it as inellegible10:00
ArthurLiuI don't think so10:01
ArthurLiuI mean, we asked aroud10:01
SRabbelierArthurLiu: ah, in that case they probably did withdraw10:01
SRabbelierArthurLiu: yup, they replcaed the content with "n/A"10:02
kblinSRabbelier: you need to work on the error message :)10:04
SRabbelierkblin: the error needs to be fixed instead :P10:04
kblinor that10:04
kblinSRabbelier: we've had that question come up a couple of times in #gsoc10:04
martaI've seen than a hard limit to 500 chars was recently enabled for the Abstract, what will happens to the already submitted proposal (with more than 500 chars) ?10:05
SRabbelierkblin: ah, please let them know it's a known issue and that we'll fix it asap :)10:05
SRabbeliermarta: they'll stay, but when you hit 'save' you'll be told that it's too long10:05
martaok, thanks10:06
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madrazrSRabbelier: thanks a lot11:27
madrazrfall at your feet11:27
madrazrthanks for your time11:27
SRabbeliermadrazr: hahah, :)11:28
madrazrSRabbelier: :)11:28
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dionesSRabbelier: hi11:46
SRabbelierdiones: heya!11:47
dionesSRabbelier: I have created a text for my project proposal11:48
dionesSRabbelier: Can you take a look?11:48
SRabbelierdiones: sure, I have a minute to spare :)11:48
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dionesSRabbelier: where should I put it?11:50
SRabbelierdiones: on socghop.appspot.com of course ;)11:50
SRabbelierdiones: (you can edit your proposal later on)11:50
dionesSRabbelier: I was about to ask that xD11:51
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brlcadis it a known issue that once an application is marked invalid that it can't been seen or unmarked as invalid any longer?11:54
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Lenniebrlcad, that's what invalid is for ^_^11:56
Lenniebut yeah its a known issue and we are thinking of ways to refine it11:56
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Lennieif you need something marked invalid reverted let us know :)11:57
dionesSRabbelier:  Its up11:58
SRabbelierLennie: actually, Pawel just fixed it :)11:58
SRabbelierdiones: awesome!11:58
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LennieSRabbelier, afaik there is no revert option...11:59
Lenniehe only added listing11:59
SRabbelierLennie: correct11:59
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Lennietherefore it is still an issue :)11:59
SRabbelierLennie: yes, and he's making it possible to view a inellegible issue now11:59
SRabbelierLennie: of course, but at least mentors can review them now11:59
Lennieno they can't...11:59
Lennieaccess checks prevents them12:00
SRabbelierLennie: that's what Pawel just fixed12:00
SRabbelierLennie: ...12:00
brlcadah, cool12:01
* brlcad goes to check12:01
* SRabbelier whaps Lennie over the head12:01
SRabbelierbrlcad: it's not pushed yet I think :P12:01
brlcador does it still need to deploy?12:01
tpb<http://ln-s.net/358f> (at code.google.com)12:01
LennieSRabbelier, 5 seconds ago :p12:01
brlcadah, okay12:01
Lennieit still says moments ago :D12:01
SRabbelierLennie: yup12:02
Lennieit wasn't in the list when I said it wasn't fixed yet so /slap ^_^12:02
brlcadthanks guys n' gals12:03
SRabbelierLennie: pfff, lamer :)12:03
Lenniestill not revertable though :P12:03
SRabbelierbrlcad: With galls you refer to leslie? :P12:03
SRabbelierLennie: correct12:03
brlcadSRabbelier: at least her, I don't know most of the names in here so quite possible12:04
brlcadI wouldn't have the gall to assume she's the only gal ;)12:04
SRabbelierbrlcad: Heheh, she is the only gal on the Melange team though12:04
brlcadnow if we could just get a customizable proposal view so we can have a column for IRC nickname and a checkbox/link for patch submitted .. we'd be set ;)12:09
brlcadthese "real people names" are pretty useless :D12:09
SRabbelierbrlcad: oh?12:10
brlcadbeen a problem every year, we work around it12:10
brlcadusually just taking everything external to a google doc and work/manage/rank from there12:11
SRabbelierbrlcad: Mhhh, we can easily add fields like that12:11
SRabbelierbrlcad: something we could have for next year :)12:11
brlcadyeah, we know .. we weren't going to bring it up officially with a tracker item / patch / whatever, until later12:12
brlcadnot critical, just a productivity issue -- we end up clicking on nearly every app over and over hunting through their application to find their irc nick since that's how we meet/know/interact with them12:13
brlcadand the checkbox is specific to just some orgs, of course12:13
brlcads/checkbox/patch requirement/12:13
Lennieif only we had time to do something fancy12:14
Lennielike hover over a name and get more info via some sort of tooltip :P12:15
Lennielike picture12:15
Lennieetc... ^_^12:15
SRabbelierLennie: except, you know, that'd be personal info :P12:15
Lenniepicture and nickname are public12:15
SRabbelierLennie: picture would be for sure12:15
Lenniedude, it's their profile picture12:15
SRabbelierLennie: oh, you mean from Student profile?12:15
Lennieyeah one way or another12:16
brlcadLennie: haha, picture might be good reason to bias/reject some students12:16
Lennieyeah but it is their profile12:16
Lennieso you would be able to click on it anyway12:16
brlcadwhich we can ignore :)12:16
Lennieand they can always put up a picture from something they like12:17
brlcadhaving it hover in our face is another matter12:17
Lennieit doesn't have to be reallife :P12:17
brlcadpavlovian response.. *don't hover over that app!*12:17
brlcadj/k of course :)12:17
LennieI"m just spamming random ideas so feel free to shoot them :D12:17
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fitoriamelange is fully django running in appengine?12:33
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dionesSRabbelier: Hi!13:43
SRabbelierfitoria: yup, it is13:43
SRabbelierdiones: heya13:43
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dionesSRabbelier: have you seen my proposal?13:44
SRabbelierdiones: yup, I did13:44
dionesSRabbelier: What do you think?13:44
SRabbelierdiones: it's not bad, but you need to add a timeline (when you plan to do what), and perhaps a little more concrete13:45
dionesSRabbelier: 'a litle more concrete'?13:46
SRabbelierdiones: yes, like, what do you intend to test13:46
SRabbelierdiones: and perhaps a little on how you will do the testing13:47
dionesSRabbelier: hmm13:47
dionesSRabbelier: I see13:47
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SRabbelierdiones: do you know what to do know?13:48
dionesSRabbelier: Somewhat, I know I'll have to search what to test, but I don't have a clear idea on how to do that...13:51
SRabbelierdiones: it would be a good idea if you tried to poke around the test suite then13:52
SRabbelierdiones: it would make your proposal look that much more reliable :)13:52
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madrazrLennie: ting tong15:36
Lenniemadrazr ping pong?15:36
madrazrLennie: I want to repeat the same I did not SRabbelier ;-)15:37
madrazrLennie: thanks a lot for your time15:37
madrazrthanks for reviewing the proposal15:37
Lennietbh I skimmed most of it15:37
Lenniebut it looks good :)15:37
madrazrLennie: hah15:37
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madrazrLennie: thanks15:38
madrazrLennie: but I did not understand one thing in your comment?15:38
Lenniepm :)15:38
SRabbelierwell fsck me :P15:41
Lennieno thanks15:41
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LennieI'd rather be jumping on a bed SRabbelier ;)15:41
LennieBig Bang Theory jokes ftw :)15:42
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dbentle1Allo allo!20:17
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grimdumb question i don't really see an answer for anywhere, but is there a url for melange that's easier to read on mobile devices?  namely, android ;)22:57
grimalso, i'm not sure how possible, it'd be, but it'd be awesome if it used the google account from my phone so i didn't need to login :)22:58
grimhmm, or maybe a gdata api or something so an app could be created?23:11
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