Monday, 2009-03-30

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paulitexcould some help me with navigating the codebase?02:59
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ajaksupaulitex: I guess in about 6 hours a couple of melange experts should be available  :)03:03
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MatthewWilkesGuys, I'm a bit confused, and reading the source hasn't helped, are Org Admins automatically mentors?08:01
kblinyou need to invite yourself as a mentor (and fill in the contact details again)08:03
MatthewWilkesOk, I had started to do that then decided I was doing it wrong :)08:10
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_allen_SRabbelier: Have you received my email?08:55
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SRabbelier_allen_: yup09:15
_allen_SRabbelier: :)09:15
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pygiSRabbelier, poke09:22
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dionesSRabbelier: Hello09:36
SRabbelierdiones: heya09:43
SRabbelierpygi: oi :)09:43
dionesSRabbelier: I'm not sure on what to put in the scope_path field in the student entity09:45
SRabbelierdiones: well, what's the scope of the student?09:46
dionesSRabbelier: I have no idea :)09:46
dionesSRabbelier: global?09:47
SRabbelierdiones: yup, I think so too, so it needs no scope, nor a scope path09:48
SRabbelierdiones: you can see by looking at logic/student.py09:48
SRabbelierdiones: if it doesn't have a scope_logic then there's no scope to student09:48
* SRabbelier thinks maybe it's scoped under program09:49
dionesSRabbelier: scope_logic=program_logic09:51
dionesSRabbelier: I its scoped under the program?09:51
SRabbelierdiones: ah, then yes, it's scoped under program09:51
dionesSRabbelier: so I should put 'google/ghop2009' as the scope_path?09:52
SRabbelierdiones: yes, and you should put ghop2009 (the actual entity) as scope09:53
dionesSRabbelier: I'm getting a page not found error09:57
SRabbelierdiones: where?09:57
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SRabbelierdiones: right, you need to include the scope_path in the url09:58
SRabbelierdiones: localhost:8080/student/edit/google/ghop2009/student_009:58
SRabbeliersomething like that09:58
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madrazrSRabbelier: Hi10:05
SRabbeliermadrazr: heya10:05
dionesSRabbelier: And what variable do I set to get that result?10:06
madrazrSRabbelier: I asked Pawel if he would mind to review my proposal, as I asked you. He asked me to submit it to socghop itself so all of you can review it together10:06
madrazrSRabbelier: so submitted it, after some corrections, like typos and grammatical errors10:07
SRabbeliermadrazr: yup, I saw :)10:07
madrazrSRabbelier: awesome!10:07
SRabbelierdiones: uhm, I'm not sure what you mean?10:07
dionesSRabbelier: To get localhost:8080/student/edit/google/ghop2009/student_0 I need to set some field of Student to 'google/ghop2009/student_%d' right?10:10
SRabbelierdiones: the key name, yes10:10
dionesSRabbelier: Oh, I thought it was the link_id10:13
dionesSRabbelier: Thanks a lot :D10:13
SRabbelierdiones: nice :)10:13
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* SRabbelier waits for the call to start13:59
SRabbelierdanderson: you joining us?13:59
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tpb<> (at
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dandersonSRabbelier: no.15:01
danderson3hrs sleep, stupid day, stupid people, tired, sleep.15:01
dandersonnight :)15:01
SRabbelierdanderson: lol :)15:01
SRabbelierdanderson: g'night :)15:01
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dionesSRabbelier: Hi15:19
SRabbelierdiones: O HI :)15:19
dionesSRabbelier: I want to make my proposal in GSoC about automated testing15:20
SRabbelierdiones: awesome :)15:21
SRabbelierdiones: brownie points right there :P15:21
dionesSRabbelier: any tips on how to do that?15:21
SRabbelierdiones: you mean the testing? or the proposal?15:22
dionesSRabbelier: Both :D15:22
SRabbelierdiones: hehe, well what I said earlier mostly15:23
SRabbelierdiones: atm we don't really have any tests15:23
SRabbelierdiones: so even smoke tests would be awesome15:23
dionesSRabbelier: something like a unit test?15:25
SRabbelierdiones: like, try to create a user profile, check the output15:25
SRabbelierdiones: then try again, and check that it says you already created one15:26
SRabbelierdiones: try again when logged out, check that it says you need to log in15:26
SRabbelierdiones: etc.15:26
dionesSRabbelier: Like unit testing the whole thing xD15:27
SRabbelierdiones: yup!15:27
dionesSRabbelier: oh gnarly15:28
dionesSo, there are smoke tests to be written15:31
dionesUnitTests too?15:31
dionesSRabbelier: hmm?15:38
SRabbelierdiones: yes, especially for the more core methods15:38
SRabbelierdiones: (such as getForFields, which does have unit tests)15:38
dioneshmm ok15:39
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dionesSRabbelier: Do you think I should also deal with pylint in my proposal?15:40
SRabbelierdiones: mhhh, it would definitely add more value if you could get it integrated :)15:41
SRabbelierdiones: but I think you could add that as 'extra' tastk15:41
dionesSRabbelier: Ok, thanks :)15:41
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pygiSRabbelier, me again :p16:26
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SRabbelierpygi: heya, yup I am :)16:34
pygiSRabbelier, so who's this Pawel that I should talk into reading the proposal again, so he can criticize?16:34
SRabbelierpygi: he's our project lead :)16:35
dlgsoc2009SRabbelier: Thanks for your response to my questions. It's nice to know there are some friendly people out there.16:48
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: No worries (which question was it? :) )16:49
dlgsoc2009About whether or not I should apply to work with the statistics module16:52
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: ah! yes :)16:52
* SRabbelier wishes everybody use obvious IRC handles in the format 'first letter of first name, last name' :P16:53
dlgsoc2009That nickname is actually already taken on this network.16:54
LennieSRabbelier no16:56
LennieI want to be CaptainKirk sometimes :)16:57
SRabbelierLennie: pfff16:57
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: understandable :)16:57
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Lenniedlgsoc2009, the mathemagician :)?16:58
dlgsoc2009I don't know that I'm good enough to deserve that title, but yes.17:00
Lenniedlgsoc2009, awesome. I saw your mail but Sverre wrote up a nice reply17:02
LennieOfcourse, apply17:02
Lenniegive it a shot17:02
dlgsoc2009I'm planning to. It spent a couple of days going through the idea lists from all the accepted organizations, and this module was one of the ideas I was most interested in.17:06
dlgsoc2009Right now I'm (attempting to) get a local copy running on here17:06
ErantSRabbelier: Pfrt.17:08
ErantHow would everyone know who I am :/17:08
SRabbelierErant: we don't want to know you anyway :D17:09
Eranttru dat17:09
ErantLennie: LBP inna bit17:09
Lennienice :)17:09
LennieI have to watch American Dad:P17:09
ErantAww, you poor sod.17:09
LennieErant, BBT, Heroes en House tomorrow :)17:10
ErantBBT ftw17:11
ErantIt reminds there are other people just like me.17:12
Lennieawesomeness :017:13
LennieI'll play Leonard :P17:13
Lennieor shall we just call him Lennard :)17:13
Lennieo yeah17:18
LennieStar Trek family guy this week :P17:18
Erantmust watch17:19
SRabbelierErant: indeed17:20
Lennieit's not about star trek taht much17:20
Lenniebut it's still an awesome ep :D17:20
SRabbelierLennie: pfff, no matter17:20
Lenniewhile you are at it17:20
LennieSouthPark 130317:21
Lenniecredit crunch awesomeness17:21
SRabbelierah, sweet17:21
ErantJust watched 1302 btw17:22
Lennieyou watched 1303 as well17:22
LennieI was there :P17:22
Erant1302 was Batman related17:23
ErantAt least as far as heavy-breathing superheroes go.17:23
Lennienot batman idiot :P17:23
LennieWatchmen :)17:23
* SRabbelier is watching FGs 07e11 now17:23
ErantNever read the watchmen17:23
* SRabbelier neither17:24
ErantI might re-read Dune now though :/17:24
Erant's all your fault.17:24
ErantMaybe I'll just be lazy and watch the asom Children of Dune mini series.17:26
LennieCity of Ember!17:26
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ErantSRabbelier: So Bas is looking at Melange now.17:29
SRabbelierErant: we're all d00med now17:29
dlgsoc2009OK, found the problem. Apparently Python 3.0 doesn't support execfile(), which explains why I couldn't get to run.17:29
ErantSRabbelier: Oh yes. He's found the most asom bug evah. You can enter ---------------- as a name.17:30
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: ah, yes, we've been running 2.5 so far; I'm assuming 2.6 will work17:30
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: but we don't test on 3.0 atm17:30
dlgsoc2009I'm still getting an error message, but it's a different one!17:34
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: what's the error?17:41
dlgsoc2009Fatal error when loading application configuration:17:44
dlgsoc2009Missing required value 'version'17:44
dlgsoc2009 in "app\app.yaml", line 18, column 117:44
dlgsoc2009Which is odd because I've verified that it does have a value on that exact line17:44
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SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: yes, but you didn't set the aplication name17:46
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: or you added a space17:46
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dlgsoc2009Ah thank you17:48
dlgsoc2009I did add a space17:48
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: ok :)17:48
dlgsoc2009You must have much better eyes than I do if you can see that space from (what I assume is) far away from here. :)17:51
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: netherlands ;)17:52
dlgsoc2009Very good eyes then.17:53
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: ^_^17:53
ErantOr mad skillz17:53
dlgsoc2009You can just call me Daniel, if you'd like. I've checked every combo of my first and last name and/or initials.17:53
dlgsoc2009All taken.17:53
ErantI'm going with the eyes though17:53
dlgsoc2009Leaving me with this rather odd nick17:53
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: lol, awesome :P17:54
SRabbelierdlgsoc2009: add your birthday for good measure? :p17:54
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dlgsoc2009Should I go ahead and submit my application or do I put it somewhere else to be looked over first?19:05
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ArthurLiuhi, we have a student proposal which disappeared by itself a few days ago and now reappeared as "ineligible" but if I click it it says "There is no such active entity" (from ). What is happenning ?19:19
tpb<> (at
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