Sunday, 2009-03-08

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antrikcan someone "accept" the test application for hurd?01:11
antrik(I hope I'm not too late for testing :-) )01:11
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lhsolydzajs: ping11:35
solydzajslh: pong11:35
solydzajslh:  :-)11:35
lhand hello to you too dear11:35
solydzajshello dear :-)11:35
lhso when you have a moment, quick status check11:35
solydzajshow are you today ?11:35
lhi am very well, thanks.11:36
* lh always forgets the plesantries11:36
solydzajsyep we can do quick status check now, before I leave for shopping11:36
lhok, has the latest release been pushed to
solydzajsgood too :-)11:36
lhif no, i can work on other stuff11:36
solydzajslh: it's not yet pushed, it will be pushed in 3h I think, right now I'm finishing code review, need to go quickly to shop11:36
solydzajsfix some issues I find during code review and then I will prepare new release11:37
solydzajsso I think that will take about 3h11:37
lhsolydzajs: ok perfect. will the documents currently on the site be preserved or should i keep a copy of the HTML to paste in later11:38
tpb<> (at
solydzajslh: we should keep the copy just in case anyway I think, I would suggest you make a copy and send it to the list for future reverse , how does that sound ?11:39
solydzajsnot reverse :-)11:40
solydzajsall the important documents so that we don't loose them11:40
solydzajslet me know if you want me to do it11:40
lhnope, i can do that11:41
* lh considers creating them as wiki pages in
lhor um
lhyou go shopping, i am on this11:41
lhSRabbelier: ping, morning!11:41
lher afternoon!11:41
SRabbelierlh: pong :D11:45
lhSRabbelier: just saying hi, checking in on you11:45
lhwhere's lennie hiding? he ok?11:46
SRabbelierlh: thanks :), I'm good here11:46
SRabbelierlh: he went shopping too xD11:46
lhSRabbelier: cool.11:46
SRabbelierlh: yup11:46
* SRabbelier will need to do some stuff for uni soon though11:48
lhSRabbelier: kk11:48
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SRabbelierlh: wb :P11:49
lhSRabbelier: thanks11:50
SRabbelierlh: is the TinyMCE widget too broken to use, or is it just a slight inconvenience?11:51
lhSRabbelier: unknown. i think the second.11:51
lhbut it does some wierd stuff11:51
lhlike for example11:51
tpb<> (at
lhThe headings for the documentation sections appear *after* the bulleted list.11:51
solydzajsok heading showing now, I will look into TinyMCE issue when I get back :-)11:51
lhi think i can just nuke some of teh bullets11:52
lhsolydzajs: awesome thank you11:52
SRabbeliera few commits back I disabled the 'feed parsing' of documents for Devs12:03
SRabbeliersolydzajs: which is I think what's screwing up the OSPO feed12:04
SRabbeliersolydzajs: they use an 'unsafe' tag, which gets stripped by feedparser12:04
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MatthewWilkesmoin Lennie12:38
Lenniehi MatthewWilkes12:38
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dandersonhi all12:49
MatthewWilkeshi danderson12:49
lhdanderson: greets12:49
* lh wanders off for a moment12:49
dandersonany developer around? I'm hacking up a release script for the google branch of melange, and I'm wondering if I can fix up a tag name that doesn't conform to the current melange naming scheme12:50
dandersonthe problem being that it makes my tag parsing code more annoying to handle :P12:50
dandersonlh: hi!12:50
dandersonMatthewWilkes: and hi :)12:50
dandersonsolydzajs: ping?12:53
lhdanderson: solydzajs is shopping atm12:53
lhdanderson: SRabbelier may be able to help12:53
lhsolydzajs should be back shortly12:53
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dandersonSRabbelier: ping :P12:54
Lenniehe's out shopping again?13:08
Lennielh, back in town?13:10
Lenniegetting ready for tomorrow :P?13:10
solydzajsI'm back13:11
solydzajsLennie, lh, SRabbelier, danderson : I'm back if you need me13:11
solydzajsreading backlog13:11
Lennieget me some food :)13:11
lhLennie: greets!13:11
solydzajscome to my apartment :-) there is plenty of food here :-)13:12
Lennie*when does the next flight leave*13:12
Lennielh: greetings13:12
MatthewWilkesLennie: Shopping is both cheaper and closer, ftr13:13
Lenniebut but, he has good Vodka :D13:13
* lh can confirm lennie's comment13:13
MatthewWilkesvodka is not your friend :)13:13
lhmad dogs ftw13:13
solydzajshehe mad dogs are good :-)13:13
solydzajswhere is SRabbelier  ?13:14
solydzajsdanderson: ping13:15
dandersonsolydzajs: hi!13:15
solydzajsdanderson: hey :-) so how can I help you ?13:15
dandersonsolydzajs: I'm hacking up a release script for the gsoc branch of melange13:15
solydzajsdanderson: ok13:16
dandersonand I see that there is one branch/tag that is not named like the others13:16
dandersonshould be 0-2-...g1, no?13:16
dandersonaccording to the release guidelines13:16
SRabbeliersolydzajs: pong13:16
solydzajsthe new naming convention is 0-4-YYMMDD13:16
solydzajsor whatever version it is13:16
dandersonokay. So I'll just ignore anything not in that format.13:17
solydzajsfrom now it we will have "-" instead of dots13:17
solydzajsbecause version: tag in app.yaml file has some problems with dots13:17
solydzajsso basically it's majorversion-minorversion-YYMMDD13:17
solydzajsand optional patch level13:18
SRabbeliershould we rename that old branch?13:18
solydzajsSRabbelier: if we rename then we will have to fix it also on p/soc-google13:18
solydzajsbecause it has some of them in svn:externals13:18
SRabbeliersolydzajs: right13:18
solydzajsdanderson: g1, g2 etc is a google patch level which is optional13:19
solydzajsSRabbelier: what did you figure out with those feeds ?13:19
dandersonsolydzajs: I can fix soc-google, if you want to retroactively rename.13:19
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I'm thinking they'll render just fine if we disable's feedparser's html cleaning ;)13:20
dandersonwell, you can as well, I see :)13:20
solydzajsdanderson: I can do that but not today, I have a lot of work to before I cut off Melange release for tomorrow13:21
solydzajsdanderson: but we can do it tomorrow13:21
dandersonsolydzajs: no worries, it's not at all urgent. I understand you have other problems right now :)13:21
solydzajsdanderson: when I fix release names on /p/soc I will fix it on /p/soc-google too, that's no problem13:24
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ping13:30
solydzajsSRabbelier: pong13:30
SRabbeliersolydzajs: what's the status on the melange release script?13:30
SRabbeliersolydzajs: I thought you had it almost done?13:31
solydzajsSRabbelier: now the release is just 3 commits so no need for script13:31
solydzajsSRabbelier: and the release process changes a lot13:31
SRabbeliersolydzajs: ok13:32
lhsolydzajs: on your white listing issue, pete koomen sez that the quota bump wont go out until tomorrow b/c it requires an on call engineer13:44
lhbudget can then be reduced to zero once CL goes out13:44
lhi will watch the bug13:45
solydzajslh: ok awesome :-)13:45
solydzajslh: big thanks to Pete :-)13:45
lhi sent yoru thanks13:48
Lenniepete ftw :)13:49
lhLennie: indeed!13:50
lhsolydzajs: i have done all i can do for the moment. i can do some bug triage if that would help you folks.13:57
lhor i can screw around with email and blogging. :)13:57
solydzajsemail and blogging, I will let you know when I finish code review etc :-)13:58
Lennieyou can take a sneak peek at student proposal reviewing :P13:58
lhsolydzajs: groovy13:59
lhLennie: okay will do.13:59
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lhsolydzajs: i was thinking of heading out to get some lunch, be back in an hour or two. that ok?14:40
solydzajslh: sure thing , bon apetit :-) I'm going to be online all night :-)14:40
lhsolydzajs: and i with you14:40
SRabbelierlh: does have to be resolved before tomorrow?14:57
tpb<> (at
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LennieSRabbelier: that's really google specific :S15:14
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SRabbelierLennie: yup15:15
Lenniethey should have included that in the legal terms :S15:15
SRabbelierLennie: any idea's on how to solve that elegantly?15:15
Lenniewe have a same issue with the fact that they want recruiters able to contact people15:15
SRabbelierLennie:  it's voluntary right?15:20
SRabbelierLennie: how can they include it in the legal terms?15:21
Lenniethey already agree that their name and location may be used for promotion15:26
Lennieshould be enough for journalist to find out who to contact :p15:26
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solydzajslh is back :-)16:38
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solydzajslh: ping17:05
lhsolydzajs: pong17:06
solydzajslh: I will let you know when I'm done ok ? sorry it takes so long but I will stay all night today until it's redy17:10
solydzajslh: I need to finish code review before I do release17:10
solydzajslh: I hope it's not a problem17:13
lhdon't worry about it it's not a problem of course17:14
lhi am just messing around here until you're ready17:14
lhtake your time dear17:14
solydzajsok thank you17:17
lhthank *you*17:17
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dandersonyay, release script is progressing, slowly17:44
dandersonI can now import a new soc release into the soc-google repository just by specifying the release tag, and without having to check out the entire gigantic history of all tags ever created17:44
dandersonnow all that's left is... all the rest of the release process :(17:45
solydzajsI'm still finishing code review :-)17:45
solydzajsbut should be done soon17:45
ajaksuthere a small typo in the Userguide...17:48
ajaksu*is* :)17:48
ajaksu<a href=" target=blank">GSoC 2008</a>17:48
tpbTitle: Google Code - Summer of Code - Google Summer of Code (at
lhajaksu: where is it, i am working on that do cnow17:52
lhs/do c/doc17:52
ajaksuLeslie: -> By clicking Publish My Location, you are agreeing to us including you in our annual map linking Students to Mentors (for an example see the GSoC 2008 <- broken link17:53
lhajaksu: will fix, thank you17:58
ajaksubtw, 'tick box' sound a bit funnier than checkbox17:59
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lhajaksu: fixed. will replace tick box with checkbox18:00
ajaksulh: Guide to Org admins -> 5 Inviting other Mentors... -> 4th paragraph:  and will be prompted to fill out a profile for the *invitde* role18:04
ajaksuGuide for Organization Administrators -> 7. For Ideas List, please provide a URL to [...]  Creating Documents at the User Level **ghost list bullet/dot** Make sure you have... :)18:10
lhajaksu: working on it18:11
ajaksuGuide for Organization Administrators -> 6. For Description, please provide an overview of your organization that will be publicly displayed on *it's* profile18:11
ajaksulh: feel free to tell me to shut up ;)18:11
lhajaksu: no this is helpful18:12
lhone sec18:12
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lhajaksu: that whole bullet mess is due to an error with the tinymce editor, solydzajs is working in resolving18:17
ajaksu1st paragraph: Google Summer of Code shall *herafter*18:18
lhhit me with other critiques18:18
ajaksucan't find any more errors, but *requestor* and *reaccept* made me stop to verify them :)18:29
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lhajaksu: please explain why you needed to verify so i can best clarify18:41
dandersonto me, reaccept looks incorrect. I understand what it means, but offhand I wouldn't have thought that 'reaccept' is a correct word, as opposed to just sticking 're-' onto something18:43
dandersonmaybe 'accept ... again' instead, but I don't have the context handy18:43
ajaksunot being a native speaker, I'm rather biased regarding what raises my attention... I thought they might be typos for 'requester' and 're-accept', but both seem at least common18:43
ajaksu -> re-accept & accept again :)18:44
tpb<> (at
lhlet me take another look18:46
lhboth fixed18:53
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dandersonsolydzajs: will you want to push this release all the way to the production site?20:19
solydzajswhere do we have reaccept ?20:21
solydzajsups not here :-)20:21
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC20:21
solydzajsdanderson: yep I can do it or mithro_ will help me with the soc-google one, it doesn't really matter soc-google branching just takes some time.20:22
dandersonIf I was at work, I could do it a little faster, but I don't have the vpn access here :/20:23
dandersonhmm, actually...20:25
dandersonmaybe I do have the necessary vpn access, one sec20:25
ajaksuhave the load tests included many missing pages/acl errors? I think I get slow responses for the first few of each on a given path, but then it becomes fast... of course, my sample size  is tiny and real network context unknown :)20:46
dandersongrmbl, fail, I don't have svn 1.5 on my google machine :(21:02
solydzajsdo you need 1.5 ?21:03
dandersonfor my release script that doesn't take 3hrs to check out the soc-google repository, yes :(21:03
solydzajsah ok :-)21:03
*** antrik has left #melange21:05
dandersonthere, fixed.21:06
dandersonYay recompiling from source :P21:06
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solydzajsdanderson: do you want to test your script ?21:11
solydzajsdanderson: I created new release21:11
dandersonum, sure. One second.21:12
solydzajswill you commit the script to /p/soc-google too ?21:13
dandersonsure. I'll send you the code review once it's presentable21:14
*** mithro_ is now known as mithro21:16
dandersonsolydzajs: okay, more like a couple of minutes, need to fix a problem with my workstation quickly.21:17
solydzajsdanderson: ok21:18
solydzajsjust ping me when you are ready21:18
dandersonsolydzajs: while I'm getting ready, what's the release version for the new version?21:20
solydzajsyes ?21:41
dandersonError: No tag at URL
solydzajsoh crap21:42
dandersonit's called 0-5-20090305 in the repos; error?21:42
solydzajsmy mistake21:42
dandersonnp, I'm actually pretty pleased my release script caught it without crashing :)21:42
dandersonI'll wait for you to retag21:43
dandersonsolydzajs: you know you can just do a server-side copy to avoid the huge delay, right?21:44
solydzajsok try now21:44
solydzajs works21:45
tpb<> (at
* lh needs to go for dinner soon21:45
lhhow 'bout it gents, i have time to run out and get something to eat?21:46
* lh hasn't had time to get food in this house21:46
* lh is going to take that as a yes21:46
solydzajsgo eath dear :-)21:47
lhsolydzajs: if you need to go to bed and the release is done and i am not here, just sleep. there's nothing that can't wait until tomorrow.21:47
solydzajswe will make release with danderson21:47
solydzajsbon apetit21:47
dandersonokay, time to pray nothing in my script breaks...21:49
solydzajsawesome :-)21:51
* solydzajs starts praying :-)21:51
tpb<> (at
dandersonsolydzajs: it has begun21:53
dandersonsvn:externals in vendor/soc has been committed21:53
dandersonit's branching now.21:53
solydzajsdanderson: did you write it in python ?21:54
dandersonsolydzajs: yes21:54
solydzajsdanderson: you use python svn module too ?21:54
dandersonshell scripting is nice, but doesn't give enough control over error cases21:54
dandersonsolydzajs: no, I just run `svn` :)21:54
solydzajsok :-)21:54
dandersonthe svn module is nice for a more pro integration21:54
dandersonbut for release scripting, forking the binary is just fine.21:54
solydzajsyep I agree was just wondering :-)21:55
solydzajsI'm hoping to visit you one day in Zurich, maybe I will come for Open Source Jam Zurich ?:-)21:55
dandersonsounds good to me21:56
dandersonI've never actually been to an open source jam, I always find out about 48hrs after that there was one21:56
dandersonI need to fix that :)21:56
solydzajsthere is google group21:57
solydzajswhere they announce it21:57
solydzajs2 weeks before21:57
dandersonthe commit of the branch is running... Slooowly :)22:02
solydzajsyep it will take up to 45minutes I think22:03
dandersonit's not even transmitting file data yet22:03
dandersonjust adding paths...22:03
solydzajsit's really really slow22:05
solydzajsI'm just waiting for hg on
solydzajsand we will switch to hg22:05
dandersonwell, at least with this script I can just walk away and do something else22:06
dandersonI just selected option 2 in the menu 'Import a new Melange release', gave it the version number22:07
dandersonand since it's been on autopilot22:07
solydzajsI'm looking forward to you committing it :-)22:10
solydzajsthe script I mean :-)22:10
dandersonsolydzajs: I need to afk for a minute, could you watch mib_h8b8rrrb in #gsoc and /ban if he starts spamming? Not likely given how quiet he's been, but...22:16
solydzajsyes will do22:17
lhsolydzajs: back, tell me what you need22:30
solydzajslh: build script for soc-google is running on danderson machine, so now we wait22:30
dandersonstill in progress. Not too long to go now I think.22:31
solydzajslh: once this is done we will deploy it to socghop and we can set maintenance mode etc22:31
lhsolydzajs: perfection.22:32
dandersonsolydzajs: oh, however, my script only goes as far as branching and making the base changes to the configs and stuff. The build/test/push bit isn't automated yet. Can you do that, or do you need sleep?22:33
dandersonI can take care of it, with the caveat that I may not be sure of what I'm doing :)22:33
solydzajsdanderson: I can do that22:33
dandersonI promise by next release I'll have everything automated :P22:33
solydzajsthanks anyway for this build script :-)22:34
dandersonaccording to the dots svn is displaying, we're about 60% done.22:34
dandersonsolydzajs: np22:35
dandersonI need to look up the conventions for committing to melange, so that I commit it properly22:36
solydzajslh: how about I turn on maintenance mode now and start cleaning up already, and when we deploy new release it should be ready22:36
solydzajsdanderson: this should go to soc-google not to melange, I will fork your script and adjust it for Melange22:36
lhsolydzajs: works for me22:37
dandersonI doubt there's a lot of useful stuff for melange, it's pretty specific to the Google SoC release process22:37
dandersonbut we'll see.22:37
solydzajslh: can you update the timeline ?22:42
solydzajsprogram timeline on socghop22:43
dandersonokay, no more dots... So either the commit has jammed, or it's trying to finalize...22:45
solydzajstrying to finalize22:45
solydzajsalmost done22:45
solydzajsbeen there done that :-)22:45
dandersonsolydzajs: is it normal for it to take >5min to finalize?22:49
dandersonI'm really starting to wonder...22:50
solydzajsdanderson: yes22:50
solydzajsit just takes forever22:50
dandersonthis is just embarassing.22:51
*** ajaksu is now known as ajaksu_away22:55
lhsolydzajs: doing it now22:55
lhon correct?22:55
solydzajsyes, but use developer account since we are in maintenance mode22:55
lhdoing it now22:56
solydzajslh, do you have any user documents (not program ones) that you don't want me to delete ?22:57
dandersonwoohoo, finally!22:59
dandersonand it only took 18 minutes...23:00
lhsolydzajs: timeline completed23:01
lhsolydzajs: checking on user docs23:01
solydzajslh: ok and also let me know which account do you use on socghop so I won't delete them23:01
lh[email protected] is the account i use23:02
lhi have no personal user docs to be deleted23:02
lhanything that is in program documents that is not featured can be wiped if you have the ability to do that without messing anything up23:02
dandersonsolydzajs: r53 is the huge import of branches/0-5-20090308, r54 creates app.yaml, r55 edits the base template to point to soc-google, as described in the release procedure23:02
lhi can give you URLs if that will help23:02
dandersonsolydzajs: your turn for building/testing/pushing :)23:02
solydzajsdanderson: ok will finish with datastore and will do next steps :-)23:03
solydzajslh: ok will do it, but you have just one account or two accounts on socghop ?23:03
dandersonawesome. And as I said, by the time we need another release, I'll have finished automating, so releasing should be as simple as selecting options in a release menu23:04
dandersongood night!23:05
danderson(what's left of it)23:05
lhsolydzajs: the only other account i use is [email protected], but i use that to test as a regular user and dont mind recreating the account.23:05
lhdanderson: you rock. thank you dear.23:05
solydzajsdanderson: thanks man :-)23:05
solydzajslh: ok :-)23:05
lhsolydzajs: if i edit a document right now is it going to ruin your life?23:06
tanselllh, I just figured out what the mebe part in front of lh means :) - Me Be LH :)23:06
lhtansell: yep. can't do just lh nor iamlh23:06
lhso there we go. mebh is also a celtic goddess i find interesting so it was all fun23:07
tansellI thought it was something like maybelh23:07
lhalso not good23:07
solydzajslh, so the documents that Ellen created can be deleted ?23:13
solydzajsok deleted :-)23:13
solydzajslh: what's the accepted organizations announced deadline ?23:15
solydzajslh: right now it's 02-26-2009 which is not good23:15
solydzajsok got it 18th of March 19:00 UTC23:16
solydzajswill fix23:16
solydzajslh: regarding Issue 311, that is how it will work we can have more potential mentors but only one main mentor can be selected for the proposal23:22
lhsolydzajs: perfect, should i close that bug23:23
lhyes delete ellens docs23:23
lhsorry was afk for a sec23:23
lhsolydzajs: i can fix timeline if you haven't yet23:23
solydzajsthere is some problem with one field, but I fixed it in datastore, I will look into that tomorrow morning23:24
solydzajsbut the timeline is fixed23:24
lhok great23:29
lhthe new release is pushed right?23:29
lh(sorry, that's probably a dumb question)23:30
solydzajslh: not yet23:30
lhsolydzajs: okey dokey23:31
solydzajslh: i'm finishing clearance of datastore23:31
lhsolydzajs: ah, gotcha. thanks!23:31
solydzajsalmost done23:34
lhsolydzajs: rock!23:34
lhit's only what 4 am for you now?23:35
lhyou get some sleep!23:35
lhdon't be online until 4 pm tomorrow your time, i am not going to be in the office until then anywya23:36
solydzajs4:40 AM :-)23:41
solydzajslh: can you modify the site home page ?23:41
solydzajsit's in Site documents23:41
solydzajsother stuff has been prepared already23:42
solydzajsI'm going to prepare release now23:42
lhsolydzajs: on it23:44
solydzajslh: you and Ellen Host Roles are in place, all the Sponsor, Program, Timeline and Program documents are in place23:44
solydzajsdatastore has been cleared of all the users that are not you, ellen, sverre, lennie, todd and me23:44
solydzajseverything has been cleared23:45
solydzajsnow release :-)23:45
lhok fixing home page still23:52
lhchanges saved23:55

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