Saturday, 2009-03-07

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LennieMerio, how's life :)09:15
LennieI heared you are happy with the stuff SRabbelier did for you yesterday?09:15
MerioLennie: yes :) However as I was telling to Sverre, I have conflicts in some files because the growl-like tooltips are not (yet?) committed so I don't know how to deal with 'em :)09:17
LennieI was just telling something to Sverre about that09:17
SRabbeliertelling to?09:18
Lennie*I was just talking about that with Sverre09:18
SRabbelierLennie:  s/to //g09:18
Lenniehappy now? :)09:18
SRabbelierthat's also an option09:19
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VDVsxis possible to edit all the mentor organization info in melange ? I only found the public info10:13
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LennieVDVsx, yes if you are an admin for the organization10:24
VDVsxLennie, I can't found it, In "Edit organization profile", it only show part of the org information, I'm talking about the "proposal"10:26
Lennieif your proposal hasn't been accepted yet10:26
Lennielemme take a look if there is a menu item added for that ^_ ^10:27
VDVsxis accept, by you I think :)10:27
Lenniek then you can't edit it anymore10:28
VDVsxah ok, probably because my proposal is accepted this information isn't shown anymore, make sense now10:28
Lennieis there any information in there you wanted to keep ?10:28
VDVsxjust testing10:28
Lenniethere is a button under program that should say List my Organization Applications10:28
Lennieif your application has been accepted but you havent created your org yet it should still show up there10:29
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VDVsxLennie|Gone, not is already accepted :) , imagine the following situation:10:33
VDVsxI submit my proposal in the next monday, but in wednesday I realize that some info is missing, is possible to overwrite my submission, during the organization submission period ?10:33
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Lennielh said she will review the applications at the end of the period10:40
Lenniewhich means you can keep editing untill the deadline10:40
Lennieor untill we put your proposal in the ignore bin if you keep putting virusses or spam in it :P10:41
Lenniebut I'm sure that will not happen10:41
VDVsxLennie, eheheh thanks, nice job with the melange :)10:46
Lennieit will be better next year10:46
Lenniethis will be a transition year10:47
Lennieits new for everyone10:47
Lennieand there are a lot of ideas left to be implemented10:47
Lenniebut thanks VDVsx :)10:47
VDVsxbut its simple to use10:47
Lennieno everyone agrees on that10:47
Lenniebut I wouldn't really know10:47
Lennienever used to old app :)10:47
LennieI'm fresh :)10:48
VDVsxthe only thing that I have complains is the location map, but already put a comment about that in a bug report, its a easy fix one10:49
Lenniethe pin pointing?10:49
VDVsxyup :)10:50
Lennieyou can drag the pin arround10:50
VDVsxno pin here10:51
VDVsxonly the map, and isn't saving my location10:51
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LennieVDVsx, hmm k11:01
Lenniewill take a look soon11:01
Lennieyou should open up another issue for the is not saving one :)11:01
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VDVsxLennie|Food, ok,11:02
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MerioLennie: pong12:20
Lenniepm :)12:20
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James--Crook"Melange wil be applying to be a GSoC organization."  Thoughts anyone?13:10
LennieGreat, if you want to dive behind the scenes of GSoC :p13:11
Lennieand make it better for people to come13:11
Lennie*make it better for the GSOC's and GHOP's to come13:12
James--CrookSo that's the tag line to attract student applications...?13:13
Lenniemaybe :P?13:14
LennieI haven't given the tag line much thought13:14
James--CrookHmmm....  I'm thinking we'll be dropping the students not into a frying pan but into a fire :-)13:14
LennieI like them fried13:15
James--CrookHo ho :-)13:15
James--CrookWorry is will it be a good experience for them.  After all the goal is that we want them to13:15
James--Crookstay around after GSoC.13:15
Lennieboth are important13:16
James--Crook(I know that is the ideal, and that we are grateful anyway for any help they give)13:16
LennieI thought Pawel was making a nice list of ideas?13:16
James--CrookI've posted two, but we could do with more.  Does he have some about GHoP and WorldDomination in store?13:17
LennieI hope so13:17
James--CrookIn practice I would say six ideas on the ideas page is more than enough.  The capacity to mentor looks to me to be about 2 to possibly 3 at a stretch.  Likely there'll be some firefighting going on during GSoC that will take precednce...13:18
Lennieseems reasonable13:19
Lennieis the statistics module idea up there?13:19
James--CrookIdeas is also something we can ask the community / friends of Melange for, even look for how people can help in a small way with us getting GSoC ready.13:19
Lennie*GHOP ?13:19
James--CrookStatistics module idea is not up there.  Would be good to see there.13:19
LennieIt's your baby :-013:19
SRabbelierwho what where?13:20
James--Crook"GSoC Ready" = in sense ready to take students in melange13:20
James--CrookSRabbelier: Congratulations.  Who's the mum?13:21
James--CrookSo... do we want a student who can survive in the fire service...  ii.e are we expecting to be incorporating some of their code (after very careful review and testing)...  or...13:23
SRabbelierJames--Crook: mhhh, are you asking if they'll have committer access?13:23
James--CrookOh, the statistics idea looks very neat, as it is 'behind closed doors' kind of, and if it does not work as advertised no real harm.13:23
James--Crookno no no.  DISASTER!13:23
James--Crookno, more about choice of possible projects.13:24
James--CrookAre we so focused on what we need here and now.  Melange is different from most projects in that13:24
Lenniedeadlines :P13:25
Lenniethe chances are large that we'll use their code13:25
Lenniesince there is so much that can be done13:25
James--Crookthe most active committers are running a live show, and that takes precedence over supporting a student (very different from Audacity, where we're not in that mode)13:25
Lenniethat's certainly true13:26
Lenniebut there are some parts that indeed can be done behind closed doors13:26
Lennielike the statistics13:26
James--CrookUsing their code, and it working, is huge positive feedback for a student, and likely to keep them around....  ?13:26
Lenniethat's also true13:26
James--CrookYES.  Let's have that one written up.  Do we have13:26
James--Crookany specifics.13:26
LennieI think you should discuss that with Leslie and SRabbelier?13:27
James--Crookparticular charting output, or approaches.13:27
Lenniegraphs, histograms, google maps, and CVS export?13:27
Lennieroughly speaking ;P13:28
James--CrookWell... I'm here to discuss with anyone here anything about getting ready for GSoC (for students)...  heck there has to be a better way of distinguishing the two roles we're in... :-) :-)13:28
SRabbelierJames--Crook: two roles?13:28
Lennieyes, running live and helping students13:28
James--CrookOK.  I can write that up.13:28
Lennieit needs to work for GSoC13:28
Lennieand be extendable to GHOP :)13:29
James--CrookLennie: yep.  Those two roles.13:29
LennieI think AJAX/JS experience would be nice in that case13:29
James--CrookAnything else I should know about statistics before I write that one up?  SRabbelier?13:29
James--CrookNew abbreviation: GSoCaM = GSoC as Mentors to distinguish.  As in 'Getting ready for GSoCaM.13:31
James--CrookWhilst 'Getting ready for GSoC' means for the whole program...13:31
Lenniedo we need a hardcore optimalisation project?13:32
SRabbelierJames--Crook: how about GSoC/M? :p13:32
SRabbelierLennie: oooh, yes!13:32
SRabbelierLennie: profilign!!13:32
Lennietest suite :P13:32
Lennie^_ ^13:32
SRabbelierLennie: YES!13:32
James--CrookSRabbelier: can you write that one up?  Sounds like you know EXACTLY what you want.13:32
SRabbelierJames--Crook: hehehe, not quite :P13:33
Lenniemabe easier acccess checks?13:33
SRabbelierLennie: hmmm, what about them?13:33
Lennieif someone has a brilliant idea in that area13:33
SRabbelierLennie: is that 3 months worth of work?13:33
Lenniethey are the cornerstone of the app :P13:33
Lennienm lets just leave that13:33
Lennietest suite and optimatlization are two good ideas13:33
James--CrookOK.  For speed we add some keywords in the comments section of the page (or at the foot of the page), just to give students some ideas, whilst saving us the time of writing them up in full :-)13:33
James--CrookBut we do write up Optimization in full13:34
James--Crookand statistics13:34
James--CrookI'll do statistics now.13:34
James--Crooksee yah all later.13:34
Lenniethank James--Crook13:34
James--Crook(yes and GSoC/M is better.  We'll use that)13:35
SRabbelierJames--Crook: awesome :)13:35
Lenniettyl :)13:35
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AlexUAlh: ping14:52
AlexUA*Assuming that's leslie*14:52
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SRabbelierAlexUA: lh is indeed leslie17:34
SRabbelierAlexUA: try /whois lh17:35
* SRabbelier is a little late :P17:35
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Lennienn :)18:08
SRabbelierLennie: g'night18:09
Lenniekeep it up with the slots18:09
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