Saturday, 2009-02-28

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mithroheyo people00:22
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secureendpoints'jaltman' has created an application for "openafs" in the melange test environment.  requesting approval.  thanks,10:02
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James--CrookHi guys, I've just resigned as admin from the bogus version of Drupa1 (which was accepted as a GSoC org in the test Melange, in spite of its very dodgy project description).11:22
James--CrookWe still have two Drupals in the list, even though only one is legit.11:22
James--CrookSRabbelier:  Melange let me  resign, even though I was the only admin for drupa1...  not sure if that is OK...11:24
James--CrookI've also sent in an org application from an org called 'Reject Me!'.  I'd liek to see it rejected at some time and see that I get a rejection e-mail.11:24
Lennie|GoneJames--Crook, you wont get a rejection email from the test instance11:26
* SRabbelier is off to a concert11:27
Lennie|Gonethe email is in a revision later then the one running11:27
James--CrookHow will it happen 'in real life'?11:27
James--CrookRoughly what else is in the later revision?11:27
Lennie|Gonefixes :P11:28
Lennie|Gone(you wanted a rough answer)11:28
James--CrookIf we had to use the Melange which is currently posted, GSoC would be a meltdown.11:28
James--CrookNo way for students to apply....11:28
Lennie|Gonestudents can apply11:29
Lennie|Gonethe date is just not set I guess11:29
James--CrookUm, shouldn't we be somehow testing that too?11:29
Lennie|Gonewe should11:30
Lennie|Gonebut its not my call to make11:30
James--CrookMaybe worth asking LH when she's next around... the suggestion is that tomorrow we 'switch the date' and then (fake) students can apply?11:30
James--CrookOK.  Feeling a lot happier now :-)11:31
Lennie|Goneorg's cant rank/rate the proposals yet11:31
Lennie|Gonebut they'll show up in their menu :)11:31
James--CrookBut we will be able to comment?11:31
James--CrookOr do we create a doc and group-edit-it?11:31
Lennie|Goneyou will get the ability to comment11:32
Lennie|Gonepublicly and privately11:32
Lennie|Gonejust like the old system11:32
James--Crookwhen?  It is all getting very close....11:32
Lennie|Goneno idea when, I do agree that it's getting close11:32
James--CrookBy 'when' I mean is it in the app, already and not switched on, or is it still being developed?11:33
Lennie|Goneunder development11:33
James--CrookWho is working on it?11:34
Lennie|Goneme and SRabbelier11:35
Lennie|Gonebut I'm still waiting on an email from Pawel11:35
James--CrookWhat is the question to him?11:36
Lennie|Gonehow he wants it to work, if he wants to use some library11:37
Lennie|Gonethe commenting stuff is almost complete though11:37
Lennie|Gonethere is just no view yet for mentors/org admins to score the proposals11:38
James--CrookWell, switching on student application and comments in the next day or two would be a good thing, even without scoring we could get a long way in testing.11:38
Lennie|GoneI'm sure we'll open up the student apps11:38
Lennie|Gonedont think we'll be doing comments yet11:38
James--CrookI could actually live without scoring - the key thing is that LH can see the 'dialog' and see that students are being treated fairly, and that does show in the comments.11:39
Lennie|Gonewe need scoring ;)11:39
Lennie|Gonewe need to give away slots :P11:39
Lennie|Goneand to do that we need to know in which order the orgs want their students11:40
James--CrookIt's possible to give away slots without scoring.... But clunky...  so it is better to have a true sorted order.11:41
James--CrookThnaks for clarifying things Lennie, and I look forward to some of the other features being enabled.11:41
Lennie|Goneme too11:41
Lennie|Gonesince I had to write them :P11:41
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gchaixSRabbelier: thanks for the fix!12:47
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Lennie|Gonegchaix: on behalf of SRabbelier, your welcome13:10
Lennie|Gonehe's at a concer ^^13:10
gchaixGood for him :-)13:10
MatthewWilkesLennie|Gone: You know, I'm starting to doubt you're ever gone13:10
gchaixThere is life out in the Big Blue Room13:10
MatthewWilkesYou seem to be |Gone and on here more than anything else :)13:10
Lennie|GoneMatthewWilkes, I'm half gone writing a paper for the uni :P13:11
Lennie|GoneMatthewWilkes, but sometimes you need to relax13:11
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Lennie|Workthat better?13:11
MatthewWilkesAh, a paper?  What's it on?13:11
Lennie|WorkTactile Guidance for pedestrian navigation13:12
Lennie|Workit's just a summary of other papers in that area since the course does not allow you to od your own field research13:13
Lennie|Workwhich is good, because the goal is to write a paper13:13
MatthewWilkesoh cool13:13
Lennie|Worknot do research13:13
MatthewWilkesA friend of mine did her final project on aural navigation for joggers by shifting balance of music, it's an interesting subject13:14
Lennie|Workback to work :P13:15
Lennie|Workor actually13:16
Lennie|WorkI'm getting hungry :D13:16
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secureendpointsLennie:  jaltman here from openafs.  thanks for the notification.  I clicked through the link in the notification and filled out the subsequent form.  Now I cannot find the application anywhere nor do I see the organization available anywhere.  Any idea what I did wrong?14:38
Lenniethe application shoud be gone after you have completed your organization14:38
Lenniebut let me see what happened :)14:38
Lenniewhat's the name of your org?14:39
secureendpointsI see I now have an "admin" notification in my mailbox.  I think the completion of the organization form should indicate what the next step will be.  What the user should expect.14:40
Lenniethat would indeed be nice14:41
secureendpointsalso, I'm not sure that the notification should come from my account to myself.  E-mails from me automatically get filtered into a sent box14:41
Lenniethat has been fixed14:41
Lennieit's GAE stuff14:41
Lennieit only allows email to be sent from a developer or teh current user14:41
Lenniewe've no properly set a no-reply address as a developer14:41
LennieDo you mind writing your comment down in our issue tracker?
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - Google Code (at
Lennieit would be appriciated :D14:42
secureendpointsnot at all.14:43
secureendpointsanother think that I apparently did.  I used my link id when creating the organization instead.  "jaltman" instead of "openafs".  Perhaps there should be a check to ensure that the org linkid doesn't already exist.14:45
secureendpointsanyway to change this after the fact?14:45
Lenniethe check is there14:46
Lenniewe have forgotten to mention that you dont need to fill in your own link id14:47
Lenniebut that it will become your org's link id14:47
Lennieso now you have an org with jaltman as link id :)14:48
secureendpointsyes, yes I do  :-)14:48
secureendpointsPerhaps only have one field for organization shortname which is also used as the link id.  that is more intuitive to me14:49
Lenniethat is not a bad suggestion14:50
secureendpointswould you like a bad suggestion?  I'm good at those as well :-)14:50
Lenniebut your shortname can contain spaces14:50
Lenniebecause that is used for your sidebar menu14:50
secureendpointsspaces can be encoded for the link name14:51
secureendpointsor converted to underscore14:51
MatthewWilkessocghop.* admins: The front-page link to the testing guide is missing an initial "document/" in the href14:53
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chxhi. I am not sure this is even bug report worthy but the tooltip and the calendar widget are a bit problematic together. However, i can just type the date.14:56
LennieIt's been reported chx, thanks for your concern :)14:56
LennieMatthewWilkes, I'll fix that14:57
chxWell, practically put, I need Melange so I try to help whatever little I can14:58
chxThe Drupal project enormously benefits from GHOP and GSOC alike.14:58
LennieI guess Google is glad to help you too14:59
MatthewWilkesLennie: Cool :)14:59
* MatthewWilkes is going through things pretending he's never seen the app before15:00
MerioLennie: changed the tooltips, going to send the patch to mailing list/issue tracker15:00
Lenniethanks Merio :015:00
chxand thanks guys for getting this up and running so quickly15:00
Lennieif only we were done :D15:02
LennieIt's not gonna be an easy year for the users of the webapp, atleast thats my personal view15:03
Lenniewe had to cover a lot of ground in a small time15:03
Lenniebut it can only get better ;P15:03
chxAt least the mentors are battle hardened open source users so we know how it is15:04
chxand the students , well they better learn the ropes ;)15:04
spearcedidn't django participate in gsoc last year?  isn't the webapp in django this year?15:05
spearcemaybe their mentors will help make it less painful, just to fix their own experience with the app... :-)15:05
Lennieyeah part of it is in Django15:06
LennieMatthewWilkes, intereseting tinymce wont allow me to put that link in :p15:09
MatthewWilkesLennie: Damn that opinionated WYSIWYG15:13
Lenniethis is annoying lol15:13
* MatthewWilkes stops testing and starts patching15:14
LennieI'm sorry, I cant fix that now :S15:14
chxhuh, tinymce15:14
LennieI've made a note of it, but patches are always welcome :D15:14
MatthewWilkesLennie: What about with JS disabled?15:14
chxdid you look at other editors before using that @#$%^&( ?15:15
chxlike htmlbox.15:15
Lenniechx, I joined the project after that decision had been made :D15:15
Lennieso I have no idea15:15
LennieMatthewWilkes, I use IE7 ^_^15:15
Lenniebecause someone has to test it on that piece of .... :D15:15
MatthewWilkesLennie: Why?15:15
Lenniesomebody has to do it :D15:16
Lennieit looks horrible ;D15:16
Lennieinteresting issue MatthewWilkes15:16
Lenniethe way URL's were meant to be written :D15:16
Lennieit is actually Django's fault :D15:17
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MatthewWilkesLennie: I know, I've just tracked that down15:19
LennieI wonder if the datastore accepts those URL's15:19
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MatthewWilkesLennie: The amusing thing is, doesn't work ;)15:20
tpbTitle: Plone CMS: Open Source Content Management (at
MatthewWilkesHmm, shit, I'm on the admin team15:20
MatthewWilkesNow I have to file a 2nd bug :(15:20
MatthewWilkesfor me15:20
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LennieOrganizations can now set a template that students will see when making their proposal ^^15:34
LennieMatthewWilkes, try ^_ ^15:34
tpbTitle: Home Page (at
Lenniechx, thanks for issue 267 :)15:37
MatthewWilkesLennie: The FQDN issue?15:37
MatthewWilkesLennie: Which one then? :)15:38
* MatthewWilkes reads15:38
Lennieuser experience15:38
MerioLennie: think I've done with review_overview, where should I send the patch?15:41
Lenniemailing list, I'll try to get that one in soon15:41
Lenniedid you test it?15:41
Lennieand will it work when I add a third button :P?15:41
MerioYes, it works, but with seed_db I don't have orgs to reject, so it seems not to reject anything ^_^15:42
MerioGoing to have one to test it15:42
MerioLennie: ok, it works. It will work also with three buttons as long as you care the buttons to have different IDs starting with "button_bulk_"15:45
Lenniethat's fine15:45
Lennieas longs as it is something generic like that :D15:45
LennieMatthewWilkes, patch committed15:45
Lenniethe grammar fix that is15:45
MerioLennie: and also I've changed the bulk-review.js script to handle the different "no organization to accept/reject" alerts, so you might change that as well15:46
MatthewWilkesLennie: Whey!  2nd patch in, total of 2 lines changed :)15:46
LennieMatthewWilkes: The comment system that is still being tested by SRabbelier is yours too :P15:46
MatthewWilkesLennie: Yeah, but it's not in yet15:46
Lennieit will be15:46
LennieMerio, what do you mean by changed alerts?15:47
MerioLennie: If there are no organizations to accept, the script will not start and displays "no organizations to accept"15:48
Lenniewill it always say accept?15:49
Lenniesince the other button is for reject15:49
MerioLennie: If we have also a reject button, it should display "no organizations to reject" instead15:49
MerioLennie: so I added that switch15:49
MerioLennie: Now is a little hack (just check if the button id has a "reject" inside), but if we need something else we might use something more sensible :)15:50
Lennieyou could just say There are no applications to process15:50
MerioLennie: Well, usually I like detailed messages when possible, but it's up to you ^_^15:52
Lenniedetailed is better :(15:52
Lenniejust do it this way15:52
MatthewWilkesLennie: Is it possible to turn the tool tips off other than disabling js?15:52
LennieMatthewWilkes dont think so15:53
Lenniebut they should look better soon, ask Merio :P15:53
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MatthewWilkesI just don't like having my UI change while I'm using it15:53
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LennieUse IE7 then you wont even notice them :P15:55
MatthewWilkesNo :P15:55
MatthewWilkesLennie: Template looks good, shame tinymce isn't on15:57
Lennieit isn't?15:57
Lenniebecause you turned off JS?15:57
MatthewWilkesof course!15:57
Lenniesince it was on here :P15:57
MatthewWilkesworth it, I know HTML15:57
LennieI just spammed some random color and list items to see if layout copies over15:58
Lenniehow's the red and pink mix :p15:58
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MatthewWilkesLennie: So, so pretty16:05
LennieI tried to impress you, I've failed :P16:07
* MatthewWilkes hangs his head in shame16:08
MatthewWilkesfoodtime, methinks16:15
Lenniehave a nice meal :p?16:16
MatthewWilkesWon't do, got a cheap frozen pizza :)16:19
LennieI had pizza as well :D16:19
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MatthewWilkesHad a good lunch though, went to wagamama16:21
LennieI'm stupid16:22
LennieI was wondering why a form field didnt get auto-filled in16:22
Lennieand I put it in the exclude list16:22
* Lennie slaps himself16:22
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James--CrookLennie: Did you use super-powers to invite yourself to be an admin for SCALA Super Compiler?16:27
LennieI got an invite from you I believe16:27
James--CrookHmm, strange, because I have an invite purportedly to you from me in my gmail....16:27
James--Crook               Hi Lennie,       You have received a new notification entitled "Invitation to become a Organization Admin for SCALA Super Compiler.".  To read, respond to, or delete this notification please click here.      Greetings,16:27
James--CrookThe Melange Team16:27
James--CrookOh, that didn't paste too well...16:28
Lenniethat one16:28
LennieI got that from you :p16:28
James--CrookI didn't knowingly send it....16:28
Lennieyou did invite me :P16:28
Lennieor atleast someone who can log onto your google account did16:28
Lennieand that can only be you :p16:28
Lennieatleast I hope16:29
James--CrookOh... way back when I created the request, as a backup admin.16:29
James--Crooknow I understand.16:29
James--Crook[I was meaning to keep it as an application that had been accepted but has not been confirmed by the admin, as I've not confirmed my admin status yet...]16:30
James--Crookforgot I'd invited you by making you a backup. :-)16:31
James--CrookIs there currently an easy way for LH or an admin to remove a rogue organization?  For example I have the deliberate duplicate Drupal org...16:32
LennieI never got around to adding group management :(16:34
James--CrookI think it more likely to happen this time round for a number of reasons.16:34
Lenniebut it is easy to remove a rogue org application :)16:34
James--CrookOne is that people do not have to provide a list of mentors at the time they apply.  A smaller org might then find that once it has been accepted it doesn't have the number of mentors available that it had hoped to...16:35
Lennieand they all resign, and students still apply?16:35
James--Crooksomething like.16:36
James--CrookI've actually resigned from drupa1, and now it doesn't have an admin at all,16:36
James--Crookbut it is still there in the list.16:36
James--CrookAnyway, as long as it is easy to remove a rogue.16:37
secureendpointsstupid question.  after Creating a New Document for the organization "openafs_home" is the tag, should it appear under "organizations->openafs->list documents"?16:41
secureendpointsthe document contents are displayed when I go to organizations->openafs->home"?16:41
dhaunsecureendpoints: I had the same problem - already filed a bug :)16:44
James--Crooksecureendpoints:  If you make it featured it will appear there, but you need to create it from the org create docs, not personal user create docs.16:49
James--Crooksecureendpoints: (sorry misread question, ignore my answer)16:50
Lennieyeah, we are aware of this issue16:52
Lennieoh and it has been fixed :p16:53
Lenniesecureendpoints, there are no stupid questions just keep poking around in the web app16:53
secureendpointseven better16:53
secureendpointsI know :)16:53
secureendpointsperhaps a better phrase is, "i'm sure you have already heard this and fixed it but ..."16:54
Lenniethere is a lot to find ;)16:54
Lenniesoftware is never done16:55
secureendpointsif you manually add a href tag to a document and try to save it, the server gives a 500 error16:59
Lennielets see16:59
Lennieyou did that on socghop?16:59
Lennie(fetches the logs)17:00
Lennieo yeah17:00
Lennietrying to save a document for openasf?17:00
secureendpointsyes sir/maam17:01
Lenniewe've also fixed that17:01
Lenniewas a database transaction error17:01
secureendpointswhen do I get to try the fixed version?17:01
LennieI have no idea when a new release gets cut17:02
Lenniewe have a conference call on monday17:02
LennieI'll bring it up17:02
Lennieso hopefully tuesday ^^17:02
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Lenniethanks for your suggestions and bug reports all, I'm off to get some well deserved rest :P17:14
*** Lennie has quit IRC17:14
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James--Crookjoin #audacity17:59
James--Crook(oops intended to type /join #audacity)18:00
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SRabbelierMatthewWilkes, chx, secureendpoints, and the rest that logged off by now: thank you all for your testing :)20:31
SRabbelierAs Lennie said I was off to a concert ;)20:32
chxSRabbelier: your welcome20:32
chxSRabbelier: as soon as we can we will test more but i guess we need student testers20:32
chxSRabbelier: should i get some random Drupalers in as students or not yet?20:32
SRabbelierchx: not just yet, we will send a ping to the list when we're ready20:33
SRabbelierchx: (hopefully monday!)20:33
chxDrupalCon is from Wednesday20:35
chxI will have 1300 people to test :P20:35
SRabbelierchx: epic win!20:37
SRabbelierchx: will make sure that we have a recent release only by then20:37
SRabbelierchx: and will discuss with the team20:38
SRabbelierchx: but I think load testign with 1300 people would be totally awesome!20:38
MatthewWilkesSRabbelier: No probs!  What was the concert?20:39
chxI was kidding but then I will post posters around for everyone to jump on the site20:39
chxsubmit whatever tehy want as student applications20:39
SRabbelierMatthewWilkes: Sabaton and Hammerfall, it was awesome20:39
chxjust to see it behave20:39
SRabbelierchx: exactly20:40
SRabbelierchx: would be very nice I think :)20:40
SRabbelierI'm off to bed :)20:40
SRabbeliercya all later20:40
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC20:41
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC21:11
dmitrig01|afkchx: code sprint21:20
dmitrig01|afkchx: that should be the first order of buisiness at the code spirnt - everyone submit student applications21:20
chxwhy the code sprint?21:20
chxwhat stops people during the Con doing that?21:20
dmitrig01|afki guess...21:21
dmitrig01|afkit's just more people at once21:21
mithrodang missed him23:43

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