Friday, 2009-02-27

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dberkholzi'm testing and just submitted an org app01:10
dberkholzbtw, the org app listing has english that is really hard to understand01:11
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GregNoelCan anyone approve "scons" as an organization so I can continue testing?11:12
* GregNoel brb11:15
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tlarsenGregNoel: Done.11:40
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gchaixWhee. Org app sumbitted.  So far, no problems.12:57
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* gchaix hopes he remembers the issue he was about to post until the maintenance is over15:44
lhgchaix: i have post it notes going. :)15:53
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gchaixlh: low-tech but effective :-)17:12
lhgchaix: sometimes low tech is just nifty17:28
* gchaix hugs his dead-tree notebook17:28
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James--Crooklh: About user documentation for Melange... My thinking is a Getting Started Guide and a FAQ, both on the Melange wiki.  Getting started is a more step-by-step guide than the testing doc.18:16
James--Crooklh: The FAQ cover actual issues from actual use - including issues found in testing that are 'use-as-is'.  We can grow the FAQ more organically.18:16
lhJames--Crook: faq is a good idea. does the current testing guide fit well into your idea of a getting started guide?18:22
lhand wb James--Crook, it's nice to see you18:22
James--Crooklh: Sharing a link now...18:23
lhJames--Crook: ty18:23
tpb<> (at
James--CrookSo.. it's a cut down version of the testing guide, but with things that experience shows cause confusion, like the linkID's not being your own LinkID when creating an org.  (Ellen, Kblin, almost me too)18:25
lhJames--Crook: i think i can munge the two together well. for example, the link id gotcha did not occur to me, and will include that in final getting started guide18:27
lhSo I would suggest that it would be useful to have the Getting Started Guide be a mixture of what is in the testing guide now and the getting started guide18:29
lhyour text is very good. i think the data in the testing guide could be added to the getting started guide as a separate section titled "more detailed instructions for users"18:30
lhand having anchored links in the brief overview guide to relevant sections18:30
lhwhat do you think?18:30
dberkholzanyone else having trouble filling in the birthday because the calendar is overlapped by a blue bubble?18:31
lhdberkholz: known issue, and yes18:31
James--CrookHmm...  but then that makes it long.  People go for quick start guides, and even then skim read.  And I don't find it too useful to have what each link does spelled out for me once I've got the general idea.18:31
* lh waves to dberkholz18:31
dberkholzah, good. i glanced through the issues yesterday but didn't recall that specific one18:32
dberkholzi've run through most of the stuff in the testing guide18:32
lhJames--Crook: agreed. that is why i propose both sections. at some point we will have less tech saavy people using this system to run their own programs (i hope)18:32
dberkholzthe whole link-id concept is kind of confusing18:32
lhJames--Crook: i'd like the documentation to be useful for them too18:32
James--CrookAh.  But I've written a guide for GSoC 200918:32
James--CrookI think it better to get it right for what we need it for now, and then adapt later.  It's why I didn't explain about18:33
James--Crookuser name for GHoP18:33
lhfair enough.18:33
James--CrookJust confusion thatcan be avoided.18:33
lhdberkholz: confusing as in you dont get why that design choice or confusing as in you didnt know not to put in your own link id for the requested org link id18:34
James--CrookConfusion in that for GSoC we would actually like people to use their own names as LinkIDs, and their own names for their names.18:35
James--CrookSo question: will I paste the modified Getting started doc into melange wiki, or do we need to take it further at this stage?18:36
lhi think this document should be housed on - what is the reason for taking users to another location?18:37
dberkholzlh: confusing as in what a link id means was explained in a way that quickly made sense to me, so it took me a while to figure out what it was.18:37
dberkholzwasn't explained*18:37
lhJames--Crook: i'm agnostic, just want to get a sense of your thoughts18:37
dberkholzif it had said page title or something along those lines, i would've gotten it18:37
dberkholzfor a while i thought i was supposed to put a link to somewhere in there. like http:// ...18:38
lhdberkholz: ok, let me think of a way to better articulate this - i assume an example would make it most clear18:38
James--Crooklh: Well, if it is on Melange wiki I can update it, I don't believe I have permissions on appspot.18:39
dberkholzlh: yeah, something like -- If your project name were Gentoo, putting "gentoo" in Link ID would result in socghop.blah.blah/org/<b>gentoo</b>/18:40
lhJames--Crook: ah there's the beauty. the how to user documentation is going to be user editable. :)18:40
lhJames--Crook: i would make that possible on the site now, but as the data store is going to be wiped it doesn't seem useful to do so at this time18:40
lhdberkholz: noted, thank you18:40
dberkholzan example of the produced url with the example link id highlighted in it18:40
James--CrookActually it would be good to have it there now, and capture a copy before it is wiped?  (or keep a backup in google-docs)18:41
James--CrookInput from the people who have actually been testing Melange would make it better.18:41
lhfair point. let me get something set up.18:42
James--CrookI could post it as a user doc, and ask for feedback?  If easier?18:42
lhsix of one half dozen of the other. i will just create a blank page a tthe program level for now and you can edit to your hearts content. the page editor accepts input from google docs pretty cleanly18:43
James--CrookFine.  Its's quarter to midnight here, so I'll be on it tomorrow :-)18:43
lhJames--Crook: very good. there will be a publicly editable document called getting started tomorrow - pasting in your google doc stuff now18:44
James--CrookOK.  Will look at tomorrow.  bfn.18:44
lhJames--Crook: be well. good night.18:45
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penyaskitolh, how is the last sprint going? I've seen the activity on the melange mailing lists :-)18:49
lhpenyaskito: very well thanks. how are you christian?18:50
penyaskitolh, not bad :)18:50
lhpenyaskito: glad to hear it18:51
gchaixSRabbelier: re issue #256.  It's weird, I don't see anything at all in the document list.  Even after a logout/login from a different browser19:31
SRabbeliergchaix: really? hmmm, access related then I guess19:31
* gchaix nods19:31
SRabbelierone second19:34
SRabbelierI'll have a look19:34
SRabbeliergchaix: (sorry, was squashing a bug, looking into it now)19:41
SRabbeliergchaix: are you org admin for osu osl?19:42
SRabbeliergchaix: mhhh, you seem to be...19:42
SRabbeliergchaix: I will look into this tomorow ok?19:47
* lh heads out to friend's bday party19:48
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SRabbeliergchaix: I have to fix some other access related troubles anyway19:48
SRabbeliergchaix: thansk for the report!19:48
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