Thursday, 2009-02-26

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dmitrig01the melange t-shirt:
tpb<> (at
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*** lh changes topic to "GSoC Mentors Wanted to Help Test Melange: - Melange is the next generation GSoC and GHOP web app - Code and more at - Want to contribute? Start here: - Logs at - Demo is running at"10:59
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LennieHi all12:15
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allHello, Lennie12:16
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LennieHi todd :)12:16
lhLennie: hello12:22
Lenniehi lh12:22
Lenniehow are the emails coming along?12:22
Lennielh: should I accept the orgs on socgop.appspot?12:25
lhLennie: i think so, but let's ask pawel. he's on gtalk - want me to ping him?12:27
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solydzajshi all12:29
Lennielh: where did you read clubs?12:30
Lenniewas it in the subject of your notification?12:30
Lenniewas it in the email itself12:30
Lenniewas it in the text of the notification?12:30
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solydzajsLennie: you can accept those 2 orgs if you really want, but I was hoping to wait for some more request12:33
lhLennie: it was in the email and notification text12:33
Lennieyou wanted to test bulk accept?12:33
solydzajsor just accept them12:33
lhi think we ought to go ahead and accept them now. we have excited testers, let's keep them moving along now. :)12:33
Lenniegoing to do bulk-accept :p12:34
Lennielets see if it doesnt fail :D12:34
lhLennie: next time we do bulk accept, i'd like to try it.12:34
lhLennie: i know i owe you accept/reject mail, i am going to do that as soon as I file bugs from yesterday's call12:34
Lenniedo you still have a copy of the mail you received12:35
Lenniewith that bug12:35
Lenniedoes it say something like, is entitled "" ?12:35
lhLennie: finding will forward12:37
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lhyou know what lennie, i think maybe that was an old release running on melange-demo12:43
lhLennie: double checking now12:43
Lennienext time you run into such a textual error it would help to be more precise about the location, since we build them up dynamically12:44
lhLennie: so it's not actually in the email, that was a mistake12:44
lhhowever the notification does read12:44
lh"your club application"12:45
lhi am updating
tpb<> (at
Lennieo yeah12:46
Lennielh, I found the error :D12:46
lhLennie: love it :)12:46
durin42I'm going to see if I can get run through our QA team's functional testing training12:49
durin42since they're doing it as a tutorial at PyCon anyway12:49
durin42and then try and do some of that on melange, if I can figure it out12:49
lhdurin42: sounds wicked. have fun at pycon, wish i was going :)12:52
durin42lh: We'll miss seeing you. Hopefully some day I'll get a more "open sourcey" job that'll take me to places like oscon.12:55
lhdurin42: any chance you're coming out for wwdc?12:56
durin42lh: not really, I'd have to pay my own way and take time off12:57
lhdurin42: gotcha.12:57
Lennielh: fixed13:05
lhLennie: awesome13:06
* lh files more issues13:06
lhdude slow.13:18
lhsystem is sloooooowwwww.13:18
lhah well.13:18
solydzajslh: socghop is slow ?13:20 is :P13:20
Lennielh, respond to issue 222 please13:21
durin42socghop is loading very sloooooow here13:21
lhsolydzajs: yes sochop is slow13:21
LennieI'm going to get dinner :P13:21
lhLennie: enjoy13:21
lhdurin42: checking13:21
durin42Slow enough I want to hit it with a profiler13:21
solydzajshmmm is generally slow13:22
durin42no, this is *epic* slowness13:22
lhLennie: done13:22
solydzajsworks fine for me13:22
solydzajsbut we will see what we can do to make it faster13:22
lhdurin42: yes. it took me more than 1 minute to sign out just a second ago.13:22
solydzajslh: wow13:23
solydzajslh: that's not our code fault, it looks like problem or gae problem13:23
lhsolydzajs: agreed, just whining. :)13:23
lhbe back in just a few minutes13:23
Lenniemwah it's also our code fault :P13:25
Lenniebut more GAE fault :D13:25
Lenniezipimport is just tooooo slow on those servers13:26
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tpb<> (at
lhLennie|Food: i am going to submit the accept / reject email text to the issue tracker13:39
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lhLennie|Food: assigned to you13:54
tpb<> (at
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Lennielh: thanks14:27
lhLennie: thank you14:28
lhLennie: we have another org application - i would like to accept it14:37
lhi take it we cannot do bulk accept without more than one application in14:37
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Lennielh you can14:45
Lenniethe bulk is just not that big :D14:45
Lenniejust put them on pre-accept and them hit the bulk accept button14:45
Lennieor you can just hit accept, whatever you wish to use14:45
lhLennie: ok thanks trying now14:45
lhLennie: worked awesomely. :)14:46
Lenniethank merio14:48
durin42"bulk" for one app? hee.14:49
lhLennie: will do14:50
Lenniedurin42, you dont have to :P14:50
Lenniedurin42, but it works14:50
durin42I'm just entertained is all14:50
Lenniedurin42, she could have just pressed the accept button but then she wouldn't see some fancy progressbar :)14:50
SRabbelierheya everybody :)15:24
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durin42SRabbelier: interviews go well?15:28
SRabbelierdurin42: mhhh, not too bad in general :)15:29
SRabbelierdurin42: fscked up a binary search though :-/15:29
durin42SRabbelier: I've done that too. You just don't write them enough these days...15:30
SRabbelierdurin42: oh really?15:30
durin42yeah, I left out part of it once.15:30
SRabbelierI was totally blank for like, 5-10 minutes, was just fumbling :|15:31
SRabbelierthe rest of the interview went great though15:31
SRabbelierhe said it wasn't a big problem15:31
SRabbelierI just tested visiting a bunch of times15:36
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierthings seem to be back to normal15:36
SRabbelierI'm getting times between 283-709ms for user time, and 330-525 for cpu time (mostly at the 300 side than 500)15:37
SRabbelierI think that if we actually throw _more_ load at the site things will go smoother :P15:38
SRabbelieras GAE will keep a bunch of interpreters in memory, and BigTable will keep our entities in memory as well15:38
LennieSRabbelier: it just fails sometimes :(15:39
SRabbelierLennie: only when the load is low15:40
lhinteresting - when looking at the list of organization applications i only see audacityextra, but there were two other orgs accepted16:00
Lenniethey have filled in ther profile16:05
Lennieand have now become orgs16:06
Lenniethe application is stored16:06
lhLennie: ok, gotcha16:08
Lennieit's just not shows because you cant do anything with it16:08
Lenniethe org has been made16:09
Lennieso you cannot actually review it anymore :)16:09
lhLennie: okay, thanks. :)16:09
Lennielh: I'm off, I'll add your messages tomorrow16:13
lhLennie: sleep well16:13
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DrJoelLH says to ping #melange.. ping.. :)17:48
lhDrJoel: greetings17:48
* lh goes to approve rtems test app17:49
DrJoelhi.. i am even filing my trivial issues.17:49
lhplease do, that's wonderful17:49
DrJoelwhy are so many fields required but not the backup administrator?17:49
lhDrJoel: because some organizations have only one administrator, it's explictly not required to have a backup17:50
DrJoelOK.  that makes sense17:50
lhalso, filling in that field pre-supposes that your backup admin has already created a site wide profile, which may not be true when app gets filled out17:50
DrJoelthat was my thought.17:51
DrJoelis the process for orgs to fill it in, edit, edit, edit, then submit the final application?17:51
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DrJoelI put xxx in a lot of fields to get something it would allow me to save17:51
kblinhi folks17:51
lhit shouldn't allow you to save anything that is not a linkid for a system user, please file a bug17:52
DrJoeli meant in the required text boxes like "what if someone goes missing?"17:52
lhkblin: approving y'al now17:52
lhDrJoel: oh thanks got it now17:52
lhkblin: approved17:53
lhDrJoel: approved17:53
lhgo forth and enjoy your testing17:53
lhand many thanks to you :)17:53
DrJoeli was thinking of the turbotax model where you got some validation as you entered but there was a final validation step17:53
DrJoelno problem.. speaking at UofAlabama Huntsville tomorrow17:53
lhDrJoel: fantastic. let me know how it goes. :)17:53
lhyou should see if tlarsen can join you17:54
DrJoelahh.. i will email him..17:54
DrJoelis he tlarsen at gmail?17:54
lh[email protected]17:54
lhnot sure on gmail17:54
DrJoeloh well.. bye all .. time to go home17:56
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kblinanother bug, and then it's off to bed for me17:57
lhkblin: thanks!17:58
kblinlh: if you feel bored, please approve me again, I managed to get rid of the accepted application18:00
lhyou rejected your org admin invite didn't you?18:01
lhkblin: done18:01
kblinlh: nope, created another application, which made my old application vanish18:02
kblinseems to be related to issue 23218:02
* lh looks at this issue18:02
kblinbut an even more nasty suprise18:02
kblinI figure fixing 232 will fix 235 as well18:03
lhkblin: dumb question - can you see both applications now in list my organization applications?18:03
kblinnope, just the new one18:04
lhi *think* what happened is that i approved your first organization application while you were doing the second, which meant that it was removed from your list of applications since it was no longer an applicaiton, but an accepted organization.18:04
lhok, the new one is accepted. does it still appear in your org list?18:05
kblinyeah, that works18:05
lhok bizarre18:05
kblinbut if I now create a new org request, I'd bet the approved one will be gone again18:05
lhscary scary bug18:05
lhhard refresh the page18:06
kblinas if you're only allowed one application per link_id18:06
kblinI've filed three applications, you approved two of them, and one still seems to exist18:07
lhwhen i look at the list of organizations i see neither of your organizations18:07
lhevery other one i have approved is there18:08
* lh adds a note to issue 23218:08
kblinlh: ok, I now filled in the other forms and now have the VeryCoolOrg sidebar, and it's gone from the application list18:13
kblinshould show up in your list now18:13
lhkblin: yep, it's there.18:16
kblinfigured it out18:19
kblinI thought I needed to enter _my_ link_id in the link_id field18:20
kblinstill, once my application is accepted, it shouldn't be removed if I happen to enter the same link_id again, even if it's not set up yet18:21
kblinoh well, I'm glad to see that this was mainly a pebkac18:25
lhkblin: ah, good. :)18:30
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kblinanyway, night18:32
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