Wednesday, 2009-02-25

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lhhi all12:47
* lh gets busy writing documentation for testers12:47
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Lenniehi lh12:53
LennieI've sent you an email12:53
LennieI'm gonna make dinner12:53
lhLennie: re: google i/o?12:53
lhif so, got it. :)12:53
Lennieand yes12:53
Lenniealso that one12:53
lhwill look for the other mail12:53
Lenniedont worry no hurry :P12:54
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Lennie|FoodMaking F00D12:54
SRabbelierback :)12:55
lhwhat is the purpose of public email on the organization application page?13:14
SRabbelierlh: contact e-mail?13:14
* SRabbelier is not sure13:14
SRabbeliertlarsen: do you remember?13:15
lhi think it isa place for students to send mail with questions. i am going to assume that is what it is for.13:15
SRabbelierlh: sure, sounds good13:15
tlarsenIsn't it usually a mailing list where people contact the org with questions?13:15
tlarsenSRabbelier: the help text or example text should probably say that.13:16
lhtlarsen: i will file a feature request for that help text13:16
SRabbeliertlarsen, lh: sure, if you want to you can make an issue about it with what it should say?13:16
SRabbelierlh: awesome13:16
lhSRabbelier: will get to that after this doc, have others to file from this morning's meeting13:18
SRabbelierlh: no hurries :)13:18
lhSRabbelier: you, lennie and pawel should have chan ops in #gsoc13:21
lhbbialb, chris needs something13:22
SRabbelierlh: that'd be nice13:22
scorche|shas a note, you dony have to cycle...a "/msg chanserv op #gsoc" will do ;)13:23
SRabbelierscorche|sh: cycle?13:23
scorche|shlean and rejoin the channel as Lennie|Food did13:23
SRabbelierscorche|sh: oic :)13:23
SRabbeliersweet :D13:24
lhscorche|sh: awesome, thanks13:24
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Lennie|FoodSRabbelier, you got op here SRabbelier :P13:32
SRabbelierLennie|Food: yup13:32
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lhSRabbelier: can you accept org melange on
* lh goes to get a coffee13:55
SRabbelierlh: will do13:55
lhSRabbelier: thanks13:56
SRabbelierlh: 't is done13:56
lhSRabbelier: thank you13:56
SRabbelierlh: no problem :)13:57
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Lennie./hop ^^14:07
* SRabbelier doesn't have that feature :P14:07
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SRabbelierLennie: you're amazing ;)14:08
Lennietell that to LH14:08
SRabbelierlh: you are amazing too ;)14:08
lhmany thanks14:09
* lh works on doc14:09
lhjust attempted to save melange org profile on melange-demo, got a 500 error14:09
lhreattempt was successful14:09
lhjust fyi in case you want to check the logs14:10
SRabbelierlh: checking14:10
SRabbelierlh: got it14:10
SRabbelierlh: the feed you entered died14:10
Lennienice find lh :P14:10
lhLennie: thx14:10
SRabbelierlh: we still aren't catching that exception properly14:10
Lenniewe should capture that ^^14:10
SRabbelierLennie: yup14:11
lhso here's an awesome question14:15
lhi just rejected the request to become the admin for my org14:15
SRabbelierlh: ok14:16
lhhow does one go about associating an org admin with an org when the person who accepts that orgs application rejects the request to become it's org admin14:16
lhor better yet, should we kill the reject button?14:16
SRabbelierlh: as a host you can hit 'new admin' methinks?14:16
SRabbelierLennie: ping14:16
lhi dont have host rights atm14:16
lhwe should just kill the reject button. i will make a note of it.14:17
SRabbelierlh: we can make you host if you want; should we wait till you're done with this part of the doc?14:17
lhwait until i am done with this part14:17
SRabbelierlh: ok14:17
Lennieonly a dev can14:17
lhthat being said, though, i need you to add me back as an admin for melange please14:17
SRabbelierlh: np14:18
SRabbelierlh: uno momento14:18
lhLennie: that's fine, we just need to kill the reject button on this screen. too much opportunity for error. i will file a bug.14:18
Lenniethat's gonna be hard14:18
SRabbelierlh: lh or mebelh?14:18
SRabbelierLennie: why is removing a button hard? :P14:18
Lenniebecause it's part of the request system itself :S14:18
SRabbelierLennie: {% if no_reject_button %} ?14:19
Lennieyeah but you need to determine when to do it14:19
SRabbelierLennie: set it in the view's params?14:19
SRabbelierlh: invited again14:19
Lennieset what?14:19
lhLennie: ok, we don't need to kill it then, but we do need to make it clear in the help text that if you choose to reject this invitation, a system develpoer will need to be contacted to associate another org admin with your org application14:19
Lennieyou cant always hide it14:19
lhSRabbelier: got it thank you14:20
Lenniesince you need to be able to reject an invite14:20
Lennielh: If they are lucky they also filled in the backup admin field :)14:20
SRabbelierLennie: maybe we want to make it where the reject button just takes you away from the request?14:20
SRabbelierLennie: and doesn't invalidate it?14:20
Lennienot really14:21
Lennieyou dont want it pending forever :S14:21
SRabbelierLennie: I don't know14:21
SRabbelierLennie: I've never been an org admin :)14:21
lhLennie: but if we aren't allowing people to apply as mentors until after the org application is accepted, that won't really help anybody14:21
Lennielh: backup admin also receives an invite14:21
lhLennie: but only if they are already registered with Melange, right?14:22
SRabbelierlh: yup, otherewise they can't be selected as backup admin in the firstp lace14:22
lhoh wait, i get it. anyone can create a profile with a link id, right? at any time during the timeline, yeah?14:22
SRabbelierlh: yes14:23
lhSRabbelier: got it, ok thanks14:23
lhchanging doc14:23
SRabbelierlh: :)14:23
Lennieyeah you can register on the website any time of the day14:23
Lenniethat is not program dependent, if that's what you are hinting at14:24
lhLennie: perfecto14:27
lhattempting to edit organization settings returns a 404 error14:32
SRabbelierlh: should be
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierlh: where'd you see that link?14:32
lhleft hand nav on melange-demo under organization google14:33
SRabbelierlh: curious14:35
SRabbelierlh: wait, organization Google?14:35
lhSRabbelier: yes14:36
SRabbelierlh: Google is a Program Owner... uhm... do you mean organization Melange? *unsure*14:36
LennieSRabbelier: short name is google ;)14:37
Lennienothing strange about that14:37
SRabbelierLennie: oh, lolz14:37
SRabbelierlh: sorry ^_^14:37
lhSRabbelier: all good. :)14:37
Lennieis that link in your sidebar/14:37
SRabbelierlh: short name should be Melange ofcourse :P14:37
lhSRabbelier: updating14:38
* SRabbelier adds hismelf as org admin to test14:38
lhi now have14:38
tpb<> (at
SRabbelierlh: that's curious to say the least14:38
lhSRabbelier: kk14:38
Lennieit is indeed :S14:39
lhis there a place where the ACLs for Read Access and Write Access are Documented already?14:46
LennieSRabbelier: ping14:46
*** madrazr is now known as eRazor14:46
SRabbelierlh: not really :(14:46
SRabbelierlh: I can tell you though14:47
lhSRabbelier: ok, let's do it this way14:47
lhi am creating a document under org melange14:47
tpb<> (at
lhpublic - i think that's a duh - any user of the system14:47
*** eRazor is now known as madrazr14:48
SRabbelierlh: public and user are the same for all prefixes14:49
SRabbelierlh: public = any user, even not logged in users14:49
*** madrazr has left #melange14:49
SRabbelierlh: user = any logged in user14:49
lhSRabbelier: thank you14:49
SRabbelierlh: the other ones vary per scope14:49
SRabbeliererrr, per prefix, sorry14:49
lhokay hang on14:49
lhso for organization level docs14:50
lhadmin = only an organization administrator can read/write the doc14:50
SRabbelierlh: host and admin14:50
SRabbelierlh: correct14:50
lhi think it's easier to just note that program hosts and system developers will have full access to all documents14:51
SRabbelierlh: ok, sure :)14:51
lhSRabbelier: read access restricted = ?14:52
SRabbelierlh: with the exception of private documents14:52
SRabbelierlh: only sys admins have access to those14:52
SRabbelierlh: (aside from the user)14:52
lhwhere sys admin = developers, e.g. you, pawel, lennie, todd, correc?14:52
SRabbelierlh: restricted for orgs means hosts, org admins and mentors14:52
SRabbelierlh: yes14:52
lhSRabbelier: so including hosts and sys admins14:54
lhis this true14:54
lhMember: Only organizations administrators, mentors and students of the organization will have access to read the document.14:54
lhi have a blanket note for program hosts and developers in the help text14:54
SRabbelierlh: yup, correct14:54
SRabbelierlh: ok awesome14:55
lhPublic: Anyone, including people not logged into the system, can view the document. (This is useful when publishing status reports, etc., for interested parties who may not wish to participate in the program.)14:56
SRabbelierlh: yup14:56
lhSRabbelier: User: Only the user who created the document has read access to the document. (This is useful when editing a work in progress.)14:56
SRabbelierlh: no14:57
SRabbelierlh: user = any user14:57
SRabbelierlh: only in your private space can you do that14:57
lhSRabbelier: got it thank you14:57
SRabbelierlh: but we can add that, like a 'private' ACL14:57
SRabbelierlh: if it's needed?14:57
lhSRabbelier: it14:57
lhit's not, i was just mistaken14:58
SRabbelierlh: ok, good :)14:58
lhthis page returns a 404 again15:03
lhsteps to reproduce15:04
lhgo to melange in left hand nav15:04
lhclick on home15:04
lhyou'll see this message15:04
lhThis is the default home page, it can be edited via Edit Organization Settings.15:04
SRabbelierlh: aaaaaah!15:04
SRabbelierlh: ok, that explains it ;)15:04
lhwhen clicking on the "Edit Organization Settings" you get that error message15:04
lhSRabbelier: you got the fix for that?15:04
SRabbelierlh: I know where to look now at least, one moment15:05
lhSRabbelier: cool.15:05
lhi am not stopping to file a bug on that, do you need me to note it down for later or do you have it?15:06
SRabbelierlh: nope, looking at it now, no need ofr issue15:06
lhSRabbelier: thanks15:06
LennieSRabbelier: the template should use the url_name15:07
Lennienot the entity type int he url15:07
SRabbelierLennie: yup15:07
lhi think i have enough to get us started with testing at least15:07
SRabbelierlh: awesome15:07
lhwill share this doc with folks15:08
SRabbelierlh: uhm15:09
SRabbelierlh: should we proof read first?15:09
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lhSRabbelier:  i meant share with you. :P15:09
lhpawel hasn't cut a new release yet afaik so we're not ready to take this live anyway15:09
SRabbelierlh: he just did15:09
tlarsensocghop no workie...15:11
tlarsen500 errors.15:11
lhSRabbelier: ok15:11
lhtlarsen: ah, thanks for the update, i will keep plugging along here15:11
SRabbeliertlarsen: fixings :)15:11
SRabbeliertlarsen: datastore related15:11
tlarsenYes, I figured.15:11
SRabbeliertlarsen: that seems to have fixed it15:11
SRabbeliertlarsen: ok, so note to devs15:11
SRabbeliertlarsen: don't delete a user :P15:11
SRabbelierever :P15:11
SRabbeliertlarsen: if anything references the user15:12
SRabbeliertlarsen: (e.g.,
SRabbeliertlarsen: we don't ahve any defensive coding in place15:12
tlarsenPlease comment in the bug how you fixed it, at the same time you mark it fixed.15:12
SRabbeliertlarsen: to make sure it is valid15:12
Lenniewipe the datastore before we start15:12
SRabbeliertlarsen: are you referring to a specific issue?15:12
tlarsenOK, then please open an enhancement saying this is needed.  :)15:12
SRabbelierLennie: this holds even for when the program is running of course15:12
tlarsenYes, the two I opened that I pasted the stack traces into.15:13
SRabbeliertlarsen: aaaah, ok15:13
SRabbeliertlarsen: hadn't noticed them yet15:13
lhi just sent an invite to pawel, lennie, sverre and todd for the guide to using the system for testers15:13
lhtake a look15:13
lhit's ugly, but it tells people what to do and how to do it15:13
SRabbelierlh: ok, awesome15:13
lhi will start working on the mentor section next.15:13
SRabbelierlh: you rock :)15:13
lhSRabbelier: nah, y'all do.15:13
* lh goes to find some food, bbialb15:14
tlarsenSRabbelier, Lennie: I will not have time to look at the doc.  I will leave it up to you two and Pawel.15:15
tlarsenI am going to do another tag and push of /p/soc-google/ to set the version in the app.yaml file to something other than 1.15:15
SRabbeliertlarsen: ah, if you do, please wait a sec15:16
SRabbeliertlarsen: while we fix the bugs Leslie found?15:16
tlarsenI'm not patching any bugs.15:16
tlarsenJust editing app.yaml.15:16
SRabbeliertlarsen: but we are15:16
SRabbeliertlarsen: so before you tag a release15:16
tlarsenAre you wanting me to cherry-pick some diffs?15:16
SRabbeliertlarsen: yes please15:17
SRabbeliertlarsen: (not committed just yet)15:17
tlarsenI've already spent 3 of my 1 days a week on Melange this week. :)15:17
SRabbeliertlarsen: Pawel will have to do it then15:17
Lennietlarsen, you can balance that out later this year when GSoC is over :)15:17
tlarsenOK, but email me the specific links to the specific diffs when they are committed, and I will do it.15:17
tlarsenLennie: Ummm, no.15:17
tlarsenLennie: I'm months behind on my *real job*.15:17
SRabbeliertlarsen: I just think it's silly to have a second release, and then _another_ one for some bugfixes hours after that :P15:17
tlarsenSRabbelier: I wasn't going to do another one.15:18
tlarsenSRabbelier: not until next week.15:18
SRabbeliertlarsen: s/release/tag15:18
tlarsenIt is very quick to change app.yaml and tag once the branch from upstream is present.15:18
SRabbeliertlarsen: ok, sure15:18
tlarsenFine, I'll wait, but you can only send me *one* email containing a list of patches to cherry-pick.15:21
SRabbeliertlarsen: will do15:21
SRabbelierlh: I fixed the "Edit Program Settings" link thing15:21
SRabbelierdamn, is slow today15:24
SRabbelier is not loading for me15:24
SRabbeliermaybe they banned me :(15:24
tlarsenSRabbelier: try again.15:24
tlarsenSRabbelier: there is something going on, as some pages were not loading for me, either.15:25
SRabbeliertlarsen: I hope not the same as with earlier! :P15:27
*** Lennie is now known as Lennie|Gone15:32
SRabbeliertlarsen: would it be easier for you if I cherry-picked the changes on soc first?15:39
SRabbeliertlarsen: or does it not matter?15:39
tlarsenSRabbelier: I am going to have to manually apply them at this point.15:40
SRabbeliertlarsen: ok, committing regularly now then :)15:40
tlarsenSRabbelier: Unless you can be sure that patch files will cleanly apply to the /p/soc-google/ branch.15:41
tlarsenHow many patches are we talking about here?15:41
SRabbeliertlarsen: 3, one for the "Edit <entity> Link", one for the broken urlfetch, and one to fix the 'are you sure?' dialog15:41
tlarsenBy the way, see my updated comment on the urlfetch() issue.15:42
tlarsenI wasn't changing the blog URL, and it wasn't broken before, so I think this might be something else.15:42
SRabbeliertlarsen: it happens when the url specified says burp15:42
SRabbeliertlarsen: e.g., when the feed is valid, but couldn't be fetched for validation15:42
tlarsenAh, OK.15:43
SRabbeliertlarsen: urlfetch then raises an Error, which wasn't catched15:43
SRabbelierexcepted, w/e :P15:43
tlarsenAre we going to not change the value, or are we going to try multiple times, or are we going to accept the unvalidated value?15:43
tlarsen(I guess I can wait for the patch)15:43
SRabbeliertlarsen: it'll tell you that url isn't valid15:44
SRabbeliertlarsen: (as if you entered a bogus url)15:44
tlarsenAh OK.15:44
tlarsenToo bad we couldn't have a different error message.15:44
SRabbeliertlarsen: yeah, it's from within the isURLValid function15:44
tlarsen"The URL you provided could not be fetched.  (Try again?)"15:44
SRabbeliertlarsen: which returns True or False15:44
SRabbeliertlarsen: hmmmm, you could make an issue for that15:45
SRabbeliertlarsen: and I'll look into it tomorrow15:45
SRabbelier(got to go to bed early tonight)15:45
SRabbelierinterview tomorrow!15:45
tlarsenI thought form validation functions could come up with error messages?15:45
durin42SRabbelier: what company?15:45
tlarsenI know the link_id one does.15:45
tlarsenSRabbelier: internship?15:45
SRabbeliertlarsen: yup15:46
SRabbelierdurin42: Google, for my summer internship15:46
SRabbeliertlarsen: I guess we could raise a forms.ValidationError from withing isFeedURLValid15:47
tlarsenProbably not, since isFeedURLValid() is not part of the form?15:48
tlarsenMaybe have it return None or an error string, and then let the caller do what it wants with it (raise it).15:48
durin42SRabbelier: ah, good luck15:48
SRabbelierdurin42: thanks!15:48
tlarsenOr, just have it raise its own exception, with the error message as the first exception arg.15:48
tlarsen(make it a check() function)15:49
SRabbeliertlarsen: yeah, I can look into that tomorrow15:49
tlarsenA form validation function would catch that, and then re-raise a form validation exception.15:49
tlarsenI'll open an issue and assign it to you.15:49
SRabbelierI wasn't quite planning on working on Melange tonight15:49
SRabbelierbut eh, bugs need squashing :P15:49
SRabbeliertlarsen: thanks15:49
SRabbeliertlarsen: r2129 (the double home page link fix), r2133, r2134 and r2135 need cherry-picking15:51
SRabbeliertlarsen: do you want me to mail you the urls?15:51
lhSRabbelier: please grant me mentor level access to luigi15:53
lhluigi's pizza15:53
SRabbelierlh: ok15:53
lhSRabbelier: thank you15:54
tlarsenJust email me whatever you like, I can figure it out.15:54
SRabbelierlh: I'm actually not suer how to do that :P15:55
lhSRabbelier: hrm. ok.15:56
lhthis she is not good.15:56
lhi submitted a request to be a mentor for that org15:56
SRabbelierlh: ask Lennie15:56
lhSRabbelier: he's away15:56
tlarsenSRabbelier: make yourself an admin of that org?15:56
lhah well, we can make do with what we have today15:56
SRabbeliertlarsen: ah, :)15:56
SRabbelierlh: one sec15:56
lhSRabbelier: danke15:57
SRabbelierlh: done15:57
lhSRabbelier: thanks15:57
SRabbelierlh: I'm off to bed now though!15:58
lhSRabbelier: sleep well and good luck with your interview15:58
lhvery happy for you15:58
tlarsenSRabbelier: did you send that email?15:58
SRabbelierlh: thanks :)15:58
SRabbeliertlarsen: doing that now :)15:58
lhi have to call cat for a moment, bbilab15:59
lhor bbialb even15:59
SRabbeliertlarsen: mailed15:59
* SRabbelier is off now15:59
SRabbelierlh: I will continue review of the help document tomorrow16:01
lhSRabbelier: thanks16:01
SRabbelierCheers all :)16:01
*** Merio has quit IRC16:06
*** SRabbelier has quit IRC16:10
*** Lennie|Gone is now known as Lennie16:41
Lennielh: wassup?16:41
lhLennie: just working on getting the doc published and getting ready for testing with pawel16:42
lhdid you have some fun?16:42
LennieWorld of Warcraft ^_^16:42
lhLennie: nicely done. :)16:42
Lenniethey forced me :P16:42
lhtansell: ping16:42
Lennielh: want me to read the document?16:42
lhLennie: yes please16:43
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