Wednesday, 2009-01-07

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tlarsendurin42: Still at work?17:17
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durin42tlarsen: yes, but we're in a very down moment. Can take calls/IRC/GTalk just fine.17:17
durin42(I'm on GTalk, do I appear to be?)17:18
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tlarsenGood evening, everyone.20:26
tlarsenFinally got the Android IRC client working.20:28
durin42I'm becoming less and less thrilled with IRC over time.20:28
durin42It's only really valuable to me at this point to interact with the Mercurial developers.20:29
tlarsenThe other Melange committers say hello from Frontera Grill.20:30
tlarsendurin42: I only hang out on #melange and one channel on the internal server.20:31
* durin42 waves to the Melange gang20:32
durin42I have working tests20:32
durin42but I think someone else needs to finish them20:32
durin42I'm not sure what some of the redirections do20:33
tlarsenAsk one of the committers like Pawel to give a code review.20:33
durin42ah, good call.20:34
durin42/summon Pawel20:34
durin42Are we still using rietveld for code reviews, or should I post a link to my uncommitted diffs?20:35
tlarsenHe doesn't have data service on his 'droid.20:35
durin42wow, a trivial test claims I got us to 49% coverage20:52
durin42of course, that's of the modules that actually got imported and used20:53
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