Tuesday, 2009-01-06

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durin42goodmorning everybody10:13
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durin42tlarsen: so, I have the tests working except for the django test client not grabbing template contexts when the render happens11:37
durin42If you want to look, I've posted the patches here: http://www.bitbucket.org/durin42/melange-patches/src/11:38
tpb<http://ln-s.net/2gSH> (at www.bitbucket.org)11:38
durin42(no particular need for looking - I'll commit it all once it works11:38
tlarsendurin42: Your public key (and mine) has been provided to Danny and Jeff.  I'll let you know when something further happens.12:28
durin42tlarsen: alrighty, sounds good12:47
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durin42tlarsen: Sverre's idea of searching for a space doesn't work, but you *can* say to:($address) -> never send to spam14:00
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kblinevening folks14:38
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tlarsendurin42: We came up with a better one, since the address one won't work with bcc: email.15:51
durin42tlarsen: oh?15:51
durin42do tell15:51
tlarsendurin42: Set the "does not contain" to some completely improbable string.15:51
tlarsenSomething that no email will contain.15:52
tlarsenI used "donotremovethisfilterbecauseitkeepsemailsfromgettingtrappedhere"15:52
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