Thursday, 2009-01-08

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durin42nobody else here yet?11:00
MatthewWilkesDepends on who you mean by nobody11:00
durin42I was hoping for people that can poke ljvderijk and get the build working again11:01
MatthewWilkesI'm a nobody, not a somebody then :)11:02
durin42You are someone, just not the someone I need11:03
durin42what project do you work on?11:06
durin42or projects?11:06
MatthewWilkesPlone, mainly.  Yourself?11:07
durin42well, this, used to do a lot of Adium work (semi-retired from that), hgsubversion11:08
MatthewWilkeshg?  A man in the business of holy wars, eh? :)11:08
durin42something like that11:09
durin42although I really just want to make one VCS to rule them all11:09
durin42sadly, I don't believe any of the existing systems are the one that should win11:09
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tpb<> (at
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durin42tlarsen: can you get one of Pawel or Sverre on IRC for me?14:54
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SRabbelier|Unidurin42: pong14:55
durin42sweet, that was quite effective14:56
durin42I need some feedback on this test patch14:56
durin42I'm not sure what some of this stuff does14:56
tpb<> (at
solydzajsok checking14:57
durin42that's the diff - the test should pass now that the club view is in, but I'm wondering what other kinds of assertions I should be making14:57
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: you got it?14:57
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: as in, will you help augie?14:57
solydzajsSRabbelier|Uni: yep14:57
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: ok, thanks14:57
SRabbelier|Unisolydzajs: ping if needed ;)14:58
SRabbelier|Unidurin42: look in linkable.py14:58
SRabbelier|Unidurin42: Todd did a good job of explaining it there14:58
durin42SRabbelier|Uni: heh, ok14:58
durin42SRabbelier|Uni: what about that refresh?14:59
solydzajswhat refresh ?14:59
durin42the refresh to /user/edit?s=014:59
solydzajsyou mean s=0 ?14:59
durin42after the user edits their profile for the first time14:59
solydzajsah ok14:59
durin42I'm assuming that there's some code path that s=0 triggers14:59
solydzajsit just so that user cannot modify url to get the same notification twice15:00
durin42so should I assert that it is there?15:00
durin42(sounds like yes)15:00
solydzajsyep at least in this test case15:01
durin42fair enough15:01
solydzajsit might not be implemented everywhere15:01
durin42oh, for what it's worth, my DSL is down15:02
durin42AT&T (the telco) says they need to do digging to find the problem15:02
durin42so it may be *days* before buildbot comes back15:02
durin42and I'll be on IRC from work only until that's fixed15:02
* durin42 hugs ERC for being easy to set up15:02
solydzajsi'm sure we will have access to the machine in the upcoming days15:02
durin42right, but there's not much admin work for me to do until I have time and can work on it from home15:03
solydzajsso that we can move the buildbot there15:03
solydzajsah true15:03
durin42It was annoying, the DSL died 5 minutes before I was going to push this code15:04
solydzajsoh that's sad15:04
solydzajsdo you have any questions regarding this test case ?15:04
durin42not any more, that I can think of15:04
solydzajsany other question I mean15:04
durin42I'll try to commit it sometime over the weekend15:04
durin42and now that we have a testing framework15:04
solydzajsthen I'm back to testing calendar widget for timeline15:05
durin42I expect tests out of you goofs15:05
durin42Note that the appengine datastore is sure to be empty before every test case15:05
solydzajsyep Todd will write some tests soon :-) and I will try to write some too15:05
durin42because of that custom nose plugin15:05
solydzajsyep I saw that patch15:05
durin42I'm glad for having the complete source to the GAE SDK15:05
durin42made it easier to figure out the call I needed15:06
solydzajsat least to the GAE DEV SDK :-)15:06
durin42it's enough to get the work done15:06
durin42that, and ipython15:06
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solydzajsdurin42: if you need me ping me on GTalk ok ?15:09
durin42solydzajs: do I have your gtalk info?15:09
solydzajsdurin42: [email protected]15:09
durin42solydzajs: cool, can do15:09
durin42solydzajs: I'll email people for things from here until the DSL is back15:09
solydzajsdurin42: ok sounds good15:09
durin42I'm going to leave IRC now that I've found you guys15:09
solydzajsdurin42: thx15:09
durin42np, thank you for the help15:10
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