Thursday, 2008-11-20

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SRabbelierdurin42: I think your fancy hg2svn script f*cked up14:20
tpbTitle: Changes - soc - Google Code (at
durin42SRabbelier: something odd is going on. I need to raise Todd on gtalk or something.14:22
SRabbelierdurin42: git-svn never has issues like that *grins*14:23
durin42SRabbelier: have you ever considered the fact that this is new experimental software?14:24
SRabbelierdurin42: I was just teasing :)14:24
durin42SRabbelier: Please don't. I'm a bit touchy about it.14:24
SRabbelierdurin42: ok, sorry14:24
durin42I know I'm failing at rule 13 of Code Club, but right now, it feels like I am my code.14:24
SRabbelierdurin42: addy to said rule?14:25
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SRabbeliertlarsen: what went wrong? :)14:26
SRabbeliertlarsen: +1 on doing the changes incrementally btw14:32
SRabbeliertlarsen: very much appreciated14:32
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Lennietlarsen: wassup :D?16:20
Lennietlarsen: lot of empty commits, your new tool failed?16:21
durin42Lennie: hgsubversion has a bug of some kind.16:22
Lenniedurin42: k16:23
durin42Without being able to see the errors it was producing, I'm kind of stumped.16:23
Lenniedurin42: k16:23
durin42I'm running a functional test against melange now.16:23
LennieI'm done for the night btw :P16:23
Lenniedurin42: how's the testing coming along16:25
durin42No defects yet, it's as far as 38616:26
durin42only 700 revisions to go16:26
Lenniedurin42: We should stop writing untested code at some point btw ^^16:26
durin42Lennie: oh, that testing, ha16:26
durin42ADD is not melange's friend.16:26
durin42Or mine.16:26
LennieTesting okay, but writing mockups :P16:28
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durin42tlarsen: Looked at your repo. There appears to be a bug in rebase where it isn't reliably collapsing all changesets like I expected. I'll take the less-lazy approach and will get the problem fixed.17:40
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solydzajstlarsen: hi :-)18:09
solydzajstlarsen: can you tell me what happened in commits 1055 till 1060 ?18:09
SRabbelierg'ngiht all18:12
SRabbeliertime for bed :)18:12
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