Wednesday, 2008-11-19

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_Allen_SRabbelier: ping05:26
_Allen_SRabbelier: can you edit an exists user's profile?05:30
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_Allen_SRabbelier: ping09:30
SRabbelier_Allen_: pong09:34
SRabbelier_Allen_: I fixed the bug you reported yesterday, I think09:34
_Allen_SRabbelier: yes, thanks! :)09:34
_Allen_SRabbelier: can you do me a favor?09:35
SRabbelier_Allen_: sure09:35
_Allen_SRabbelier: In the Interactive Console, please add this code "from soc.models import quiz" and the try to run it09:36
_Allen_SRabbelier: please tell me what is the out put you get09:36
SRabbelier_Allen_: isn't that very outdated code?09:37
_Allen_SRabbelier: is it??09:37
_Allen_SRabbelier: I don't know09:37
_Allen_SRabbelier: you mean the quiz model in the models directory is outdated?09:37
SRabbelier_Allen_: afaik, not been looked at in ages; not by me anyway09:38
SRabbelier_Allen_: I can't try it right now; are you getting an error?09:38
_Allen_SRabbelier: the problem is that I can not import the quiz model09:38
SRabbelier_Allen_: what error?09:39
_Allen_SRabbelier: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'quiz'09:40
SRabbelier_Allen_: how are you importing?09:42
_Allen_SRabbelier: from soc.models import quiz   AND   import soc.models.quiz09:42
_Allen_SRabbelier: both error09:43
SRabbelier_Allen_: did you try importing another module?09:43
_Allen_SRabbelier: yes, I tried, all of the rest are ok09:44
_Allen_SRabbelier: just quiz can not be imported09:44
SRabbelier_Allen_: try importing not in the interactive console09:44
SRabbelierbut normally09:44
_Allen_SRabbelier: I tried too09:45
_Allen_SRabbelier: strange, it's ok now09:46
_Allen_SRabbelier: I do not know why09:46
_Allen_SRabbelier: :(09:46
SRabbelier_Allen_: lol :)09:47
_Allen_SRabbelier: thank you in advance09:47
_Allen_SRabbelier: :)09:47
SRabbelier_Allen_: lol, np09:48
_Allen_SRabbelier: mmh, very strange, if I import answer first, then import quiz, it is ok09:53
_Allen_SRabbelier: but if I only import quiz, it is error09:53
_Allen_SRabbelier: thanks for you fix the bug, I will continue work on the create question and quiz, :)09:57
_Allen_enjoy yourselves, guys09:57
_Allen_SRabbelier: see u09:57
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Lenniehi all12:25
Lennietlarsen: thanks for adding me12:25
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Lenniehi solydzajs13:54
Lenniewhat time was the meeting planned friday?13:54
solydzajstill 6PM13:55
solydzajsour time13:55
Lennieo hmm13:55
Lenniethen I might be able to make it depending on public transpot :)13:55
LennieI thought it was 8PM again13:55
solydzajsok great13:56
Lenniedid you have a google calendar event for it already?13:56
Lennieo nm13:56
Lenniestrange that I didnt see it earlier :p13:58
Lennienow I wish I had some form of internet on the road13:59
Lennieso I could join IRC via my mobile or something :p13:59
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tlarsenLennie: leave the channel and then re-join it, please.15:43
Lennie./hop :)15:43
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tlarsenOK, it worked.  Thanks.15:43
Lenniethank you15:43
LennieSRabbelier, nn ^^16:36
SRabbelierLennie: g'night16:37
* SRabbelier hasn't been following the chan16:37
Lennienothing happened16:37
Lennieatleast I think :p16:37
SRabbelierLennie: hehe, ok :P16:37
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SRabbelierI'll just sit at school during the meeting :)16:38
SRabbelierthey close at 5:50pm though16:39
SRabbelierso if, for some reason, we take longer than usual, I will have to leave eraly16:39
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