Monday, 2022-05-16

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pepijndevos[m]Huh what's that for?04:33
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_florent_cr1901, pepijndevos[m]: pythondata-auto are in fact just here to give us more flexibility for deployment vs git submodules. For private projects or experiments, this is not really useful. 08:11
_florent_Wolfvak: Can you verify that the default configuration is also only providing  64MiB? (./ --board=orangecrab --build --load)08:13
_florent_Wolfvak: if so, I could have a look. (I could also have a look if not, but we'll then know that this related to the additional parameters).08:14
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Wolfvak_florent_, I've also been thinking it might just be a dtb thing since that's what indicates memory regions13:09
WolfvakI used the one from the gh issue with the latest for orangecrab13:09
Wolfvakgonna try building the gw without any custom options too13:09
_florent_Wolfvak: the LiteX BIOS should also report the DRAM size based on the one computed during the build, does it matches the one in Linux?13:10
Wolfvakyep the BIOS reports the full 128MiB13:12
Wolfvakand `hexdump /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/[email protected]/reg` reports that the devicetree is wrong13:13
Wolfvakbtw there's a bug in line 765 of, someone left a stray `...platforms.orangecrab`, should be `...platforms.gsd_orangecrab`13:38
Wolfvak(or at least that fixed it for me, must've been a recent change)13:38
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Wolfvakand yeah, using the rv32.dtb I get with the build gives me 128 megs so that was my bad13:54
somlovery early, alpha quality, read-only, experimental LiteSATA linux driver (in the branch)14:27
somlo for a first (apparently successful) read test...14:27
somlonow I gotta go and do $DAYJOB things for a while, will play a bit more with this over the next few days (add write support, get it to actually scan the disk for partitions, etc.)14:29
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_florent_somlo: Great, thanks , that's already a first good step!16:56
_florent_somlo: I'll try to add the missing features in the interface soon (IRQs and allow running the Identify command from software)16:57
somlo_florent_: no rush, it'll be a few days before I can play with it some more. Not sure whether it's worth enabling (requiring) the full SATA IdentifyDevice command given how well encapsulated the rest of the interface is, though17:20
somlomaybe just exposing a register (e.g. part of the phy) that allows the software to read how many 512-byte sectors the device has total would be enough?17:21
somloand not having to read a sector as part of initialization would be nice (right now I need to use a global buffer, since dma-mapping anything on the stack of the probe method fails in linux) 17:23
somloeither way (except for the "don't make me read a buffer" thing) it's still mostly on me to improve the driver before we'd actually need any of the additional stuff (irq, identify/sector-count registers, etc)17:24
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swetlandheya litex folks, I'm building some ethernet phy pmods (LAN8720A, expecting 50MHz clock from the MAC) -- is there a good example in one of the existing Litex board targets of configuring the ethernet MAC against a RMII PHY for 100TX, with the MAC providing the clock to the PHY?23:14

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