Wednesday, 2010-10-13

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Ramblurrsubmitted a parsek build fix to Agon00:48
Ramblurrhm, parsel seems totally borked at the moment00:51
Ramblurrdoes it support git versions of the cpp server and tpprotocol?00:52
Ramblurror maybe its just not fully featured yet :)00:52
Ramblurrah yea, definitely. TODO has some serious items heh00:53
Ramblurrllnz: does Agon hang out in IRC much?01:20
llnzhe used to, haven't seen him in a while01:21
llnz~seen Agon01:21
tpbllnz: Agon was last seen in #tp 11 weeks, 5 days, 2 hours, 31 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <Agon> hm ok will try to implement that too01:21
llnzoh, about that..01:21
llnzlibtpproto-cpp (which parsek uses) hasn't been updated for the changes made a little while ago01:21
llnzif i remember i'll get around to doing them soon01:22
RamblurrIt would be neat to develop a glaxyng port in TP01:47
tpbTitle: GalaxyNG (at
Ramblurrllnz: has any work been done on a test suite for protocol libs?01:49
llnzcool, i will have to look at that01:49
llnzthere has been a bit on the libtpproto-py(2) iirc01:49
Ramblurra galaxyng would be a fine milestone/goal for TP. it is a mature complex turn-based game01:50
Ramblurri imagine even some of the existing code could be ported over01:53
Ramblurrany idea why quickstart-mtsec doesn't work?02:33
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Ramblurrllnz:  ^02:36
llnzmight be failing to find a file?02:37
llnztry starting with -d02:37
Ramblurrah sorry i was vague02:39
Ramblurrthe server starts fine02:39
Ramblurrbut the client errors when connecting02:39
Ramblurrerr.. now it is working02:40
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llnzbbl, maybe03:12
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RamblurrAre there any provisions for passing "library" data to the client?14:29
RamblurrI.e., a mechanism for the user to browser all the information he/she has discovered or is allowed to see?14:30
RamblurrDescriptions and stats of ship types, resources, technologies, etc?14:30
verhoevenvFor ship types we have a specific provision in the protocol. Resources are (in the protocol) planet-based and attributes of planets but could be synchronized in the server. I'm not sure they can be hidden though.14:39
verhoevenvEvery "object" is in the object tree. These are usually star systemts, planets, fleets but maybe it can be skillfully manipulated to more abstract concepts.14:40
RamblurrWhat I'm thinking of is like an in-game  reference14:41
verhoevenvI think ruleset determines whether objects are visible or not to a player.14:41
verhoevenvLike the civilopedia or how is it called.14:41
verhoevenvSomething like that?14:41
verhoevenvOr just some sort of empire overview screen?14:41
Ramblurrmore the latter14:42
Ramblurran in game list of things and their descriptions14:42
verhoevenvThey are mostly separate windows in tpclient-pywx, grouped by function. Like a screen for ship designs, a dock with all the ingame objects, a dock for the orders on the selected object, ...14:43
verhoevenvA dock with properties for the selected object.14:43
Ramblurrthis is an example from an RPG, but still applies:
verhoevenvOther clients might do different things in theory but this seems to make sense.14:43
verhoevenvThere's not 'one' main browser mechanism, no. It seems kind of the point of the whole client to display the given information in the best way possible, no?14:45
verhoevenvWell, next to sending data back the the server.14:45
RamblurrI agree14:45
RamblurrI was just wondering how complicated things could become UI wise if there was a dock for every type of thing14:46
Ramblurrobjects, technologies, designs.. eventually maybe buildings, ship modules, etc14:46
verhoevenvMost of the things you don't need that often (like the ship designs) are hidden in a menu somewhere, i guess that would be the same for technology etc.14:47
Ramblurrspeaking of buildings, is it possible to express that in the protocol? Planet objects that can have under them (in the heiarchy) "building" objects?14:47
verhoevenvI think it would be possible, yes. It's pretty recent though, the option we used before is to use resources on the planet.14:48
verhoevenvBut I think you can now basically name an object type whatever you want, make it stationary like a planet and a child of a planet et voila.14:49
verhoevenvI haven't seen it done yet which is way I'm not 100% certain.14:49
RamblurrI'll have to play with it14:51
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llnzmorning all18:32
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llnzbbl, meeting20:05
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Ramblurrherm, why would Agon make the game list browser a TreeView?21:48
RamblurrSince there is only one game per server, shouldn't a TableView suffice?21:48
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Ramblurrwb llnz22:23
Ramblurris it true that there can only be one game per server?22:24
Ramblurrserver proccess that is22:24
llnzon tpserver-cpp yes (currently)22:29
llnztpserver-py can host many games as once22:36
Ramblurri see23:51

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