Thursday, 2010-08-12

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CIA-31damjan.kosir daneel-ai * raba17ee354ea / (daneel/ rules/codeGenerator): code generator now seperate00:01
CIA-31damjan.kosir daneel-ai * rd4312037a106 /daneel/ improved minisec AI (it's still dumb but better)00:01
CIA-31verhoevenv daneel-ai * rc764cbc234e1 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch 'null'00:01
CIA-31verhoevenv daneel-ai * rd8879a650050 /libtpproto-py: Updated protocol lib for newer timeremaining frames00:01
CIA-31verhoevenv daneel-ai * rfa6e47104ba6 / Updated to new TimeRemaining frame00:01
glewezod: ping00:10
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r32180a8 / (2 files): Player connection stub handleAgentFrame -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * rcb67b84 / (2 files):00:11
CIA-31AdminConnection stub class00:11
CIA-31* contrary to Player has no Agent -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r3f51801 / (2 files): Ooops, got the wrong way round -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r6f18fee / (tpserver/server/server.cpp tpserver/server/server.h): Creation of Admin and Player connections -
tpbTitle: Commit 32180a83ced5982219210283d1f36212627d7642 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit cb67b8403fd1e0fb19efd27c6cd8fbaba215b5d3 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 3f51801c860cd3fe496e491923f39f000741474c to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 6f18feed9fc13e9ff78cbc3e44f86d8eef336e2b to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
ezodglew: pong, briefly00:12
glewum well just wondering if you had any insight into the:00:12
glewSubprocessError: /usr/local/bin/tpserver-cpp exited prematurely with return code -600:13
glewbut i can ask you later00:13
ezodgrab the command string, run it manually, maybe you can find out more00:13
glewit happens after this (from the logger):00:13
glewtpserver-cpp: /usr/include/boost/shared_ptr.hpp:419: T* boost::shared_ptr< <template-parameter-1-1> >::operator->() const [with T = ResourceDescription]: Assertion `px != 0' failed.00:14
ezodllnz: ^ ?00:14
* ezod has to go00:14
llnzi've seen that before, what ruleset where you running?00:15
glewrisk, but it appears when i try to load a game and an ai (daneel-ai)00:16
llnzi'll have a look into it00:26
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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rdc5fdf6a4f27 /tpserver/ (orderparameters.cpp orderparameters.h): Fixed object orderparam02:24
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StupidIncarnatematthewd: ping?11:53
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llnzmorning all16:03
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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * r02f7a6553eac /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Fixed risk importing map then also creating test universe.16:28
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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rb0ad5d4dc465 /tpserver/main.cpp: Fixed and gave better message when config file not found.16:37
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bisctansell-laptop: ping16:46
tansell-laptopbisc, pong16:46
bisctansell-laptop: I still can't start the client due to different reasons. Can you please run 'git clone git://' to a clean dir and try starting it?16:47
CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * re9483074e393 /tp/client/ Method to get remaining time.16:49
tansell-laptopbisc, give that a try16:49
bisctansell-laptop: it starts, thanks. What was that you changed?16:52
tansell-laptopI had not pushed the latest change to libtpclient-py16:53
bisctansell-laptop: you're having winWaiting in both ./windows and ./windows/main. I suppose that the file in ./windows can be deleted?16:54
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r907e0c8bb992 /windows/ Removing the obsolete file.16:57
bisctansell-laptop: we need to discuss the order frame and showing orders' parameters. Do you think it's generally ok to show them in a popup frame?17:02
tansell-laptopbisc, could you work on the waiting frame first?17:03
bisctansell-laptop: okay, then about this waiting window. Do you think it should be used as an ordinary window - opened through menu and closed manually - or it should also wake up at the time of turn end request?17:04
tansell-laptopbisc, both17:11
bisctansell-laptop: great. And it's going to be modal until the next turn?17:12
tansell-laptopbisc, you should be able to click the cancel button and it goes back to the main window17:13
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bisctansell-laptop: does a client have possibility to cancel its EOT request? So that server thinks that no EOT frame has been sent17:20
bisctansell-laptop: don't you think that it's going to be quite misleading: a player clicks 'end of turn', then observes this window, decides to cancel an order, pushes 'Cancel' in the waiting window (and thinks that turn end request is cancelled) - and bah! the client says that turn is over and player is interrupted in the middle of his order operation17:25
biscyou can think of any game operation, not only 'cancel order'17:26
tansell-laptopbisc, a little - but it happens anyway if the turn timer ends17:26
bisctansell-laptop: yeah, but in described situation player sees that he has 5 minutes left and assumes he's safe. This is going to be a serious user interaction bug. I see two ways of solving it: 1) give no possibility to close the 'Waiting' window after EOT is sent 2) implement 'cancel EOT request' frame (but it isn't very good, because players will be able to juggle with their EOT status)17:29
tansell-laptopI think it's better to have the ability to go back to the main window if you have forgotten to do something17:31
biscthis sometimes useful ability shouldn't come at cost of situation 'the turn can end at any second and no guarantee which of your changes are saved'. I guess you would dislike a text editor which operates on such rules. But anyway, it seems that we can settle this issue later.17:40
bisctansell-laptop: one fact about tpclient-pywx worries as well. Many usability specialists say (in different words) about the problem of exposing implementation to user. This usually means using technical terms in interface, designing interface that mirrows internal data structures and giving user some useless technical information. Unfortunately, tpclient-pywx is touched by this kind of problem. For example, we're having 'Player ID' in the Waiti17:49
biscng window. What is it for there? What does it say to user? Almost nothing. And the same concerns about having 'Number of objects' there: object is an internal entity, and user operates with fleets, planets, systems, etc. What do you think about all this?17:49
tansell-laptopbisc, the Player ID can be used to differentiate two players with the same name17:50
bisctansell-laptop: two players with the same name? How is it possible?17:50
tansell-laptopbisc, names don't need to be unquie17:51
bisctansell-laptop: from data structure point of view - maybe. But you aren't going to have any real game with two different players under a single name. First of all, they connect to the server by their name (and it isn't going to change, right?). Second, in any other part of interface they're almost not-distinguishable.17:54
biscI can't imagine a network game allowing two people share the same nickname, this would be very confusing17:55
tansell-laptopbisc, you might also not know the name of the player yet17:55
bisctansell-laptop: how is that possible? You have player's id but don't have player's name?17:58
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bisctansell-laptop: there was a bug I couldn't locate, probably you could fix it. Make the first connection-to-server attempt fail (wrong url or any other error), and make the second attempt successful. Then the Update window is not shown, though it's operates correctly. No idea why -- the window thinks that it's visible.18:23
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rffe64f3b544c /modules/games/minisec/ (move.cpp rspcombat.cpp):18:56
CIA-31Fixed move order after destroyed fieet in minisec.18:56
CIA-31Prevent crash and prevent access to orderqueue.18:56
tansell-laptopbisc, can I get you to rewrite the Resources overlay?19:13
tansell-laptopbisc, I've been looking at this for the last couple of hours and it's totally borked19:13
bisctansell-laptop: yeah, okay, I'll take a look. Were you able to reproduce the bug with update window disappearing?19:14
tansell-laptopyeah - but I can't figure out why19:15
tansell-laptopwill look at it a bit later19:15
biscok, thanks19:16
tansell-laptopbisc, I'm going to commit a new class called "CheckListPopup" that the Resource overlay should use19:18
bisctansell-laptop: ok. One question. Usually classes expose some of their functionality to other world (public methods) and hide something for strictly internal use (private methods). Do you have any convention (possibly, naming) for marking private methods? It's said to improve code understandability and maintainability.19:25
CIA-31mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * reffd534a8a02 /tp/netlib/objects/ Adding an "Influence" parameter.19:29
CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * r2bf093fdd4f8 /tp/client/ Adding ability to get influences.19:29
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r139d95bb7d4b / (8 files in 4 dirs): Adding the ability to display influences on the starmap.19:30
CIA-31mithro tpserver-cpp * r6ebe690a04b2 /modules/games/minisec/ (minisec.cpp planet.cpp planet.h): Refactoring the Planet creation code.20:29
CIA-31mithro tpserver-cpp * r13edb9448f27 / (11 files in 4 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * rdc45645 / tpserver/server/server.h : Bug in initialization order of asio elements fixed -
tpbTitle: Commit dc4564502f3e5d00b58e83be7d856082b1ed775c to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * rd6194db / (12 files):20:41
CIA-31Massive changes20:41
CIA-31* server now properly decodes and replies to frames20:41
CIA-31* bugfixes20:41
CIA-31* input and output frames use different storage mechanisms -
tpbTitle: Commit d6194dbe6b6343c049d156626457d2e7d0a4a741 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
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null_000hi all21:11
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CIA-31mithro tpserver-cpp * rf89f055d9493 /modules/games/minisec/planet.cpp: Missing commit.21:40
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verhoevenvnull_000: ping21:42
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CIA-31verhoevenv daneel-ai * r90b146f0af3c / (daneel/ daneel/ rules/risk): Hopefully fixed risk for tp04.22:12
null_000verhoevenv: pong22:14
verhoevenvnull_000: is there a reason why you have an almost-copy of in the /extra directory in daneel?22:15
verhoevenvIt's also in tp.client.objectutils22:15
null_000if I remember correctly there is some import in the libclient that requires it22:16
null_000maybe that changed in the meantime22:17
null_000no wait...22:20
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null_000I use it in the execute order to get the queueid of the object22:21
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verhoevenvnull_000: yeah, but couldn't you just use the one that's in libclient?22:22
null_000is there one? I remember looking for it...22:23
verhoevenvmeh, might be new22:24
null_000if you tell me what it's called I'll make daneel-ai use it22:25
verhoevenvWe'll probably be refactoring daneel a bit after summer of code, there's quite a few things that could be done better I think22:26
null_000I'm sure ^_^22:26
verhoevenvIn, where you import extra.objectutils you might be able to just import tp.client.objectutils22:27
verhoevenvI say "might be" because there are a few differences in the files.22:28
null_000I just use it to get the order queue22:29
null_000as long as that works it should be fine22:29
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null_000sleep time...22:43
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CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * r5f86ec085e4a /tp/client/ Fix the removal of objects.22:51
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r087c5dd7d975 /windows/main/ Fix a typo.22:52
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r5bbaebc6e95c /windows/main/overlays/ Allow right click interception orders.22:52
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rb4edf1f3abdd / (extra/ libtpclient-py): Fix for objects disappearing.22:52
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * r6bf140c09e74 /modules/games/risk/ (mapimport.cpp universe.cpp wormhole.cpp wormhole.h): Fixes to risk, tidy wormholes and universe turn/year22:56
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * ra16ea6538347 / Make requirements auto-update.22:57
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r6aafed0673d7 /windows/main/overlays/ Fixing a small bug in the influence view.23:05
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tpbTitle: SF Street Food (at
CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * r2097a872bb9f /tp/client/ Adding GetVelocityList function.23:36
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rfdf6ea246686 /windows/main/overlays/ Remove obsolete code.23:37
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rf0d016bd0cbd / (3 files in 3 dirs): Adding an overlay which draws the ship velocity.23:37
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rcaa985044f03 /tpserver/ (commandmanager.cpp objectmanager.h): Added nuke-object admin command, use with great care.23:42
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CIA-31verhoevenv daneel-ai * ra2d70a155d95 /daneel/ ( Fix risk a bit more for tp0423:43

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