Wednesday, 2010-08-11

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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rde286e7d1550 /modules/games/mtsec/buildfleet.cpp: Avoid div by 0 in buildfleet in MTSec00:47
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r4a540fd7c5f8 /src/ Use correct attribute to determine ship type01:23
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r51d6f90c9d73 /src/ (libtpclient-py libtpproto-py): Update tp library depdendencies01:23
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rbc5685adb973 /src/ Fix listbox index access error01:23
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r5d792b13be00 /.gitignore: Ignore plugins directory01:23
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CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rb8bbd4402dab /windows/ (main/ xrc/infoReferencePlayer.xrc): Allow unknown player and no one.03:27
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rec6b1228b434 /windows/ (main/ xrc/panelSystem.xrc): Stop the system window from preventing resize.03:27
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r7770c6e0ff74 /windows/main/ Changing varible name to oid to make it clearer.03:27
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r2a0f3e0c9e5d / (3 files in 2 dirs): Change the way the colorizers assign colors.03:27
CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * rfcb08cee91aa /tp/client/ Added findChildren utility function.03:29
CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * rcd3d5edd88aa /tp/client/ Merge branch 'tp04' of git+ssh:// into tp0403:29
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r78ea7961dc46 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Change the way the colorizers assign colors.03:29
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r4cc03fd320e2 /windows/main/overlays/ A findChildren I missed.03:33
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CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rec67a7787c2b /windows/main/ Make the type useful.03:39
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * re9479677f153 /windows/ ( Hide sub-windows when winMain is hidden.03:53
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r4bfb0c765e41 /windows/main/ Stop keys propagating up from the order arguments panel.04:01
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * r873697f3030e /modules/games/minisec/rspcombat.cpp: Fix some typos in Minisec combat04:05
tansell-laptop[int(a) * 255 for x in a]04:20
CIA-31mithro libtpclient-py-tp04 * rd6e7dd8a2529 /tp/client/ Adding a warning assert.04:46
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r8165bedbe47b / (libtpclient-py windows/main/ Fixed the paste method.04:48
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StupidIncarnatematthewd: ping05:07
CIA-31alanp tpclient-pywx-tp04 * re73b9b3953a8 /windows/main/overlays/ Change color generation for individual systems in the client.05:25
CIA-31alanp tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rd833e107d890 / (6 files in 4 dirs): Merge branch 'tp04' of git+ssh:// into tp0405:25
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CIA-31mithro documents * r34557b846206 /protocol/protocol.xml: Adding a player waiting in TimeRemaining.06:48
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CIA-31mithro tpserver-cpp * r5b788417cb90 /tpserver/ (5 files): Added a player list fo the time remaining frame.16:34
CIA-31mithro tpserver-cpp * r01b75b7c9414 /modules/games/ (minisec/rspcombat.cpp mtsec/buildfleet.cpp): Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rbd940727d8cb /tpserver/turntimer.cpp: Filter the player ids to only have the ones we are waiting for in turntimer.17:03
CIA-31mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * r5bea68cf449e /tp/netlib/objects/ Adding the waiting player list to TimeRemaining.17:08
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r2da39a8db5e6 /libtpproto-py: Submodule dump.17:08
CIA-31alanp tpserver-cpp * r98f95903bbb5 /modules/games/minisec/rspcombat.cpp: Remove magic number that references home planet17:10
CIA-31alanp tpserver-cpp * r7fa6133e8dba / (8 files in 3 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r3e51473 / tpserver/server/common.h : Import common definitions -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r7d004be / (2 files): Frame exception fixes -
tpbTitle: Commit 3e51473421e2ca2ddfc3d58be54d88e8122cbb25 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r1d97518 / (6 files): Input and Output frames restored (functionality modified based on new frame class) -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r58eb2fc / tpserver/server/tpconnection.cpp : Temporary fix to restore compilation -
tpbTitle: Commit 7d004beaac0b1a94800519d8a0693863c2c02e91 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 1d975189bc48835d32adf3f8c5faa869b1bed266 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 58eb2fcced8f9e3827fd77a5faf5c46cf8337813 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * r25228b877cbf / (sample.conf tpserver/playersfinishedturntimer.cpp):17:24
CIA-31Added setting for minimum players before playersfinished turntimer finished early.17:24
CIA-31Documentation added to sample.conf17:24
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rc74f598b5a6a /modules/games/minisec/rspcombat.cpp: Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
bisctansell-laptop: apart from formatting, was the 'tips-only-once' patch ok?17:25
tansell-laptoplink me?17:26
tpbTitle: Issue 101001: Tips shown only once. - Code Review (at
biscsee patch set #317:26
verhoevenv~seen null_00017:30
tpbverhoevenv: null_000 was last seen in #tp 1 day, 3 hours, 40 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <null_000> alanp: ping17:30
bisctansell-laptop: yesterday we talked about messages panel and decided to remove title and place counter of orders to the bottom of panel, thus eliminating upper part of the panel. Placing this label to bottom takes a lot of space -- and buttons can hardly find place there. I suppose that replacing some buttons with icons is quite sensible now. The most effective is replacing 'Prev'/'Next' with arrows. But this decision adds a problem: what to do17:36
biscwith 'First' and 'Last' buttons, which appear on shift key press. I can't find any suitable icons for them. You have any thoughs?17:36
tansell-laptopthe "1 of 2" takes up a lot of space?17:37
bisctansell-laptop: not really, but a) '11 of 15' takes more; '100 of 200' takes even more b) there's almost no free space with Gnome controls c) cross-platform requires at least small amount of free space (in case controls on other systems take more place)17:39
tansell-laptopbisc, you could try putting it in the message part like the subject?17:52
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r721c3a8 / (tpserver/server/connection.cpp tpserver/server/connection.h): Input and Output frames used instead o general frame class -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r1d1887f / (tpserver/server/connection.cpp tpserver/server/connection.h): Per-connection pad spaces setting -
tpbTitle: Commit 721c3a8cfd3f084af3abf0f8cda2bc73685fa036 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 1d1887f08e477ef4bda62d8ac658d89e534753db to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
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bisctansell-laptop: I reduced sizes of buttons to minimum and seem to have enough space, that's how it looks like What do you think?17:59
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tansell-laptopbisc, LGTM18:03
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CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * rbe38d05 / (tpserver/server/connection.cpp tpserver/server/connection.h):18:13
CIA-31Connection class updates18:13
CIA-31* added send() command to process the frames_out deque18:13
CIA-31* proper Input and Output frames (were reversed) -
tpbTitle: Commit be38d053bb9eaa983845b56a1dcd9460ddf9b74d to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * re501c58 / (2 files):18:35
CIA-31TpConnection updates18:35
CIA-31* createFrame for new frame system18:35
CIA-31* sendFrame -- create frame and call Connection::send() -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r1c29fc4 / (5 files):18:35
CIA-31Connection work18:35
CIA-31* added the two sendFail versions18:35
CIA-31* fixed the lack of setType function -
tpbTitle: Commit e501c582dec3d02227752cf4c1179574f6d99e2a to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 1c29fc49c190a35c01e6a7d68d90f967ec8b72da to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * rbc014b9 / (2 files):18:35
CIA-31TpConnection functions18:35
CIA-31* restored sendSequence, sendOK, sendModList -
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r9f9055e / tpserver/server/tpconnection.cpp : First frame handling ready -
tpbTitle: Commit bc014b9597154073f0662c0721e1019422cc0e6d to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Commit 9f9055eece7d8dbfc8d877c324555d4a0cc606bb to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
CIA-31mithro libtpproto-py-tp04 * rb06626fd0322 /tp/netlib/ Return the frame on time remaining.18:36
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * r504d8fa9b9ff /modules/games/minisec/planet.cpp: Fixed getting resource from planet in minisec.18:37
bisctansell-laptop: please look at code for this message panel change
tpbTitle: Issue 103001: Messages panel relayout. - Code Review (at
tansell-laptopjust a sec18:41
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CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r6bc52f236dae /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Removed startup information from panels.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * re8dddd927d58 /windows/xrc/winFilterManager.xrc: Filter manager was removed from system toolbar.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rfd22833551bc /windows/main/overlays/ Bold in tooltip for selected object.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r06b1ace6402d /windows/main/ Idlefinder skippes objects with no order types.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rd3d2feebdfb8 /windows/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Merge into tooltip_bold18:43
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r68b19bec0607 /libtpclient-py: Fix for empty error message on network errors.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r6e0ffa8019c2 /windows/ Added Preferences window shortcut.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r9016ca792365 /windows/xrc/panelMessage.xrc: Cleared messages panel on startup.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r2911a3f004a8 /windows/main/ Fixed starmap movement with arrow keys.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rd4e4f1c026b8 /windows/main/overlays/ Popup html symbols escaping.18:43
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r995f2fddf2d0 /windows/ Tips shown only after the first tpclient start.18:43
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r20a595ba45f6 /windows/ (9 files in 4 dirs):18:43
CIA-31Merge branch 'github/tp04' into tp0418:43
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * ra27199350e54 /windows/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixing a small naming inconsistency.18:43
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r867bcd852b0e / (4 files in 2 dirs): Changing the way time remaining works.18:43
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * r436cf547348d /windows/ (6 files in 3 dirs): Adding a window which tracks people's ready status.18:44
tansell-laptopbisc, LGTM!18:44
tansell-laptopbisc, your fixes have been great!18:44
tansell-laptopbisc, so do you think you have some time to beautify the window I just added?18:45
tansell-laptop(it's a window which tracks that status of other players in the came)18:45
bisccool, I will take a look at it. There're some conflicts I see. Did I cause them?18:45
tansell-laptopit could probably be cool if we added some other columns like "Number of objects the player owns", etc18:45
tansell-laptopbisc, yeah - but it was fairly is to fix18:46
biscsorry, I'm having some strange things while working with two repos simultaneously18:46
tansell-laptopbisc, I hadn't pushed the change18:48
tpb<> (at
*** Greywhind has joined #tp18:48
tansell-laptopbisc, so it's my own fault18:49
tansell-laptopbisc, is there anything else you need review?18:51
tansell-laptopwe are about to head to lunch18:51
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r6a9f9be / tpserver/server/tpconnection.cpp : Get Features frame processing -
tpbTitle: Commit 6a9f9be4b27299f3c091555b088f6f7b103a2b9c to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
bisctansell-laptop: well, not right now. Meet you after your lunch.18:51
CIA-31ruchkin.ivan tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rfa82f33ae87a /windows/ (main/ xrc/panelMessage.xrc):18:53
CIA-31Relayout at messages panel.18:53
CIA-31Removed title label, placed messages counter to the bottom.18:53
CIA-31mithro tpclient-pywx-tp04 * rcde1845a30a1 /windows/ (main/ xrc/panelMessage.xrc): Merge branch 'github/tp04' into tp0418:53
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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rf64b346a377a /tpserver/category.cpp: Fixed modtime in Category frame.19:07
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp * rd01b1637b6f4 /modules/games/minisec/ (combatant.cpp rspcombat.cpp):19:12
CIA-31Fixes to rspcombat in minisec.19:12
CIA-31Doesn't repeat messages, damage is done to fleets, damage can't19:12
CIA-31be equal to hitpoints.19:12
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biscI'm having a problem in current version. calls to objectutils.findChildren, which is absent. Anyone knows how to fix it?21:23
tansell-laptopbisc, you need to update libtpclient-py and libtpproto-py21:23
biscok, thanks, after update there's error in 'can't compare datetime.datetime to int'21:34
biscand if I clone a new repo of tpclient -- there's an error of automatic download of libtpclient-py: "fatal: reference is not a tree: e9483074e3931f21dec1d049c96badc74ca046b3 Unable to checkout 'e9483074e3931f21dec1d049c96badc74ca046b3' in submodule path 'libtpclient-py'"21:35
biscand client fails because of requirements: "Client is development version, but Network Library (libtpproto-py) was not"21:37
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bisctansell-laptop: I'd like to have your opinion on organizing orders panel in this way
tpb<> (at
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null_000I'll just leave this here in case anyone wants to take a look
tpb<> (at
alanpnull_000: do you have any time to improve the minisec client?22:48
null_000what do you want it to do?22:50
null_000if it's not anything sophisticated I might be able to do it22:50
* null_000 has to study for exams22:51
alanpmake it better :P22:52
ezodllnz: what do you think about merging glew's sqlite persistence into mainline?22:52
alanpit doesn't seem to do too much22:52
ezodiirc it's complete except that the default db file location might need to be changed (particularly for win32)22:53
llnzezod: i'm pretty happy to merge it23:00
glewthere is no default anymore, it's passed as a parameter, and error if it isn't23:03
glewllnz: do you know where the default for win32 should be for the persistence database?23:04
glewor have an opinion on it?23:04
ezodglew: ok that works23:04
llnznot really23:05
llnzhaving to specify the location is fine by me23:05
ezodglew: so the "default" you're talking about now is just for singleplayer?23:05
ezodyou can just use the cwd or something, and maybe delete the file on cleanup23:06
glewezod: right, so within it determines the platform and then has a default for non win3223:06
glewok, so make the files at hte location to run from (cwd) and hten remove them at the end23:06
ezodyeah i think with singleplayer the only time you'd want to keep the persistence db is if you're saving, and in that case you're copying it elsewhere23:08
glewright, which happens upon the save function23:09
ezodso you can nuke the original one23:09
glewso where should that be added in, SinglePlayerGame stop()?23:09
glewezod: I also found that i could get the versions of the server, ruleset, and aiclient from the locallist of a SinglePlayerGame23:11
glewwith those strings it should be enough to compare to check for compatibility23:11
ezodyeah that's what i was getting at ;)23:11
ezodbut of course we still need a manual entry for how far back each version is compatible23:12
glewok, so is there still something that needs to be thought out for the dtd23:12
glewso you're saying we need something like another field that describes the furthest back compatibility23:13
ezodbasically we need a "what is the oldest version whose stuff i can load"23:13
glewso there are two different views we have here23:13
ezode.g., in the singleplayer xml for tpserver-foo-0.9.7, you might have like <compatible>0.8.0</compatible> kind of thing23:14
glewdoes each component have a "furthest back compatible" field, or do we just straight out determine from the components the user has23:14
ezodeach component would need one23:14
ezodbecause there's no way to know23:14
ezodbasically it's up to the developer to keep that field up to date in the xml23:14
glewso what I need to figure out is the compatibility field so that it can be added to each component xml23:15
ezodso of course you'll have game saves and scenarios that will get broken by future releases - nothing we can do about it23:15
glewits inevitable23:16
ezodglew: well i would say for now we can just put the current version in each component ;)23:16
ezodthere's really no reason to worry about previous versions because they don't even have load capability23:16
*** tansell-laptop has quit IRC23:16
ezodand there will be no save files from those versions, presumably23:17
*** Linkadmin has quit IRC23:19
ezodso this puts pressure on server/ruleset/ai devs to design their internal state well (so that it doesn't need to change much between releases) and hopefully to take the time to write code that can import save data from older versions23:19
ezodso if the internal state object of baz-ai changes significantly from version A to version B they build in some converter function to remain compatible23:20
ezodimo, ideally save file compatibility should not break between minor releases23:22
ezodat least once a component is considered production23:22
null_000ezod: or you could bundle AI with the scenarios, that way scenario 1.0 will always have 1.0 AI23:23
ezodyeah, i mean people can always use older versions if they want23:23
ezodi think singleplayer supports multiple versions coexisting23:23
null_000but they have to be told when they have to use older versions23:24
ezodglew: we need a UI thing for that ^23:24
ezodwhen you go to load23:25
ezod"Error: Save file uses baz-ai 0.2, installed version baz-ai 0.4 is not compatible."23:26
glewso I was going to start working on the SinglePlayerWizard, I was goingn to have it start at a page asking either new game or load game23:27
null_000or "baz-ai version is 0.4 not 0.2. Use version 0.4 anyway? yes/no"23:27
glewthen branch to basically separate sets of pages to guide through the process23:27
glewthe newgame process is already done23:27
ezodglew: yeah, that stuff is tricky, i had a hell of a time with the wizard23:27
ezodload game should be real easy though23:27
glewerr, not going to be fun then23:27
ezodjust prompt for file23:27
ezodno need for anything else, just have SinglePlayerGame look for the right server/ruleset/ai according to the savefile (more work for you, less work for player)23:28
CIA-31Kornel Kisielewicz master * r0fdd996 / tpserver/server/server.cpp : Detailed server class logging -
tpbTitle: Commit 0fdd996e166f4166ca55aea17c7daf1628109ae7 to epyon's tpserver-cpp - GitHub (at
*** tansell-laptop has joined #tp23:30
ezodglew: one minor annoyance will be figuring out which of multiple installed versions to use (particularly since that will be hard to test) - but you can just start at the most recent version and work your way down the list until you find one compatible, and error if you never do23:31
glewezod: so basically my plan is to add the load page to the wizard (which will just prompt for the savefile), change the load function to check for compatibility and print an error if it isn't compatible, and starting components will now involve figuring out which version of hte component to launch23:32
ezodwell you should probably do the version-figuring-out and check for compatibility together23:33
glewright, they would both be in load23:33
glewwell i can write them both in load23:34
ezodthe rule should be, launch the most recent version of the component installed that is compatible with the savefile to load, and error if no installed versions are23:34
ezodso in my mind the logic would be like, check v3 -> compatible? yes: select v3, no: check v2 -> compatible? select v2.... etc.23:35
glewso i can write both those checks within load, but i think the real check right now happens in start() because thats where it actually pulls up the cmd strings23:35
glewi think i should still be able to check compatibility and then change the component accordingly23:36
ezodyeah but by the time you get to start() you need to have already selected a component+version23:36
glewfrom within load23:36
ezodexactly what i'm saying ;)23:36
glewok so you're saying just make the check in load and change everything accordingly so its fine by start()23:37
ezodyeah - right now you're just reading the component stuff right out of the db - you can't just push that in and blindly start()23:37
ezodbecause that won't work if i don't have the exact version that was used to save23:38
glewmakes sense that the check should be in load23:38
ezodyou should still save the sname, rname, ainame plus their respective versions to the db of course23:39
null_000night all23:39
*** null_000 has quit IRC23:39
glewyeah thats done23:39
ezodso that you know what version you need to be compatible with :)23:39
glewyeah thats there23:39
glewbut on load i'll also check to make sure the user's config is compatible with the save's versions23:39
ezodbut you're just going to (possibly) change that a bit based on the check23:39
ezodglew: what do you mean, the user's config?23:40
glewright if the check finds that it doesn't have the exact component from the save, then it will change it to a compatible component and otherwise error23:40
glewthe user's setup23:40
glewjust the user's versions23:40
ezodactually don't even bother looking for the exact component first23:40
ezodif i have tpserver-foo 0.2 and 0.3, and 0.3 can load 0.2 games, i'd rather it run 0.3 even if i'm loading a 0.2 game23:41
glewok so just right off the bat look at whats in the singleplayer database, then based on that try to load a compatible component23:41
glewgot it23:41
llnzsqlite persistence compiles, I will run with it for a bit, then merge it to trunk23:49

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